Strong(e) & Strang(e) Research in Britain and Ireland

Researching Strong(e)s and Strang(e)s in Britain and Ireland; 2nd Edition


Welcome to this DNA Gateway! It has been developed to help direct you to the DNA surname study which will be of most interest to you. Please click on the proper link below to go to the area of greatest interest to you:

Strong-Stronge-Strang-Strange-Lestrange Y-DNA Surname study:
This patrilineal Y-DNA surname study is an extension of "one-name" genealogical studies involving the various Strong-Stronge-Strang-Strange-Lestrange surnames and variants. See DNA Results to date. [The Donegal Bay Strong sub-group, which exhibits the DYS393=12 allele, is now also studying certain surnames associated with Counties Donegal & Fermanagh in Ireland, including: Armstrong, Bell, Boyd, Devit, Dudgeon/Dodson, Cascadden/Carscadden/Cuscadden, Cassidy, Crauford/Crawford, Elliott, Farrell, Freeborn, Graham, Griffith, Hamilton, Harron/Heron, Kirkpatrick/Kilpatrick, Lenox, Love, Lamond, McCullough, Mackie/Mackey/McKay/McKee/McGee/Magee, Murray/Morrow, Mano/Manoe/Maynoe, Patterson, Porteus, Quinn/Ginn, Rinn/Rynd, Spence, Vance, Walker, Watson, White, and more. Many of these surnames appear to have roots along the Anglo-Scottish Border, and may be related to the various "Border Reiver" Families under study in the Elliott Surname Study discussed immediately below.] Administrator: David B. Strong.

Armstrong, Elliott and other Border Reiver surnames Y-DNA Study:
This patrilineal Y-DNA surname study is designed to test the Y-DNA profiles of members of the various Border Reiver families found along the Anglo-Scottish Border, including descendants of "transplants" to Ulster, the United States, Canada, Australia, and around the world. The focus of the study includes families listed on the surname list of the Border Reivers website . [Note, many of the same "Border Reiver" surnames appear both in the Donegal Bay area and in the Anglo-Scottish Border Region]. If your name is on these lists, we are most interested in having you participate in our Y-DNA male surname testing program. Administrator: James V. Elliott.

Border Reivers "DYS393=12" Y-DNA Study:
This study is devoted to examination of the Y-DNA Results already obtained for various "Border Reiver" surnames, looking for "Deep Root" ethnic origins shared by certain lineages originating along the Anglo-Scottish Border. Y-DNA results which match in whole or partly the following DYS markers and alleles are of particular interest: DYS393=12 & DYS461=10. If you have already been Y-DNA tested and have DYS393=12 or DYS461=10, please contact Dave Strong and/or Jim Elliott with details. If you have not yet been Y-DNA tested you are invited to click on this link to the Elliott & Border Reiver Families DNA Study to participate. Co-Administrators: David B. Strong and James V. Elliott.

Border Reiver Y-DNA Haplotypes By Surname: We have gathered Y-DNA Haplotype data from the Elliott (And Border Reivers) DNA Project at Family Tree DNA (which has just begun), from private contributions, and from public haplotype databases such as YSearch and Ybase. Review analyses of this data, by James V. Elliott.

Matrilineal Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Study:
This study examines the "extremely deep roots" of women and men, as traced through their mothers, matrilineally through many generations, potentially over thousands of years, based on the concepts developed by Professor Brian Sykes, author of "The Seven Daughters of Eve". Administrator: Debby Peare.

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