Chapter 6 -- Martha Barber and James Scott

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Chapter 6

Martha Barber and James Scott

Martha (Patsy) Barber, daughter of George and Margaret (Watkins) Barber, was born 1777, Wilkes county, Georgia, died 1820, Oglethorpe County, GA. She married James Scott 29 June 1797, Oglethorpe County, Georgia.53 Martha died before her father in 1820.

Martha and James Scott were well-to-do in Clarke County, Georgia, James selling out in 1824 and moving to Walton County, Georgia, where he died 2 August 1832.53A The children of James and Martha (Barber) Scott:

  1.  Mary Scott, born 11 July 1798, Oglethorpe Co. GA married John Dean, 
      15 July 1819, Clarke County, Georgia.54 Mary died 20  Oct 1831 in Clarke 
      Co. GA. John was married to Tabitha by 1850 and had a daughter born 
      in 1836.
      A.  Martha Scott Dean, born 24 July 1820 in Clarke County, GA, died 
          17 May 1901. in Keatchie, De Soto Parish, LA. She married Joseph
          Griffin Paxson 6 Feb 1840 in Clarke County, GA.  

          a.  Mary Jane Paxson, born 5 Feb 1844, Clarke County, GA, died 
              7 June 1933, San Angelo, Tom Green Co. TX, married Justus
              Morgan Woolworth, who was born 1843, died 1905.

              aa.  Claudia Lucille Woolworth, born 15 May 1868, died 24 
                   Aug 1957, married Jeremiah Edmund Watkins, who was
                   born 1861, died 1949.

                   aaa.  Myrtis Dean Watkins, born 1899, died 2005

                   bbb.  Clyde Paxson Watkins, born 25 Aug 1903, died 
                         2 May 2004, married ____ Miller.

                   ccc.  Martha P. Watkins, born 25 Feb 1914, died 4 Dec 
                         2001, married James A Harris, who was born 1907, 
                         died 1977.

              bb.  Clara Paxson Woolworth, born 1869, died 1950.

              cc.  Martha W Woolworth, born 1871, died 1926.

              dd.  James Griffin Woolworth, born 14 March 1874, died 17
                   June 1936, married Ola Lee Baker Garrison, who was
                   born 1880, died 1967.

              ee.  Eliza D. Woolworth, born 1876, died 1954.

              ff.  Joseph Dean Woolworth, born 1878, died 1968.

              gg.  Elizabeth G. Woolworth, born 1880, died 1976.

              hh.  Clyde D Woolworth, born 1884, died 1938.

              ii.  Mary J Woolworth, born 1886, died 1972.

          b.  John Benjamin Paxson, born 1849, died 1853.

          c.  Victoria Elizabeth Paxson, born 1851, died 1904.

          d.  Susan Malinda Paxson, born 1855, died 1857.

          e.  M. Eliza Paxson, born 1857, died 1939.

          f.  Joseph G. Paxson, born 1860, died 1861.

      B.  Carolina Victoria Dean, born 1822, died 1831.

      C.  John Pope Dean, born 1826, died 1841.

      D.  Mary Jane Dean, born 1829, died 1888.

  2.  George W. Scott, born 1800, Athens, Georgia, died about 1873 in
      Harrison, Missisippi, married Mary Ann Brown Moore 9 April 1828
      in Lexington, Oglethorpe County, Georgia. He was a private in
      the Louisiana Infantry, Regiment 12, Company L.  Mary Ann was the
      granddaughter of Robert Dickens of Persons County, NC.

      A.  Thomas Moore Scott, born 1829, Athens, Georgia, married Mary 
          Elizabeth Bissell 27 July 1854 in LaGrange, Georgia. He died on 
          22 April 1876 in New Orleans, LA. Scott was a Brigidier General 
          in the Confederate Army. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, New 
          Orleans, Louisiana.  Mary Elizabeth Bissell was the daughter of 
          Leonold Bissell and Elizabeth T. She was born about 1837 in 
          Oglethorpe Co. GA, died 24 April 1866 in New Orleans, LA.


          a.  Ogilby Eaton Scott, born 1 Sep 1855, LaGrange, Troup Co. GA 
              married Lenora Fannie Mitchell 27 Jan 1881 in New Orleans, 
              LA. He died on 6 June 1917 in New Orleans.

