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The Duke family DNA project is making possible the identification of separate family groups bearing the surname ŅDukeÓ through distinctive yDNA patterns. Families with similar and related surnames (Dukes, Duc, Dugue, DuGuŽ, or other variants) are also included in this surname group. The study also allows us to clarify the internal histories of these family groups.


The Duke surname DNA study is being conducted by Family Tree DNA, with analysis of samples at the University of Arizona.


Several major Duke family groups have been identified:

            More Information is available at the Group 1 Web site.

         More Information is available at Group 2 Web Site.

            More Information is available at Group 5 web site.

         More information is available the Group 11 Web Site.


Notes on several of these families can be found at Tony CoxÕs Duke genealogy website.


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Tony CoxÕs Site for Duke Genealogy         Duke Surname Study at ftDNA


Note for Oxford Ancestors Customers: As you can see, we make our results freely available for comparative purposes, to help not only our own members but anyone researching the Duke surname. Unfortunately, Oxford Ancestors charges £50 for access to their database and they provide no information on the size of the database or information available, so we havenÕt taken that approach. Since you are here using our data, you obviously believe in free access, and we hope that you will let us know if you match any of our groups. Thank you! Lynn Teague ([email protected]).


Comments on the Duke DNA web site may be sent to [email protected].

The e-mail address for the coordinator of the Duke surname study at ftDNA is [email protected].