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Monday to Thursday 1:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.

The Village of Drake serves a community of approximately 277 individuals. Though we are a village ..... we are big at heart. Drake and it's surrounding communities of Guernsey and Lockwood, make this town a wonderful place to live.

The village of Drake was founded in 1908. Drake was named after Sir Francis Drake[1540-96] with streets named after Drake and members of his crew : Francis, Howard, Norrey, Hawkins, and Gilbert.

Drake has a lot to offer; from spacious streets, serviced lots, a safe place to raise children or purchase an affordable home.

The Village Council meets once a month at the Village Office which is located at 125 Francis Street. Council consists of 4 aldermen and one mayor, there is also a maintenance man and an office administrator.

Linked to the Village Office is the Drake Library and the Fire Hall. Also located on the east side of the Office are public washrooms and drinking water.

•   Mayor
Peter Nicholson 363-2021
•   Aldermen
Chris Braun 363-2121
Donna McKerracher 363-4608
Rory Anderson 363-2124
Terry Willems 363-4906
•   Administrator
Stuart Jantz
•   Maintenance Foreman
Ron Kiefer 363-2018

Why not think "DRAKE" if you are looking for a great place to raise a family or retire.

For more detailed information compiled by Statistics Canada on the population,
age characteristics, etc. of the Village of Drake and it's residents "Click here".

We look forward to 100 years of the village of Drake in 2010