              aa.  Marcus Zunta Scott, born 13 Nov 1881, New Orleans, LA,
                   died 1 Jan 1965 in Texarkana, ARK.

              bb.  Thomas Moore Scott, born 8 June 1886 New Orleans LA, 
                   died 13 Oct 1890 in New Orleans, LA

              cc.  Lula Elise Scott, born 28 July 1887, New Orleans, LA,
                   married LaRue Jean Cook 26 Jan 1918 in Marshall, TX.
                   She died 6 Dec 1972 in Texarkana, ARK.

                   aaa.  Nona Scott Cook, born 20 Dec 1918 in New Orleans,
                         LA, died 23 May 1998 in Texarkana, Bowie County,
                         TX, married Corwin Francis Stickney 15 June 1946
                         in Texarkana, ARK.

                   bbb.  Jean Grant Cook, born 3 Feb 1924 in Texarkana, 
                         Miller County, ARk, died 19 Sept 1925 in 
                         Texarkana, ARK.

                   ccc.  Lulah Elise Cook, born 5 Sep 1927 in Texarkana,
                         AR, married Robert Alan McMillan 18 Oct 1952 in 
                         Texarkana, Bowie County, TX.

              dd.  Ogilby Eaton Scott, Jr., born 12 Oct 1889 in New 
                   Orleans, LA., married Ernestine Davenport Pilcher
                   30 April 1913 in New Orleans LA. He died on 1 Nov 1968 
                   in St. Petersburg, FL.

                   aaa.  Ogilby Eaton Scott III, born 10 Feb 1914 in New
                         Orleans, LA, died 14 Sep 1990 in Riverside, CA

                   bbb.  Ernestine Cecile Scott, born 26 Dec 1916 
                         Pensacola FL

                   ccc.  Elizabeth Scott, born 3 Dec 1928, Savannah, GA

                   ddd.  Walter Edward Scott, born 14 July 1930 in 
                         Savannah, Ga, died 16 June 2012, Atlanta, GA, 
                         married Alice Ann Papke 27 Nov 1954 
                         in Buffalo, Erie County, NY

                         aaaaa.  Linda Lee Scott, born 25 July 1957, 
                                 married Troy David Adams 18 Sep 1976.
                                 Thanks to Linda Adams for the info on 
                                 this line. For more info on the 
                                 descendants, go to George W. Scott

                                 Linda and family

                                 aaaaa.  Andrea Lynn Adams married George
                                         Tyler (Ty) Blissett on 27 May 
                                         2006 in Gretna, LA. 

                                 bbbbb.  Erik Kyle Adams married Kelly 
                                         Herring 28 May 2010 in Omaha NE.

             b.  Lulah Elise Scott, born 11 March 1857 in LaGrange, GA, died 
              22 April 1878 in New Orleans, LA.

          c.  Robert W. Scott, born 10 April 1861 in Claiborne Parish, LA,
              died on 19 Feb 1882 in Claiborne Parish, LA.

      B.  George Walter Scott, born about 1835, GA, died before April 1899
          married Carrie E. ____. She was born Dec 1845 in Quebec 
          Territory, Canada

          a.  Annie R. Scott, born 23 March 1862, Alabama. 

      C.  Anna Lucrecia Scott, born 14 Feb 1842, Alabama, married (1) 
          Walter Archibald Selph 5 Jun 1862, (2) John Edmund Burch 29 Aug 
          1865, Claiborne Parish, LA. Her first husband died at Vicksburg,
          Mississippi 25 May 1863. She died 13 Dec 1915, Minden, Webster 
          Parish, LA.

          a.  Mary Walter Selph, born 25 March 1863, MS, married Samuel
              Webb Myers 23 Nov 1881 in Claiborne Parish, LA, died on
              1 April 1919 in New Orleans, LA.

              aa.  Luther Myers, born 21 Aug 1882, died 31 Dec 1884 in
                   Cem, Samangan, Afghanistan.

              bb.  Ida Myers, born Dec 1886 in Louisiana, married William

                   aaa.  Myers Farris, born 1906 in LA

                   bbb.  Jewel Farris, born 1907 in Texas.

              cc.  Charlie Burch Myers, born 5 March 1887 in LA.

              dd.  Dudley Selph Myers Sr, born 21 Aug 1889, Minden, LA,
                   died 19 March 1974 in Cordele, Crisp County GA, married
                   Gertrude Van Jeff.

