Amos Sanders Family

Amos Sanders Family

First Generation

1. Amos Sanders. Born 1793. Died 1871.

Came to Vigo County between 1830-1840. Had two pieces of land in Vigo County, one close to the Clay County line and one farther north, they sold the north tract.  He married Dorothy "Dolly" Singhorse, 1 Jun 1815 in Franklin County Indiana. Died 1869. Somebody put hot lard in her ears when she had a cold and ear ache and it left her deaf. 

They had the following children:

2 i. William Sanders
3 ii. Chapman Sanders
4 iii. Sarah Sanders
5 iv. Amos Sanders
6 v. Almanda Sanders

Second Generation

2. William Sanders. Born 1820. Died 1904 in Greene County Indiana.

Buried 1904. He first married Martha Ann Ferrel, daughter of James A Ferrel & Martha Dickerson, 15 Mar 1838 in Vigo County Indiana. Born 5 Jun 1822 in Butler County Ohio. Died 5 Apr 1858. Buried 1858. They were Divorced. They had the following children:

7 i. Walter Sanders
8 ii. Dortha Ann Sanders
9 iii. Edward Sanders
10 iv. James Franklin Sanders
11 v. Martha Ellen Sanders
12 vi. Sarah Ann Sanders
13 vii. William W Sanders

He second married Julia Arnold, daughter of Joseph Arnold & Nancy ___, 3 Jul 1859. They had the following children:

14 i. Joseph Thomas Sanders
15 ii. George Sanders
3. Chapman Sanders. Born 1824.
4. Sarah Sanders. Born 1831.
5. Amos Sanders. Born 1836.
6. Almanda Sanders. Born 1838.

Third Generation

7. Walter Sanders. Born 1839.

8. Dortha Ann Sanders. Born 26 Nov 1840. Died 20 Jan 1877. Buried 1877 in Moses Cemetary. She married Aquilla Jones. Born 15 Mar 1822 in North Carolina. Died 29 Nov 1901. Buried 1901. Killed in a railroad accident. They had the following children:

16 i. William Winfield "Scott" Jones
17 ii. Louise Belle Jones
18 iii. James T "Jim" Jones
19 iv. Luella "Ella" Jones
20 v. Moody Jones
21 vi. Clem Aquilla Jones
22 vii. Minnie Jones

9. Edward Sanders. Born 1843.

10. James Franklin Sanders. Born 11 Nov 1845 in Vigo County Indiana. Died 28 Mar 1931 in Pontotoc County Oklahoma. Buried 1931. He married Mary Elizabeth Staggs, daughter of Franklin Staggs & Mary Rachel Reece, 29 Jun 1869 in Clay City Clay County Indiana. Born 18 Feb 1852 in Clay County Indiana. Died 18 Jul 1935 in Allen Oklahoma. Buried 1935. Years before Elizabeth died, she stopped doing any work and just sat and embroidered. Her husband James did all the cooking and housework. He kept an apron hanging in a certain place which he wore when cooking. While working he always sang a certain song, the same song.

They had the following children:
23 i. Mary Rachael Sanders
24 ii. Nancy Maybelle Sanders
25 iii. Bessie Lorraine Sanders
26 iv. Sarah LuEllen Sanders

11. Martha Ellen Sanders. Born 1848.

12. Sarah Ann Sanders. Born 11 Jun 1851 in Vigo County Indiana. Died

12 Apr 1937 in Wichita Sedgewick County Kansas. Buried 1937 in Ada Oklahoma. She married William S Staggs, son of James A Staggs & Susannah "Susan" Reece. Born 3 Nov 1847 in Vigo County Indiana. Died 27 Mar 1927 in Ada Pontotoc County Oklahoma. Buried 1927 in Rosedale Cemetary. They had the following children:

27 i. Charles Frederick Staggs
28 ii. James W Staggs
29 iii. Cora A Staggs
30 iv. Rufus R "Dick" Staggs
31 v. Hugh Thomas Staggs
32 vi. Nellie May Staggs
33 vii. Daniel V Staggs
34 viii. Olla L Staggs
35 ix. John H Staggs
36 x. Effie O Staggs
37 xi. Susanna Pearl Staggs
38 xii. Benjamin F Staggs
39 xiii. Aaron Staggs
13. William W Sanders. Born 1854.
14. Joseph Thomas Sanders. Born 1866.
15. George Sanders. Born Nov 1869.

Fourth Generation

16. William Winfield "Scott" Jones. He married Rebecca Harpold. Died 1941.
17. Louise Belle Jones.
18. James T "Jim" Jones.
19. Luella "Ella" Jones.
20. Moody Jones.
21. Clem Aquilla Jones.
22. Minnie Jones. Born 24 Aug 1874. Died 18 Apr 1893.

