Pulaski County Georgia Letters of Guardianship 1856-1879
Letters of Guardianship 1856-1897 Pulaski County Georgia

Updated 06/01/2005
Pulaski Co. GA Court of Ordinary Letters of Guardianship 1856-1897 Contributed by Victor R. Myrick Central Georgia Genealogical Society
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GUARDIAN - DATE OF APPOINTMEMT - INFORMATION ABOUT ORPHAN(S): Thomas SINGLETARY, 22 Jul 1855; John Lelian and Manning KALE, orphans of John KALE Pitts. F.D. SCARBOROUGH, 7 Jul 1856; Stephen W. MITCHELL, orphan of John V. MITCHELL. John L. WOOD, 4 Aug 1856; Amelia WOOD, orphan of Jonathan WOOD. Gabriel R. COLEY, 3 Nov 1856; Alcaeus R. COLEY, orphan of James A.D. COLEY. Mary COLEY, 3 Nov 1856; Althea COLEY, orphan of James A.D. COLEY. Robert W. RADFORD, 3 Nov 1856; James R. COLEY, orphan of James A.D. COLEY. William R. WOOD, 1 Sep 1856; William C., Charles R., and James W. CONEY, orphans of Jeremiah CONEY. Darling JOHNSON, 4 Aug 1856; Isaac JOHNSON an imbecile. Jacob DYKES, 3 Mar 1857; Sarah E. FOUNTAIN, orphan of Green W. FOUNTAIN. James E. CONEY, 3 Mar 1857; William C., Charles R., and James W. CONEY, orphans of Jeremiah CONEY. Ann E. MERRIWETHER, 3 Nov 1857; Virginia C. WEEKS, orphan of John W. WEEKS. Lovard L. HARRELL, 12 Jan 1857; Thomas, William, Sarah, Nancy and Levin BUDD, orphans of Robert BUDD. J.W. GAINER, 13 Jan 1857; Jacob M. SNELL, orphan of George T. SNELL. Alexander PIPKIN, 12 Jan 1857; Asa PIPKIN, orphan of Asa PIPKIN. Mary COLEY, 12 Jan 1857; Mary C., Julia F., and John A.D. COLEY, orphans of John A.D. COLEY. Eliffa BRYAN, 2 Feb 1857; Lydia and Julia E. BRYAN, orphans of Leary BRYAN. Calvin MINSHEW, 2 Feb 1857; Hannah J. COLLINS, orphan of George W. COLLINS Alexander PIPKIN, 2 Mar 1857; Margaret PIPKIN, orphan of Asa PIPKIN. Ann TOMBERLIN, 6 Apr 1857; Sarah A. WIGGINS, orphans of Joseph WIGGINS. A.R. COLEY, 2 Feb 1857; Donaldson COLEY, an imbecile. Gabriel R. COLEY, 7 Jul 1857; James COLEY, orphan of James A.D. COLEY. Henry H. WHITFIELD, 3 Aug 1857; Sarah WHITFIELD, orphan of William S. WHITFIELD. Henry BARLOW, 7 Dec 1857; J.B. and Robert HOLLAND, orphans of John HOLLAND. Etheldred E. PHILLIPS, 11 Jan 1858; Mary F. and Charlotte E. PHILLIPS, orphans of James E. PHILLIPS. William SIMPSON, 5 Apr 1858; Sarah E. and Mary E. SIMPSON, orphans of David SIMPSON. Joseph CARRUTHERS, 6 Dec 1858; Nancy Jane ASKREW, minor of John ASKREW. William HENDLEY, 7 Sep 1857; Evans, Eliza, Zachariah, Jessie, Ashley and Charles JOHNSON, orphans of Isaac JOHNSON. Stephen PITTMAN, 5 Oct 1857; Jane JONES, orphan of Arthur JONES. E. PHILLIPS, 22 Jun 1857; Mary Frances and Elizabeth E. PHILLIPS, orphans of J. E. PHILLIPS. William ALLEN, 2 Nov 1857; Alley and Matilda LEE, orphans of James and Alley LEE. Duncan C. DANIEL, 2 Nov 1857; Samuel and Paul JONES, orphans of Arthur and Elizabeth JONES. W.W. PERRY, 2 Nov 1857; J. L. HOLLAND, orphan of John HOLLAND. J.J. LONISY, 7 Oct 1857; William N. SNELL, orphan of M.A. SNELL. Jordan ALLEN, 7 Dec 1857; William and Jessie HOLLAND,orphans of John HOLLAND. Joseph M. GRAHAM, 5 Mar 1860; Francis A. GRAHAM, orphan of Allen GRAHAM. Miles BEMBRY,7 Feb 1858; Joseph E. HOLMES, orphan of Edward HOLMES. Larkin JOINER, 5 Feb 1858; Sarah LINDSEY, imbecile son of David LINDSEY. William SIMPSON, 5 Apr. 1858; Nancy E & Sarah E. SIMPSON, orphans of David SIMPSON. William MCNAIR, 3 May 1858; James E. BOOTHE, orphan of T. BOOTHE. Lydia COLLINS, 3 May 1858; William R., Ellen C., E.P., J.F. and T.R. COLLINS, orphans of William P. COLLINS. J.L. LAMPKIN, 6 Jul 1858; Sarah, Nicholas P, and Frances DILLARD, orphans of N.P. DILLARD. J.R. COOMBS, 6 Jul 1858; Susan C., Dolly A., and John R. BOOTHE, orphans of L.D.BOOTHE. T.F. MCCORMICH, 6 Jul 1858; David DEFNAL, orphan of David DEFNAL. J.C. DELAMAR, 6 Jul 1858; Susan CONNER, orphan of William A. CONNER. James FLEMING, 7 Jul1858; George, Matthew, Mary, Thully and James WILLIAMSON, orphans of Thully WILLIAMSON. William SIMPSON, 4 Nov 1858; Sarah E. and Mary E. SIMPSON, orphans of David SIMPSON. William ALLEN, 6 Dec 1858; Eliza, Nancy and Mary YERTA, orphans of Henry YERTA. Henry ANDERSON, 6 Dec 1858; John, William and Ellen P. DEFFNALL, orphans of William DEFFNALL. Elizabeth PARKERSON,6 Dec. 1858; Polly, William, Nancy, Sarah, Edmond, Thomas