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The following information was provided by Muriel[email protected] Sherlock


BOAL See Stewart BRADY In memory of James Oliver Brady died 7th December 1942 aged 5 months Great grandson of the late Robert Higgerty BRESLIN In Loving Memory of the Breslin family, Knockbrack William died 4th June 1970 aged 82 years Charles died 30th November 1976 aged 85 years BRESLIN In Loving memory of William Breslin Drumnahoagh Died 30th May 1949 R. I. P BROWN See Semple CALLAN I.H.S In Loving Memory of George Callan died 27 Feb 1904 His daughter Betty Callan who died 28th Feb 1908 His wife Julia Callan who died 1929 His son George Callan who died November 1931 Sacred heart of Jesus Have mercy on their souls Three lines illegible R. I. P CAMPBELL In loving memory of Thomas Campbell died 18th March 1950 aged 82 years Rebecca Campbell died 4th August 1950 aged 75 years R. I. P CASSIDY See Langan CHAMBERS Sacred to the memory of the Rev. John Chambers who died 11th March 1835 in the 81st year of his age He was ordained for the Perpetual Curacy of the Parish of Leck Which he had hold till his death a period of 58 years also of Anne his wife who died 3rd August 1833 In the 78th year of her life CHAMBERS Here lieth the body of Colonel William Chambers who departed this life the 13th day of June 1842 in his 79th year of his age That breath is thine eternal God Tis thine to fix my souls abode It holds its life from thee alone On earth or in the world unknown. COLHOUN In Loving memory of John Colhoun died 26th Sept 1913 also his father William Colhoun died 25th May 1913 His mother Jean Colhoun died 1st April 1914 also his sister Tillie died 17th March 1910 COLLINS In Loving Memory of Margaret Collins died 19th November 1971 aged 73 years Her husband Charles died 11th Sept 1989 aged 97 years Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on their souls "Until we meet again " CRERAND In Loving memory of the Crerand family Lower Main Street Letterkenny Merciful Jesus grant them eternal rest Sculptor: T McCaul CURRAN In loving memory of John Curran Bonagee who died on the 15th May 1966 aged 16 years R. I. P DIVER In Loving memory of Sarah Diver ,Rosemount died 24th April 1937 Edward Diver died 24th August 1959 aged 92 years R. I. P DOHERTY In loving Memory of Billy Doherty Letterkenny who died 1st March aged 50 years Erected by his many friends around Letterkenny Sculptor : J. Daly DOHERTY In Memory of Bernard Doherty died 15th July 1893 also his brother John died 21st April 1899 And his sister Hannah died 6th February 1904 Ellen died 18th July 1906 DOHERTY In loving memory of Charles J Doherty died 4th Jan 1945 His son Denis died 1945 His mother Fanny died 6th Feb 1943 His father Michael died 1935 His sister Katy died 1st Nov 1926 His brother John died 8th Jan 1956 His brother Joseph died 29th May 1976 also his niece Kate O'Donnell died 20th Feb 1948 DOHERTY See Langan DOHERTY In Loving memory of Daniel Doherty Ard O Donnell died 27th Oct 1959 Also his wife Margaret died 21st Feb 1969 Their son John Joseph died 3rd October 1950 DUFFY In loving memory of Hannah Duffy Rosemount Died 23rd Feb. 1937 aged 49 years Her husband John Duffy died 6th January 1951 aged 72 years FELLOWS Erected by Jane Fellows In Loving Memory of Archibald Homme died 31st December 1846 Anne Homme died 19th March 1880 John Laird Homme died 14th Dec 1884 Anne Homme died 17th January 1885 Jane Fellows died 31st Jan 1897 GIBBONS In memory of Neil Gibbons who died 27th June 1878 aged 86 years Margaret Gibbons who died 8th March 1884 aged 82 years Edward Gibbons who died 15th April 1853 aged 20 years also Margaret Gibbons who died 23rd Dec 1916 aged 80 years George Gibbons killed in action in France April 1916 aged 20 years Slate found beside grave ML1881 J.P Kildea HARRIS In loving memory of David Harris Ardiganny died