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Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 11:11:48, -0500
Subject: Re: James Barber, son of John of Anson County

I've pasted in what I know about John at the end of the note.  As far as
I know there is no will, just a copy of a deed with the land division on
it.  I've got a copy of the deed which is excerpted in my notes, if you
want a copy let me know. I can type the rest of it or I can run a copy. 
 As far as I know that's the only record as I'm pretty familiar with
what's available in Anson Co. as a lot of my lines have roots there. 
I'm not sure where John come from but I originally thought Pitt Co., NC
but I've checked it pretty well and he didn't fit any of the Barbers
there.  I lean toward the Virginia theory also but I've never checked
too much on it.

I just checked the Anson  deed index (I copied all the Barber entries) 
for Allen and found an entry that reads:
Barber, by Collector [not sure what the Collector means]  Allen to
William Hammond Aug. 21, 1824 Deed Book W 292 Wadesboro and  one right
below it reads the same with the name  Mary listed and is on  page 293. 
I don't have a copy of these deeds but it looks like they may be selling
their shares????  I'm not sure.  Looks interesting though.

I'm descended from John Richardson Barber who people think is the son of
Abraham named in the land division of John Barber.   However, Abraham
died about 1810 (I've got the deed for his land division also) and John
R. was only 4 at the time but he is named in the land division with no
mention of a guardian for the land.  So people think that he may have
been a son of one of Abraham's sons.  I need to do some work on this but
whenever I get around to it, something else comes up.  

I do have a web site but its mainly oriented to my Sullivan line and I
don't have that much Barber material posted.  Its a Prodigy page and the
url is .  Take the link over to where
my GEDCOM is posted and you'll find some limited Barber info.  I forget
how much is posted because I don't have enough space to post everything
and it just depends on what I added before I ran out of memory.  

  Name:John BARBER                                      Sex:M   ID No:
 Birth:       1738              Place:
   Chr:                         Place:
  Marr:       1754             Spouse:Mary-2876
  Marr:                        Spouse:
  Marr:                        Spouse:
 Death:       1802              Place:,Anson,NC
Burial:                         Place:

Father:                                 Mother:
Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------
!SOURCE:  Family Groups Sheet from  Marie Wiggins and family tree from
Lake High Jr.  Marriage date is in the NC Ancestor Index, contributed by
DB H#2 page 540-543 divides his property after his death and gives his
name and lists his children-Dan Sullivan has a copy of the deed
First lot 1:  40 acres-Abraham Barber
Second lot:40 acres John Davis in right of his wife Nicey
Third lot: 40 acres Siday Barber
Fourth lot:  4 acres for  Heirs of William Barber & C.described as
beginning at
Richard Allen's corner [most likely this was 40 but the typed deed says
Fifth lot:  40 acres Arbey Barber & C. described with Rosser's line
Sixth   lot:  40 acres for Zibey Barber & C.
Seventh lot:  40 acres for James Barber described as Pinch Gut with
Rossers line
Eighth lot:  40 acres for John Barber & C. described as Rossers line
Ninth lot:  40 acres for Nancey Barber & C.
Tenth lot:  40 acres for Allen Barber & C.
Eleventh lot:  40 acres for Gatsey Barber & C.
Twelveth lot:  40 acres for Mary Barber