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In the early 1830's, three sons of John B Simonson migrated from Delaware County, New York to Oakland County, Michigan. They were Garret James, James B, and Silas Simonson. Silas moved to Gaines, in Genessee County, Michigan, where he farmed until his death in 1863. James B was the first station master for the Grand Trunk railroad station in Gaines. He later became a merchant and then a banker in Holly, Michigan. Garret stayed in Oakland County where he and his sons were farmers, The original three migrants were later joined by their mother, Polly Bradford Simonson, their youngest brother ,John, and two maiden sisters.

Silas and his wife, Harriett Brewer Simonson,  raised a large family, including my  great grandfather, George Washington Simonson. George was in the 16th Michigan Infantry during the Civil War and was wounded at Laurel Hill, Virginia on May 8,1863.  His brother, Peter was in the 8th Michigan Infantry and was killed in action at Johnson Island, South Carolina in 1862. His sister Caroline's husband, David Convis, died in service and is buried in Knoxville, Tennessee.

After the war, George and his wife, Sara Ellen Henry Simonson moved to Kalakaska, Michigan. George operated the city waterworks, a job later done by his son, William Wallace Simonson. George was active in the GAR and Sara Ellen was President of the Lady's Auxiliary  of the GAR.