Will of Capt. Daniel Fowler

EARLY NEW BRUNSWICK PROBATE RECORD'S ( 1785 - 1835 ) has the following :

FOWLER, Daniel

Parish of Westfield, King's Co., Yeoman. Will dated 7th., August 1813, proved 24th., September 1813.

He left his son's Woolsey, Daniel, John and Thomas each 5 pound's. Son Elijah the farm where I now dwell, he paying my wife Johannah 83 pound's. Daughter Johannah 5 pound's. Daughter's Chloerine [sic] Margaret and Phebe Amelia 62 pound's teen shilling's each one year after my decease. Son's Stephen Humbert and Zacharias my lower farm after my wifes death. Residue of my estate to wife Johannah.

Wife Johannah and Thomas Fowler executor's and trustee's for my children.

Whitnesses: Thomas Fowler, William Bisset, Mary Gorom.

Inventory, dated 24th, September 1813, Valued at 821 pound's by William Bisset and William Harding.

On the 10th, June 1814 further administration on that part of the Estate that was not Included in his will was granted to Johannah Fowler and Margaret Fowler.

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