23. Mary Rachael Sanders. Born 1870 in Clay County Indiana. Died 10 Apr 1937 in Oklahoma. Buried 1937. She married Isaac Douglas, 20 Sep 1893. They had the following children:

40 i. George Douglas
41 ii. Andy Douglas
42 iii. Bill Douglas
43 iv. Helen Douglas
44 v. Walter Douglas
45 vi. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Douglas
46 vii. Roy Douglas
47 viii. Geneva Douglas

24. Nancy Maybelle Sanders. Born 21 Mar 1875. Died 20 Jun 1934. Buried 1934. She married John Luther Price, son of Barnett Price & Lucinda Pickens, 1 Jan 1891. Born 21 Oct 1849. Died 7 Apr 1918. Buried 1918. They had the following children:

48 i. Lucinda Price
49 ii. Sada Lona "Tod" Price (Twin)
50 iii. Ada Price (Twin)
51 iv. Mary Elizabeth Price
52 v. Edna Irene Price

25. Bessie Lorraine Sanders. Born 15 Aug 1884 in Clay County. Indiana. Died 23 Aug 1974 in Altus Oklahoma. Buried 1974. She married Hugh Thomas Staggs, son of William S Staggs & Sarah Ann Sanders, 27 Mar 1898 in Allen Oklahoma. Born 18 Jul 1877 in Weatherford Texas. Died 1960 in Altus Oklahoma. Buried 1960. They had the following children:

53 i. Gertrude Staggs
54 ii. Floy Pearl Staggs
55 iii. Opal Sylvia Staggs
56 iv. George Staggs
57 v. Bud Hugh Staggs
58 vi. Elizabeth Lucinda Staggs


26. Sarah LuEllen Sanders. Born 9 Sep 1872 in Indiana. Died 11 Sep 1947 in Allen Oklahoma. Buried 1947. She first married Will Willbanks. She second married Rickert "Rick" Frederick, son of Eilert Frederick & Fecke O ___, 7 Feb 1892. Born 25 Apr 1849 in Germany. Died 27 Jul 1921 in Oklahoma. Moved to Texas because the Doctor said Mary had TB. They lost money there trying to raise rice. They moved to Palacios Texas and then to Oklahoma. They had the following children:


59 i. James Athel Frederick
60 ii. Mary Elizabeth Frederick
61 iii. John W Frederick
62 iv. Ude Frederick
63 v. Rick Ono Frederick


27. Charles Frederick Staggs. Born 22 Jul 1869 in Vigo County Indiana.
28. James W Staggs. Born 25 May 1871 in Vigo County Indiana. Died 5 Apr 1915 in Oklahoma.
29. Cora A Staggs. Born 6 Aug 1873 in Vigo County Indiana. Died 29 Sep 1912. She married J H Heffinton, 5 Jul 1906.
30. Rufus R "Dick" Staggs. Born 25 Jun 1875 in Weatherford Texas.


31. Hugh Thomas Staggs. Born 18 Jul 1877 in Weatherford Texas. Died

1960 in Altus Oklahoma. Buried



He married Bessie Lorraine Sanders, daughter of James Franklin

Sanders & Mary Elizabeth Staggs, 27 Mar 1898 in Allen Oklahoma. Born

15 Aug 1884 in Clay County Indiana. Died 23 Aug 1974 in Altus

Oklahoma. Buried 1974. They had the following children:


53 i. Gertrude Staggs

54 ii. Floy Pearl Staggs

55 iii. Opal Sylvia Staggs

56 iv. George Staggs

57 v. Bud Hugh Staggs

58 vi. Elizabeth Lucinda Staggs

32. Nellie May Staggs. Born 2 Aug 1879 in Weatherford Texas. Died 12

Nov 1959 in Fort Collins Colorado.

Buried 1959 in Lakewood Memorial Park Modesto California.

She married James Wilford Nickell, son of George Washington Nickell

& Mary Elizabeth Price, 26 Jul 1896 in Ada area Chickasaw Lands

Indian Territory Oklahoma. Born 3 May 1876 in Sunset Montague County

Texas. Died 7 Oct 1963 in Modesto California. Buried 1963.

Occupation Farmer and driller for Ideal Cement Company in Colorado.

