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> > How about Channey Hatfield directing traffic on Wabash on busy Friday
> > nites.
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> > For Scott graduates, anyone remember the dean of boys (Blynn Fox) and
> > his violent temper. Or that the PE coach was Jim Malloy ( Bills
> > little brother).
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> > Mike Moyer (W60)Hello Mike,

Yes, I remember Channey. Do you or anyone else remember Eddie Taylor,
the newspaper vendor at 7th and Wabash, who had no arms? He was a relative
of mine. I also remember Blynn Fox (I had him for print shop--he did the
Orange Peel--which I have several of even now) and his many "disputes" with
Mr. Gil Modesitt, another of the shop teachers. I still have the aluminum
ashtray I made in Mr. Modesitt's class. Somehow, the shield with the Lincoln
head on it got lost in our many moves. And, even more far off, does anyone
remember the "deck tennis" rings that people played with just outside the
building, tossing them over volleyball nets? I don't think they even make
those things any more, do they? When did you last see one of them?

Jerry Everly (W-59)

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