Hans Heinrich (18) b.1735-05-01 at Fehraltorf, ZH, SWZ; emigrated 
               to Nova Scotia with his brother, Hans Ulrich (600),
               on the "Ann", arriving Halifax, 1750-09-02;
               naturalized 1758-07-10, Halifax, NS, as Henry 
               Shankle; m.1766-04-10, Granville, Annapolis Cty, NS;
               Moved to Quebec, QC in late 1783.
  SP: Garey Balsor (Anna Cath Gertraudt Baltzer)(33) b.1743-08-15
                    at Marburg, Hesse, Germany (d/Heinrich Chris & 
                    Anna Maria Eliz Webber)
  (1)Elizabeth (34) c.1768-08 at Granville, NS, d.1804-04-04 at 
               Quebec, QC; m.1788-08-11 at Quebec, QC
     SP: Luke Gambee (2842) b.ca1766, a widower
     1a.Luke Gambee (2853) b.1794-07-20 at Troix Rivieres, QC
     2a.Elizabeth Gambee (2598) b.1796-03-30 at Troix Rivieres, QC,
                         d.1872-11-03 Bedeque, Prince Edward Island
        SP: Rev John Bass Strong (2517) b.1789-10-09 at Bingham,
                          Nottinghamshire, England, d.1870-05-16 at
                          Summerside, PEI; m.1815-11-23
        1b.John Bennett Strong (13021) b.1816-10-13 Charlottetown,
                        PEI, d.1903-01-27 Toronto, ON; m.1844-10-03
                        At St Martin-in-the-Fields, London, ENG                          
           SP: Louisa Ellen Alais (13051)(1825-1913)(d/William Wolfe
                            Alais & Hannah Fletcher)
           1c.Louisa Alais Strong (13054) b.1845-08-18 Gravesend,
                           Kent, ENG; d.1929-04-06 Halifax, NS;
                           m.1868-10-19 at StMark's, Halifax, NS
              SP: Thomas Goudge (13058) b.1842-10-16, d.1914-02-17
                         (s/Edward Goudge & Mary Ann Baker (Staynor)
              1d.Edward Strong Goudge (13061) b.1869-07-27, 
                                      d.1942-05-11; m.1896-08-04
                 SP1: Sarah Alicia Hart (13070) d.1906-03-11
                 1e.Rev Thomas Roland Goudge (13071) b.1899-09-07,
                                      d.1988-08-29; m.1927-08-18
                    SP1: Dorothy Mary Turner (13076) d.1949-09-30
                    1f.Edward Clifford Goudge (13077) 
                       SP1: Jacqueline Boone (13081)
                       SP2: Margaret Humphrey (13082) 
                       SP3: Alice Crusch (13083)  
                    2f.Donald Henry Goudge (13078) 
                       SP: Catherine Powell (13084)
                    3f.Lawrence Ray Goudge (13079) 
                    SP2: Minerva Blanche Shields (13080) d.1950
                 2e.Elizabeth May Goudge (13072) b.1901-08-01, 
                                         d.1951-07-15; m.1928-08-22
                    SP: William Henry Cogswell (13085) d.1972-04-24
                    1f.Rev Malcolm Thomas Cogswell (13086) 
                       SP: Jean Ellis (13087)
                       1g.Elra Ruth Cogswell (13088) b.1962-05-18, 
                       2g.John Mark Cogswell (13089) 
                          SP: Fiona  Stewart (13090)
                          1h.Alexander Stewart Cogswell (13091)                         
                          2h.Morgan Elizabeth Cogswell (13092) 
                 SP2: Jeanetta Alberta Barrett (13073) m.1908-06-17
                 3e.Clarence Edward Goudge (13074) b.1910-06-04, 
                                          d.1989-03-21; m.1936-09-16
                    SP: Hilda Ruth Hazel (13093)
                    1f.Keith Edward Goudge (13094) 
                       SP: Joy Elaine Finley (13096)
                       1g.Sheri Lee Goudge (13097) 
                          SP: Michael R Deutsch (13099)
