Bassett Family

Bassett Family

BASSETT Surname Distribution in the US in 1850
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Foster's Castle
New Kent County Virginia
Foster's Castle, New Kent County Virginia

                    John T. Bassett b 1828 KY, d 1896 MO
   Posted by [15]David W. Morgan on July 06, 1998 at 14:17:24:
   John Thomas Bassett was born 15 May 1828, Davies County, Kentucky, the
   son of William and Patsy (Galloway) Bassett and grandson of Abner and
   Susannah (Harbard) Bassett. He married Cassandra Garrison, the daughter
   of Paul and Sylva Garrison, on 10 September 1848 in Barry County,
   Missouri. The children of John and Cassandra Bassett:
   (1) Hugh Bassett, born 1850, m. Gillian Ann Hood, 1867. (2) Thomas
   Benton Bassett, b 1853, m. Susan E. Williams 1873. (3) Morgan Bassett,
   b 1854, m Mary V. Lamar 1876.
   (4) Susannah Bassett, b 1856, m William Henry Lamar 1874. (5) Wiley
   Bassett, b 1858, m Caldona Scott 1880. (6) Sarah Bassett,
   b 1860, m Joshua Boucher 1876. (7) Martha Bassett, b 1864, m Mr.
   Hendricks. (8) Edward Bassett, b 1867, d 1870. (9) Mary Bassett, b
   1869, d 1870. (10) Alice Bassett, b 1874, m Charles I. Rickman 1891.
   My ancestors. Please write. David W. Morgan, [email protected]
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       Jeffrey Bassett
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From [email protected] Wed Dec 30 13:33:32 1998
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 13:30:29 EDT
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Ancestors: John Thomas Bassett

Hi David

Read your post on the Bassett Genforum Board and am happy to share
with you our mutual ancestry.

Abner Bassett, married Susannah Harbard, is the son of Nathaniel and Mary
Bassett of Virginia.  Nathaniel Bassett was born about 1721 in Goochland
(Cumberland Co.) County, VA; he was the brother of my 5th great-grandfather
Thomas Bassett IV, also born in Virginia about 1737.  Their parents were
Thomas (3rd) and Lydia (Howle) Bassett;  Thomas Bassett III was born December
10, 1696, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, VA, was the son of Thomas
Bassett II and first wife Elinor (married about 1693).  Their children were
John Bassett (died w/o issue 1716), Thomas Bassett III, Nathaniel Bassett born
1701 and died 1732/3 in Goochland Co., VA where his will is of record; Anne
Bassett (believed to have died prior to 1732), William Bassett born 1705 and
died w/o issue 1716; Elizabeth Frances Bassett born 1707, married William
Allen; Jane Bassett born 1711 was still living in 1732 named as legatee in
will of her brother Nathaniel as was sister Elizabeth Frances and her husband
William Allen.

Thomas Bassett II was married secondly to Elizabeth by whom he had Ursula
Bassett born June 7, 1715 and Mary Bassett born April 4, 1717.  Elizabeth died
a few days after the birth of Mary.  Thomas II married thirdly, Mary by whom
he had son David Bassett, born April 7 1719.  Mary died a few days after the
birth of David.  Thomas II died April 20, 1720, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent
Co., VA.

Thomas Bassett II was the son of William Bassett born about 1643 in York Co.,
VA; William was the only son of Thomas Bassett born 1617 England, sailed from
London England on the Truelove in 1635 outbound for Barbados, Bermuda and the
Sommers Islands.  Thomas I settled in York County, VA where he married Mary
about 1642; they had two children, the aforementioned William and one daughter
Mary Bassett who, it would appear, was still a spinster when her Mother died
as she is called "Daughter Bassett" in her mother's will.  Thomas Bassett I is
believed to have died about 1655.  Mary (nee unknown) Bassett married secondly
William Felgate (no issue) who died in 1660.  Mary married thirdly in the year
1660, Capt. John Underhill and by him had four children; Jane, John, Nathaniel
and Mary.  Nathaniel and Mary died without issue.  Jane married Robert Hyde
and attorney.  John Underhill married Mary (can't recall maiden name), they
died without issue.

William Bassett, born 1645 was twice married; name of first spouse is
unknown.  He married secondly Anne.  Thomas Bassett II was the eldest son and
died April 20, 1720.  Eight days after the death of Thomas, William began
writing his last will and testament which was signed and sealed on the 15th
day of October 1720 and proved on 14 May 1724 in New Kent County, VA.  The
following is an excerpt from his LWT:

"I give & Bequeath unto Thomas Bassett, my grandson all that part of land
which is between Charles Fleming's Spring Branch and the corner ash which is
on Charles Fleming's line of Black Creeks Main run hence up the Main Run of
Black Creek unto the aforesaid Charles Fleming's Spring Branch, To Have & To
Hold the said parts and parcels of land with all the rights and privileges tot
he said land unto my Grandson Thomas Bassett and the heirs of his body
lawfully begotten and for the default of such heirs then to descent to my next
Heir in blood and so to proceed and descend from heir to heir in a right line

William also names the following living children: Anne Bassett (married
Thomas More), Ursula Bassett, Mary Bassett (married John Baughan), Anne
Bassett (married Charles Bostick), Elizabeth Bassett (married John Howle),
Frances Bassett (married Robert Horsley) and son John Bassett who married
Elizabeth (possibly Carter).

John and Elizabeth Bassett had the following three children: William born
1725, Anne born 1726 and Ellinor born 1729.  Have read that they had other
children who're recorded in Register of St. Paul's Parish (Hanover County) but
to date, have been unable to locate copy of the Parish Register.