May 4th 1910 His wife Sarah Died Sept 1st 1914 also their five children HAUGHEY This erected by a few of The many well wishers of the entombed the Rev D JA Haughey R C Pastor of the Lagon parishes Whose soul quitting its Earthly tabernacle Returned to its creator on the 7th day of April 1797 aged 41 years HAUGHEY In loving memory of Margaret Haughey died 1st Feb 1961 HEGARTY The Hegarty Family Drumany R. I. P HEGARTY In loving Memory of Jane Hegarty , Drumany died 30th November 1967 aged 76 years Her daughter Nellie died 5th May 1930 aged 18 years James Hegarty died 22nd Nov. 1973 aged 33 years HEGARTY In Loving memory of Elizabeth Hegarty died 31st Jan 1953 aged 75 years also her husband John Hegarty died 27th Dec 1963 aged 94 years Michael Hegarty died 23rd May 1979 R. I. P HEGARTY Thy will be done In loving memory of Mary Hegarty, Trimeragh died 12th May 1904 aged 33 years Her husband William died 22nd April 1942 aged 82 years Their son James died in the U.S.A R.I.P Erected by son Manus Hegarty Wales And daughter Mary Harrington Australia HEGARTY Erected In memory of William Hegarty Sallaghagrane who died 16th August 1888 aged 82 years also his sons William who died 9th February 1899 aged 56 years James who died 25th Sept 1909 aged 73 years Grace Hegarty who died 28th September 1916 aged 66 years also Andrew Hegarty who died 3rd October 1920 aged 84 years Requim aeternam dona eis dominc. HERALD In Loving Memory of Maggie Herald died 3rd July 1932 Susan Herald died 6th November 1938 James Herald died 1st November 1938 Hannah Herald died 2nd August 1943 James Herald died 24th Sept 1981 Annie McGarrigle died 21st November 1990 HIGGARTY See Brady HOMME Erected by Jane Fellows In Loving Memory of Archibald Homme died 31st December 1846 Anne Homme died 19th March 1880 John Laird Homme died 14th Dec 1884 Anne Homme died 17th January 1885 Jane Fellows died 31st Jan 1897 KELLY R. I. P KILDEA In Loving memory of John & Margaret Kildea Correnagh KING Sacred to the memory of Bernard King who died 3rd December 1912 also his wife Kathleen King who died 20th Jan 1962 aged 65 years also interred Anne Magennis who died on the 24th July 1965 R. I. P LANGAN Most sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of Charles Langan who died on the 1st May 1910 also his father Patrick Langan who died on the 13th Oct 1885 also his mother Anne Nelly Langan who died on the 8th November 1889 also his brother Patrick Langan who died on the 20th Oct 1883 his sisters Susan Cassidy who died on the 13th Dec 1900 Mary Doherty who died on the 10th Sept 1895 his brother Dr John Langan who died on the 23rd March 1895 his sisterAnne Quigley who died on the 21st December 1895 Erected by his wife and boys LOVE In memory of Samuel Love DrimanaughtWho died on the 13th March 1975 also his wife Elizabeth who died on the 4th March 1878 LUCAS In loving memory of James Lucas Ardicanny died 22nd Dec 1891 aged 86 years also his wife Judith died August 1855 Erected by their daughter Jane Walton MAGENNIS See King MARTIN See Murray MCCANN In Loving memory of My dear husband Fred McCann died 27th Sept 1986 aged 47 years Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on his soul Erected by his loving wife Isobel "Until we meet again" McCOOL Sweet Jesus have mercy on The soul of Andrew McCool died 19th August 1922 aged 90 years Erected by his loving wife Ellen MCDAIDOf your charity Pray for the souls of James McDaid , Pluck who died 5th November 1918 aged 76 years And his wife Mary who died 19th January 1924 aged 82 years R. I. P McDERMOTT In affectionate remembrance of Robert McDermott Magherabuoy died 17th Nov. 1900 aged 30 years also his wife Isabella died 12th Dec 1903 aged 63 years McFADDEN Erected to the memory of Hugh McFadden of Oldtown who died 11th of August 1897 aged 70 years Edward McFadden died 19th June 1905 aged 39 years Charles McFadden