They had the following children:

64 i. Bessie Ownee Nickell
65 ii. Charles Fredrick "Fred" Nickell
66 iii. Gladys May Nickell
67 iv. Ernest Lee Nickell
68 v. Roy Franklin Nickell
69 vi. Lillie Ollie Nickell
70 vii. Ruby Inez Nickell
71 viii. Sarah Juanita Nickell

33. Daniel V Staggs. Born 29 Mar 1881 in Weatherford Texas. Died 19

Apr 1940. Buried 1940.

He married Delia Finley, 21 Dec 1904.

34. Olla L Staggs. Born 13 May 1883 in Weatherford Texas. Died 8 Jul

1927. Buried 1927.

She married Thaddaeys N Nickell, 20 Oct 1898.

35. John H Staggs. Born 22 Mar 1885 in Weatherford Texas. Died 1975.

Buried 1975.

He married Lena Arnel, 1 Sep 1904.

36. Effie O Staggs. Born 20 Jun 1889 in Weatherford Texas.

She married Walter Folters, 28 Nov 1903.

37. Susanna Pearl Staggs. Born 20 Jun 1887 in Weatherford Texas.

Died 1896. Buried 1896.

Died from burns

38. Benjamin F Staggs. Born 26 Jan 1892 in Weatherford Texas. Died

30 Mar 1955. Buried 1955.

39. Aaron Staggs. Born 25 Jan 1894 in Weatherford Texas. Died 4 Nov


She married Buford J Grigsby, 7 Nov 1914.


40. George Douglas.


He married Ora St. Clair.


41. Andy Douglas. Born 5 Dec 1895. Died 21 Jan 1959.


42. Bill Douglas.


43. Helen Douglas.


44. Walter Douglas.


45. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Douglas.


46. Roy Douglas.


47. Geneva Douglas.


48. Lucinda Price. Born 27 Oct 1891. Died 7 Apr 1985. Occupation



She first married Thomas Pulliam.


She second married Logan Morris, 23 Apr 1951.


49. Sada Lona "Tod" Price. Born 7 Jul 1895. Died 7 Sep 1977 in Allen

Oklahoma. Buried 1977 in Allen Cemetary.


She married Everett St. Clair, 27 Jun 1927. Died 26 Feb 1972 in

Allen Oklahoma. Buried 1972 in Allen Cemetary.


50. Ada Price. Born 7 Jul 1895. Died 6 Mar 1976.


She married Guy Green, son of Jesse Green & Eliza Edwards. Born 14

Sep 1890. Died 28 May 1965. Buried 1965.

They had the following children:

72 i. Teddy A Greene
73 ii. Stanley Price Green


51. Mary Elizabeth Price. Born 22 Sep 1897. Died 25 Dec 1987. Buried



She married Clifford Vern Fisher, son of Frank Fisher & Minnie

Brown, 10 Apr 1917. Born 9 Jan 1898. Died 9 Feb

1978. Buried 1978.


Civil Service starting as a rural carrier out of Riley Indiana going

to a mounted route out of Terre Haute and then to a walking route in

the city of Terre Haute and was foreman of the carriers when he

retired on 31 Jan 1957 after 34 1/2 years of service. He died of



They had the following children:

  • 74 i. John Franklin Fisher
  • 75 ii. Jean Forest Fisher
  • 76 iii. Greta Belle Fisher

    52. Edna Irene Price. Born 1 Jun 1901. Died 5 Feb 1985.


    She married Emery McCullough, son of Adam Algie McCullough & Leatha

    Dalrymple. They had the following children:


    77 i. Billie Ray McCullough (Twin)

    78 ii. Betty May McCullough (Twin)

    79 iii. Jesse Lee McCullough


    53. Gertrude Staggs. Born 21 Aug 1900.


    She first married Dave Hegert.


    She second married James C Sanders. They had the following children:


    80 i. Edward Sanders

    81 ii. H T Sanders

    82 iii. Charles Sanders

    83 iv. Junior Sanders


    54. Floy Pearl Staggs. Born 12 Mar 1902.


    She married John Thomas Tucker, son of John Thomas Tucker & Melissa

    Vilina Gray, 22 Jun 1918 in Allen

    Oklahoma. Born 13 Oct 1889 in Stone County Arkansas. They had the

    following children:

    84 i. James Orval Tucker
    85 ii. Ellie Lurene Tucker
    86 iii. Rosie Mae Tucker
    87 iv. Jewel Beatrice Tucker
    88 v. Charles Otto Tucker
    89 vi. Dorothy Ann Tucker
    90 vii. Shirley Geraldine Tucker
    91 viii. Johnnie Lee Tucker


    55. Opal Sylvia Staggs. She married Dee Talley. They had the following children:

    92 i. Mabel Talley
    93 ii. Audrey Talley
    94 iii. George Talley
    95 iv. Torri Talley
    96 v. Robert Talley
    97 vi. DeElmo Talley
    98 vii. Katherine Talley


    56. George Staggs. Born 18 Jul 1908.

    57. Bud Hugh Staggs. Born 11 Jul 1911. Died Aug 1974.

    58. Elizabeth Lucinda Staggs.

    She married Vi Trippett.