I return now to your direct line from Nathaniel Bassett, son of Thomas III
and Lydia (Howle) Bassett.  Thomas and Nathaniel removed from Cumberland Co.,
VA to Augusta, St. Paul's Parish, GA about 1750.  There both the father Thomas
and son Nathaniel had land grants both of which were issued under a
trusteeship.  Nathaniel return to Virginia in 1754 where he purchased from
William Gray 6,719 acres of land previously sold by his father to said Gray.
Nathaniel married about 1756 Mary and had the following children:

John Bassett, married Nancy Comer March 26 1790, Charlotte Co, VA (later
moved to KY)
Nathaniel Bassett, born 1758, married Margaret Armstrong Spencer, removed to
TN where he died in 1832.
Burwell Bassett, born 1767, married Mary Hunter January 24, 1794
Abner Bassett, married Susannah Harbard
Martha Bassett, married Philip Johnson October 18, 1792; lived Price Edward
Co., VA

Nathaniel Bassett died in Prince Edward Co., VA 1794 and Mary died in Henry
County, Virginia in 1809, the first familymember buried in the Bassett
Cemetery in a grave marked only with a rock.

Returning to Thomas Bassett III and Lydia Howle Bassett who had the following
children: (yours) Nathaniel Bassett; Frances "Fannie" Bassett who married
Joseph Chatwin in Goochland Co., VA, who sold land in Cumberland Co. in 1750;
Mary Bassett; Elizabeth "Betsy" Bassett who married Allen Burton, had nine
children, and died in Mercer Co., KY in 1819.

After the death of Lydia Howle Bassett, Thomas Bassett III married in
Savannah, Georgia in the year 1754, Elizabeth Mills.  They had one daughter,
Louissa Bassett.  Thomas III conveyed to both Thomas IV and Louissa, certain
slaves through Deed of Gift in 1758 shortly before his death.  Thomas IV, a
minor at the time of his father's death in 1758, had three guardians of his
estate and person.  Thomas married Lucy and fled the American Patriots in
Georgia removing to the Tombigbee Settlements on the Tombigbee River situated
in the Territory of British West Florida in 1768-1770.  There are many, many
records available in Georgia for our Thomas III and Thomas IV and some for
your Nathaniel.  Thomas Bassett IV was murdered in 1781, on Bassetts Creek
(Clarke Co., AL) just across the River Tombigbee from his 1,050 acre
Plantation situated on Bayou Bassett or Bassetts Creek in Washington

Both streams bear his name.  Thomas IV also had a 750 acre Plantation at
Thomas' Bluff, more commonly known as McIntosh Bluff, also in Washington
County.  The territory was governed by the British Crown until about 1782 at
which time became under the provisional government of the Spanish Crown.  In
1800, all that land mass lying situate above the 31st Parallel on the South,
the Pearl River on the East and the Georgia State line on the West and
extending Northward to the Indian Lands, became Washington County, Mississippi
Territory.  In 1815 the Alabama Territory until Alabama was declared a State
in 1817.

Thomas Bassett IV and Lucy had two sons: Nathaniel born about 1761 and Thomas
V born about 1762.  Nathaniel died (presummed without issue) late 1803 as
Thomas Bassett V is administrator of his Estate in March, 1804.  Carter's
American State Papers.

Thomas Bassett V married Sarah Cleveland and had the following children:
Nathaniel (died young); Thomas Jefferson (died 1823); Lucinda (my line) who
married John Richardson; Lucretia who married James Dearman (divorced in
1818); Mary Bassett who married Cornelius Sullivan (died 1830), Barbara
Bassett who married Robert Bowling and died shortly after her mother Sarah in
1841; and lastly, Francis Stringer Bassett who was twice married (no issue
first marriage); second spouse was Elmina V. Woodyard.  Francis S. Bassett
fell from his horse and died of wounds sustained from the saddle horn.  Both
he and Elmina died young leaving several orphan children.  Until his untimely
death, Francis was the guardian of Barbara's orphan children.  My ggg-
grandmother Lucinda Bassett Richardson died from a stroke sometime after 1864
but prior to 1870.  The Bassett siblings are buried in the Bassett Cemetery
(near present day Leroy) situated on the 1,050 acre Bassett Plantation.

The Bassett descendants still living in Washington County (as well as
neighboring counties) number in the hundreds.  Many hold title to the original
Bassett lands at Leroy.  The McIntosh Bluff tract has long since been sold and
a Chemical Plant has been situated on this tract for almost 50 years.

My Bailey line is also found in Kentucky, removed from Virginia.  Would be
most appreciative of any information you would care to share regarding your
Bassett line from Nathaniel.

Most warmly

Kaye Watts Collier

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Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 08:07:40 EDT
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re:  Re: Ancestors: John Thomas Bassett

Hi David

        Look forward to hearing from ya'll and will visit your Website in the next
day or two.  Am up to my eyeballs at moment with a Mardi Gras project.


From [email protected] Wed Dec 30 13:35:51 1998
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 11:11:46 -1000 (HST)
From: David W. Morgan 
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
     [email protected], [email protected]
Subject: Re: Ancestors: John Thomas Bassett

I am absolutely overwhelmed!

I need to digest some of this and get back to you.  I sent a copy of your
letter to my uncle, Earl Morgan, in Hobart, Oklahoma, too. His e-mail is
[email protected]

My grandmother, Rebecca Mae Bassett (Markham) Morgan, was a wonderful,
wise woman and I sure do miss her. She died in 1989.  Her father was 
John Robert (Bob) Bassett, who was born in Barry County Missouri, and her
grandfather was Hugh Bassett, born in 1850 in Barry Co, and great grand
being John Thomas Bassett.

Wow, such deep Virginia roots!  And even back to London!

I'll be back!


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