Henry and Sophrenia PARKERSON. William F. BENNETT,6 Dec 1858; Susan BENNETT, orphan of William BENNETT. N. RAWLINS, 7 Feb 1859; George W. RAWLINS, orphan of John RAWLINS. John H. STAPLETON, 7 Feb 1859; William J., John L., J.F., Jesse W. and Martha J. STAPLETON, orphans of John STAPLETON. J.H. DELAMAR, 7 Feb 1859; Carolyn COWAN, orphan of William A. COWAN. William HENDLEY, 7 Jul 1859; Caroline BARTON, orphan of Allen BARTON. Joseph KING, 3 Oct 1859; Joseph, Amos, and Euginia LOVE, orphans of John LOVE. Letha ALLEN, 2 May 1859; Winnifred, Malinda, Julia, Jesse, Catherine and Nancy ALLEN, orphans of Gilliam ALLEN. J.F. MCLEOD, 7 Oct 1859; David, James, William and Julia RILEY, orphans of James RILEY. John A. HENDLEY, 3 Oct 1859; the orphans of Thomas P. WHITFIELD. J.W. BROWN, 12 Jan 1860; Danillian W. SHINE, orphan of Daniel SHINE. Sarah F. JENNINGS, 7 Jul 1860; Elize, Euginia and Lewis JENNINGS, orphans of L.W. JENNINGS. James EWING, 5 Mar 1860; Jesse DANIELS, orphan of (not given). Jonathan D. WYNNE, 7 Feb 1860; Asa BROWN, orphan of Chester BROWN. John D. REEVES, 6 Aug 1860; William W. WYNNE orphan of John WYNNE. Beverly A.J. SIMMONS, 3 Dec 1860; Annie Rebecca JENNINGS, orphan of Lewis W. JENNINGS. William ALLEN, 3 Dec 1860; Thomas and Henry JENNINGS, orphans of Lewis W. JENNINGS. Seaborn M. MANNING, 5 Nov 1860; Sarah A. WHITEFIELD, orphan of William S. WHITFIELD. A.B. COODY, 2 Sep 1862; Sarah A.M. and Murdock B. COODY, orphans of W.W. COODY NOTE: ABOVE ENTRY ONLY ONE MADE BETWEEN 5 NOV 1860 and 12 JAN 1863. Margaret H. PIPKIN, 12 Jan 1863; Nancy Margaret PIPKIN, orphan of Asa PIPKIN. Robert S. ANDERSON, 12 Jan 1863; R.S., William R., and John N. HARDIN, orphans of John W. HARDINP. F.D. SCARBOROUGH, 12 Jan 1863; Sarah A. WHITEFIELD, orphan of William S. WHITFIELD. R.F. DELEMAR, 12 Feb 1863; Jacob M. SNELL, orphan of General J. SNELL. James M. BUCHAN, 2 Feb 1863; Samuel B. GOFF, orphan of William GOFF. William ALLEN, 2 Feb 1863; Ann R. JENNINGS, orphan of Lewis W. JENNINGS. Lucinda CONNER, 2 Mar 1863; Nancy E., Mary E., Sarah M., Elmira, Elvirah, Matthew, and John W., orphan of John CONNER. Elizabeth FRASIER, 4 May 1863; William N. SNELL, orphan of J.M. SNELL. J.W. BROWN, 6 Jul.1863; Evaline NEWSOME and her children Elizy, Augustus, Robert, Floyd and Riley, all being free people of color. J.W. BROWN, 4 May 1863; Sarah W. and Nancy A. BUDD, orphans of Robert BUDD. James S. LEITH, 8 Jul 1863; Milly WILLIAMS and her children John, Calvin, William, Riley, Joseph, Anner, Olivia and Thomas, all being free people of color. Richard SMITH, 8 Jul 1863; Monroe SMITH, orphans of Hezekiah SMITH. Eliza LEE, 3 Aug 1863; Cherry Ann W. LEE, orphan of John LEE. William G. FLEMMING, 7 Sep 1863; Nancy E. REGANS, orphan of Robert A. REGANS. Mary HOLT, 9 Sep 1863; Mary E., Berry J., Susan M., and John L.P. HOLT, orphans of L.H. HOLT. Nancy SMITH, 5 Oct 1863; William F. and Job W. SMITH, orphans of William SMITH. William W. HOLT, 2 Nov 1863; Susan A., William W., and Sarah E. HOLT, orphans of Samuel W. HOLT. Horton HENDLEY, 11 Jan 1864; Bartlett WRIGHT, orphan of Abie T. WRIGHT. George HUTCHINS, 11 Jan 1864; William BATEMAN, orphan of William BATEMAN. Mary Jane BEMBRY, 2 May 1864; Sarah Jane BEMBRY, orphan of William BEMBRY. Nancy DAVIS, 4 Jul 1864; James H., Needham L., William D., Leroy W., Warren W., Mary E., and Nancy A. DAVIS, orphans of Z.L. DAVIS. Mary JONES, 7 Nov 1864; Elijah P. JONES, orphan of Paul JONES. Elizabeth CADWELL, 5 Sep 1864; James, Cintha, Creasea and John H. CADWELL, orphans of Thomas CADWELL. Joseph KING, 5 Dec 1864; John N. LEE, orphan of John J. LEE. James R. COLEY, 9 Jan 1864; John Z.F. and Mary COLEY, orphans of James COLEY. William J. FOUNTAIN, 6 Feb 1865; Daniel W. and Ladossia P. WATERS, orphans of Allen WATERS. William M. ANDERSON, 6 Feb 1865; Adam T.H. and Thomas J. ANDERSON, orphans of John J. ANDERSON. George W. BOWEN, 6 Mar 1865; Easter BOWEN, a lunatic. Darling JOHNSON, 6 Mar 1865; Orphans of Isaac JOHNSON (no names given). John J. WATKINS, 3 Apr 1865; John and Selia GRACE, orphans of Matthew GRACE. William P. HEAD,3 Apr 1865; Sanders COLSON, orphan of A.J. COLSON. Lottie CADWELL, 3 Apr 1865; E.J., Mary A., J.W., John T., B.H. and Wesley