                   aaa.  Dudley Selph Myers, Jr, born 1918 in MS

                   bbb.  William V. Myers, born 1919 in FL.

              ee.  Kate Myers, born Aug 1897 in LA.

              ff.  Annie Roberta Myers, born 8 June 1898, Minden, LA, 
                   died 25 Oct 1947 in Lake City, Columbia County, FL.,
                   married Paul Franklin Hudson

                   aaa.  ______ Hudson

              gg.  Fairy W. Myers, born Dec 1899 in LA.

              hh.  Mary S. Myers, born Dec 1899 in LA.

          b.  Roberta S. Burch, born 27 Jun 1870?, LA, married Benjamin
              Searcy Atkinson 19 Nov 1890 in Bossier Parish, LA. She died
              10 Dec 1959

              aa.  Annie Claire Atkinson, born 6 May 1893, died 3 Nov 1987
                   in Texarkana, Bowie County, TX.

              bb.  Joseph Burch Atkinson, born 30 Sep 1895 LA, died 10
                   Oct 1965 in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, LA., married 
                   Josephine Elizabeth Agurs.

                   aaa.  Joseph Burch Atkinson, Jr. born 28 Dec 1928 in
                         Bowie TX

                   bbb.  Richia Elizabeth Atkinson, born 29 Jan 1927 in 
                         Shreveport, LA, married William Dardon Hail on
                         24 Dec 1979 n Frankin County, TN. She died 14
                         Feb 1996 in Shreveport, LA.

              cc.  Fannie V. Atkinson, born Sept 1898, LA, died before

              dd.  ____(male) Atkinson, died before 1900.

              ee.  Searcy Hunter Atkinson, born 11 Jan 1901 in ARK, died 
                   23 Dec 1989 in Texarkana, Bowie County, TX., married
                   Edna Mae Andrews.

                   aaa.  Nancy Atkinson, born 18 Oct 1940, Texarkana, TX

                   bbb.  Jean Atkinson

                   ccc.  Roberta Atkinson

          c.  John Edmund Burch, born 12 Sept 1866, died before 1870

          d.  Hyder Burch, born 1 Sept 1867, died before 1870.

          e.  Anna Eliza Burch, born 19 Aug 1869, LA, died 16 July 1897, 
              Driscoll, Nueces Co TX, married William Thomas Wright 25 Jan 
              1893 in Bossier Parish, LA.
              aa.  Elizabeth Wright, born Aug 1895 in Haughton, Webster
                   Parish, LA.

          f.  William Martin Burch, born 9 Feb 1874?, LA, married Blanche
              ____ in 1897 in Haughton, Bossier Parish, LA. He died on
              22 April 1914 in Waco, McLennan County, TX.

              aa.  William Denman Burch, born 8 April 1899, died 1965

              bb.  Fairy Burch, born 27 July 1904, TX, died 10 Apr 1982
                   married Aubrey Drake.

                   aaa.  Aubrey Diah Drake, born 1926

                   bbb.  Sybel Drake, born 8 May 1928, Minden, LA, died
                          18 March 2006.

              cc.  Ethel Burch, born 1908.
          g.  Thomas Merrell Burch, born 4 June 1871, died before 1880.

          h.  Anna Lucretia Fairy Burch, born 6 April 1875 in Minden, LA
              married (1) James Madison Hollingsworth 24 July 1895, (2)
              Frank Elmer Miller. No children by second marriage. She died
              on 15 Sep 1965 in Baptist Memorial Geriatics Hospital, 
              Tom Green County, Texas.

              aa.  John Lee Hollingsworth, born 26 Jan 1897 in Haughton, 
                   LA died on 14 Oct 1967 in San Angelo, Tom Green County, 
                   TX., married (1) Willie Mae Delong, (2) Mary D. Winn
                   18 April 1955. No children by Mary D. Winn.

                   aaa.  Elizabeth Hollingsworth, born 8 Jan 1925, Tom
                         Green County, Texas, married Raymond William 
                         Wilson, married 16 June 1943 in San Angelo, Tx
                         She died 29 July 2007 in El Dorado, TX.  

              bb.  Jacob James Hollingsworth, born Feb 1899, LA, died on
                   27 Aug 1918.

