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(Results collected from project testing at FTDNA and various mt-DNA Result sources cited below:)        
Projects included: mtdna count:     See: "Understanding Your Results: mtDNA Haplogroups"    
  Border Reivers 63       The Mitochondrial DNA Concordance:    
  Donegal Bay 36       The structure of human  descendancy:    
  Strong 11       mtDNA The Family of Woman    
  Gardner 1       Kerchner's Mitochondria DNA (mtDNA) Test Results Log Book  
  Canary Islands 1       FTDNA's Worldwide mtDNA public database: Mitosearch  
  Armstrong 10     Link to: DNA Tribes  
  MitoSearch 4      
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Note 1: ALL participants having mtDNA results are urged to upload those results to Mitosearch, using the utility found in the "blue-bordered box" on their mtDNA Matches page!
Note 2: Please notify the Group Administrator when you upload your results to Mitosearch. Please also notify the Group Administrator of any connections through your ancestral female lineages to the lineages under study. Contributions of lineage information similar to that found in the linked lineage charts found below is also VERY helpful.
Note 3: This page represents an analysis of the DNA Results data available from Participants in the Strong DNA Project, the Donegal Bay Geographical DNA Project, Armstrong
DNA Project, the Border Reivers DNA Project, and other sources. It is provided for the assistance of interested researchers. Certain aspects of the data presentation differ from
that offered by FTDNA. However, this page represents only the opinion of the author, and is always subject to revision in light of additional data or information from
whatever sources may become available.
Note 4: The haplotypes shown here have been contributed by participants in various Surname studies who are interested in tracing their ancestry.
They have been included here to assist in coordinating further research. Responsibility for such research lies with the individuals participating
in or contributing to this DNA Project.
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FTDNA Border Reivers 28526 Irwin Male     R* 182C,183C,189C,213A,217C,519C 73G,188G,263G,309.1C,315.1C,499A MYBA2  
              F=Asian trunk off R in Croatia        
FTDNA Armstrong 39841 Armstrong Male Brown [ ]   L1b 16126C,16187T,16189C,16223T,16264T, 162707,16278T,16293G,16311C,16519C 73G,152C,182T,185T,189G,195C,204C, 247A,263G,315.1C,357G,522-,523- A6ZHK  
NGP/FTDNA DB N6918 Thompson Male Wise [1795-18??]   L2 189C,192T,223T,278T,294T,362C,390A 73G,143A,146C,152C,195C,263G,315.1C 93UC5  
  Border Reivers A1889 Graham Male     L3b 124C,223T,278T,362C,519C 73G,263G,315.1C,522-,523-  See Mitosearch  
  Border Reivers 30070 Whitfield Male     L3f 129A,209C,223T,292T,295T,311C,519C      
  DB 66077 Drake Female     L3f 209C,223T,292T,295T,311C,519C 73G,189G,200G,207A,263G,315.1C     
              M1, a subgroup of L3 & M        
  Strong 117374 Mehaffie Female Cutts or Boots [c.1800-1850?] Indiana, USA ? M1 129A,182C,183C,189C,249C,311C,519C 73G,194T,195C,263G,309.1C,309.2C, 315.1C,489C    Cutts
Genetic Analysis of a Scytho-Siberian Skeleton and Its Implications for Ancient Central Asian Migrations N1a        
              W, a subgroup of N        
FTDNA DB 28054 Patterson Male Lydia [~1847-1915]   W 223T,292T,519C   SWVG6  
  Border Reivers N13959 Grey Male     W 223T,292T,519C      
              Iris, a subgroup of N        
FTDNA DB N22014 Maddox Male White [1910-1991] Ayrshire, Scotland I 129A,223T,391A,519C 73G,152C,199C,204C,207A,250C,263G, 315.1C,455.1T,455.2T,459.1C,460C, 573.1C,573.2C B88NP  
FTDNA Armstrong 63715 Armstrong Male Aurel [1883-1981] New York, USA I 129A,223T,391A,519C   Z8UP5  
  Border Reivers 57713 Scott Male     I 129A,223T,278T,311C,391A,519C      
FTDNA DB 111171 Cassidy Male Abbott [~1830-~1890]   I 086C,129A,223T,319A,391A,519C 73G,152C,199C,204C,207A,239C,246C,250C,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A,524.3C,524.4A,573.1C,573.2C  P4WPG  
FTDNA DB 38675 Quinn Male Forey   X 183C,189C,223T,255A,278T,519C 73G,195C,225A,263G,315.1C V6UED  
FTDNA Border Reivers 62846 Scott Male Edds [c.1830 - c.1860]   X 182C,183C,189C,223T,255A,278T,519C   9YBGY  
FTDNA Border Reivers 19272 McCormick Male     U1a 182C,183C,189C,249C   DN4CH  
FTDNA DB 45264 Graham Male     U4 179T,356C,519C 73G,195C,263G,315.1C,499A  A7TEZ  
      Cheddar Man Male See Discussion   U5       U5 Project
  Armstrong 76247 Cutchen Female     U5 114T,224C,270T 73G,150T,263G,279C,315.1C,517T ?  