CADWELL, orphans of Martin J. CADWELL. John H. PEARCE, 1 May 1865; Sarah and Ashley ROZAR, orphans of Theophilus ROZAR. NOTE: VOID written after this entry James ODOM, 2 Oct 1865; Mary H. HOLLAND, orphan of Joshua HOLLAND. John CRUMP, 2 Oct 1865; Sarah A.M. COODY, orphan of W.W. BOODY. Belisan T. HARRELL, 6 Nov 1865; Willis D., Susan A., and B.C. HARRELL, orphans of Benjamin HARRELL. Mary OATHOUT, 6 Nov 1865; William H., Johnwell, Jordan W., Ruth A., and Martha E. POATHOUT, orphans of William A. OATHOUT. Shade GRAHAM (marked out) & Emilin LISTER (written in)6 Nov 1865;Frances GRAHAM, orphan of Allen GRAHAM. Joshua HERINGTON, 6 Nov 1865; Benjamin DESHAZO, orphan of William DESHAZO. John B. PARKERSON, 6 Nov 1865; Sarah E., George L., James W., and Jane L., PARKERSON, orphans of Sherwood L. PARKERSON. John HENDLEY, 6 Nov 1865; Andrew J., and Amandy A. SKIPPER, orphans of Jacob SKIPPER. John FALE, 4 Dec 1865; Thomas H. GRACE, orphan of Matthew GRACE. Mary E. MCPHAIL, 4 Dec 1865; Charles C. MCPHAIL, orphan of A.C. MCPHAIL. Sophia HARRELL, 8 Jan 1866; Milla A., John, S.J., and Willis HARRELL, orphans of Willis Paul HARRELL. John A. HENDLEY, 5 Feb 1866; John D. SCIPPER, orphan of (blank)Thomas MAHAFFEY (marked out & William ALLEN Sr. (written in)5 Mar 1866. Elmina and William ALLEN, orphans of William ALLEN. John J. WATKINS, 5 Mar 1866; Elbert DEFNALL, orphan of William DEFNALL. Eli F. LEE, 2 Apr 1866; Sampson LEE, orphan of William LEE. Michael WRIGHT, 4 Jun 1866; Sarah WRIGHT, orphan of M. WRIGHT. Fanny COWAN, 4 Jun 1866; Henry, Thomas and Walker COWAN, orphans of J.V. COWAN. John HOLLAND, 6 Aug 1866; Mary L. HOLLAND, orphan of J.J. HOLLAND. John A. HARRELL, 6 Aug 1866; James, Cintha and Crena CADWELL, orphans of Thomas CADWELL. James HINSON, 3 Sep 1866;Mary J. SMITH, orphan of Lee SMITH. John W. CARRUTHERS, 5 Nov 1866; Martha L WESTBERRY, orphan of Thomas N. WESTBERRY. James L. BRYANT, 5 Nov 1866; William FURNEY, orphan of Nicholas FURNEY. Hezekiah HARRELL, 5 Nov 1866; Solomon BARLOW, orphan of Henry BARLOW. Murdock J. SIMMONS, 3 Dec 1866; Martha J. SIMMONS, orphan of B.J.A. SIMMONS. Thomas M. BOLTON, 3 Dec 1866; A.F.T. and A.J. SKIPPER, orphans of Jacob SKIPPER. J.L. WARREN, 7 Jan 1867; Sarah A. WHITFIELD, orphan of William S. WHITFIELD. J.L. WARREN, 7 Jan 1867; Sally, Mary S., George M. & Charles J. MANNING, orphans of S.M. MANNING. William T. ROEBUCK, 7 Jan 1867; Nancy E. HENDERSON, orphan of M.H. HENDERSON. Elizabeth DANIEL,7 Jan 1867; John J., Thomas and Simon B. DANIELS, orphans of J.S. DANIELS. Sarah J. MARTIN, 4 Feb 1867; Henry E., Charles A., Way C., George W., Franklin Thomas & Frederick N. MARTIN, orphans of Alex MARTIN. Shade GRAHAM, 4 Mar 1867; Allen F. GRAHAM, orphan of Allen GRAHAMW. S.C. JESSUP, 4 Mar 1867; Susan E. LISTER, orphan of J.W. LISTER. W. CROCKER, 1 Apr 1867; Henry E. WIMBERLY, orphan of H.E. WIMBERLY. John A. MARTIN5 Apr 1867Henry E. MARTIN, an imbecile. James A. FELTZ, 6 May 1867; Thomas S. RAY, orphan of John W. RAY. Joseph C. DONALDSON, 3 Jun 1867; Elizabeth J. & John J. HOLLAND, orphans of J.J. HOLLAND. P.T. MCGRIFF, 10 Jul 1867; Henry P., Thomas S. & Walker COWAN, orphans of J.F. COWAN. Jacob MORRIS, 7 Oct 1867; Ira E. BURKETT, orphan of Andrew BURKETT. Margaret A. EWING, 4 Nov 1867; Ann E., William & Robert L. EWING, orphans of James EWING. William H. STOKES, 6 Jan 1868; Elizabeth, Jacob M., Temperance & Edison GARRETT, orphan of Tyri GARRETT. Aaron REEVES, colored, 6 Jan 1868; John REEVES, colored orphan of John SUTTON, colored. Daniel W. EWING, 2 Mar 1868; Ellen B. & John EWING, orphans of James EWING. Julia EUBANKS, 2 Mar 1868; James N., John L. & George M. EUBANKS, orphans of (blank)J.A.D. COLEY, 21 Oct 1868; J.A.D. COLEY, an imbecile. George W. KEEN 5 Oct 1868 Needham J. TAYLOR, orphan of Joel TAYLOR and Late Nancy BUTLER TAYLOR. (Note; George and William Keen were brothers, also son- in-laws to Joel TAYLOR.) William KEEN 4 Oct 1868 E.Z.H. TAYLOR, orphan of Joel TAYLOR and late Nancy BUTLER TAYLOR. Daniel RHODES, 2 Nov 1868; Charlie MCPHAIL, orphan of A.C. MCPHAIL. Susan HANDLEY, 3 Aug 1868; Elbert, David, Franklin, Martha and George HANDLEY, orphans of Fredrick HANDLEY. John SEWELL, 27 Nov 1868; Elijah P. JONES, orphan of Paul JONES. James E. BOOTHE, 2 