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There were great floods at the end of the sixteenth century, which devastated Neuburg. It seems to have become an island and eventually it was rebuilt on the left bank. The course of the Rhine was erratic in those days. Thus Breisach, further upstream, was on the left bank, in France, until it found itself on the right bank, in Germany. Later Neuf-Brisach was built on the left bank, in France! In 1618 the Thirty Years' war broke out, once again Neuburg was ravaged,


  Andreas Hallmeyer arrived from Neuburg (now Neuburg am Rhine) in the Palatinate, located close to the Rhine River and north of Lauterbourg. Andreas settled in Echsbach the nearest city was Haguenau.

 The first Helmer in which there is a copy of the marriage record is Andreas Hallmeyer and Anna Herrich.  This marriage record is a mixture of Latin and German. The surname of Andreas was Hallmeyer at the time but later it became Hellmer and ultimately Helmer. The bride Anna was a widow. The name of her late husband Theobald Herrich, is stated, but not her surname as, in those days, women were usually only called by their Christian names in the Church records. Their betrothal (Sponsalia) is dated December 24th. The marriage proper took place on January 10th 1651. Andreas is said to be a textor, a weaver, at the time.

 From a photocopy of the marriage of Andreas to Anna at St. Nicolas of Haguenau:  No. 815. Translation from the marriage record which, was a mixture of German and Latin.


"Andreas Hallmeyer et Anna Theobaldi Herrich of Neuburg in the Pfaltz, weaver with Anna Diebo ld Herrichs, citizen (Wittib?), Witness Hans Kiefer, ------ citizen.  Marriage celebrated 10 January"


"the 24th of December was celebrated the engagement of Andreas Hallmeyer of Neubourg in the P alatinate, ________, with Anne, widow of the citizen Diebold Herrich.  Witness:  Hans Kiefer, citizen.  The marriage was celebrated 10th of January."  (Anna was the widow of the middle class citizen Theobaldi/Diebold Herrich.)

 Marriages were celebrated in the Parochial Church in Haguenau. At that time Eschbach was included in the Parish Saint-Nicolas of Haguenau like many other villages in the neighborhood

   We know their death dates from the inventories drawn up on their death. Anna – 4 December 1679, Andreas - 1683. There we also learn that he was Schultheiss zu Eschbach, that is to say a kind of mayor, designated by the lord who held the land.

 He had three children with Anna:  Martin, Michael and Eva.

After the death of Anna in 1679, Andreas remarried in Kunigunde (Luxembourg?).


Descendants of Andreas Hallmeyer


This information was sent by Gilbert He lmer of 25 Avenue de Louvois, Chaville, France 92370 on 2 April 2001.  The notary documents i n Haguenau were researched by Jean-Marie Kempf of France.

To help understand how Hallmeyer has become Hellmair, Hellmer then Helmer, It has to do with the pronunciation of the Alsatian dialect: a sounds a little like e and meyer - mair - maier - like mr, which gives Helmr. This may account for Stephen becoming Stafford, both being pronounced Schdeffe.


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Martini HELLMER first appeared in Eschbach as a witness to a christening in 1695 according Eschbach Catholic church baptism records, FHC #0746377. Name spelling variation:  Martinus and Martin.  Helmerin, Helmair and Helmer.  Martini was called Joan but it was Martini in the baptism record of his daughter, Margaretha in 1700. His occupation was and Inn and tavern keeper.

 Martini HELLMER married Regina SCHMID sometime before 1680 and they had three children, Catharina, Eva, and Maria

 Regina died before 1689 and Martini married Gertrudis BUCHERIN. Gertrudis was listed as the mother to children baptized or married in the Catholic church in Eschbach in the late 1600s and early 1700s, but her maiden name was not given.  She was also the female witness to baptisms and marriages in Eschbach during this time period.

 In the 1700s her name was usually spelled Gertrude and her maiden name was not given.  Her maiden name appeared in the marriage record of her son Antoine in 1732.

 Martini HELLMER and Gertrudis BUCHERIN had nine children; Antonium, Josephus, Joannes Martini, Gertrudis, Georgius, Jonenis Michael, Margaretha, Anna and Barbara

 Martini HELLMER’s death inventory was filed April 1737 in Eschbach.  Gertrudis’ death inventory was filed in Eschbach 4 Feb 1741.


Descendants of Martini HELLMER


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Antonium  (Antonii) HELLMER was a twin of Josephus, According to the Eschbach Catholic church baptism records, FHC #0746377.  His Occupation was listed as a Farmer

 Antonium (Antonii) married Gertrudis LINHARD January 21, 1731/32 in Forstheim, B-R, France. Gertrudis was the daughter of JOHENES LINHARD and MARIE HELMER.  She was born in Forstheim, B-R, France. (Surname spelling difficult to read...appeared to be Linardin.  Used Linhard because that was how her father's name was spelled in this record.  Her marriage record seemed to indicate Forstheim parish.  Eschbach Catholic Church, marriage records, FHC #0746378.)

 Antonium (Antonii) and Gertrudis had at least two children; Stephanus, born in 1735, and Catherine, who married Victor REYMAN.

 After Gertrudis’ death, Antonium (Antonii) married Anna Maria KLIPFFELIN January 26, 1742/43 in Eschbach, B-R, France. Anna Maria was the daughter of Sebastianus KLÜPFLE and Eva WINCKLERIN.  She was born September 11, 1718 in Eschbach, B-R, France

 Anna Maria was buried on 18 Feb 1754. Antonii died August 10, 1760


Descendants of Antonium  (Antonii) HELLMER

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Stephanus/ Etienne HELMER married Maria Anna SCHALEK January 28, 1761 in Uhlwiller, B-R, France, daughter of Michaelis SCHALEK and BARBARA BARENBACH. Stephanus’ occupation was Farmer/laborer. Stephanus/ Etienne and

Maria Anna SCHALEK had at least one child, Joannes Petrus.


Descendants of Stephanus/ Etienne HELMER

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Joannes Petrus HELMER married Catherine KOEGELE February 08, 1790 in Eschbach, B-R, France, daughter of PHILIPPI KOEGELE and MARIA HELMER. Name was spelled Petrus Helmer in the Eschbach Catholic church marriage records. In the Eschbach civil death records

Name was spelled Pierre Helmer.  Age 81. His occupation:  Laborer. In the Eschbach civil death records, Catherine’s name was spelled Catherine Kögele.  Age 58 on death record, actual age 53.


 Descendants of Joannes Petrus HELMER

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Josephus HELMER married MADELAINE KLIPFEL February 14, 1816 in Eschbach, B-R, France. Joseph has an Eschbach Catholic Church christening record and also an Eschbach civil birth record.  Josephus occupation:  Farmer/laborer

 Josephus HELMER married MADELAINE KLIPFEL had 12 children one of them being Antoine our ancestor.

 Josephus died at the age of 67 and Madeleine at the age of 64.


  Descendants of Josephus HELMER

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Antoine HELMER Given name was often spelled ANTON after his marriage in 1837 in Eschbach.  The birth and death records of his children had Anton.  The New Orleans passenger list in 1854 had Anton.

 Eschbach civil birth records, listed Antoine as illegitimate on his birth record but he was given the surname Helmer, not Klipfel.  The other illegitimate children born around this time always took the mother's maiden name.  Joseph eventually signed a note next to Antoine's birth record saying he was the father. The note was on a copy of the birth record held by the Bas-Rhin Archives.


 Descendants of Antoine HELMER

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