  Armstrong 114676 Armstrong Male     U5 189C,192T,270T      
FTDNA Strong 6611   Male     U5 16256T, 16270T, 16399G 73G, 263G, 309.1C, 315.1C   U5 Project
  Border Reivers 66036 Veitch Male     U5a 093C,192T,249C,270T   ?  
NGP/FTDNA DB N2721 O'Donnell Female Clifford [~1825 - ? ] England U5a1 192T,256T,270T,526A 73G,263G,315.1C ?  
  Border Reivers 29234 Elliott Male     U5a1 129A,192T,256T,270T,526A 73G,263G,315.1C,522-,523- ?  
FTDNA Strong 214260   Male Tammelin; b.1751-d.1788 Finland U5a1 16256T, 16270T 73G, 263G, 309.1C, 315.1C   U5 Project
FTDNA Armstrong 56391 Spangler Female Armstrong [1840-1910] ?? U5a1 114A,192T,256T,270T,294T,311C,526A 73G,263G,309.1C,315.1C EHTJ4  
FTDNA Border Reivers 105665 Davison Male     U5a1a 093C,192T,256T,270T,291T,399G 073G,198T,263G,315.1C  QVVRA  
FTDNA Border Reivers 30307 Davis Male     U5a1a 256T,270T,291T,399G,519C 73G,263G,272G,315.1C MDTPE  
FTDNA Strong 99640 Strong Male     U5a1a 189C,256T,270T,291T,399G   QQGNH  
FTDNA Border Reivers 34203 Shortridge Male     U5a1a 192T,256T,270T,287T,291T,362C,399G 73G,263G,315.1C VW93U  
FTDNA Border Reivers 44278 Barraford Male Barrow [1824-?] Lancs, England U5a1a 111T,129A,192T,256T,270T,291T,399G 0 Z3V2R  
  Armstrong 44188 Moloney Female McFarlen [1851-1919]   U5a1a 207G,256T,270T,399G 73G,199C,263G,309.1C,315.1C ?  
  Border Reivers 88435 Elliott Male     U5b 174T,189C,270T,311C 73G,146C,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,516T ?  