Nov 1868; T.D., Dona and J.M. BOOTHE, minors of James S. BOOTHE. C.M. BOZEMAN, 7 Dec 1868; James F., Cornelia A. & Eva N. CONEY, orphans of E.W. CONEY. John WILLCOX, 7 Dec 1868; Mary, William, John & Penelope HARRELL, orphans of Hendley HARRELL. G.N. COLEY, 7 Dec 1868; B.B.J. COLEY, orphan of A.N. COLEY, Sr. T.T. LYTLE, 4 Jan 1869; Robert, Pernel, Archie and Seymour LYTLE, orphans of N.Y. LYTLE. Miles SANDERS, 1 Mar 1869; Miles S. GRAHAM, orphan of Joseph M. GRAHAMM. T. GRACE, 7 Jun 1869; Elizabeth, William and Thomas COX, orphans of A.B. COX. Asa C. PIPKIN, 6 Sep 1869; M.M. PIPKIN, orphan of Asa PIPKIN. Sarah J. EVANS, 3 May 1870; Martha C., Cullen, John L., Nancy J. & Francis C. EVANS, orphans of Loram (?) EVANS. May F. PIPKIN, 4 Jul 1870; Thomas M. PIPKIN, orphan of Alex PIPKIN. James J. DYKES, 4 Oct 1869; Jacob DYKES, minor of J.J. DYKES. D. W. HENDLEY, 2 Jan 1870; E.M. & F.E. POLLOCK, orphans of Thomas POLLOCK. Emily C. JACKSON, 7 Feb 1870; John H. & Henry H. JACKSON, orphans of Samuel JACKSON L.E. PIERCE, 3 Feb 1870; James, Thomas & Elizabeth PIERCE, orphans of Jesse PIERCE. Martha RAWLS, 2 May 1870; Clifford RAWLS, orphan of Daniel RAWLS. Margaret A. BARLOW, 5 May 1870; Henry T., Franklin, William, Edwin & Joseph BARLOW, orphans of Joseph BARLOW. Sarah A. DYKES, 1 Aug 1870; Jacob DYKES, orphan of J.J. DYKES. Thomas L. TAYLOR, 5 Sep 1870; James, V.C., C.L., & M.M. TAYLOR, orphans of T.L. TAYLOR. Jane DUPREE,3 Oct 1870; John, Julia, Luke, Nancy, Louisa & Fanny DUPREEE, orpahns of George DUPREE. Louisa WALLACE, 7 Nov 1870; Richard R., Lucy S., Mittie, Jacqulin & Sarah N. WALLACE, orphans of J.H. WALLACE. Burrell L. JORDAN, 5 Dec 1870; Leander, B.G. & F.M. JORDAN, orphans of Burrell JORDAN. Ferdinand FLEMING, 5 Dec 1870; Martha C., Ferdinand P., George W. & Ellen FLEMING, orphans of W.S. FLEMING. J.L. ANDERSON, 6 Feb 1871; Julia Boothe ANDERSON, minor of J.L. ANDERSON. J.J. DANIEL 6 Mar 1871; Simeon DANIEL, orphan of J.L. DANIEL. John GRAHAM, 6 Mar 1871; Allen F. GRAHAM, orphan of Allen GRAHAM. Thomas SCARBOROUGH, 5 Jun 1871; Anna C. MIMS, orphan of Elias MIMS. Nicholas RAWLINS, 4 Sep 1871; Elizabeth, William F., Ella & John ROLAND, orphans of Simeon ROLAND. Mrs. Julia K. EUBANKS, 2 Oct 1871; James C. & John L. EUBANKS, orphans of John J. EUBANKS. John H. KENDRICK, 2 Oct 1871; Williad W. OLIVER, orphan of William M. OLIVER Note: Revoked was written across this entry Sarah B. OLIVER, 2 Oct 1871; W.W.OLIVER, orphan of William M. OLIVER. G.W. JORDAN, 6 Nov 1871; Molly B. & Martha C. WALKER, orphans of Richard C. WALKER. Mrs. Sarah C. LAM, 2 Jan 1872; James C., Martha A., Georgia E., John H. & Clarence E. LAM, orphans of W.H. LAM. J.M. WHEELUS, 4 Mar 1872; Elizabeth, Mary J., Martha, Robert & Sherrod WHEELUS, orphans of Way WHEELUS. Edna HENDEY, 1 Apr 1872; William L., Nancy, Laura, Edna W., John G., Bartlett, Maude & Molly HENDLEY, orphans of John A. HENDLEY. Miles BEMBRY,9 Apr 1872; Josephine, Joseph & Zollicoffer BATEY, orphans of William BATEY. John N. LOW, 3 Jun 1872; Charles & Mary C. LOW, orphans of Charles LOW. John N. LOW, 5 Aug 1872; Amos & Emma L. LOW, orphans of Charles LOW. John F. ADAMS, 2 Sep 1872; William HENKINS, orphan of J.F. JENKINS. Mrs. A. B. GRACE, 4 Nov 1872; Matthew T., Walter J. & Sarah GRACE, orphans of Matthew T. GRACE. George W. KIRKPATRICK, 2 Dec 1872; Betty, Mary, Isaac & Salley BUSH, orphans of F.M. BUSH. Mrs. E. J. OLIVER, 3 Feb 1873; A.D., W.C., JL., J.D., R.J. & E.E. OLIVER, orphans of Thomas W. OLIVER. W.W. SPURLING, 6 Jan 1873; Margaret J., Amanda L. & Martha DEWITT, orphans of Thomas J. DEWITT. Jacob LEWIS, 28 Jan 1873; Arthur DAWSON, orphan of Irvin & Rebecca DAWSON. Warren H. DYKES, 3 Feb 1873; Jackson & Charles DYKES, orphans of Allen DYKES. William M. SNELL3 Mar 1873Thomas & Walker COWAN, orphans of J.V. COWAN. James H. DYKES, 4 Mar 1873, John W. DYKES, orphan of Richard DYKES. Daniel HARRELL, 15 Mar 1873; Arthur HARRELL, an idiot. Mrs. Sarah E. SHEPPARD, 15 Apr 1873; John Robert, Henry Clarence & James T.C. SHEPPPARD, orphans of Henry S. SHEPPARD. Luke SAPP, Sr.,2 Jun 1873; Henry E. SAPP, orphan of William J. SAPP. John CREAMER, 4 May 1873; Children of Ida A. & Lee B. CREAMER (names not given). Mrs. Susan C. LOVE, 12 Dec 1873; Zephyritis & John