Fjlotavik Valley Iceland - Fljotavik Bay, Hornstrandir 
Fjlotavik Valley

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Fjlotavik valley is about a mile wide and extends back into the mountains for two or more miles.  It has all the charcteristics of having been carved out by a glacier during one of the past ice ages. Near the back of the valley and close to the foot of the mountainsis a  lake of several acres in area. Between the beach and the lake are what appear to be a series of “fossil” beaches composed of areas of sand thrown up by the waves interspersed with bands of round water-worn cobbles, probably deposited during winter storms.  Most of the sandy hummocks in the old beach areas are covered with short grass, lichens and a variety of flowers.  A small stream cuts through these beaches to connect the lake with the ocean.  Here and there throughout the area of the old beaches are nearly-dry  channels or sloughs.  These may been carved by the stream  or were  “relics” of old shores suddenly cut off by deposition of sand during storms. Small  “hanging valleys”  along the side of the main valley attested to where feeder glaciers were located in colder times.