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This DNA Note sets out certain research conducted by Arthur Owen and others, related to the ancestry of Jesse Strang, now believed to be a matrilineal descendant of French Hugenots Daniel Streing and his wife, Charlotte Le Maistre, through a great-granddaughter, Mary Strang. See the pedigree charts for kits #6611, 121477, 176758, & 226260 , and see also in Y_Search, Kit # TND6J . DNA Results may be reviewed at . It will be observed that there is a Y-DNA Match between the participants listed in Y_Search Kit # TND6J and FTDNA Kit #176758 and Kit #226260.

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From: Arthur Owen

To: dbstrong

Cc: four addressees

Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2012 8:57 AM

Subject: Strang Kit 226260


Hello David,

We have previously communicated concerning the Y-DNA kits connected to the Strang [family] of Westchester Co, NY.

I am one of the co-sponsors for the Y-DNA testing (kit 226260) of a patrilineal descendant of Jesse Strang, b. ca 1763 Westchester Co, NY who came to Prince Edward Island, Canada as a Loyalist in 1784.  Family stories were that Jesse was the son of [a certain] Daniel Strang who was hung as a [Loyalist] spy during the American Revolution.  The results of the above test [kit#226260] and those for another descendant of Jesse Strang (kit 176758) clearly
show that Jesse did not get his Y-DNA from the Strang family of Westchester, NY (kits 6611, 194281 and 121477).

I have copied the other co-sponsors as well as the contact person for the other Jesse Strang descendant's kit on this e-mail.

Exact and close matches of the Jesse Strang results with numerous Tompkins Y-DNA kits strongly indicated that Jesse's father was a Tompkins.

I have submitted the most recent kit to the Strang DNA project for completeness and in case other descendants of Jesse Strang should go looking there for answers. I am not sure how you represent [Non Parental Events] NPE's in the data, but suggest you do so for these kits.



Arthur Owen, Ottawa, ON

Researching the Bostrom, Oulton, Owen, Strang and Welsh families

Visit my Genealogical Website at



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From: Arthur Owen

To: David B. Strong

Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2012 9:18 PM

Subject: Re: Strang Kit 226260


Hi David,

In 2010 I was working with C. (Strang) H. trying to prove her connection to Jesse Strang. In the end I suggested a Y-DNA test which her father subsequently took (kit 176758). . when I did see the results in fall 2011 I told them it looked like an NPE on their line. However, since there are no contemporary sources 'proving' Jesse's father or mother, I also thought that the NPE might be with Jesse. 

I then solicited some other Strang researchers to help fund a test . and recruited a viable test subject, [Kit #226260]. The common ancestor for the two test subjects is Jesse [Strang] as shown at  We aren't 100% sure that [Kit #176758s] ancestor William is the son of William Wright Strang, but it is the only possible line.  Since their two kits have a 37-marker match, the results are also those of Jesse.

Now it is possible that the NPE occurred with Daniel Strang the British recruiter who was always thought to be Jesse's father, but given the lack of sources for Jesse's parents it more likely occurred with him. You have another kit [#121477] that traces back to Daniel Strang's brother Solomon so the only choices are Daniel or Jesse.

All is not lost since we now believe that Mary Strang, the sister of Daniel Strang the recruiter, is likely Jesse's mother.  The other co-sponsors and myself have written up our 'finding' and it is available at  

Since we strongly believe that the NPE occurred with Jesse who was b. ca 1763 in Westchester Co, NY, that is where we will be looking for a potential Tompkins father.

I know there was at least one Tompkins family from Westchester or area who went to New Brunswick as a Loyalist and I suspect, but don't know yet, that the one in Prince Edward Co, Ontario [Y_Search #TNC6J] was also of Loyalist descent.

I have not yet added [Kit#226260] to Y-search but will be doing so.

I will still be interested in the Strang ancestry because of Mary Strang, I just won't be able to prove the connection with DNA.  The way I look at it we went from knowing a probable father (Daniel Strang) of Jesse with no ideal of his mother to having a probable mother (Mary Strang) and a likely surname of his father (Tompkins). So I think we did advance our knowledge somewhat.



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