R. LOVE, orphans of John R. LOVE. Miss Sarah J. ARNOLD, 1 Dec 1873; William J., Levi, Richmond, Cain & Mary Antionett E ARNOLD, orphans of Needham ARNOLD. Edwin R. MCPHAIL, 5 Jan 1874; Elizabeth, Fannie, Sally, Dougal & Charles MCPHAIL, orphans of Alexander MCPHAIL. Thomas C. ALLEN, 2 Jan 1874; Alice V., Mary B. & Ida M. HARRELL, orphans of Henry HARRELL. Eason ROLAND, 2 Feb 1874; Annie E. & Robert L. EWING, orphans of James EWING. John FALE, 5 Jan 1874; Matthew T. & Walter J. GRACE, orphans of Matthew T. GRACE. M.D. WILCOX, 2 Mar 1874; Lewis B., Mary, Thomas & Riley WILCOX, children of M.D. WILCOX. G.R. DYKES, 4 May 1874; Jackson & Charlie DYKES, orphans of Allen DYKES. Benjamin H. HARRELL, 1 Dec 1874; Louisa R. MITCHELL, orphan of R.D. MITCHELL. Hugh SMITH, 7 Sep 1874; Caroline, James & Isaac MEADOWS, orphans of John MEADOWSN. H. HANDLEY, 7 Dec 1874; W.W. OLIVER, orphan of W.M. OLIVER. Mrs. N.J. DELAMAR, 7 Dec 1874; Frank, James, Robert & Nancy Jane DELAMAR, orphans of Richard F. DELAMAR. Mrs. Charity POLLOCK, 4 Jan 1874; Amos & Emma LOVE, minor children of the said Charity POLLOCK by a previous marriage. John T. MCCORMICK, 1 Feb 1875; James C. MCCORMICK, orphan of James MCCORMICK. Nathan C. SINGLETARY, 5 Apr 1875; John, Lilias & Manning KALE, orphans of Lydia KALE. Berry HODGES, colored, 3 May 1875; Letha Jane REEVES, colored, orphan of Thomas Reeves, colored. Hiram M. ALLEN, 5 Jul 1875; Nancy E & William E. ALLEN, orphans of William ALLEN. James PITTMAN,6 Sep 1875; John J. GREGORY, orphan of James GREGORY. Thomas J. TAYLOR, 5 Oct 1875; Julia E. TAYLOR, formerly Julia E. RILEY, orphan of Jacob RILEY. Jonathan A.D. COLEY, 6 Dec 1875; Charolotte E. COLEY, formerly Charlotte E. COOMBS, orphan of J.R. COOMBS. George R. MCCALL, 3 Jan 1876; Benjamin G & Mary H. MCCALL, minors of George R. MCCALL. John R. MARTIN, 7 Dec 1876; George, Franklin, Thomas & Fredrick MARTIN, orphans of Alexander MARTIN. Mrs. Martha C. SPARROW, 17 Sep 1875; J.G. & H.H. SPARROW, orphans of J.J. SPARROW. Robert J. TAYLOR, 7 Feb 1876; Fannie F. TAYLOR, formerly Fannie F. DILLARD, minor child of Phillip DILLARD. C.M. BOZEMAN Sr., 6 Mar 1876; Lewis, Mary & Thomas WILCOX, minor children of M.D. WILCOX. Serena SMITH, 1 May 1876; John Henry & Rachel SMITH, orphans of Richard SMITH. Mrs. S.M. CRUMP, 5 Jun 1876; Charles H., Mary J. & Joseph B. CRUMP, orphans of J.M. CRUMP. James R. COLEY, 4 Sep 1876; James B. CLARKE, orphans of Orren C. CLARKE. William CASON, 6 Nov 1876; Miles S. GRAHAM, orphan of Joseph GRAHAM. Ewell HOLMES, 6 Jan 1877; Sabra COLEY, orphan of William COLEY. Robert ANDERSON, Sr., 5 Feb 1877; Henry C. & James T.C. SHEPARD, orphans of Henry SHEPARD. Hiram M. ALLEN, 1 Jan 1877; Robert W.L. ALLEN, orphan of Willis G. ALLEN. Henry PEARCE, 3 Dec 1877; Fannie PEARCE, formerly Fanny MCPHAIL, orphan of Alex MCPHAIL. W.L. HOLT, 5 Dec 1877; Minor of W.L. HOLT (name not given). Cynthia TIPPETT, 3 Dec 1877; Mattie, William, Lucy & Hardy TIPPETT, orphans of A.L. TIPPETT. John M. FOUNTAIN, 4 Feb 1878; Mrs. Elizabeth FOUNTAIN, orphan of Alexander MCPHAIL. Caroline GRACE, 6 Mar 1878; Samuel H., Hampton A. & Andrew H. GRACE, orphans of Andrew H. GRACE. J.J. TAYLOR, 4 Feb 187; 8Martha TAYLOR, formerly Martha DEWITT, orphan of Thomas DEWITT. George W. TURNER, 4 Feb 1878; Martha A. & Nancy A. TURNER, orphans of John TURNER. Mrs. Mary J. HENDLEY, 1 Jul 1878; E.A.A. WATKINS, minor of John J. WATKINS. Mrs. Mary J. HENDLEY, 1 Jul 1878; Joseph C. & William C. HENDLEY, orphans of William H. HENDLEY. Thomas J. JENNINGS, 2 Sep 1878; Robert Lee GOODMAN, orphan of James H. GOODMAN M.D. WILCOX, 3 Mar 1879; Louis B., Mary & Thomas WILCOX, orphans of M.D. WILCOX. F.R. COLLINS, 3 Mar 1879; Ella, Charlie & M.T. Foy, orphans of W.H. FOYM. H. ALBRITTON, 7 Apr 1879; John N., & Z.P. GIDDENS, orphans of John N. GIDDENS. Mrs. E.H. McVAY 8, Apr 1879; W.E. & Linder E. MCVAY, orphans of W.F. MCVAY. John S. DUPREE, 7 Apr 1879; Martha A. DUPREE, formerly Martha A. TURNER. D.C. WALKER, 1 Sep 1879; G.F. MCVAY, orphan of W.F. MCVAY. James FLEMING, 3 Nov 1879; Edam Green FLEMING, orphan of Green FLEMING. Joseph B. DYKES, 1 Dec 1879; Willliam E. KILLEN, orphan of William E. KILLEN. John T. TIPPETT, 2 Feb 1880; William A. TIPPETT, orphan of Abner