Emmons, Fardette, Gouger, Rotnour, Sykes & Wilsey Genealogy


Emmons, Fardette, Gouger, Rotnour, Sykes & Wilsey Genealogy 

This page is dedicated to the genealogy of my ancestors. My daughter and I have been researching the internet, town clerks, libraries, and cemeteries for all information in reference to the following surnames. This has been a history lesson as well as a chance to learn about our ancestors life. We have been very fortunate at finding some great cousins along the way. Are there more cousins out there? Please check out my surnames for any connections. Who knows you may be the lost connection that I'm looking for.

Ancestral Surnames, Earliest Dates and Locations

Emmons/Emons Thomas & Martha (Tomson) 1603 London, England/Mass./NY
Fradet/Fardette Thomas & Anne (Rousse) 1668 Bordeaux, France/Canada/NY
Gouger/Gouget Bonaventure & Catherine (Eustache) 1648 Normandy, France/Canada/NY

Heinrich & Christiana

1758 Germany/NY
Sykes/Sikes Richard & Phebe 1639 England/Mass./NY
Wilsey/Wiltsie Abraham & Harriet 1794 New York 

Thomas Emmons Will dated 1660
Martha Tomson Emmons Will dated 1666 
Freeman's Oath Dated 1639
Bronze Star Service Medals/Pacific WWII
Links for Genealogy and Web Page Creation
Revolutionary War Veterans
Pictures from the Gouger and Fardette Trees
Rhode Island Inhabitants 1638 
Gideon Emmons and the Cardiff Giant 
Emmons Coat of Arms

Pictures from the Emmons and Rotnour Trees  
Just a Common Soldier (Dedicated to Charlie, Jim and Pete)
1897 Deaths in the Utica Weekly Newspaper, Utica, NY
1922 Cleveland, Ohio Marriage Licenses   
Chauncey B. Emmons Will 1882   
Jonathan Emmons Pension Papers - Revolutionary War 
Cleveland, Oh Deaths 1922

Credit is given to the late Edward N. Emmons author of "The Emmons Family Genealogy".  My thanks also to all who have helped in my research, especially my daughter, Sandy.  

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