Maca-Meyer     U6 Study   See the "Phoenician Hypothesis" U6,U6a,U6b,U6c     M-M Table 2  
FTDNA DB 6582 Walcott Male Peletteri [1889-1973] Sicily, Italy U6b 172C,219G,261T,311C   9SQQW. U6 Project
FTDNA MitoSearch   Simon Female Rich [1838-1878] TN, USA U6b 172C,219G,261T,311C 73G,263G,309.1C,315.1C XA5D6 U6 Project
FTDNA MitoSearch   Hammel Female Davies [~1795-1864] Wales U6b 172C,219G,261T,311C 73G,263G,309.1C,315.1C Q7MDZ U6 Project
FTDNA Strong 24245 Clayton Male Davies [~1795-1864] Wales U6b 172C,219G,261T,311C 73G,263G,309.1C,315.1C KVYEK U6 Project
FTDNA Canary Islands 29315 Chao Male Nunez-Garcia [~1887-1966] Canary Is, Spain U6b1 163G, 172C, 219G, 311C, 519C 73G,263G,309.1C,315.1C BCCK3 See:
FTDNA MitoSearch   de Leon Male Barranco [ ? -? ] Cuba U6b1 163G, 172C, 219G, 311C, 519C   89VFY  
              Katrine, a subgroup of U        
      The Ice Man Male See Discussion   K 224C, 311C      
FTDNA DB 18396 Walker Male Youngs [~1866 - ?] NY, USA K 224C,245T,311C,519C 73G,146C,263G,315.1C,497T,560T FCF45  
FTDNA Gardner 6743 Masten Female MacAteer [1819-1900] Northern Ireland K 224C,261T,311C,519C   5V2SM See:
  Strong 5858 Strong Male   England K 224C,519C      
  DB 49486 McAvity Male Simms [c1833 - ? ] Bahamas K1a1b1 224C,311C,519C 73G,114T,189G,195C,263G,315.1C,497T     
  Border Reivers 32582 Wetherington Male     K 224C,311C,519C 73G,146C,152C,263G,315.1C,498-     
  Armstrong 105641 Armstrong Male     K2a 224C,311C,519C 73G,146C,152C,263G,315.1C     
  Armstrong 114042 Trynor Male     K 224C,311C,519C 73G,146C,263G,309.1C,315.1C     
  DB N33234 Elliott Female     K 224C,311C,519C      
  Border Reivers 120827 Irvine Male     K 224C,311C,519C      
  Border Reivers N10566 Oliver Male     K 224C,291T,311C,519C      
  Border Reivers 41173 Taylor Male     K 093C,224C,311C,519C 73G,114T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,497T     
FTDNA Border Reivers 26182 Elliott Male Duncan [~1801 - ?] Canada K 093C,224C,311C,519C 73G,151T,195C,198T,263G,309.1C,315.1C, 497T,524.1C,524.2A,524.3C,524.4A PV8VD  
FTDNA Border Reivers 35386 Elliott Male     K 187T,224C,311C,519C 73G,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C, 497T,524.1C,524.2A    
FTDNA Border Reivers 38861 Elliott Male     K 086C,224C,311C,519C      
  Border Reivers 44601 Ogles Male     K 129A,224C,311C,319A,463G,519C 73G,152C,199C,263G,315.1C    
FTDNA DB 82991 McCullough Male Moore [~1876-1921] England K 051G,222T,224C,270T,311C,519C 73G,146C,152C,263G,315.1C  4D3YE  
  Border Reivers 75602 Elliott Male     K1a 048A,224C,291T,311C,519C 73G,195C,263G,315.1C,497T,524.1C, 524.2A,524.3C,524.4A         
            See Discussion:      
            See description of CRS [Revised]: 263A, 311C-315C, 750A, 1438A, 4769A, 8860A, and 15326A, plus    
                3107del*, 3423T, 4985A, 9559C, 11335C, 13702C, 14199T, 14272C, 14365C, 14368C, 14766C
FTDNA Strong 10448 Reagan Female Witham [1898-1921] NH, USA H2b CRS 315.1C ?  
FTDNA Armstrong 49664 Hooser Female Carter [1845-18??] KY, USA H CRS 72C,263G,315.1C 3AD76  
FTDNA DB 38614 Huot Female Dawson [1866 - ? ] IL, USA H* CRS   484H2  
FTDNA Border Reivers 25199 Elliott Male     H CRS 309.1C,309.2C,315.1C GH6B7  
  Armstrong 126817 Armstrong Male     H 519C      
  Border Reivers 50100 Christian Male     H 519C      
FTDNA Border Reivers 107731 Elliott Male     H* 519C 93G,263G,315.1C  DNRYW  
  Border Reivers 26076 Elliott Male     H 519C 152C,263G,315.1C     
FTDNA Border Reivers 22732 Elliott Male     H1 519C 152C,263G,315.1C CYCZD  
FTDNA Border Reivers 26076 Walker Female Dees [1823-1894] So.Car.,USA H 519C 152C,263G,315.1C KY3TD  
FTDNA DB 68992 Howard Female Tumoth [1851-1899] Enniskillen, IRE H 519C 152C,263G,315.1C PCF4W  
  Border Reivers 22784 Eckersley Male     H 519C 152C,263G,315.1C    
FTDNA Border Reivers 26076 Walker Female Dees [1823-1894]   H 519C 152C,263G,315.1C KY3TD  
FTDNA DB 97466 Wilson Female Miossec [1860-1942] Brittany, France H 519C 152C,263G,315.1C  WPAZX  
  Border Reivers 115815 White Male     H 519C 152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C     
  Border Reivers 17422 Witherington, Jr.       H 519C 152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C     
FTDNA Border Reivers 25221 Thibault Male     H 519C 146C,195C,263G,315.1C ?  