L. TIPPETT. David L. SIMPSON, 5 Jul 1880; Mattie& Franklin BRYAN, orphans of James L. BRYAN. Arthur NEWMAN, 3 Aug 1880; Emma NEWMAN, orphan of Charles LOVE. Spire M. BLOUNT, 3 Jan 1880; James P.ARMSTRONG, orphan of Berry A. ARMSTRONG. James D. SASSER, 3 Jan 1880; Almira J. SASSER, orphan of Berry A. ARMSTRONG. A. R. MANNING, 3 Feb 1880; Welch Ann MANNING, formerly Welch Ann PERRY, orphan of Welch PERRY. Mrs. Laura J. MELTON, 4 Apr 1881; Nancy MARTIN, orphan of Jacob MARTIN. John J. FLOYD, 7 Mar 1881; John, Henry & Williw FLOYD, minors of John J. FLOYD. Emory COLLINS,4 Jul 1881;Saul RAWLS and Daniel & Georgia WILLIAMS, orphans of Prince RAWLS and John WILLIAMS. B.J. FLEMING, 6 Jul 1881; Emma J. FLEMING, minor of James FLEMING. James F. CONEY(blank)John G. BOZEMAN, orphan of C.M. BOZEMAN, Sr. W.E. CHANCEY,6 Nov 1881; Mrs. Emma CHANCEY (nothing else given). William HINSON, 3 Oct 1881; Faitha HINSON, orphan of John HINSON. George F. POWELL,5 Dec 1881; Sherman F. CRUMPLER, orphan of Hanson CRUMPLER. James GREGORY, 7 Feb 1882; Bulah B. GREGORY, orphan of Bulah B. LANCASTER. Mrs. Mary A. LANCASTER, 7 Feb 1882; Clara C. & George W. LANCASTER, orphan of Thomas W. LANCASTER. John L. ANDERSON, 7 Feb 1882; Clarence & Henry SHEPHERD, orphans of Sarah E. SHEPHERD. Mrs. Mary A. LANCASTER, 3 Apr 1882; Cora E., Miles A. & Susannah LANCASTER, orphans of Thomas W. LANCASTER. James ARGO, 2 Jan 1882; Jesse G. JONES, orphan of Green JONES. John H. COLEMAN, 2 Oct 1882; Mary COLEMAN, formerly Mary WILCOX, orphan of M.D. WILCOX. William E. CHANCEY, 6 Nov 1882; Emma CHANCEY, nee LOVE, orphan of Charles LOVES. C. CARROLL, 4 Oct 1882; C.C. CAROLL, nee LANCASTER orphan of Thomas W. LANCASTER. Mrs. Emma L. COLLIER, 2 Jul 1883; Miss Mary Emma COLLIER, lunatic. J.L. ANDERSON, 7 Feb 1882; Charles & Henry SHEPHERD, orphans of Mrs. A. E. SHEPHERD. W.T. BROWN, 2 Jul 1880; John W. BROWN, minor of W.T. BROWN. John D. PEARCE,1 Oct 1883,Louisa E. DORMINY, formerly PEARCE, orphan of John R. PEARCE. John A. INGRAM, 3 Dec 1883; John K.J. BLOUNT, orphan of Jacob BLOUNT. Note: Void written across)William M. SNELL, 3 Mar 1884; Herbert H. COLEY, orphan of James R. COLEY. Mary BARLOW, 7 Apr 1884; James R. HILL, orphan of Robert W. HILL. James E. OBERRY, 10 Apr 1884; Betty COLEMAN, nee OBERRY; Martha WALKER, nee OBERRY; James, Cochran, Laura, Berry and Lene OBERRY, minors of James E. OBERRY. James D. STITSON, 5 May 1884; Edith S. STITSON minor of J.D. STITSON. Matthew T. GRACE,,4 Feb 1884; Walter J. GRACE, orphan of M.T. & E.V. GRACE. John BLOW, 6 Jul 1885; Elizabeth BLOW, formerly PEARCE. Mrs. Louisa N. CONEY, 5 Oct 1885; Elmira, Eva, and Jessard CONEY, orphans of Charles R. CONEY. Robert T. BEMBRY, 2 Nov 1885;Seymour L. & Nettie J. CARRUTHERS, orphans of Josephus CARRUTHERS. J.M. WHITE, 5 Nov 1885; Eugene B. WHITE, orphan of J.M. WHITE, Sr. Mrs. Emma C. WILLIAMSON, 1 Feb 1886; Ethel C. & James E. WILLIAMSON, orphans of James P. WILLIAMSON. W.F. FERGUSON, 2 Feb 1886Pearl; Celia FERGUSON, minor (nothing else given). J.J. WATKINS, 2 Feb 1886; John J., James C., Emily M., Florida L., & Ellie A. WATKINS, minor children (nothing else given). Boswell A. MERRITT,1 Mar 1886; J.J. WHITFIELD, orphan of H.H. WHITFIELD. Mary W. WHITFIELD,1 Mar 1886; Josephine R., Letitia, Dewit C., Augustus B., Mary L. & Henry H. WHITFIELD, orphans of Henry H. WHITFIELD. Jerry WILLIAMS, 7 Jun 1886; George JOHNSON & Mattie (illegible), irphans of Edith BRADSHAW, their mother R.F. DELAMAR, 5 Apr 1886; Nancy J. DELAMAR, orphan of R.F. and Nancy DELAMAR. J. TAYLOR, 6 Jun 1886; Fannie E., Annie G., Robert L., and Ezekiel J. TAYLOR, minors of the said R.J. TAYLOR. Mrs. Mary W. WHITFIELD, 17 Jul 1886; Delbert C., Augustus B., Mary L., Josephine R., Letitia and Henry H. WHITFIELD, Jr. orphans of Henry H. WHITFIELD. Mrs. Cassie C. GRACE, 5 Sep 1886; Samuel W., Andrew H., & Hamilton A. GRACE, orphans of A.H. GRACE. Edward P. KING,24 Nov 1886; Mary E. KING, orphan of William D. KING. Mrs. Nancy WYNNE, 1 Nov 1886; Manning, Viola Lady & Joseph PERRY, orphans of Joseph J. PERRY. C.W. BAGBY, 4 Jul 1887; Walters Waren and Edwain Floyd BAGBY, orphans of Julius A. BAGBYT. R. HENDRICKS, 1 Aug 1887; Colly Polly Hugh Charles William Wesley Emma & Lady HARRY, orphans of June HARRY (NOTE: