Stephanie Michelle DuBrucq

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I am 20 years old and this is my first attempt at creating a web page.  This has taken longer than I ever expected but as a novice guess time was on my side.  I was hoping to have this site posted before October but I learned a very valuable lesson!  Good time is spent on a project that is worth sharing.  I have taken my time an attempted to make it correct.  I request that you accept my apologies in advance for any problems that you may incur.  If you experience any problems please email me at and I will get them fixed as quickly as notified.  If I have posted information on a living person (other than my parents), and you do not want this posted, I will gladly remove the information.  Just email me and let me know.

A little about myself:  I was born at the Great Lakes Naval Hospital in May of 1982.  Both my father (David Michael DuBrucq) and mother (Debra Sue Mason) were in the United States Navy.  They were both Hospital Corpsman stationed at the Naval Hospital at the time I and my brother were brought into this world.  Both my parents served during Operation Desert Storm.  My brother John David DuBrucq continues this side of the family tradition of Naval Service.  His is currently on board the USS Enterprise (CVN-65).  Some may know her at the "Big E".  He served honorably during Operation Nobel Eagle in the Persian Gulf.  I must say that I was inspired by the operations shown on television and very proud to see the bomb that had CVN-65 painted on it before it was dropped to bring freedom to those in Afganistan.  My mom and I were at the Norfolk Naval Station when the ship arrived home in November 2001.  I work part time and attend college , working towards a degree in Elementary Education.  I hope to some day improve the education that our children much deserve.  Anyone with the desire to be a teacher needs to put the children first and the pay lsecondary).  A teacher may not make a fortune but that should be the last consideration when it comes to what our children deserve.  After all, they are our future.

I also want to take a few moments to thank those who have made this site possible.  I could not have achieved this much without their assistance.  My mom has been researching her family line for my brother and me and got me started.  I need to really thank her for the inspiration to dig into the past.  Without her assistance, I would never had known how to start.  The first person who I was able to make contact with who connected with the DuBrucq name was Marcy (Duffano) Young.  Without her assistance, information, pictures, and documentation some of this information would not be available.  She lead me to Eugene Gerbitz (spouse of Carol Ann DuBrucq).  He has been a wonderful asset also!  We have had the opportunity to meet on a few occasions and was it wonderful to met a family member other than those that I am directly related to.  Eugene also provided pictures, information, and documentation.  One night I was out searching the web and went to the Antigo, Wisconsin website and found a DuBrucq on the site.  I sent an email and in return found another relative who put me in contact with her sister.  Thank you Pat (DuBrucq) Grall!  Her sister was Gail (DuBrucq) Gumness and have we all been emailing each other.  I have found many family members!  Gail has also provided much information and pictures. 



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