                       2g.Mark Edward Finley Goudge (13098)
                    2f.Barry Robert Goudge (13095) 
                       SP: Marjorie Eleanor Finley (13100) 
                       1g.Shawn Douglas Goudge (13101) 
                       2g.Christian Philip  Goudge (13102)       
                 4e.Lillian Alberta Goudge (13075) b.1914-10-12, 
                                            d.1997-04; m.1936
                    SP: Malcolm Taylor (15103) d.1992-93
                    1f.Sylvia Ruth Taylor (13104)
                       SP: George Mason (13106)
                       1g.Kathleen Louise Mason (13107) 
                       2g.Paul George Taylor Mason (13108)
                       3g.Scott Malcolm Mason (13109) 
                    2f.Sharon Alberta Taylor (13105) 
                       SP: Michael Anthony Bernard (13110)
                       1g.Shelley Elizabeth Bernard (13111)
                       2g.Tracey Lynn Bernard (13112) 
              2d.Walter Milson Goudge (13062) b.1871-11-08, 
                                       d.1925-10-07; m.1900-12-12
                 SP: Mary Elizabeth Keeting (13113)
                 1e.Walter Edward Goudge (13114) b.1902-08-09, 
                                         d.1972-08-19; m.1925-05-21
                    SP: Lila May Cleary (13116)
                    1f.Helen Rita Goudge (13117) 
                       SP: Harry Ireland (13118) 
                       1g.Randolph Lee Ireland (13119)
                 2e.Rita Lee Goudge (13115) b.1904-06-19; 
                    SP: Harry Mulme (13120)
              3d.Thomas Norman Goudge (13063) b.1873-11-21, 
                                       d.1939-10-11; m.1909-03-01
                 SP: Effie Anderson (13121)
                 1e.Thomas Anderson Goudge (13122) b.1910-01-19;
                    SP: Helen Christlaw (13125)
                    1f.Stephen Thomas Goudge (13126)
                       SP: Helen Scott (13127)
                       1g.Jennifer Mary Goudge (13128)
                 2e.Frank Edward Goudge (13123) b.1912-06-30; m.1946
                    SP: Emma Waldbauer (13129)
                    1f.Janet Elizabeth Goudge (13130) 
                       SP: William ______ (13131)
                 3e.Margaret Catherine Goudge (13124) b.1916-09-10
                    SP: Stanley Bunker (13132)  
                    1f.Sandra Anne Bunker (13133) 
                       SP: Verne Denholm (13135)
                       1g.Susan Denholm (13136)
                    2f.Cathy Bunker (13134)  
              4d.Frederick Stevens Goudge (13064) b.1877-04-11, 
                                           d.1930-09-28 unmarried
              5d.Mary Louisa Goudge (13065) b.1879-09-14, 
                                    d.1975-05-30 Unmarried
              6d.Daughter Goudge (13066) b.1880-11-20, d.infancy 
              7d.Harry Selwin Goudge (13067) b.1881-10-05, 
              8d.Eva Agnes Goudge (13068) b.1883-12-06, d.1942-12-08;
                 SP: Herbert Lawson Fenerty (13137)
                 1e.Phyllis Louisa Eleanor Fenerty (13138)
              9d.Grover Cleveland Goudge (13069) b.1886-05-13, 
           2c.Grace Elizabeth Strong (13055) b.1847-07-18 Acton, 
                                      London, ENG
           3c.Edith Rosa Strong (13056) b.1849-07-12 Brighton, ENG
              SP: ___ Rennels (13139)
              1d.Ernest  Rennels (13140)
           4c.Allan Charles Strong (13057) b.1851-10-31 Brighton, 
                                   ENG; d.1896-09-19 Halifax, NS
              SP: Lizette Leaky (13141) d.1900-08-25 Halifax, NS