there were no commas between these names). Mrs. Charity F. ANDERSON, 5 Sep 1887; John J., Hardy B., Lawrence M., James T., Cora F., Ora B., Edwin H., James M., Mary W., & Lillian L. ANDERSON, orphans of Robert S. ANDERSON. Thomas S. COWAN, 5 Sep 1887; Dennis L. RYAN, orphan of T.D.L. RYAN and Herbert and McGriff COLEY, orphans of James R. COLEY. J.D. HARGROVE, 2 Oct 1887; Mary Emma COLLINS, a lunatic confined in the lunatic asylum. W.A. HOLT, 7 Nov 1887; Alice HOLT, orphan of Asa HOLT. William J. MULLIS, 7 Nov 1887; John and Ida E. MULLIS, orphans of Charles MULLIS. M. PHILLIPS, 5 Dec 1887; J.A.J. PHILLIPS, orphan of J.A.J. PHILLIPS, Sr. Frank WADE, 6 Feb 1888; Joseph L., William W., & Josephus F. FLOYD, minors of Arch FLOYD. W.E. DUNHAM, 6 Feb 1888; B.W. WALKER, orphan of F.F. & N.W. WALKERR. W. ANDERSON, 7 May 1888; Eddie N., Sarah E., Robert S., Simon M. Srilson(?), Paul A., Frank P., Lucy A., Dudley R. ANDERSON, minors of R.W. ANDERSON. William A. ANDERSON, 2 Jul 1888; Lula C., Sidney J., & Birdie FERGUSON, minors of William A. FERGUSONW. N.MASON, 2 Jul 1888; Leroy P. MASON, minor of Anna L. MASON, nee FERGUSON. William H. KINCHEN, 5 Nov 1888; Laura R. & John H. KINCHEN, minors of William H. KINCHEN. Mrs. Emma V. LAWSON, 4 Feb 1889; Harley F. LAWSON, orphan of Shine B. LAWSON. Mrs. E. C. WHITE, 4 Mar 1889; Howard C. and Mary C. WHITE, Orphans of George H. WHITE. George M. SCARBOROUGH, 3 Jun 1889; Mary F. SCARBOROUGH, nee BRYAN, orphan of James L. BRYAN. Mrs. Mary F. LILLY, 3 Jun 1889; Ernest P. & Willie Bob ROBUCK, orphans of P.A. & C.V. ROBUCK. Sam A. WAY,5 Aug 1889; Ida A. & Allutia WAY, orphans of E.F. & Sallie B. WAY. Mrs. Mary S. MATTHEWS, 2 Sep 1889; Robert A. MATTHEWS, orphan of Joseph E. MATTHEWS. Mrs. Sallie DYKES, 6 Oct 1889; Imogene DYKES, orphan of James H. DYKEST. S. REEVES, 2 Dec 1889; J.M. & m.W. REEVES orphans of John T. REEVES. Thomas S. REEVES, 2 Dec 1889; Sarah F. REEVES, orphan of John T. REEVES. William L. HENDLEY, 3 Feb 1890; Mary E. MCPHAIL, orphan of Laura MCPHAIL. Miss Ella MASON, 7 Apr 1890; Leroy MASON, orphan of William N. MASON. William I. MCCRAE5 Mar 1890 Josephine E. KELSEY, orphan of Wilber F. KELSEY. John J. TAYLOR, 2 Jun 1890; James P., John T, Jr., & Laura H. ARDE, orphans of John T. ARDEC. M. SIMPSON, 1 Sep 1890; Lucy E. SIMPSON, formerly SANDERS, orphan of Iverson H. SANDERS. B.F. DAVIS, 1 Sep 1890; Sallie, John, Jessie, Minnie, George, Pinkie, Nancy & Fannie DAVIS, orphans of William DAVIS, deceased. S.C. STEPHENS, 1 Sep 1890; Samuel, Charles & Lucy Jane NEWMANS, orphans of Jessie NEWMANS. Mrs. Susie U.W. RAGAN, 1 Sep 1890; Robert Spencer & Lillian Hilliard REGAN, orphans of Robert Timothy REGAN. Charles R. VAUGHN, 1 Dec 1890; Mamie E. VAUGHN, nee MCNEIL, orphan of Mrs. Laura MCNEIL, deceased. Mrs. Smitha L. TAYLOR, 5 Jan 1891; M. TAYLOR, a lunatic (nothing else givens). Mrs. Sarah E. FUTCH, 2 Feb 1891; Cordelia, Ashley, Jennings, Johnnie & Jasper FUTCH, orphans of Jasper N. FUTCHN. P. JELKS, 6 Apr 1891; K.N., E.L., E.E., Mary, F.M. & Ruth, minor children of N.P. JELKS. Mrs. F. M. CLARK, 4 Mary 1891; Hattie & Ellie S. DYKES, orphans of Joseph B. DYKES. J.C. HENDLEY, 1 Jun 1891; William C. HENDLEY, orphan of Mrs. Mollie HENDLEY. Mrs. Hattie M. FOWLER, 7 Sep 1891; Arthur G. FOWLER, orphan of W.W. FOWLER. P.L. HUDSON, 7 Sep 1891; Cyrus W. & Effie M. HUDSON, minors of P.L. HUDSON. J.T. PUGH, 7 Dec 1891; Mary Jane, James Thomas & William J. PUGH, orphans of Mrs. Elizabeth PUGH. M.T. OWENS, 1 Feb 1892; Sallie OWENS, nee DAVIS, orphan of William DAVIS. Shadrick FLOYD, 1 Feb 1892; Mary A.E. & James E. FLOYD minors of Shadrick FLOYD. Mrs. E.J. PEACOCK, 4 Jan 1892; Z.V. , H.L., Mandy W., Ralph H. and Minta A. PEACOCK, orphans of Albert PEACOCK. Q L. HARVARD,27 May 1892; Mary E. HARVARD, minor of Q.L. HARVARD. Mrs. Mary Jelks LEWIS, 24 Jun 1892; Nathaniel E., Mattie L. & Mary Jane LEWIS, orphans of Robert G. LEWIS. E.L. DANIEL,4 Jul 1892; Stonewall J. SMITH, an illegitimate child. J.C. SANDERS, 3 Oct 1892; Elisha, Miney & Timothy SANDERS and Carrie GRIMSLEY, nee SANDERS, minors of said J.C. SANDERS. J.C. MCCULLAR, 3 Oct 1892; Annie B. & Charlie B. LAVENDER, orphans of J.L. LAVENDERD. G. FLEMING, 3 Oct 1892; Mary Lou FLEMING, orphan of Sarah