              cc.  Raymond Hobbs Hollingsworth, born 2 April 1907, 
                   Haughton, LA, died 21 April 1939 in San Angelo, TX.
              dd.  Ethel Elizabeth Hollingsworth, born 20 Dec 1907 in San
                   Angelo, Texas, married John Michael Holt 6 June 1928 in
                   Tom Green County, Texas. She died 11 Dec 1999 in Hays
                   County, Texas.     

                   aaa.  Roselle Holt, born 9 July 1932, McLennan Co. TX

                   bbb.  Carolyn Hall Holt, born 10 April 1935, Bexar Co.

                   ccc.  Virginia Lee Holt, born 8 Aug 1936, Bexar Co. TX.
                         died on 13 Aug 1936.

          i.  Walter Clinton Burch, born 11 January 1879 in Louisiana

          j.  Joseph Shelton Burch, born 4 May 1881 in Houma, LA, died
              24 Feb 1966 in Heritage House, Tyler, Smith County, TX.
              He married (1) Edna Mae ____, (2) Willie A. Treadwell.
              Two children by second marriage.

              aa.  Dr. Joseph Shelton Burch Jr., born 30 Nov 1906 in 
                   Lufkin, TX, died 23 April 1993 in Lufkin, Texas.

              bb.  Florence Burch, born 1909 in Texas.

          k.  Ethel Burch, born 24 Sep 1882, died 7 March 1963 in LA.
              married Hugh Harlan Barnes, Sr. He died 1943.

              aa.  Hugh Harlan Barnes, born 25 Dec 1912, LA, died 27 Dec
                   Minden, LA.

              bb.  Searcy Francis Barnes, born 2 June 1920 LA, died 5 Dec
                   1985, Shreveport, LA, married Bertha Virginia Jordan
                   31 Aug 1968 in Harrison County, TX.

              cc.  Aylmer Burch Barnes, born 9 Jan 1924, LA, died 9 Dec 

      D.  Roberta Annie Scott, born about 1846 in Mississippi, died 15 
          Feb 1875 in Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co AR, married Jame Hewes 
          Scull III.  No children.

  3.  John Scott, born 1802, Clarke County, Ga., died September 1869,
      Cleburn, Johnson County, Texas, married Melissa Webster Paxson 7
      March 1826, Walton County, Georgia. Melissa was born 1807, Buckhead,
      Georgia, died 1886, Caddo, Stephens County, Texas.

      A.  James Troup Scott, born 12 September 1827, Walton County, 
          Georgia, served in Company H, 2nd Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.  
          James died 1863 from Civil War wounds.  He had married Mary Ann 
          Tabitha Echols, 6 June 1851, Walton County, Georgia.  She was 
          born 22 December 1831, Walton County, Georgia, died 8 February 
          1884, Stephens county, Texas. She was the daughter of Robert 
          Milner Echols who served 29 years in the Georgia Legislature, a 
          Major General in the War with Mexico and was killed at the  
          National Bridge, Mexico, 13 December 1847. Robert Milner Echols' 
          wife was Mary Melton, grandaughter of John Stroud, Revolutionary 
          soldier from North Carolina.  Her brother, Eliel, died at the 

          a.  Fannie Ella Scott, born 25 April 1859, Rome, GA, died 20 
              Nov 1936, Ranger, Texas, married George Washington Outlaw 5 
              Sep 1878, Breckinridge, TX.  George W. Outlaw, born 26 
              March 1846, Baldwin Co MS, died 8 Jan 1923, Ranger, TX, 
              served with the 11th Mississippi Cavalry, Company D, C.S.A.

              aa.  Bertha Outlaw, born 29 August 1879, married George 

              bb.  Ervin Worley Outlaw, born 18 January 1881, married Etna 

              cc.  Edna Outlaw, born 21 April 1883, died young.

              dd.  Mattie Verna Outlaw, born 10 December 1886, married 
                   Pearl Long

              ee.  Rex Clyde Outlaw, born 1 January 1889, Stephens 
                   County, Texas, died 20 June 1959, Dallas, Texas,
                   married Mary Van Bowles 22 Aug 1912.  Mary was born 
                   23 Jan 1889 in Palo Pinto Co. TX.

                   aaa.  Dorothea Outlaw, born 10 November 1914, Ranger, 
                         Texas, married Albert G. Pabst, Jr, 28 November 
                         1935 (NSDAR 412095)