              1d.John Strong (13142)
              2d.Stanley Strong (13143)
              3d.Louisa Strong (13144)
              4d.Allan Strong Jr (13145)
              5d.Kathleen Strong (13146) d.10 years old 
           5c.Isabella Kate Strong (13148) b.1853-01-25 Hammersmith,
              SP: Reuben C Lockhart (13149)
        2b.William Gambee Strong (13022) b.1819-06-21 Sackville, NB;
                                  m.1843-45 Newark-on-Trent, ENG
           SP: Sarah Jane Bonsfield (13147) b.1821-11-27, 
           1c.Frederick William Strong (13150) b.1845-10-14 Newark,
                                Nottinghamshire, ENG; d.1917-02-06
              SP: Martha I  Wright (13155) b.1852, d.1941 Summerside
              1d.William Frank Strong (13156) b.1877-07-22, 
                 SP: Louise Yeo (13162)
              2d.Sarah Millicent Strong (13157)
              3d.Ethel Louise Strong (13158) b.1885-02-10, d.1972-01
                                      at Summerside, PEI
              4d.Colin W Strong (13159) b.1887, d.1960 Summerside, 
                5d.Major Everett Strong (13160) b.1889-02-10,
                 SP: Unk (13163)
                 1e.Joyce Strong (13164)  
                    SP: Frederick Ure (13165)
                    1f.Child (13166)
                    2f.Child (13167)
                    3f.Child (13168)
                    4f.Child (13169) 
              6d.Harold Palmer Strong (13161) b.1890, d.1955
                 SP: Unk (13170)
                 1e.Jane Strong (13171)
                 2e.Palmer Strong (13172)
                 3e.Patricia Strong (13173)  
           2c.Louisa Strong (13151) m.1880 
              SP: Colin Wright (13219) no issue
           3c.Charles Edward Strong (13152) b.1852-01-02, 
              SP: Sarah Davis  Ellison (13174) b.1852-02-10, 
              1d.Chester Strong (13175)
              2d.Heath Edward Strong (13176) b.1882-08-21 Crapaud,
                                      PEI; d.1958-11-26 Summerside
                 SP: Ethel Sinclair (13180)
              3d.Ernest Henry Strong (13178) b.1884-09-26 Crapaud, 
                                      PEI; d.1961-08-07 Summerside
                 SP1: Loretta McNeill (13181)
                 SP2: Clara Blanche Wilkinson (13182) 
                 1e.Edward Wilkinson Strong (13183) 
                    SP: Gloria Butler (13185) 
                    1f.Gregory Strong (13186)
                    2f.Lorna Strong (13187)
                    3f.Derek Strong (13188)
                 2e.Elizabeth Davies Strong (13184) b.Summerside,PEI
                    SP: Theodore Reagh (13189) b.San Diego, CA
                    1f.Charles Strong Reagh (13190) b.Salmon Arm, BC
                    2f.Jane Elizabeth Reagh (13191) b.BC
                    3f.Edward William Reagh (13192) b.Salmon Arm, BC ; d.1966-05-26
                    4f.Richard Reagh (13193) b.Salmon Arm
                    5f.Margaret Reagh (13194) b.Salmon Arm                          
              4d.Hale Strong (13178)
                 SP: Unk (13195)
                 1e.Douglas Strong (13196)
                 2e.James Strong (    )
              5d.Helen  Strong (13179) 
                 SP: Harry Archibald (13198)
                 1e.Ralph Archibald (13199)
                 2e.Eleanor  Archibald (13200)
                    SP: Robert  Schribner (13202)
                 3e.Paul Archibald (13201) 
           4c.Mary Allison Strong (13153) b.1860-11-30, 
                                   d.1942-02-26 Summerside, PEI
           5c.Henry Pope Strong (13154) b.1862-12-25, d.1926-02-25  
        3b.Elizabeth Ann Strong (13023) b.1821-01-16 Sackville, NB