FTDNA Border Reivers 119288 McCullough Male Sarah ? [c.1804-]   H 519C 263G,315.1C  TYC4V  
FTDNA Border Reivers 48440 Kenny Male Collins [1811-1891]   H 519C 263G,315.1C Y34QR  
FTDNA Strong 52931 Bennett Male     H 519C 263G,315.1C BVMJR  
FTDNA Armstrong 161328 Shearer Female     H 519C 263G,315.1C QNT7J  
  Border Reivers 65048 Erwin Male     H3 519C 73G,263G,315.1C     
FTDNA Border Reivers 24691 Taylor Male Williams [1760-1797]   H 519C 197G,263G,309.1C,309.2C, 315.1C,316A,477C Y7MG4  
FTDNA Border Reivers 86148 Scott, Sr. Male Elliott [1822-1873]   H3 519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C  GA426  
FTDNA DB N27423 Elliott Female Southerland [~1700] Ireland H7 519C 263G,291.1A,315.1C  9HYEE  
FTDNA DB 36502 Thompson Male     H 519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C ?  
FTDNA DB 39772 Brinlee Female Biehl [1827-1890] Germany H* 519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C  MU2CA  
FTDNA Border Reivers 20857 Hall Male     H3 519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C GA5HP  
FTDNA Border Reivers 62206 Irwin Male   Scotland H 519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C  E5S7S  
FTDNA DB 77904 Ross Male Mayne [~1800 - ? ] Ireland H 519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C  D47KQ  
FTDNA Armstrong 73182 Rankin Male     H 519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C  D47KQ  
  Border Reivers 50101 White, Sr. Male     H 263C,519C    
FTDNA Border Reivers 35821 Hall Male ? Germany H 263C,519C 263G,315.1C,477C WGZJQ  
  Border Reivers 114567 Elliott Male     H 311C 263G,315.1C     
NGP/FTDNA DB N2241 Thompson Male     H3 311C,519C   XFFBT  
FTDNA Border Reivers 50476 Elliott Male Chance [~1832-1903] Dudley, England H 311C,519C 152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C 9g5ts  
FTDNA DB 19377 Hamilton Male Price [1823-1864]   H 311C,519C 257G,263G,315.1C,477C TADXF  
  Armstrong 111563 Armstrong Male     H2a2 183C,189C 315.1C     
FTDNA DB 38087 Crawford Male Boyd Ayrshire, SCT H 183C,189C,311C,519C   JVG9P  
FTDNA Border Reivers 5979 Dilks, SR Male Hain [1843- ??]   H5 304C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,456T,522-,523- YNWV9  
FTDNA Strong 5825 Strong Male Sneddon [1845-95]   H6a 286T,362C,482G 239C,263G,309.1C,315.1C G8S38  
FTDNA Border Reivers 46249 Dixon Male     H6a 193T,219G,362C,482G 203A,204C,239C,263G,309.1C,315.1C SUPGQ  
FTDNA DB N4338 Daugherty Male Gilbert [1831-1875]   H6c 362C,482G 239C,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C 88ZYU  
  DB 22915 Wilson Male     H 362C,482G   ?  