E. FLEMING. A. SCHNEIDER, 3 Oct 1892; Edward K., Florence & Benjamin F. MARKERT, orphans of George V. MARKERT. B.N. SIMPSON, 3 Oct 1892; James D. & Willis F. SIMPSON, orphans of W.F. SIMPSON. Lelia E. DAVIS, 17 Oct 1892; Lucia L. & Alva E. DAVIS, orphans of Thomas N. DAVIS. Mrs. Mary A. MATTHEWS----(Nothing else on this entry) J.O. Jelks, 4 Dec 1892; Lamare(?), & Anna JELKS, minor children (no other information given). Mrs. Martha C. NAPIER, 6 Mar 1893; Robert, Marila and Lela NAPIER, orphans of R.F. NAPIER. Y.H. MORGAN, 3 Jul 1893; Lela, Hennie, Ruby, Watts & Y.H. MORGAN, Jr. minors of Y.H. MORGAN. Sam JONES, 14 Aug 1893; Carrie & Ola JONES, orphans of Hartwell JONES. Walton H. WIGGS, 4 Sep 1893; Myrtice H. & Herbert L. WIGGS, orphans of Arthur F. WIGGS A.E. LANIER, 7 Oct 1893; O.P. & J.B. CHURCHWELL, orphans of Oliver P. CHURCHWELL. James NELSON, 7 Oct 1893; Ada NELSON, nee CHURCHWELL, orphan of Oliver P. CHURCHWELL. James F. WILLIAMS, 6 Nov 1893; John Cornelius & Nancy Lucretia WILLIAMS, minors of James F. WILLIAMS. John A. REYNOLDS, 1 Jan 1894; Mrs. Harriett REYNOLDS, nee MCKINNEY, orphan of D.G. MCKINNEY and Miss Permelia McKINNIE, orphan of same. Miss Minnie L. POWELL, 30 Jan 1894; Martha E., Edward F. & Leona POWELL, orphans of William E. POWELL. James E. LANDFAIR, 5 Feb 1894; Emma L. LANDFAIR, orphan of Allen LANDFAIR NOTE: failed to give bond & letters void). E.J. MALLORY, 4 Mar 1894; Mattie L., Nat. and Mary Jelks LEWIS, orphans of Robert G. LEWIS. W.L. GRICE, 2 Apr 1894; Madge W., Lizzie L. & Lothrop MOREHEAD, orphans of Eugene MOREHEAD and residents of Cabarrus Co., NC. Guardianship is of their property in Pulaski Co. GA J.T. FLOYD, 2 Jul 1894; William M., Sallie B., Walter K., Mary N., Frederick M., Adeline J., & Hollis J. MCKINNEY, orphans of M.M. & Adeline MCKINNEY. N.M. MILLER, 6 Aug 1894; Susie POPE, orpahn of John POPE. B.G. GILES, 6 Nov 1894; Helen B. & Wellington STRICKLAND, orphans of Welington STRICKLAND. A.W. JONES, 7 Jan 1895; Johnnie JONES, minor of the said A.W. JONES. Mrs. Ida c. WHITEHURST, 7 Jan 1895; Pauline & Lucille WHITEHURST, irphans of John L. WHITEHURST. Thomas L. STEVENS,4 Mar 1895; Thomas L. & Nettie O. STEVENS, minors of Thomas L. STEPHENS. J.J. RAGAN, 23 Mar 1895; Annie E., John H. & Charles B. RAGAN, minors of J.J. RAGAN. J.N. HARDEN, 3 Jun 1895; Ora G. HARDEN, nee ANDERSON, orphan of Robert S. ANDERSON. Mrs. Carrie M. JORDAN, 12 Jun 1895; Lee M. & Julia R. JORDAN, orphans of B.L.JORDAN. Mrs. Ada T. STUBBS, 2 Sep 1895; Julia, Frank, Lucy and James STUBS, orphans of G.P. STUBBS. Mrs. Minnie W. WILLIAMS, 26 Nov 1895; Rebecca S., James C., & John T. MCCORMICK, orphans of J.T. MCCORMICK. W.W. PERRY, 2 Dec 1895; Queen, William J. & G.B. PERRY, minors of W.W. PERRY. Mrs. Allie SANDERS, 1 Jun 1896; R. Zella, Ruth E., Pearl P., Ivy D., Ida D, Ava A. & John T. SANDERS, orphans of Jessie C. SANDERS. Mrs. Lula Bell FITZGERALD, 6 Jul 1896; Charlie Bland & Mary Bell FITZGERALD, orphans of Charlie FITZGERALD. Mrs. Siddie COLLINS, 2 Sep 1896; Mildred COLLINS, orphan of I.F. COLLINS. Mrs. Clora J. NOBLES, 7 Sep 1896; Millie H.A. & John W. NOBLES, orphans of Joseph M. NOBLES. John D. DAVIS, 7 Sep 1896; Mrs. Edith C.J. DAVIS, orphan of Joseph M. DAVIS. R.H. VAUGHN, 23 Sep 1896; Jane Clifford FITZGERALD, orphan of Cicero & Martha FITZGERALD. B.F. CONEY, 5 Oct 1896; Miss Mary Bell MOSS (?), orphan of Henry B. MOSS(?). E.H. SMITH, 2 Nov 1896; Margaret SMITH, nee ALLEN, & Rufus ALLEN, orphans of Gillian ALLEN. J.C. CLARK, 2 Nov 1896; Ellie S. DYKES, orphan of Joseph B. DYKES. E.T. MULLIS, 2 Nov 1896; Julia MULLIS, minor of said E.T. MULLIS. Mrs. Frances M. BLOODWORTH(no date)Nancy J. & B.F. BLOODWORTH, orphans of John H. BLOODWORTH. Mrs. Camilla A. FALE, 7 Dec 1896; R.J. FALE, orphan of John FALE. J.E. VAUGHN, 7 Dec 1896; Stella VAUGHN, minor of the said J.E. VAUGHN. Mrs. A. B. PIPKIN, 7 Dec 1896; William Wiley & Henry Isaac PIPKIN, orphans of Thomas PIPKIN. John W. LANCASTER, 7 Dec 1896; Mrs. Ethel NASWORTHY & Miss Emma DIXON, orphans of Jerry DIXON. John MILLER, 7 Jan 1897; W.J. MILLER, an adjudged lunatic. Joel J. ANDERSON, 1 Feb 1897; Sallie Lou, Fannie Levi & Joe John ANDERSON, minors of the said Joel J. ANDERSON.

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