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Welcome to my Bratt Family Genealogy Site!  Here you will find Bratts and related families. My family surname can be traced for five generations in Vigo and Clay County, Indiana. I have also included a list of the links I use frequently to keep updated...  There are photographs, stories, maps, and things of interest about Terre Haute, Indiana, Cory, Indiana and Riley Indiana. 

If you are looking for something quickly, please consult the sitemap.

The files for individuals in my database are now located on Rootsweb.  You can search by family or individual, see below.  The story of the Bratt family represented here begins in England in the 1600s.  It is a compilation of stories from the family, from rigorous study by several family members and is documented wherever possible. It is, however, a hobby and not meant to be used for anything else.

A short personal history begins in 1675 with John Bratt and Sarah Kendrick who lived in Willenhall which is near Wolverhampton in the west midlands area of England. The area is in what is now Staffordshire. 1675 is John's birth date and is as far back as we have known records.  My line comes through their son William Bratt. William was married to Lydia March. William's sixth son, Jonah, Sr. was married to Mary Brett. Jonah Sr. and Mary had a son, Jonah who was married to Esther Bratt (no relation). Jonah had a son, Martin who married Mary Moreton Pearson.  They had a son, John, who married Minnie Dyer.  Their son Herschell Morton married Nettie Myers.  Their son Herschell Marvin married Evelyn Matthews and they had me, Herschell Marvin Bratt II.  
The early Bratt men were farmers and latch makers. Latch makers made hinges and locks for doors by hand in a small forge. The latch/lock making trade that they did at home later grew into Yale Locks. I have put together a history of Jonah based on his will.
Here is a link to John's descendants
Here is a link to a registry file on Rootsweb...  This one gives birth and death info along with locations.
Another good source of Bratt history is my 3rd great uncle Job's diary... 
From the memoirs of Job Bratt...
I was born on the twenty second day of April in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty two at Little London, Willenhall in the county of Staffordshire, England. Left home for Liverpool on the tenth of April, 1834. Set sail from Liverpool for New York with father (George Bratt) and his brother Abraham and his uncle Enoch and family in the ship Oneida on the fifteenth of April, 1834. Landed at New York May twenty third, 1834. Arrived at Terre Haute Indiana June 18th 1834.
January 1st 1839 Mother and sisters Jane and Esther arrived from England.
March AD1840, brother Martin and family arrived from England
May 9 AD 1841 Mother died of an abscess of the liver.

This agrees with other accounts which state that on 10 April 1834, Abraham Bratt, Martin's uncle, his wife Sarah and children, Mary, Samuel, Lydia and Jonah, along with his brother, George, nephews Enoch and Job Bratt, left their homes in Willenhall England and on 15 April sailed from Liverpool, on the ship, Oneida, for America. They arrived in New York, 23 May 1834. This history comes from the Canadian side.

Abraham, Martin's uncle and Enoch, Martin's brother, moved with his family to Ontario, Canada near London between 1840 and 1851. His (Abraham's) son, Samuel's children Jesse and Harriet and Harriet's husband, John Carrothers then proceeded to the Regina area of Saskatchewan, a place called Bratt Lake.

George and Job lived near Terre Haute Indiana for a time and then proceeded to the Christian County (north-central) area of Illinois. Job married Sarah Wilkinson in Illinois. He and his children later moved to Nebraska near Arapahoe (south-central).

Jonah Bratt, Jr's son, my great-great grandfather, Martin Bratt sailed to America with his wife Mary Moreton Pearson and their daughters Rhoda and Ann, arriving in Terre Haute, Indiana in March 1840. Martin and Mary had 4 sons, Alfred, Jonah Morton, John Pearson and Job. 

The database on Rootsweb began with just my family but now includes numerous families who married into the Bratt family in and around western Indiana.  I want to thank Marge Bratt Fisher and all the wonderful people on the web who have added to the hobby I enjoy.

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