Sarah (Amos) Wasson

Sarah (Amos) Wasson, widow of Miles Wasson m. as her 2nd husband James Fowler as his 2nd mate - his first wife was Dorothy Ann Gibbons. James was a lodger in the home of Widow Sarah Wasson and her children and subsequently married Sarah.

Maud Adina Fowler and her half sister Tessa Wasson were married in a double wedding ceremony at the home of their uncle Malcolm Amos in Lower Derby, NB, Canada on 21 Nov 1906. Maude married Abraham White.

When Sarah (Amos) Wasson-Fowler died 29 Jan.1931, the newspaper "The North Shore Leader, Issue Feb 6. 1931 stated that she passed away at the home of her daughter Mrs. Abraham White 63 Winter Street, Lewiston, Maine....where she had been living for the last three and a half years.....Internment was at Riverside Cemetery Lewiston, ME.


"I only saw great grandma Fowler a very few times, but remember her having long thin hair which was long enough for her to sit on and also that her dau Maude Adina Fowler would comb and braid it for her, then coil it around her head.

Maude's husband was failing in health, so they went to California in hopes of it being helpful for him, but it was too late.For some reason Aunt Maude decided to move to Portland, OR and my husband who was called back in service contacted her and drove her from SanDiego, CA to Portland and continued on to Spokane, WA where we were living. When Aunt Maude died 5 Mar 1967 in Portland, OR her ashes were sent to Lewiston, ME to be put in the grave of her mother."

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