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How This Web Site Came To Be

The contents of these web pages were originally planned as a book to publish my Wright and Kivett family research. In writing such a book, it was my intention to broadly disseminate all I had learned, as well as all I conjectured, to share information and thereby edit and add to my family tree.

When I began this project in the late 1980s, my first PC made it possible for me to organize and file all the data and scraps I had been gathering for several years. Then, just as I mastered my genealogy program, I discovered the internet and e-mail, making it possible for me to research in far flung places from my chair at home and to correspond with dozens of individuals who generously shared their own data and theories. Then, finally, as the world-wide web became a household word, I realized that a web site would be ideally suited to meet my objectives. Not only would the information reach hundreds of family historians and genealogists, but the price was right: Both my costs and the readers' are a mere fraction of those attached to a hard-bound book. And what's more, new editions can be issued with the touch of a finger. 

I am forever indebted to the many researchers who generously shared  their information with me, and I am posting my family history in that same spirit. Nearly every piece of information entered into my genealogy program is documented with its source (be that an archived record, a family tradition, a published work, a correspondent's information or my own theory), but one of the most staggering tasks I encountered when trying to put my data together in book form was the footnotes. In fact, the first time I generated a "book" using my genealogy program, there were no less than 3075! Verrrrry cumbersome and repetitive. Consequently, for the time being, I have omitted footnotes, but I have included an extensive list of my sources and will gladly provide the citation for a particular bit of information. Just send me a message by clicking on the e-mail button.

This is, as they say, "a work in progress" and one which, by its very nature, will never be complete.  It is my hope, if you have data which conflicts with mine, or data which elaborates, or additional data, that you will share it with me. I am eager to update and revise these pages so that we will have a genealogy as exact as an inexact science can be.     

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