    John Triplett

    Biography from History of Clay Co., Indiana, Vol. II, au: William Travis, publ. 1909

     JOHN TRIPLETT.&emdash;A self-made man in every sense implied by the term, winning success in life by persevering industry, keen foresight and excellent management, John Triplett is closely identified with the agricultural interests of Clay county, Owning and occupying a well improved farm in Van Buren township. A son of French Lewis Triplett, he was born October 3, 1832, at Virginia Ridge, near Roseville, Muskingum county, Ohio. His grandfather, Thomas Triplett, was born near Hatchers Mill, Loudoun county, Virginia, being, according to tradition, the descendant of one of two brothers, John and Thomas Triplett, French Huguenots who came to America in colonial days to escape religious persecution. He had two sisters, Mary Ann and Sarah, and two brothers, Greenbury and Frederick, who emigrated to Kentucky, becoming pioneers of Breckenridge county, where many of their descendants are still living. The grandfather, a life-long farmer in his native county, married Phehe Luncford, a daughter of Rolla Luncford, also a lifelong resident of Loudoun county. She survived her husband many years, and came to Indiana to spend the closing days of her life, dying at the home of her son, near Brazil, in at the advanced age of ninety years. She reared eleven children, namely: Burr, Sabra, Nancy, Mahala, Elizabeth, Sanford, Delilah, French L., Maria, Leroy and Jane. French Lewis Triplett, born December 12, 1806, was a young boy when his father died, and but sixteen years old when his mother migrated with her family to Ohio, making the removal with teams, a mode of travel necessarily slow and at times dangerous, and settled in Muskingum county. Selecting farming as his life occupation, he subsequently bought his father-in-law's homestead of two hundred acres located in what is now Clay township, residing there until 1856. Selling out in that year, he came to Clay county, Indiana, and purchased a partly improved farm situated two miles from Brazil, in Van Buren township. After living there a while he sold his land to a coal company and bought a farm in Dick Johnson township. A few years later be sold that farm and moved to Brazil, where he spent the remainder of his life, passing away March 2, 1887, in the eighty-first year of his age. He married Sarah Baird, who was born in Adams county, Pennsylvania, a daughter of John Baird, who was born in the same state, of German stock. Mr. Baird moved with his family to Ohio, locating in Muskingum county as a pioneer. Securing a tract of timbered land at the head of Brush Creek, he with the assistance of his sons cleared a farm, and while still owning that he bought another ranch near Zanesville, on which he resided a number of years.

    Having in the meantime acquired a competency, he sold that land and moved to the city of Zanesville, where he lived retired from active business cares until his death, at the age of seventy-six years. His wife, whose maiden name was Margaret Baumgartner, was born in Pennsylvania, of German ancestors, and died at a good old age in Zanesville. Mrs. Sarah (Baird) Triplett died on the home farm in Dick Johnson township when sixty-four years old. She bore her husband eleven children, as follows: John, the special subject of this sketch; Thomas; Delilah; Martha; Greenbury; Burr; Bushrod; Lucinda; Elizabeth; William; and Minerva A. Three of the sons, Thomas, Burr, and Bushrod, served as soldiers in the Civil war.

    Attending the subscription schools of early days, at a time when from sixty to seventy-two days, according to the money raised, constituted a school year, John Triplett obtained a practical common school education. Subsequently assisting his father in clearing and improving the land, he remained at home until after attaining his majority. In June, 1854, beginning life on his own account, he started on a westward trip, going by rail first to Chicago and then to Rock Island, where he took a Mississippi steamer to Burlington, Iowa. Going then by rail ten miles, which was as far as the railroads had been extended west of the Mississippi, he took a stage at the railway terminus and proceeded to Jefferson City, Missouri, where he found work in the harvest fields.

    Going from there to Oskaloosa, he worked there for a time, and then went to Wayne county, Iowa, where he entered a quarter section of government land. Locating then in Davis county, Iowa, he engaged in teaming until March, 1855, when he went on foot to Keokuk, where he embarked as a deck passenger on a steamer for St. Louis. There he took cabin passage on a Pittsburg boat, and returned to Ohio to resume farm work. In the ensuing fall Mr. Triplett rented a piece of land, bought a pair of oxen, and put in a crop of wheat, which he harvested the following year.

