Strong(e) & Strang(e) Research in Britain and Ireland

Researching Strong(e)s and Strang(e)s in Britain and Ireland; 2nd Edition


Armstrong, Elliott and other Border Reivers Y-DNA Study:
This patrilineal Y-DNA surname study is designed to test the Y-DNA profiles of members of the various Border Reiver families found along the Anglo-Scottish Border, including descendants of "transplants" to Ulster, the United States, Canada, Australia, and around the world. The focus of the study includes families listed on the surname list of the Border Reivers website. If your name is on that list, we are most interested in having you participate in our Y-DNA male surname testing program. Administrator: James V. Elliott.

Jim Elliott has produced a very interesting Elliott (And Border Reivers) DNA Project webpage. You are invited to visit the webpage.

View some early results from DNA testing for members of the Elliott (And Border Reivers) DNA Project.

View an analysis of results from other presently ongoing DNA studies.

Use the form found at the following link on the Family Tree DNA Website to Join the DNA Study.
If you have questions, please Email James V. Elliott.

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