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Parish Registers and Other Aspects of Crich

This is a Genealogy Site

Welcome! Thanks for dropping by. What you will find here is a variety of information about the village where I live, and is all intended to be made available to those who have an interest in Crich Parish both genealogically and historically. Crich Parish, presently includes Fritchley, Whatstandwell, Crich Carr, Coddington, Plaistow Green, Wakebridge and Wheatcroft. I hope that as this site continues to develop, visitors will be encouraged to have an increasing affection for this part of Derbyshire and it's people. Guests to the site will also find early Parish Register information for the villages of Wessington and Tansley, both of which ceased to be part of Crich Parish some years ago.




I am delighted to announce that I have handed over all my Crich Parish information to two other Crich residents, Peter Patilla and Brian Gibbons.

They are working together on a new site which will contain most, if not all my old information, as well as introducing a great deal of new material.

The new site, although still in its infancy, already contains a great deal of information, and went live a couple of weeks ago.

To visit the new site - click on the link below


I will leave the existing site active for a little while, and then after an appropriate time just provide the re-direct link to the new site.

I hope that this site has been of help over the past few years, and give my very best wishes to Peter & Brian as they develop the new site.

Regards to all,



1: Extract from GLOVER'S Directory - Fascinating and considerable detail about Crich

2: What BAGSHAW'S Directory has to say about Crich Parish

3: TALE of CRICH - A History of Our Parish  - by - Geoffrey Dawes
Former local resident Geoffrey originally had this wonderful history of the Parish published privately in 1988. Only 50 copies were printed. I am therefore honoured to have his permisson to transcribe for a wider audience what I consider to be, the fullest account I have yet come across of the development of our Parish. I anticipate that it will take me some little time to complete, but I have given a reasonably full index, so that visitors to this site will see what is yet to come. I am excited about making this available to you all.

4: PARISH REGISTERS Entries are complete for the following years:
BAPTISM: 1813 to 1825 ---- MARRIAGES: 1813 to 1825 ---- BURIALS: 1813 to 1825

5: CENSUS INDEX    All four sections in the 1841 Census for Crich have now been completed. A total of 2619 individuals are listed. The final section, just completed includes sections of present day Holloway and Upper Holloway (then in Crich Parish)

6: CRICH 'STRAYS' - In your research have you come across the names of any 'Crich' resident whose Baptism, Marriage or Burial event may have taken place in an unexpected place, ie. another town or village, perhaps even far from home! Or maybe you have discovered a former Crich resident on a Census return in another place. If so, I invite you to contact me so that the 'event' can be recorded on this page and shared with others who may just be looking for the piece of information you have uncovered.

Written from New York, USA, in 1902 by 87 year old Mary Brown, this fascinating account recalls information about the family's move from Lancashire, and their subsequent life in Derbyshire. Reference is made to the move from a farm near Swanwick, to then live at Hollins Farm near Crich. A lot of detail is given about various members of the family, and places and people they were familiar with. Places described by Mary Brown can clearly be identified today. This is one of those rare pieces that you always dream about coming across.

(If your ancestors came from Crich Parish and you have a web site that tells us about them, then please ask for a 'link' to be put on this page.)

9: EDUCATION in CRICH - A Brief History - by Sylvia Taylor

10: FRAMEWORK KNITTING in CRICH - A Summary - by Mrs. D. M. Howarth


12: A BRIEF HISTORY OF CRICH - By Roger Shelley
Taken from the special 'Millenium issue of 'Crich Community News', Roger gives dates of some of the significant developments in Crich Parish, right up to 1997.

13: 'LINKS' TO OTHER SITES - If your site has Crich or Derbyshire interest please let me know.

14: PICTURE GALLERY - Never been here? Want to know what the area is like? A few photographs for you to have a look at. More to be added later.

15: MEMORIALS - new1.gif (4999 bytes)The beginnings of trying to record some of the 'Memorials' that exist in the Church, and outside. Photographs and Inscriptions.

16: CRICH AT THE PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE (Courtesy of John Palmer)

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CRICH HERITAGE PARTNERSHIP I am enthusiastic about the work of this group, of which I am pleased to be a member. Set up to help conserve the heritage of the Parish of Crich, and to seek ways by which people can be educated and informed about it, we hold regular monthly meetings, and have a very stimulating programme. If you want to know more about what we have done, or plan to do, visit the new Web site. If you want to come along to our meetings, you would be more than welcome.

More records, and a variety of other detail will be added to this Crich Parish Site as time permits. If you have any information on Crich Parish, its people or its history then do please feel free to contact me on the following e-mail address [email protected] . I would be very happy to hear from you.

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