Bud's Story
IT IS NOW 2005!

    I just know that this year is going to be a humdinger.  It started off kinda quiet but there are plans afoot as I heard mom and dad making plans…Colorado.  They are going to visit Jason and Dawnna in Colorado Springs and from what I gather I stay at the vets again.  All the time I miss all the fun.
    Mom and dad saw a house they liked and now comes the thing I may not like – packing my toys and doggie things to move to Colorado.  We are so busy and many people coming to look at the house.  All the comings and goings – I don’t like this.  I woof all the time.  I can’t wait till this is over.  What is going on here?  I just don’t know. We are moving soon and Aunt Karen is coming to help drive.
    Our realtor was over and the house sold in 4 days - wow that's fast.  The realtor came and helped us pack a bit and clean house and other stuff.  Lots of workers came as things had to be ship shape when we left.  Daddy is having a moving company come and give us an estimate.  We have to decide which to throw away and what to keep.  Hey, I'd better be taking my toys - can't go anywhere without them and my food dishes.  I can be stubborn if I want to.
    As things moved along daddy was going to the hospital a few times a week for some sort of treatments.  He's been through a lot these past few months.  But mom is keeping things going as usual.  She keeps me going.  And now the big days are ahead - Aunt Karen is here and finishing up packing and we are getting ready to leave the house.  Daddy and Aunt Karen were the last to leave to say their goodbyes.  Everyone is sad but we are going on a great adventure.
    As we made our way to Colorado, I found new stuff to romp around in - white stuff - what they call snow and boy is it cold and makes my paws wet.  But I liked it as Aunt Karen took me for walks.  We stayed in motels along the way and then had about a week in a motel in the Springs until we got our furniture in the house.
    Everyone was helping out but guess what - all I had for a backyard was mounds of dirt and I couldn't run around because I would get lost - that meant that nasty old leash.  I don't like that - so these humans better get me something besides dirt to poop on and get some sort of enclosure so I can go investigate this new house that is supposed to be my new home.
    Daddy is making trips to the doctor again having chemo treatments.  You humans know what that is - I don't want to know - it doesn't sound good.  Sometimes I go with them and wait in the car with mom.  He sees a lot of doctors - glad it is not me.
    Guess what - they have finally finished working on the back yard - Nathan and his crew did an awesome job and now I have my grass and fence - so this territory is all mine.  Yippee!!!!  They put in 98 tons of rock - I could do without that stuff but sure do love the grass and freedom.  Mommy does too - she doesn't have to climb down the stairs much.  It was done in time for daddy's 75th birthday and his family came and helped celebrate it.  I got to see people again.  It was great.  Daddy loves being in Colorado and seeing the clouds - we watch them on the deck and he sneaks me some of his Budweiser - well you know after all I was named for that (partially anyways).  I love being with my human parents.  They love me too - I can tell because they always play with me.  I give daddy good night kisses and I love that.
    We finally got to see our first snowfall in October - it was great - mommy was happy and took pictures.  Mom and Dad had their first Thanksgiving with Dawnna's family but I wasn't invited.  Christmas was great but again I wasn't invited - it was at Jason and Dawnna's house.  I like Dawnna - she plays with me.  Throws the ball.  But this was a special Christmas for Brecken James Douglass was born a week before Christmas.  Babies cry - they also take up too much of my Dawnna's time.  She was mine but now she's his.  Pooey!  I gotta get a friend.  Daddy was happy that he had someone to carry on his name.  I thought I was the one to carry that forward.  Oh well, humans!


    What will happen with this year? There was so much excitement last year.
    Daddy had radiation treatments and had to go every day for 32 days.  It was hard on everyone.  Sometimes I went with them and stayed in the car with Mom.  I would woof at people - I didn't like anyone within eye distance of my property - car, humans and otherwise.
    I like the snow but don't like to get my paws wet.  I'm a pampered cockapoo - I get groomed every month and my human parents take good care of me.  I love romping on the bed with them and daddy says I kick him off the bed - well,,, it's my bed too!  Daddy sleeps on one edge; mom on the other and I have the middle half - I'm quite comfy but they say they aren't.
    We had a birthday party at Dawnna and Jason's for daddy’s 76th birthday.  Mom took pictures, of course.  She is always taking pictures.
    The doctors say that daddy is doing good and they can't find the cancer.  I was told what that was but can't remember - but they say he's better.
    Mom entered a contest - yep again - she's always entering contests.  This time it was for the Most Popular Driver by Chex Mix and she won - got the most votes.  Her and daddy are so excited but I'm not - that means I have to stay at kennels - I don't like that.  I wanna go - they are going to the Big Apple for the award presentation.  Daddy is excited about going to meet Dale Jr. (at least they hope they meet him).  I guess that is where the Jr. comes from in my name.  Cool!
    Breckie came for trick and treats dressed as lion - he looked so cute but of course, I woofed him.  I always chase after him but one of these day he will be chasing after me.  I can't help it - he is within my reach and always has some sort of goodie for me to try and grab.  I like him for that.
    Mommy and Daddy take me for rides around the city.  They have gone up Pike's Peak by train and car.  So did Uncle Billy, Aunt Sharon and Mandy.  Me - I'm happy in my backyard but I do love to take rides.  They are fun.
    I still get spoiled with watermelon and ice cream and I love it.  My doggie life is great.  I'm king of the house.  And everyone knows it.
    Then it happened - and things for everyone started to go downhill.  I can't go on but if you want to read more about it you can click on to Tribute to Jim Douglass.
    So in August 2007, mom and me moved to Ruskin, FL.   I became ill with Cushing's disease and had to be put to sleep - November 26, 2007 - 5 months since my daddy died.  If I meet up with my daddy, I will tell him everything that is happening with my mom and the way she is being treated.  Daddy won’t like that.

Bud, Jr.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that family and friends will pass this website to all who love good stories.  Updating this site was a “closure” for me and hard to complete without letting emotions, grief and anger creeping into my every word.   Jim and Bud, Jr. have a place on the net for all eternity.

Theresa Douglass