Strong(e)/Strang(e) Research in Britain and Ireland

Researching Strong(e)s and Strang(e)s in Britain and Ireland
2nd Edition (Rootsweb Freepages)

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Welcome to this web site, which is a participant in the Strong Genealogy Network and the Rootsweb Email STRONG-List. The emphasis here is on research of Strongs from Ireland, generally pre-1850, with attempts to trace their origins in Brittany, France, England and Scotland, and to follow them as they emigrated on to North America, Australia, and the rest of the world. What follows here is in the nature of a "FORWARD" to the rest of the site.

You will find reproduced here a part of a "book" describing my research findings, and part of a data base concerning records of Strongs found by me and others. The discussion in my book is entitled "RESEARCHING STRONG(E)S & STRANG(E)S IN BRITAIN AND IRELAND". This is a second edition, in the process of being updated and republished on the Rootsweb Freepages. I hope it will be helpful in understanding the data contained in the newly revised and updated IRISH STRONG DATABASE, or the other files appended to this site.

Perhaps you are wondering, "What's this about a book... this is a website, not a book?" Well, yes, it is a website, but there are some reasons why I call it my "book". First, I started to write it as a book. Second, I find it easy to organize the material in book format. The Table of Contents should take you where-ever you want to go in using this website as a reference or resource tool. Third, I am primarily interested in getting the information "out there". Fancy art work and loads of screen images and devices just slow down the loading of the various pages. So, you will find very little art work here. Where there is a use for gif or jpg images such as maps or photos, often I will provide a link to them so you can specifically load and view them if you wish... but, you make that decision for yourself. Mostly you will find a straight-forward textual approach to sharing the information. I try to present the information in an academic, documented manner without being too dry. To the best of my ability, I try to present both sides of an analysis where required, and to remain unbiased. I encourage questions and debate, on the theory that such activity can only help produce better, more accurate facts and information . I hope you will like and appreciate my website and "book".

The study of family history and genealogy in Ireland is made infinitely more difficult than usual by the fact that much of the vital statistics records of Ireland for the 300 years preceeding 1922 were destroyed in what is known as the "Four Courts Fire". Research depends upon snatches of material which survived the fire and tidbits of information gleaned from various other sources.

Other contributors to this site and I have done a lot of research concerning the surname Strong, with all of it's variants. My personal research has been concentrated primarily in Ireland, but has necessarily also reached into England and Scotland... My research has all been done from North America, utilizing available records and research materials. As with most genealogical pursuits, it is an ongoing task, subject to constant revision. I hope you will find this site a helpful tool in aiding your own research, and will share with us any insights or additional information you may have on the subject matter.

Much of what appears here was first written in the period 1983-1991, but never published. For various reasons, not least of which was a doubt that the material could be cost effectively published, the project was put aside for several years. At the end of 1996, the author, David B. Strong, subscribed to the Strong Genealogy List then just recently initiated by the Moderator, Robert T. Strong, of Madison, Alabama. Discussion on the "List" with Bob Strong, Bill Strong, and several other individuals who made valuable contributions to the discussion led to development of the Strong Genealogy Network, posted on the World Wide Web. The world-wide web became a vehicle for publishing the first edition of the book which I had previously set aside. See: Book I: Researching Strongs, in Britain & Ireland (1st Edition, Geocities).

The book/website is incomplete, and perhaps will never be really complete. It is intended
first, as a guide, primarily for researching Strongs in Ireland, but also to tracing their antecedents in Brittany, France, Scotland and England as well as their descendants in the rest of the world.
Second, to help other researchers share their findings; hopefully avoiding "re-plowing the same ground"; and
third, as a cooperative effort in publishing our collective results and conclusions.
This second edition is an attempt to keep the book up-to-date and to provide new information as it develops. See: Book I: Researching Strongs, in Britain & Ireland (2nd Edition, Rootsweb). Note, until the 2nd edition is fully revised and posted on the internet, certain of the links will not work; please bear with me until the revision is complete. In the meantime, try accessing the same page in the 1st edition.

The book represents the joint efforts of many people who have contributed their knowledge and efforts to trace their individual family histories and genealogies back into Ireland, Scotland, and England from present day locations around the world, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Without their efforts, much of what has been recorded here would not have been accomplished.

Some of the contributors who assisted in gathering the information set out in the present text and database include Bill Strong of Dunnville, Ontario; Dale G. Strong of Cassatt, South Carolina; Alec Strong of Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia; the late Rupert Strong, scion of a Scots-Irish family of Strongs who settled in New Brunswick; Ordella McIntyre Park, daughter of a Strong family from County Cavan, who settled in Ontario; Betty Ashley, of California, married into a family descended from a female Strong who emigrated to Canada with her new husband a century and a half ago; Dr. Connell J. Cunningham of County Galway, Ireland; Mr. and Mrs. William T. Stronge of Drumbaron, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland; the late Robert Edgar, Treasurer of Drumhome Parish, County Donegal, Ireland; Martha F.B. Strong; the late Robert T. Strong; the late John R. Mayer; and more recently, Thomas W. Strong (sr. & jr) of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; Michael Strong of Oakville, Ontario; Philip B. Strong, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Gord Stronge of Vancouver, British Columbia, and Philip D. Strong of the Blue Mountains in Australia. There are many more. For a more extensive, but still not all-inclusive listing, see the Bibliography, which may be accessed through the Table of Contents. I thank all who have aided in the research and in the development of this website.

