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(N: Jan, 1999)

(R: Wednesday, December 31, 2003)

Preliminary and Cautionary Notes:

The Cumbria Database has been constructed with the use of genealogical programs. Presently, the database is contained in a program entitled "The Master Genealogist". Using that program, a descendency chart has been produced in HTML format, which appears in the : Strong of Carlisle Diocese, Cumberlandshire, HTML SPECULATIVE Descendency Chart. Researchers will please note all of the Preliminary and Cautionary Notes set out at the beginning of the Chart.

The following is a List of the Parishes of the Diocese of Carlisle, which happens to be nearly co-extensive with the English County of Cumberland. This presentation is from a List published in the 1987 Cumbria Family History Society's Directory of Members' Interests, and is presented here to assist the researcher in finding the various parishes mentioned in the Chart:

CONCENTRATIONS OF STRONGS indicated by asterisks **** and "bolding"
DIOCESE OF CARLLSLE - List of Parishes (extra parochial and modern excluded)
(keyed to MAP OF DIOCESE OF CARLISE, below, by numbers to the right of the named parish)
NOTE: The parishes bolded and asterisked are largely bunched together within the Diocese, geographically.

Addingham 1 Dacre **** 52 Long Marton 100
Aikton **** 2 Dalston **** 53 Lowther 101
Ainstable 3 Dalton 54
Aldingham 4 Dean 55 Melmerby 102
Allhallows 5 Dearham 56 Millom 103
Appleby St. Michaels 6 Distington 57 Moresby 104
Appleby St. Lawrences 7 Drigg 58 Morland 105
Arlecdon 8 Dufton 59 Muncaster 106
Arthuret **** 9
Asby 10 Edenhall 60 Nether Denton 107
Askham 11 Egremont 61 Newbiggin 108
Aspatria 12 Newton Reigny 109
Farlam 62
Bampton 13 Flimby 63 Ormside 110
Barton 14 Orton 111
Bassenthwaite 15 Gilcrux 64 Ousby 112
Beaumont 16 Gosforth 65
Beckermet St. Brigets 17 Grassmere 66 Pennington 113
Beckermet St. Johns 18 Great Musgrave 67 Penrith **** 114
Beetham 19 Great Orton 68 Plumbland **** 115
Bewcastle 20 Great Salkeld 69 Ponsonby 116
Bolton **** 21 Greystoke **** 70
Bootle 22 Grinsdale 71 Ravenstonedale 117
Bowness 23 Renwick 118
Brampton 24 Haile 72 Rockcliffe 119
Bridekirk 25 Harrington 73
Brigham 26 Hawkeshead 74 St. Bees 120
Bromfield 27 Hayton 75 St, Bridgets
Brougham 28 Hesketh in the Beckermet 17
Brough 29 Forest **** 76 St. Johns
Burgh by Sands**** 30 Heversham 77 Beckermet 18
Burton in Kendal 31 Holm Cultram**** 78 Scaleby 121
Hutton in the Forest ****79 Sebergham **** 122
Caldbeck **** 32 Shap 123
Camerton 33 Ireby **** 80 Skelton **** 124
Carlisle Irthington 81 Stanwix 125
St . Cuthberts **** 34 Irton 82 Stapleton 126
St. Marys **** 35 Isel 83
Cartmel 36 Thursby ***** 127
Castle Carrock 37 Kendal 84 Torpenhow 128
Castle Sowerby **** 38 Kirkandrews on Eden 85
Cleator 39 Kirkandrews on Esk 86 Uldale **** 129
Cliburn 40 Kirkbampton 87 Ulverston 130
Clifton 41 Kirkbride 88 Upper Denton 131
Colton 42 Kirkland 89 Urswick 132
Corney 43 Kirkllington 90
Croglin 44 Kirkby Ireleth 91 Waberthwaite 133
Crosby Garrett 45 Kirkby Lonsdale 92 Walton 134
Crosby on Eden 46 Kirkby Stephen 93 Warcop 135
Crosby Ravensworth 47 Kirkby Thore 94 Warwick 136
Crossecanonby 48 Kirkoswald 95 Westward 137
Crosthwaite 49 Wetheral **** 138
Cumrew 50 Lamplugh 96 Whicham 139
Cumwhitton 51 Lanercost 97 Whitbeck 140
Langwathby 98 Wigton **** 141
Lazonby 99 Windermere 142
Workington 143

Carlisle Diocese Similar maps of Dumphries, Kirkcudbright and Wigton in Scotland as provided by the Dumfries & Galloway Family History Society may be accessed as well.

The Cumbria Database remains in development and is subject to further research and revision. Interested persons should contact David B. Strong. Click for contact information. concerning the contents of the database at this time. Contributions or Corrections are welcome!

DISCLAIMER: No guarantees, either express or implied, are made about the accuracy of the information that appears on these web pages. The Site Manager is not responsible for errors in the data, nor from faulty analysis thereof. All data should be verified from original or primary sources, whenever those sources are available.

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