                                Click here for a larger image

                         aaaa.  Rachel Dorothea Pabst, born 27 August 
                                1940, Houston, Texas, married Leslie Rea 
                                Tarrance 28 May 1966, Dallas, TX 
                                (NSDAR #577497)

                                       Click here for a larger image

              ff.  George Washington Outlaw, Jr., born 27 July 1891, 
                   married Hazel Hope.

              gg.  Myrtle Outlaw, born 28 March 1894, married Robert 
                   Bailey Stroud

              hh.  Melvin Conner Outlaw, born 8 July 1902, married Bessie 

      B.  William F. Scott, born 1832, died 1887, married Fereby Broadnax.

      C.  Elizabeth Griffin Scott, born 1835, died 1911, married
          James Henry Gatewood.

      D.  Dr. John R. Scott, born 1835, Walton County, Georgia, died 
          Caddo, Stephens County, Texas.  Never married.

      E.  Josiah Barbour Scott, born 16 March 1838, Walton County, 
          Georgia, died 25 September 1910, Cordele, Crisp County, Georgia, 
          married Margaret Josephine Bagley, 20 June 1864, Sumter County, 
          Georgia. She was the daughter of Dr. David and Camilia Jane 
          (Hand) Bagley.  She was born 1 March 1848, Sumter County, 
          Georgia, died 9 June 1927, Orlando, Florida.  Josiah served in 
          the Civil War, first in company G, 35th Regiment, Georgia 
          Infantry, first as a Sergeant, later as a Lieutenant.  He 
          enlisted as a private in 1863 in Company A, 11th Battalion, 
          Georgia Light Artillary. Josiah served as a Judge in Crisp 
          County, Georgia for many years, and also served as Mayor of 

          a.  Homer Scott, born 1866, Sumter County, Georgia.

          b.  Zuleika Josephine Scott, born 18 March 1868, died after 1 
              June 1896, Dooly County, Georgia, married Franklin Embery 
              Varnadoe, 26 August 1885, Dooly County, Georgia.

              aa.  Birdie Veva Varnadoe, born 6 January 1888, Dooly 
                   County, Ga. died 8 March 1970, Telfair Co Ga.  Married 
                   Herbert Marvin Baker 3 June 1906, Crisp county, 
                   Georgia.  Birdie buried in Andersonville National 
                   Cemetery, Andersonville, Georgia.

                   aaa.  Dewitt Bernard Baker, born 21 November 1917, 
                         Cordele, Crisp Co. Ga, married Sibyl Laverne 
                         McClanahan, 21 September 1942, Omaha, Nebraska.  
                         Sibyl born 31 December 1922, Montrose, Colorado, 
                         the daughter of Argus and Mildred Laverne 
                         (Quigley) McClanahan.

                         aaaa.  Grant K. Baker, born 23 July 1943, 
                                Wilmington, Dover County, Delaware.

                         bbbb.  Dewitt Bernard Baker Jr, born 6 June 1945, 
                                Telfair County, Geogia, married Lillian 
                                Kay Bates.

                                aaaaa.  Ronald Shane Baker, born 10 July 
                                        1968, Oxnard, California.

          c.  Dunlap Scott, born 1870, Sumter County, Georgia.

          d.  Ivy Scott, born 1875, Sumter County, Georgia.

          e.  Jennie Scott married Frank Barthalemew.

          f.  Margaret Scott married (1) Harry Walden, (2) Fred Y. Boris.

          g.  Joseph Barber Scott, born 10 May 1885, Sumter County, 
              Georgia, married Margaret Coleman.

          h.  Thurber Talmadge Scott, born 27 May 1887, living in 1974, 
              married Maggie Williams Harman 25 Dec 1904. Maggie was born 
              23 Aug 1885, Wilcox Co. GA, died 12 May 1912 at Sycamore GA. 
              Their daughter apparently filled out her DAR application in 
              1945, as it states that Thurber was living on 30 Sep 1945.
              Thurber's second wife was Ola.

              aa.  Helen Louise Scott married ____ Hearne. DAR #328407

                          Click here for a larger image

              bb.  Joe Scott

              cc.  Frank Scott

              dd.  Dr. Roger D. Scott, born 5 November 1926, Sumica, FL.
                   Article about Dr. Roger D. Scott, son of Thurber Talmadge Scott

                   aaa.  Susie Scott married _____ Mullen.

                   Dr. Roger D. Scott in 2007

          i.  Cordelia Scott married Edward Vinson.

          j.  Lucille Scott married Allen Johnson.

