Geo Alf Bratt Jackson

George Alfred Bratt Jackson and Family

With thanks to my distant cousin, Harold Murphy, this information and pictures mirrors his website on Rootsweb.  George Alfred Bratt Jackson with daughters Wilma (left) and Norma on July 1st 1912. Having traveled from Toronto to Vancouver by train, the family finished their trip from the mainland to Victoria on the steamship Princess Charlotte. Lucy, the girls' mother, having fallen ill on the trip the family took her directly to a Victoria doctor who diagnosed pneumonia. She recovered after some weeks.

Family of Joseph Jackson and Rhoda Bratt, Regina, Northwest Territories. Viewing left to right. Back row: William Samuel, Laura Alma Blanche, George Alfred Bratt, Ida Alberta Victoria, Harold James Oakley. 2nd Row: Olive Irene, Joseph, Audrey Birkley, Rhoda Jodie, Hannah Eliza (called Nina). Reclining Lloyd. Two other girls were deceased.

George Alfred Bratt Jackson, born 22 September 1867 in North Dorchester, Middlesex Co, Ontario Canada; died 3 September 1930 in Victoria, British Columbia Canada. He was the son of  Joseph Jackson and  Rhoda Jodie Bratt. He married  Lucy Hannah Symonds  in September 1895 in Regina, North West Territories, now Saskatchewan.  George Alfred Bratt Jackson had a colorful career as cowboy, meat distributor, rancher, discoverer of a coal mine, fish buyer, and seaman. He lived his last six years at Long Beach, BC as telephone agent and operator of a tourist camp. His diaries and guest register of this period are preserved in the Provincial Archives, Victoria, BC. 
Lucy Hannah Symonds, born 27 July 1871 in Toronto, ON; died 26 May 1958 in Saanich, BC. She was the daughter of  John Janes Symonds and  Catherine Rich.  Lucy (nickname Lulu) lost her educated mother at an early age. Her father and stepmother took her to Regina, NWT in 1885 via train and two-wheeled Red River Cart. After her marriage she was a pioneer at Silverton, BC, and Blairmore and Frank, AB. From 1912 she lived in Victoria, Long Beach, and Saanich, BC. In 2001 some 57 living descendants prosper throughout the world but particularly in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. 
Children of George Jackson and Lucy Symonds are: 

Wilma Jackson, born 21 March 1896 in Regina, NWT, Canada; died 11 January 1993 in Lacey, WA; married Thomas Huntley Grant, 27 December 1920 in Victoria, BC; born 30 August 1896 in Liecester, England; died 12 March 1979 in Olympia, WA. 
Notes for Wilma Jackson: Migrated with husband from BC to USA in 1926. 

Notes for Thomas Huntley Grant:
Studied chemistry/chemical engineering in London England. Migrated with father to Cda 1911. Served in France with Cdn Army 1918. Migrated to USA 1926. Rose to become vice pres of paper co. 

Beryl Jackson, born January 1898 in Regina; died 11 May 1898 in Silverton BC. 
Norma Merriel Jackson, born 17 November 1899 in Regina, NWT, Canada; died 19 February 1990 in Victoria, BC; married Robert Thompson Murphy 12 August 1925 in Victoria, BC. 
Gertrude Irene Jackson, born 2 August 1903 in Blairmore, Alberta; died 12 August 1982 in Victoria, BC.

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