FTDNA Border Reivers 29064 Elliott Male     H 362C,482G 239C,263G,315.1C F2UJ3  
FTDNA Border Reivers 52593 Logan Male Nelson [1866 - ?] Sweden H6a 362C,482G 239C,263G,309.1C,315.1C  QTYTB  
FTDNA Border Reivers N27191 Hanson Female Smith [1620?- ??]   H 362C,519C   62M99  
Leicester Univ Strong   Strange Male     H     ?  
  Border Reivers N20253 Muhn Female     H 293G,319A,519C      
FTDNA Border Reivers N17887 Hall Male Revercomb [1783- ?] USA H11 293G,311C 195C,228A,263G,309.1C, 309.2C,315.1C  4TBHP  
FTDNA Border Reivers 29102 Penick Male     H 051G,162G,465T,519C   UG6RP  
FTDNA Border Reivers N20763 Johnston Male Simard [1930-?]   H 051G,162G,519C   ZFG6T  
FTDNA Border Reivers 11670 Pryor Male     H 288C,362C   JCGSM  
FTDNA Strong 16778 Strong Female DeVaux   H7 261T,294T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C AXCFP  
FTDNA Border Reivers 18960 Irving Male     H1b 189C,356C,362C,519C 263G,315.1C,523-,524- PSU2X  
FTDNA DB 61721 Plunkett Male Shermbach [c1842-c1865]   H 189C,356C,362C,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C,522-,523-  NVB6U  
FTDNA Border Reivers N4873 Simpson Male     H 129A,189C,519C 263G,315.1C AKAUY  
FTDNA DB 42433 Latham  Female Campbell [17__-1804] Ulster H 129A,316G,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C JW7QN  
FTDNA Strong 27426 Waller Female Webb   H 129A,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C 9TGU9  
  Border Reivers 42900 Trimble Male     H 129A,519C 309.1C,309.2C,315.1C     
  DB 75928 Gallagher Male     H 129A,304C      
  Border Reivers 5962 Johnson Male     H2b 129A      
  Border Reivers 58683 Johnston Male     H 129A,189C,355T,356C,362C,519C      
FTDNA Armstrong 81807 Jacques Male VanHoven [1838-1899] Netherlands H 356C,519C   R4Z4B  
FTDNA Border Reivers 30875 Laidlaw Male     H 239T,519C 263G,315.1C EMWXU  
  Border Reivers 70366 Gordon Male     H 312G,519C      
FTDNA Border Reivers 22397 Dixon Male     H* 274A,519C,527T 263G,309.1C,309.2C KXR2R  
FTDNA Strong 9742 Dilks, JR Male Watson   H* 254G,311C,519C 263G,315.1C F9UMC  
  Border Reivers 55613 Oliver Male     H 270T 263G,309.1C,315.1C    
FTDNA Border Reivers 33204 Little Male Dean [1848-1921]   H 172C,519C 263G,315.1C UEBB2  
  Border Reivers 910 Hildreth Male     H5a 172C,291T,304C 263G,315.1C,456T,522-,523-  ?  
FTDNA DB 23171 McGuire Male   Norway H 170G,256T,309G,519C   ECD9N      
  Border Reivers 65082 Elliott Male     H 212G,438A,519C 159C,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C    
FTDNA DB N44218 Graham Female Johnston [1880- ??] NSW, Australia H 111A,519C   XXD5G  
  Armstrong 83657 Armstrong Male     H 111A,519C      
  Border Reivers 85838 Hunter Male     H 124C,304C,311C      
  Border Reivers 98221 Bell Male     H 213A,519C      
FTDNA Border Reivers N20763 Johnston Male     H 051G,162G,519C   ZFG6T  
  Border Reivers 122921 Turnbull Male     H 051G,162G,265C,465T,519C          
  Border Reivers 5371 Watson Male     H 093C,311C,519C          
  Border Reivers 132511 Elliott Male     H 129A,519C          
  Border Reivers 94475 Scott Male     H 153A,288C,362C 114T,146C,152C,195C,210G,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C     