died in infancy 27th October 1907 Patrick McFadden died 5th August 1909 aged 39 years Hugh McFadden died 14th November 1917 aged 48 years R. I. P MCGARRIGLE See HERALD MCGEE In loving memory of Michael McGee of Trimragh who died 10th October 1911 aged 75 years also his wife Margaret who died 13th May 1904 And their daughter Hannah who died 16th December 1912 R. I. P MCMONAGLE In Loving Memory of Mary McMonagle died 26th Feb. 1927 Her Husband Bernard died 25th March 1958 R. I. P MOORE In memory of Thomas Moore Who died 19th Sept 1894 Also his wife Mary Moore Who died on the 27th Dec 1893 also their six children Asleep in Jesus MURRAY In loving memory of Sarah Murray died 4th Feb 1954 aged 73 years Her husband Daniel died 25th November 1931 aged 71 years Their son William died 14th Feb 1929 aged 16 years Their daughter Susan Martin died 17th June 1988 aged 74 years Erected by her daughter Susan NEE Thy Will be done In Loving memory of John Nee Cullion Died 14th August 1936 aged 83 years His wife Mary died 4th November 1954 aged 68 years Johnny Nee died 10th January 1981 aged 82 years Rest in peace O'DONNELL See Doherty PARK Martha Park died 12th Dec 1887 aged 74 years also her husband William Park died 15th June 1880 aged 76 years also their son George Park died 29th March 1929 aged 78 years also his son William George died 12th Sept 1901 aged 4 years Jesus said suffer the little children to come unto me Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord Rev X1V 13V Catherine Park died 7th April 1932 PATTERSON In loving memory of our dear sister Ruby Patterson died 30th Jan 1928 aged 32 years Her Husband John died 1st March 1945 aged 83 years QUIGLEY See Langan SCOTT In loving memory of Robert G (Roy) Scott died 29th May 1968 aged 42 years Robert Scott died 20th Feb 1978 aged 89 years SEMPLE In loving memory of John Semple died 10th Feb 1929 aged 65 years also his wife Jane died 10th Dec 1937 aged 68 years R. I. P Also Joseph Brown died 15th August 1897 His wife Mary Anne died 25th March 1895 Their son David died 19th Jan 1893 Their daughter Grace died 13th Dec 1902 also Margaret Semple died 29th May 1954 Also Jean McRea died 15th Feb 1945 Joseph Brown died 23rd Jan 1951 John Semple died 3rd Jan 1960 Alexander Semple died 18th July 1961 Joseph Semple died 27th July 1969 STEWART In memory of Margaret Stewart died 25th Nov 1894 aged 23 years Margery Boal died 22nd Feb 1899 aged 43 years Robert Boal died 21st March 1911 aged 72 years Boy and girl Grandchildren of the above Who died in their infancy in 1907 and 1912 Erected by their family Dawson, Letterkenny In loving memory of Tommy Boal who died 17th October 1956. SWEENEY In Loving memory of William Sweeney Drumdoit died 12th November 1973 aged 63 years His wife Emily died 18th June 1978 aged 67 years SWEENEY In loving memory of The Sweeney Family Dromore Dennis And Grace Their sons James, Hugh, Charles, William, Patrick R. I. P SWEENEY In loving memory of Liam Sweeney 98 Ard O Donnell died 1st August 1972 R. I. P WALTON See Lucas WILKIE In loving memory of Fred Wilkie Drumnahoe died 10th January 1961 also his father Tom Wilkie Drumany died 1924 The Lord is my shepherd WILKIE In remembrance of Louis Wilkie died 4th June 1957 Margaret Wilkie died 13th Jan 1962 Thomas Wilkie died 28th Jan 1969 Susanna Wilkie died July 1913 Patrick Wilkie died 27th January 1984 R. I. P WYLIE In loving memory of Mary Wylie who died 17th May 186 (4) ?aged 6 - ? years also her husband Allan Wylie who died 9th April 1867 aged 80 years also George Camp who died 13th Sept 1988 aged 73 years WYLIE In loving memory of Robert Wylie, Drumany died 29th March 1937 aged 65 years also His wife Isabella died 22nd Feb. 1948 aged 69 years Their son Robert George died 10th June 1976 aged 76 years Peace Perfect Peace Sculptor: McCaul Letterkenny



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