      F.  Martha J. Scott, born 1840, married Green Brantley Turner, son 
          of Dr. Shade Turner.

      G.  George Walter Scott, born 25 Aug 1846, Walton County, Georgia, 
          died 20 Jan 1900 at Valley Mills, TX, married Mary Virginia 
          Smith 7 Nov 1878.  Mary was born 7 April 1858, Hood Co. TX,
          died 12 Sep 1911, China Spring, TX.

          a.  Beatrice Scott married _____ Talbert.  DAR #320761

                     Click here for a large image
      H.  Mary Clay Scott died young.

      I.  Melissa Georgia Scott, born 1851, died 1930, married William 
          Benjamin Motes.

  (Thirty years ago, when I published my book, I followed the wrong)
  (James Scott family. Thanks to Linda Adams, I can correct the record)

  5.  James Scott, Jr., born 19 June 1804, Georgia, died Dec 1889 in
      Lexington, Lee County, Texas, married Adeline Moore McGinnis about 
      1842.  Adeline was born 1823, died 1898.

      A.  Jerome Scott, died as an infant

      B.  Martha J Scott, born 15 May 1844 in Hardin County, TN, died 
          7 July 1916 in Breckenridge, Stephens County, TX.  She married
          Newton Russell, who was born 1842, died 1923.

          a.  Stella Russell, born 1882, died 1958, married ___ Conlee.

      C.  John C Scott, born 21 Jan 1846 in Savannah, TN, died 5 Dec 1923
          in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, TX, married Amanda Cordelia 
          Parsons in May 1874. She was born 1856, died 1926.

          a.  Cecil Scott

          b.  James Scott

          c.  _____ Scott

          d.  _____ Scott

          e.  _____ Scott

          f.  Susie Scott

          g.  Vivia Eva Scott, born 22 March 1875 in Kosse, Limestone
              County, TX, died 24 May 1954 in Dallas, Texas, married 
              George Hickman Hays, who was born 1867, died 1927. 

              aa.  ____ Hays

              bb.  ____ Hays

              cc.  ____ Hays

              dd.  Stella Pearl Hays, born 16 Jan 1895 in Rockdale, Milam
                   County, TX, died 27 March 1948 in Dallas, TX, married
                   John Abrum Greathouse.

              ee.  Bruce Curtis Hays, born 4 Nov 1899, died 20 Nov 1971
                   in Dallas, Texas, married Grace Mae Richardson.

              ff.  Hubert Scott Hays, born 1903, died 1960.

              gg.  Aubrey I Hays, born 1906, died 1966

              hh.  Bessie Maurine Hays, born 23 Jan 1908, died 5 Jan 1962
                   in Dallas, Texas, married Lloyd Travis.

          h.  Louisa Adeline Scott, born 1877

          i.  Clara Scott, born 1879

          j.  Kennard Scott, born 1882

          k.  Grace Scott, born 1884

          l.  Alma Gertrude Scott, born 9 Feb 1885, died 2 Dec 1966 in
              Rockdale, Milam Co. TX, married Allen Valdie Lewis, who
              was born 1879, died 1947.

          m. John Scott, born 1886

          n.  Homer Scott, born 1887.

      D.  Zenobia Scott, born 14 June 1848 in Tennessee, died 8 July 1898
          in Elgin, TX. She marreid Locke Kemp Billingsley 2 March 1866.
          Locke was born 1845, died 1922.

      E.  Mary E Scott, born 1 Dec 1850 in Texas, died 12 Dec 1941 in
          Woodson, Throckmorton County, TX. She married Virgil A Waldrop
          who was born in 1849.

          a.  Willie Waldrop, born 1881

          b.  Victor Harmon Waldrop, born 1884

          c.  Pearl Waldrop, born 1886

          d.  Annie Waldrop, born 1889

          e. Frankie C Waldrop, born 1894, died 1962.

      F. Alonzo Scott, born 1851.

      G. James Perry Scott, born 1853, died 1910.

      H.  Fannie Scott, born 1858, TX, married Yoa Kum Campbell.

      I.  May Scott, born 1861 in TX, married William G Warren.

      J.  Maggie (Mittie) Scott, born 1868 in TX, married J R McKnight

  5.  Josiah B. Scott, born 3 Dec 1806, Clarke County, GA, died 20 Oct 
      1856, Keatchie, Louisiana, married Nancy H. Fullilove 1830.