  Border Reivers 121321 Elliott Male     H1a1 162G,209C,519C 73G,263G,315.1C     
FTDNA Border Reivers 98334 Tate Male Johnston [1810- ?]   H 162G,209C,519C 73G,263G,315.1C  4h4v6  
  Border Reivers N33825 Annis Female     H 172C,304C,311C       
  Border Reivers 126668 Silvey Male     H 189C,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C     
  Border Reivers 99017 Scott Male     H 221T,266T,399G,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C     
              Velda, a subgroup of H        
  Armstrong 111136 Armstrong Male     HV* 311C      
  Strong 121477 Strang Male Mongold [? - ?] Germany HV* 067T,355T      
FTDNA Border Reivers 12621 Graham Male Berryman [c.1737- ? ]   V1 298C,519C 72C,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C 2VVR9  
  Border Reivers 94865 Johnston Male     V 274A,298C,311C,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C     
FTDNA DB 132625 Gallagher Male   Scotland V 261T,298C,311C,519C 072C,263G,309.1C,315.1C  GQK37  
  Border Reivers 39911 Elliott Male     T* 126C,192T,294T,519C 73G,263G,315.1C    
  Armstrong 118021 Armstrong Cobb Female     T* 126C,192T,294T,519C 73G,263G,315.1C,522-,523-     
  Border Reivers 16790 Elliott Male     T* 126C,294T,296T,519C 73G,263G,315.1C    
  Border Reivers 91628 Drysdale Male     T* 126C,294T,296T,519C 73G,263G,309.1C,315.1C     
FTDNA Armstrong 43903 Koch Female Haines [1822-84]   T* 126C,189C,294T,296T,519C 73G,151T,152C,263G,315.1C SD5KW  
FTDNA Border Reivers N41960 Elliott Male Haywood Yorkshire, England T1 126C,163G,186T,189C,294T,519C 73G,152C,195C,263G,315.1C  G547U  
FTDNA Border Reivers 83065 Stevens Male Cottrell [1789 - ?] Devon, England T1a 126C,163G,186T,189C,292T,294T,519C 73G,152C,195C,263G,315.1C  HTNQV  
  Border Reivers 36901 Elliott Male     T* 126C,182C,183C,189C,294T,296T,298C,519C      
FTDNA Border Reivers N8772 Porter Male Jones [`1730- ?] VA, USA T2b 104T,126C,294T,304C,519C 73G,152C,263G,315.1C F4U4K  
  Border Reivers 28865 Elliott Male     T2 126C,294T,304C,519C 73G,194T,263G,309.1C, 315.1C,523-,524-    
FTDNA Border Reivers 83475 Scott Male Meadows [c.1857 - ?] England T2 126C,294T,304C,519C 73G,263G,315.1C ayu74  
FTDNA Border Reivers 11435 Elliott Male     T2 126C,294T,296T,304C,519C 73G,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C XQR3K  
  Border Reivers 24589 Elliott Male     T2 126C,294T,296T,304C,519C 73G,263G,309.1C,315.1C,458T    
  Armstrong 81940 Armstrong Male     T2 126C,294T,296T,304C,519C 73G,263G,315.1C,573.1C,573.2C     
  DB N36819 McGee Female     T2 126C,294T,296T,304C,519C      
FTDNA Border Reivers 62825 Kerr Male ? [c.1822- ?] Georgia, USA T2 126C,145A,172C,294T,304C,519C   uk359  
FTDNA Border Reivers 56060 Johnson Male     T3 126C,292T,294T,305G,519C 73G,146C,150T,263G,315.1C,522-,523- FV2UF  
  Strong 101221 Lestrange Female     T5 093C,126C,153A,294T,301T,519C 41T,73G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C     
                Info Note: Optic neuritis Mitochondrial Haplogroup J Risk Factor    
