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I have been searching for the William Simeon Kilgore from Marion County, TN for several years.

I have finally found lots of family and information on some of them, but still need lots to complete the files.

This year will be our 4th year to have our Kilgore Family reunion. We have lots of fun and lots of great food, photos, and information.

The family members that I am searching for are: William Simeon Kilgore Celia-Cecelia Adams Kilgore Ruffus Kilgore Noah I. Kilgore George W. Kilgore James Calvin Kilgore Sarah C. Kilgore Flint Andy Parker James Parker

Andy and James were with William and Celia in 1880 census-Franklin Cnty, Walker Twns, Arkansas before William and family came to Pocola area in 1900.

If you have any info on any of these people please let me know. Also if you would like to come to our reunion and you are a Kilgore somewhere along the line, please attend. You don't know you might make a connection.

You make contact me at djbard@att.net or 918-436-2480

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