Will of John Fowler


In the name of God, Amen, March 11, 1767. I, John Fowler, of the Precinct of Newburgh, in Ulster County, farmer, being sick. I leave to my eldest son Nehemiah all that farm of land he now lives upon, joining to Charles Tooker and Daniel Thurston, and running west to Hallit's land, Bounded north by Henry Smith and John Hasbrouck, east by Hudson river, "and he is to pay 1/2 of the Quit rent from thetime he had it." If he dies without issue, then the farm is to be sold at Public Vendue, and the money paid to my sons Samuel and Isaac, and to John, Daniel, and Sarah, the children of my son Daniel, and to Thomas and Catharine, the children of my son John. If my son Nehemiah dies before his wife Abigail, she is to have two rooms in the house, and the use of three acres of land, and two cows and a horse. The land where Patrick Acom now lives I leave to my sons Samuel and Isaac, and to my granddaughters, Mary Merrit and Elizabeth Clark, and my son Samuel and my granddaughters are to have the south half. My son Samuel is to pay to my grandson, Thomas Fowler, ce5, and to my granddaughters, Mary Meritt and Elizabeth Clarke, each ce2 10s. The north half of said land I leave to my son Isaac, and he is to pay to his son Isaac ce20, and to my granddaughter Catharine Fowler, ce10, when of age. I leave to my daughter, Elizabeth Wiggins, ce25, and 1/2 of my movable estate. I leave to my gradson, Daniel Fowler, ce30, and to my granddaughter, Sarah Fowler ce20, they being the children of my son Danile. I leave to Phebe and Abigail Becour ce8 each. The rest of my money I leave to my sons Samuel and Isaac, and to my daughter, Elizabeth Wiggins, and the other half of my movable estate to my granddaughters, SarahConklin, and Elizabeth Kniffin, and Abigail Kniffin. I leave to my sons Samuel and Isaac all my woolen clothes, "and my son Isaac is to have the new sute, and my son Samuel is to have the old sute." I leave all my linnen to Daniel Kniffen and Stephen Wiggins. And what land remains unsold on the south side of my lot, I give to my son Isaac and to Stephen Wiggins. "If Stephen Wiggens does not pay the money to Brewer, which I am engaged for him, it shall be paid out of my daughter Elizabeth's share." I make my sons, Samuel and Isaac, and Thomas Wolsey, executors.

Witness, Leonard Smith, Reuben Tooker, Cornelius Gail. Proved in New York, August 18, 1767.

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