Obituary Index

Obituary Index

I have broken this list be starting with our 1st ancestor to immigrate to the United States.  I have listed there spouse beneath and indented from their mate.  Those obituaries that I have not yet found are listed in white.  As the generations grow I have broken each by their respective parent.  

1st Generation

Catherina Ottomans

2nd Generation

Joseph Napoleon DuBrucq




John Constance DuBrucq

Leon Gibout

3rd Generation

Children of Frederick and Aleda

Frederick D. DuBrucq


Children of Joseph and Mary Agnes

William J. DuBrucq

Raymond C. DuBrucq

Glenmore Francis DuBrucq

Gertrude DuBrucq

Joseph Roland DuBrucq

Theodore E. DuBrucq

Robert DuBrucq




Last Updated: 12/25/2002