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Power Et Al DNA and History Project -- Ship Descriptions


Ship: 1022 tons
Captain Metcalf
Sailed London 6th July 1878 - arrived Wellington 8th October 1878

A ship that made good average passages our and Home was the New Zealand Shipping Company's full-rigger Rakaia, 1022 tons, which was built for the company in 1873 by Blumer and Company. After completing seventeen voyages to the colony she was sold to a German firm and renamed the Marie. She was sold again, and again named Rakaia. She was once more sold to a firm in Boston, USA, the price being 4850 dollars, and re-named the Ruth Stark, and as such was reported in a dismasted condition whilst on a voyage from Boston to Secondi. The vessel's name disappeared from Lloyd's register about four years ago (c1920).
White Wings Volume One - Sir Henry Brett

1057 gross tons, length 210.3ft x beam 34ft (64.1m x 10.36m), iron hull, three masted full rigged ship with accommodation for 300 emigrants. Built by J. Bulmer, Sunderland, she was completed in Nov.1873 for the New Zealand Shipping Co and sailed on her maiden voyage for New Zealand in Feb.1874. Sold in 1893 after 17 round voyages to J.N.Robertus, Barthm Germany and renamed MARIE. 1906 grounded and sank, but refloated. 1911 owned by Crowell & Thurlew, Boston, Mass, reverted to RAKAIA and used on the Barbados trade. 1916 renamed RUTH STARK, same owners. 1919 sold to France, renamed MONTE CARLO. 1920 scrapped. [Merchant Fleets by Duncan Haws, vol.7]

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