      A.  Martha Elizabeth Scott, born 30 March 1831, died 6 June 1852, 
          married Wylie Holmes,who was born 1817, died 1853.

          a.  Martha Elizabeth T. Holmes, born 1851, died 1855.

      B.  James F. Scott, born 1832

      C.  Lucy Scott, born 1834

      D.  John W Scott, born 1837, died 1858

      E.  Nancy Scott, born 1838

      F.  Mary T. Scott, born 24 April 1839, died 15 Sep 1874, married
          William A Wright, who was born 1839, died 1874

          a.  Willie Greer Wright, born 1871, died 1877.

      G. Sarah Frances Scott, born 1841, died 1842.

      H. Susan T. Scott, born 18 May 1843, died 22 Aug 1907, married
         Henry H Sample,w ho was born 1842, died 1874.
         a.  Lucy M Sample, born 1868

         b.  Henry H Sample, born 1869, died 1932

         c.  Nancy Sample, born 1872

         d.  Thomas C Sample, born 1874, died 1961.

      I.  Thomas J. Scott, born 1844.

      J.  Henry D. Scott, born 1848, died 1905

      K. Walter Tatum Scott, born 12 Nov 1851 in Louisiana, died 20 
         July 1923, married Clara Elizabeth Baldwin, who was born 1855, 
         died 1918.

         a.  Alameda Fullilove Scott, born 1876, died 1952

         b.  Pearl S Scott, born 1879, died 1968

         c.  Jessie Chandler Scott, born 1881, died 1965

         d.  Clara E Scott, born 1883, died 1979  

  6.  Margaret Scott, born 23 July 1808 in Clarke County, GA, died 
      23 Oct 1859 in Keatchie, Desoto Co. LA, married William A Bentley
      27 July 1828 in Walton County, GA. William was born 1797, died 1849

      A.  Green Berry Bentley, born 29 Nov 1832, died 25 Dec 1905, married
          Elizabeth Gresham 16 Oct 1856 in Cobb County, GA.

          a.  John J. Bentley, born 1857, died 1934.

          b.  James W. Bentley, born 1859

          c.  Nancy Jane Bentley, born 1861, died 1898

          d.  Mary Elizabeth Bentley, born 1866

          e.  George Robert Bentley,born 1868, died 1919

          f.  Linda Irene Bentley, born 25 April 1871 in Cobb County, 
              GA, died 11 May 1931, married William Tatum Pace 7 June 
              1900.  William was born 1864, died 1932.

          g.  Thomas Milton Bentley, born 1872.

          h.  Allie M Bentley, born 1875.


Deed, Heirs of James Scott, Sr.

Georgia         )   
Walton County   )            Know all men by these presents that we
Deed Book K     )     George Scott, John Scott, James Scott Jr., John 
1832-1835       )     Dean and William Bently as Legatees of the Estate
page 97         )     of James Scott Sr., late of said State and County
                      aforsaid deceased, for and in consideration of the
sum of Four hundred and fifty nine dollars to us in hand paid by Josiah 
B. Scott, one of the Legatees of Said Estate above mentioned and State and 
County aforsaid the receipt wherof we do hereby acknowledge, do hereby 
give, grant sell and convey to the said Josiah B. Scott his heirs and 
assigns a certain Tract or parcel of land, known in the original Survey 
by lot No. (138) one hundred and thirty eight in the fourth district of 
Walton County and State of Georgia, together with all the privileges and 
appertuanances thereunto belonging.  To have and to hold the same unto 
the said Josiah B. Scott his heirs and assigns to his and their use and 
behalf forever.  And we do covnant with the said Josiah B. Scott his 
heirs and assigns that we are lawfully seized in six of the  premises 
that they are free of all incumbrances and that we will warrant and will 
defend the same to the said Josiah B. Scott his heirs and assigns 
forever, against the lawful claim and demands of all persons.  In Witness 
where of we do hereunto set our hands and official seals this 6th day of 
December in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and thirty two.
Signed, Sealed and delivered in presence of

Thadus Beall                       George Scott
Joshua Miturs                      John Scott
Rinbrin Wiarw J. P.                James Scott Jr., by George Scott
                                   John Dean
                                   William Bently

             Recorded 7th February 1833 J. P. Lucas Clk.