Frederick J.

Frederick J. DuBrucq

This burial transit permit record is transcribed from a copy and I have spelled as I believe the record show.

Full Name of Deceased:                                    Frederick J. DuBrucq

Record Number:                                              H754A

Place of Death:                                               Menominee County, Menominee,  MI

Date of Death:                                                April 6, 1938

Age:                                                               64

Cause of Death:                                              stroptice cinhosis

Medical Attendant:                                          S. P. Mason

Name of Cemetery:                                        Riverside

Lot and Section:                                             Lot 10, Section J

Location:                                                       Menominee, Michigan

Funeral Director:                                             R. A. Lemieux

Address:                                                         Menominee, MI



Last Updated: 12/13/2002