FTDNA Border Reivers 74942 Elliott Male     J* 063C,069T,126C,294T 73G,228A,263G,295T,309.1C, 315.1C,462T,489C V95VA  
FTDNA Border Reivers 21601 Davison Male Petty [ ? - ? ]   J 069T,126C 73G,185A,263G,295T, 315.1C,462T,489C 2VZ8A  
FTDNA Armstrong 88960 Armstrong Male Westfall [~1932 - ? ]   J* 069T,126C 73G,228A,263G,295T,309.1C, 315.1C,462T,489C  AUHBM  
FTDNA Armstrong 131758 Armstrong Male     J* 069T,126C 73G,228A,263G,295T,309.1C, 315.1C,462T,489C  D9BZD  
FTDNA Border Reivers 132446 Elliott Male Kincaid [1821-1874]   J* 069T,126C 73G,150T,185A,228A,263G,295T, 315.1C,462T,489C  6A3UB  
  Border Reivers 34786 Henderson Male     J* 069T,126C 73G,228A,263G,295T, 315.1C,462T,482C,489C Z67CY  
FTDNA Border Reivers 55418 Johnston Male Johnson [1835-1907]   J* 069T,126C   SG6GE  
  DB 107674 Dunne Male Bishop   J* 069T,126C      
  Strong 179476 [withheld] Female Beadle [18___-19___] KY, IA, Neb J* 16069T, 16126C      
FTDNA Border Reivers 22791 Oliver Female Burgis [~1651-~1701]   J* 069T,126C,319A 073G,185A,228A,263G,295T,315.1C, 462T,489C,524.1A,524.2C  AHSJB  
FTDNA Border Reivers 20277 Dixon Male     J 069T,126C,319A 73G,185A,228A,263G,295T, 309.1C,315.1C,462T,489C FZCNE  
FTDNA DB N32313 Berta Female Owens [~1745- ] Wales J* 069T,126C,319A   TTDB8  
FTDNA DB 32205 White Male     J* 069T,126C,519C 73G,185A,188G,228A,263G, 295T,309.1C,315.1C,462T,489C    
FTDNA Border Reivers 11369 Irving Male     J* 069T,126C,519C   CFQMM  
Oxford Anctrs MitoSearch   Perrault Male Morisseau [~1642-1707] Picardy, France J 069T,126C, 147T, 189C   2ZA7S  
FTDNA Border Reivers 17482 Rutledge Male   England J1 069T,092C,126C,261T 73G,185A,228A,263G,295T, 315.1C,462T,489C GZ4F4  
  Border Reivers 130361 Elliott Male     J1a 069T,126C,145A,231C,261T 73G,150T,152C,195C,215G,263G,295T, 315.1C,319C,489C,513A,524.1C,524.2A     
FTDNA Border Reivers 3874 Hamblen Male Armstrong (1725-1790)   J1b1 069T,126C,145A,172C,222T,261T 73G,242T,263G,295T,315.1C,462T,489C H4DT6  
FTDNA DB N2261 McKee Male Keeley [?-?]   J1b1 069T,126C,145A,172C,222T,261T 73G,242T,263G,295T,315.1C,462T,489C 4YP7G  
FTDNA Border Reivers 44136 McCallum Male Allen [1833- ? ]   J1b1 069T,093C,126C,145A,172C,222T,261T   QAEY9  
  Border Reivers 131708 Elliott Male     J1b1 069T,126C,145A,172C,222T,261T      
  DB 42430 Plunkett Male     J* 069T,126C,258C,519C 73G,150T,185A,188G,228A,263G,295T, 315.1C,462T,489C     
FTDNA Border Reivers 15569 Gray, Jr. Male Roebuck [1820- ?] England J* 069T,126C,222T 73G,146C,152C,185A,228A,263G,295T, 315.1C,462T,489C  VBP44  
FTDNA DB 50358 Quinn Male Robeson [1805-1891] South Carolina J* 069T,126C,222T   TTBTX  
FTDNA Border Reivers 9192 Hall Male Barnhouse [?-?]   J* 069T,126C,160G,222T 73G,185A,263G,295T,315.1C,462T,489C  JSZW9  
FTDNA Border Reivers 32191 Ogle, Sr. Male Bradly [? - 1919]   J2 069T,193T,278T,362C 73G,150T,152C,263G,295T,315.1C,489C  fr4ty  
  Border Reivers 77150 Graham Male     J2 069T,193T,278T,362C 73G,150T,152C,263G,295T, 315.1C,489C     
FTDNA Armstrong 124492 Armstrong Male Kennedy [1812-1848] Alabama, USA J2 069T,193T,278T,362C   2QNF6  
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