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On the following pages you will find a combined genealogy of three ancestral lines and their respective collateral families. 


I began researching my genealogy in 1999 and have gathered a great deal of information over the years.  On this site, I will share information that may not be readily available elsewhere on the Internet. 


Allow me to introduce the direct ancestral lines which I have researched: 




My husband’s 2nd great grandfather, Adam PITZEN, of Rheinland, Germany boarded the Dankbaarheid in Antwerp, Belgium with his family.  They arrived at New York, USA on August 5, 1846 and settled in Lucas Co., Ohio.  If you are related to anyone with the surname Pitzen who hails from western Ohio and eastern Indiana, in all likelihood you are descended from Adam Pitzen.  Other paternal line surnnames are: BRAKER, BADGER, and ORR.  Maternal line surnames include: MILLER of Seneca Co., Ohio, NUBER and SNYDER of Ottawa Co., Ohio.




My paternal line is the MÜLLER family of Brücken, Pfalz, Germany.  My third great-grandfather, Franz MÜLLER and his family boarded the “The Duchess of Orleans” in LeHavre, France.  They arrived in New York, USA on April 19, 1852, and settled in Sherman Twp., Huron Co., Ohio.  More recent records show the surname as MILLER.  Each and ever one of my paternal ancestors settled in this community and the surrounding area after arriving in the USA.  Their surnames include: HAY, DEHE, ORPHEY, BAUER, WEIS, FRISCH, KRUPP, CLAUS, VELTEN, REINHART, DENDINGER, WILLMAN, and NEISS.  While some families have moved elsewhere in the US, many of the descendants of these early German immigrants remain in the northern Ohio area. 


My maternal line is the HICKOK family.  My 9th great grandfather, Wm. HICKOCKS was born in England and settled in Connecticut in the 1650s.  My 5th great grandfather, Asa HICKOK fought in the Revolutionary War and sometime in the 1830s he moved his family to Pennsylvania.  At the beginning of the Civil War, this family branch moved westward.  The family first moved to Montcalm Co., Michigan, then to Jewell Co., Kansas, then to Weld Co., Colorado, and finally Salt Lake City, Utah, where my Grandfather was born.   Other prominent surnames in this line include: WEIGANT, STEIL, MAIER, KOENIG, BUCK, DAUGHTRY, QUINN, HARDESTY, and BOWMAN.  These families lived in various states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas. It is through the Hickok family that I lay my one claim to fame -- as a 5th cousin 4 times removed to James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok.




I also research the GRODI family of Monroe Co., Michigan and Lucas Co., Ohio.  This research is dedicated to my first husband, Mark E. Grodi (1956-1984), his children, and grandchildren.  Other prominent surnames in the Grodi line include: DOURSHA, LEMERAND, DIGUE, DREW, GIROUX.  On his mother’s side surnames include: GIBSON and KELLEY of Indiana and Nebraska; BENTON, ROBINSON, SHOWLER, and HALLETT of Lucas Co., Ohio. 


My sincere thanks and appreciation to all who have shared their knowledge, research, and family photo collections with me.  This site would not have been possible without their help.


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