        4b.Louisa Strong (13024) b.1823-02-17 Granville, NS; 
                          d.1885-09-13 Bedeque, PEI
          SP: Lemuel C Hooper (13218)   
        5b.Robert Alder Strong (13025) b.1825-06-01, d.1825-07-10
        6b.Robert Alder Strong (13026) b.1826 at Horton, NS
        7b.Charles Wesley Strong (13027) b.1829-07-02 Saint John, NB;
                          d.1919-05-19 Summerside, PEI; m.1836-03-24
           SP1: Maria  Tredwell (13203) d.1926-02-23
           SP2: Martha Ann  Wright (13204)
           1c.Jessie Wright Strong (13205) b.1867-07-07, 
                                    d.1937-05-16 Summerside, PEI 
        8b.Frederick Strong (13028) b.1832-02-20 Saint John, NB;
                             m.1855-06-12 at Charlottetown, PEI
           SP: Sarah Benjamin Douse (13206)
           1c.William Douse Strong (13207) b.1856-04-25
           2c.Lelia Ada Strong (13208) b.1857-12-14, d.1869-69
           3c.Frederic Albert Strong (13209) b.1859-03-28
           4c.Julia Annie Strong (13210) b.1860-04-25
           5c.John Bassa Strong (13211) 1862-03-12
           6c.Arthur Pope Strong (13212) b.1864-04-16
           7c.Edith Jane Strong (13213) b.1866-02-02
           8c.Louisa Alice Strong (13214) b.1868-01-02
           9c.Lelia Ada Strong (13215) b.1869-10-29

           10c.Esther Florence Strong (13216) b.1871-11-06
           11c.Della Mary Strong (13217) b.1873-10-22
     3a.Jacob Gambee (13029) b.1798-05-10 at Quebec, QC
     4a.Isaac Gambee (13030) b.1800-08-30 at Quebec, QC 
  (2)Margaret (35) c.1770-03-27; m.1788-04-21 at Quebec, QC
     SP: William Collins (38)
     1a.William Collins (13031) b.1795-07-03 Trois Rivieres,
                         c.1796-03-06; m.1822-03-04 
        SP: Lisette Lesard (13048) 
        1b.Matilda  Collins (13049) b.1823-05-14, c.1823-05-18
        2b.Margaret Collins (13047) b.1827-04-17, c.1827-07-22; of 
                            St Maurice, m.1842-10-21 her 1st cousin
           SP1: Patrick Young Jr (13045) of St Maurice 
           SP2: William Kenball (13046) Riviere Cache, m.1846-05-04                
     2a.Margaret Collins (13032) b.1797-10-17, c.1798-04-06; 
        SP: Patrick Young (13045)
        1b.Patrick Young Jr (13046) m.1842-10-21 his 1st cousin,
                            Margaret Collins (13047) of St  Maurice   
     3a.John Collins (13033) b.1802-10-08, c.1803-03-21; m.1822-12-22
        SP: Margaret Sair (13037)
        1b.Benjamin Collins (13038) b.1824-10-02, c.1825-01-23
        2b.John Emond Collins (13039) b.1825-07-04, c.1826-10-15
        3b.George Henry Collins (13040) b.1828-09-01, c.1828-11-16
        4b.Brian Osiah Collins (13041) b.1831-08-10, c.1831-11-20;
                                of St Maurice, m.1853-10-31
           SP: Marie Azotte (13044) of St  Maurice
        5b.Charles Richard Collins (13042) b.1843-01-16, c.1843-05-22
        6b.Eliza Collins (13043) b.1846-04-21, c.1846-05-24
     4a.Jacob Collins (13034) b.1804-03-08, c.1804-03-23; of Cap de 
                       la Madeleine, m.1824-10-18
        SP: Susan Boisverd (13036) of Cap de la Madeleine  
  (3)Catte (Catharina),(36) c.1772-10-29
  (4)Hanna (37) c.1775-12-01; m.1795-09-13, at Lwr District,
            Granville Township, Annapolis County, NS
     SP1: Job Young, Jr (39),(b.1773),(s/Job and Hannah);
     SP2: Andreas Bohaker (40),(b.1766, d.1849-02-13),(s/Andreas),
                           m.1806-04-28) at Lwr District, Granville,  
                           Nova Scotia [He remarried 1844-05-05
                           Martha Ann Quereau (1811-1889)]
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