    On the 21st of September, 1856, Mr. Triplett married, and on the 1st of October started with his bride for Iowa, while en route stopping in Clay
    county, this state, to visit his parents. Continuing his journey westward, he located in Davis county, Iowa, where he farmed on rented land
    until September, 1858, when on account of the ill health of his wife he sold his crops and stock and returned to his old home, near Roseville,
    Renting land there, Mr. Triplett began farming, but the late
    so injured his crops that he became discouraged, and in June of that
    again started west, being at that time a hundred and forty-four
    dollars in
    debt. Coming across the country with his wife and child, he settled
    Brazil, this county, renting a small place just west of the village,
    engaged in farming and hauling coal, stone, shingles and lumber, the
    shingles being mostly rived by hand. He received a dollar and a half
    day for himself and team, and in a year's time he had paid his
    ness and was square with the world. Borrowing money, then, Mr. Trip-
    lett bought eighty acres of land in Van Buren township. A small por-
    tion of this was cleared, and in the hewn log house, with its earth
    stick chimney, he lived a few years, in the meantime engaging in the
    business, hauling coal from his own land to Brazil, Donaldsonville
    On Christmas day, 1865, Mr. Triplett bought one hundred and
    acres of land adjoining Harmony on the north and platted a part of
    as an addition to the town. A small part of the land had been
    and it was further improved by a two-story hewn log house and small
    stable which the former proprietor had erected. Taking possession of
    place in March, 1866, he set to work in earnest to clear the
    remainder of
    the timber from the land, and for eight years was there prosperously
    employed in general farming and stock raising and dealing. Leasing
    the property in 1874 to the Watson Coal Company, he still resided on
    place until February 13, 1880, although during the time he sold the
    retaining, however, his interest in the coal beds. In February,
    having sold a part of his farming implements and stock, he bought
    hundred and ten acres of land adjoining the town of Humboldt,
    son county, Nebraska, and there engaged in tilling the soil. In the
    lowing June, Mr. Triplett rented that land and moved to Savannah,
    souri, where he rented a home. In October of that year he bought a
    of ninety acres lying one mile from the village, moved on to it,
    the fruit, and lived there until the next spring. Selling then at an
    advance, he rented a place of twenty acres, lived on it till June,
    purchased a tract of twenty-five acres adjoining Savannah, on which
    resided a year During the time he bought three hundred and seventy
    acres of land two and one-half miles from Savannah, and resided
    two years. Selling out then at a profit, he spent a short time in
    Savannah, from there going to Springfield, Missouri. Buying then one
    hundred and sixty acres of land in Taney county, Missouri, he embarked in
    sheep raising, and also dealt in real estate in Springfield. Two years
    later he sold the sheep ranch, returned to Savannah, invested in suburban
    property, and remained there about a year. Returning with his family to
    Clay county, Mr. Triplett lived for seven years in Brazil, during
    which time he operated coal mines in Vigo county. In April, 1893,
    having purchased two hundred acres of bottom land on Eel river, four
    and one half miles northwest of Clay City, he for two years lived in
    the vicinity of that city. In April, 1895, Mr. Triplett bought the
    place which he now owns and occupies, it being advantageously
    located on the National Road between Harmony and Brazil. He has made
    substantial improvements, having rebuilt and added to the house and
    set out fruit, shade and ornamental trees, greatly enhancing the
    value of the estate.
    On September 21, 1856, Mr. Triplett married Hester A. Underwood,
    who was born November 28, 1838, near Roseville, Muskingum county,
    Ohio, a daughter of William Brinkley and Elizabeth (Dorr) Underwood.
    Mrs. Triplett passed to the higher life on April 12, 1904. Ten
    children were born of their union, six of whom are now living,
    namely: Laura A., born April 11, 1858; William B., February 19,
    1860; French L., November 21, 1863; Sadie, April 22, 1867; Luelle,
    March 23, 1869; and Minnie, March 13, 1871. Warren, born November
    14, 1865, died January 26, 1880; George W., born March 17, 1873,
    died October 22, 1894; and Alvin, born June 22, 1877, died November
    19, 1900. Fraternally Mr. Triplett is a member of Clay Lodge, No.

    368, Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

  • Politically he is active in Republican ranks and served as the first
  • Republican trustee of Van Buren township.
  • 59. James Athel Frederick. Born 20 Jun 1893.

    He married Alma Jamison. They had the following children: 

    99 i. James Franklin Frederick
    100 ii. Orville Frederick
    101 iii. Ella Jean Frederick
    102 iv. Delena Alma Frederick
    103 v. Dorcus Leona Frederick
    104 vi. William Arthur Frederick