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About Footnotes : A few words about the footnotes in this website are in order. When I first began writing the books that became this website, "Researching Strong(e) and Strang(e) in Britain and Ireland", 2nd Edition (Rootsweb) , and "The Donegal Strong Puzzle" , I was writing for the traditional print format, and intended the documentation to be in the form of footnotes appearing at the end of each chapter. When I subsequently published the various chapters on the internet, the footnotes were presented in that format. However, as time went on, I found that it was easier to present the documentation of particular points immediately in the screen-text. Simply, it was easier to navigate to the documentation if it was immediately at hand, rather than having to go to the end of the webpage to find the documentation relied upon. Consequently, as my webpages have been added to and updated there are two different means of documentation provided: the "on-screen" text variety, and the traditional footnotes. Anyone curious as to the context in which the material was found may consult further with the references in this Bibliography.

This bibliography includes materials reviewed for inclusion in this text prior to 1997 by David B. Strong, Dale G. Strong, and/or William L. Strong. A string of asterisks preceding any work below indicates it has either not yet been reviewed but is included here to draw attention to the need for further review, or a better citation is required. The list of individuals who gave personal information which has been relied upon in the text includes certain persons who were interviewed by others, or who wrote personal letters which have been used as resource material.

It should also be re-emphasized that there have been many additional references and sources cited after 1997 throughout the website which are not presently (2003) included here. Hopefully, a future update will be able to include such cited material. For now, those interested researchers should be especially careful to note for their own use any materials cited in the various webpages which do not carry a footnote reference.


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1851 York Township
Pickering Township, Ontario County, Ontario
Canterbury, Carleton County, New Brunswick

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Oro Township, Simcoe County, Ontario

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Medonte Township, Simcoe County, Ontario
Scott Township,
Pickering Township, Ontario County, Ontario

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Medonte Township, Simcoe County, Ontario
St. Vincent Township, Grey County, Ontario

1891 Oro Township, Simcoe County, Ontario
Medonte Township, Simcoe County, Ontario
St. Vincent Township, Grey County, Ontario

Irish Records:

Office of the Registrar General
Joyce House
8-11 Lombard Street East
Dublin 2

See in this website THE SCOTS-IRISH DATA BASE:
....IRELAND Irish Strongs by County Index
....IRELAND Irish Strong Births, Marriages, Deaths Index
....IRELAND Irish Index to Registry of Deeds...
............. Deeds & Marriage Settlements
....IRELAND Irish Index to Registry of Deeds...
............. Wills & Probate Instruments
See in a related website by Thomas W. Strong, Jr.: A collection of copies of
Birth, Marriage, and Death records
for the Irish registry districts of
Donegal, Ballyshannon, Glenties, and Irvinestown/Lowtherstown


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Dale G. Strong (deceased 2001), Cassatt, South Carolina
Dan Jerrol Strong, Williamsburg, Ontario
David B.Strong, Burlington, Washington
Earle Strong (deceased 1987), Toronto, Ontario
Florence E. Strong (deceased 1987), Burlington, Washington
Gary Alden Strong, Ontario
Grace and Hugh Strong, Drake, Saskatchewan
Harry Strong, Holtville, California
James Strong (deceased 1964), Vancouver, British Columbia
James Edward Strong, Goderich, Ontario LTCOL Jarvis A. Strong, former President, Strong Family Association of America, McLean, Virginia
Jeannette Strong, Lethbridge, Alberta
J.Ivor Strong, Calgary, Alberta
J.R. Strong, El Cajon, California
J. Robert Strong, Ontario
Mabel Strong, Ontario
Martha Strong, Michigan
Milton A.R. Strong, Hamilton, Ontario
Oswald J. Strong (deceased 1987), Chase, British Columbia
Robert Strong, Ontario
Robert A. Strong, Boxborough, Massachusetts
Ron Strong, Ontario
Rupert Strong (deceased 1990), Seabeck, Washington
Russell Strong, Ontario
Wendy Strong, Dunnville, Ontario
Willard J. Strong, California
William J. Strong,
William George Strong (deceased 1990), Ottawa, Ontario
Joan Stronge, Kilbride, Ireland
William T. Stronge, Drumbarron, Co.Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
Gloria J. Verge, Walla Walla, Washington
Elaine Watt (deceased c.1998), Ontario
Joan Ward, Ireland
Grace Williams, Strongsville, Ohio
Lori and Stephen Wood, Whitby, Ontario
John F. Wright,
Thelma Wright, Blackstock, Ontario
Brenda Young, Saint Catharines, Ontario.

It should be noted as well... there are many, many more individuals who have contributed to this website since the foregoing list was compiled. Hopefully, in a future update more of these persons can be acknowledged as well. For now, THANK YOU to all!

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