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This site is dedicated to the search for our ancestors.
Our genealogy is maintained using Reunion for The Macintosh from Leister Productions.

      The major family lines we are following are SMITH, PECK, STANSFIELD,  BELLAND, LACKEY, FRASER and BETHUNE 

      If you have any information that will help us in our quest or if we can be of assistance to you in any way please contact us.

      After visiting this site. please take a moment to enter your comments in our guest book.

        We now have over 20,000 people in our family file.  A lot of the information has not been researched yet by me so I can not guarantee its accuracy.  If you find any mistakes, please let me know and I will make necessary corrections.

Thank you
Don Smith

A new feature has been added: (23 November 2001)
Click on "places" to find a list of all the towns or villages  our ancestors come from and see who comes from each place.
    Check the list to see if your ancestors come from the same places.
New (28 May 2002)
We have started adding pictures of gravestones and graveyards of our ancestors. We will keep adding to these as fast as we can get around to the different places. Click on "Graves" to view.
Update  (25 June 2006)
Our Family tree has been updated and now contains over 10,000 people.

Update  (21 September 2007)
Our Family tree has been updated and now contains over 11,000 people.
The list of places has also been updated.
Update  (24 October 2008)
Our Family Tree has again been updated and now contains over 14,000 people.
The list of Places is also updated.
Update  (June 2014)
Once again we have updated Our Family Tree which now contains over 20,000 people.
Update (May 2016)
And again we have updated our Family Tree.
It now contains over 22,000 people. This time, rather than add a lot of new people, I have been trying to update information for existing people.

A listing of all the surnames found in our Family Tree.

A list of every individual in our Family Tree.

A link to our parents - a place to start your search

A list of all the known cities and towns that our ancestors were born, married or died in, and the people from each place.

  Pictures of grave stones of some of our ancestors and the cemeteries in which they are found.



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