The work of many other researchers has been liberally relied upon, and is cited through-out the text. It is hoped the reader will recognize the tremendous efforts which have gone into the compilation of these sources by the individuals involved. We hope this work will serve to inspire others to seek out and add additional information to the body of data available. We welcome additions or corrections and encourage others to share their information with us or to publish their own work.

You are invited to join the project. Please consider contributing any and all information you may have concerning your Strong ancestors as they lived in the British Isles, and help us to trace our Strong connections from there through Ireland, Australia, America, Canada, and the rest of the world. Email David B. Strong

You may wish to view the Table of Contents, to browse through this book. Our intent is to share our research methods and findings with everyone. You may also wish to visit our Links Page for leads to other sites helpful in performing Irish, Scottish, and/or English research.

If you wish, you may access a partial reproduction of the IRISH STRONG DATABASE: MASTER NAME INDEX file, and explore some of the data we have collected. Please be aware that the IRISH STRONG DATABASE: MASTER NAME INDEX file is rather large, containing about 190 kilobytes, and takes a while to load. If you know the county your ancestor came from, you may more quickly find the data at the IRISH STRONG DATABASE: County Index. Sources for the data included MAY, IN THE FUTURE, be found in the Sources file.

The IRISH STRONG DATABASE is "browsable" but NOT searchable at this time. The Master Index is ordered 1) alphabetically by name of the individual, 2) chronologically by date, and 3) then by county (also in alphabetical order). Given the county, you can then go to the Counties Index for a link to the data for that county. In the Counties Index, the data is ordered by date and name. The "record number" is given for each record, and should be cited when making any inquiries to the webmaster and author. Remember, to some extent there is often additional data held "off-line" in the database, which can be easily accessed, knowing the record number.

Note that most of the records contained in the IRISH STRONG DATABASE concern Ireland.... However, there are a few data records, notably concerning passenger records, which have been included because they MAY involve persons who emigrated from Ireland to the colonies. Part of the concept of the database is to attempt to collate information from different sources, including books, libraries, archieves, public record facilities, and private family histories in an attempt to identify known individuals with the various records and to make it possible to trace the lineages involved.

The data fields reproduced in the IRISH STRONG DATABASE file are a condensation to just 7 fields of a larger, more complete IRISH STRONG DATABASE maintained by the author which has some 27 separate fields. To view an image of a typical or representative record from the complete IRISH STRONG DATABASE: IRISH STRONG DATABASE: Record Image.
For additional information concerning one of the records contained in the data base attached please send a message SPECIFYING THE PARTICULAR DATABASE AND RECORD NUMBER IN WHICH YOU ARE INTERESTED to David B. Strong. If the record in which you are interested contains additional data in any of the fields, we will forward that information to you.

If you wish to submit information about an individual not presently included in the IRISH STRONG DATABASE, please fill in as many fields as you can in the attached submittal form and forward it to David B. Strong. Go To Data Base Submission Form. Please note, the information will be cumulated for inclusion in a future update to the IRISH STRONG DATABASE. You agree as part of your submission to 1) provide your name and address as source of the data, 2) complete references to where you found the information, as well as 3) publication of the data submitted. Note, your snail address information will be maintained in our files; only your email address will be made public. We do not desire to publish information concerning living persons which is not otherwise readily available from public sources.

Please take a look at the Lineages Directory. Perhaps you will find some other researchers working on potential relatives, or a lineage which may offer some linkage to your line! And, if you are interested in a Strong lineage from Counties Donegal or Fermanagh in Ireland, please visit my second book, Book II: TheDonegal Strong Puzzle.

Please visit here again soon!

NOTICE: The contents of this WEB SITE are subject to Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001 by David B. Strong. All rights are reserved, including the right to reproduce the contents or portions thereof, in any form. Permission is hereby granted to copy for personal use only limited parts of the written material and of the attached data files contained herein as text material, provided, that any published reuse of this material must properly acknowledge and cite the copyright of David B. Strong as the author or compiler of the information. This material may not be copied except for personal use; and it may not be duplicated and sold, either separately, or as part of a compilation, either in print, on digitalized media such as Compact Disks, or electronically, without the express written consent of the author. Distribution of documents (as opposed to abstracted and reformatted data) downloaded from or copied from this site, whether in part or in whole, whether in print or via electronic media, is strictly forbidden, regardless of whether a fee is charged. This copyright applies to all parts of this site as published on the Internet.

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