Dunham-Jones Connection

Dunham-Jones Connection


Donna Dunham and Erwin Jones
Donna's side=Dunham, Johnson, Leclaire, Dionne
Erwin's side=Jones, Bitney, Bragg, Clark
And all interacting Families.

updated spacer01 February 2009

spacer Nothing is guaranteed. Things can always change. I have tried to be as precised as possible but errors and omissins do occur. Please feel free to let me know if you disagree with me. Usual sources, e-mails, interviews, primary sources (such as birth, death records etc), the internet and web pages, the last two not always right.

If there is no source listed then it was taken from the internet and still needs to be verified.

All that I ask is that if you can prove anything that is wrong, is that you provided a copy of your proof. I am willing to share copies of my primary sources via e-mail.

Come join our association:
Dunham/Singletary Family Connections

Where all variations of the Dunham and/or Singletary surnames can go to help each other.

Where all spellings are clues to our history.

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