Extracts from Hayfield Board of Guardians Minute Book 

My thanks to Michael Spencer for these entries.

Beard , Ollerset, Whitle and Thornset, Hayfield pay Wednesday; Disley pay Monday; Mellor pay Tuesday.   Thursday, Friday and Saturday examine cases and paupers.


George JACKSON to maintain his bastard child John BOWDEN

Ann BAILEY illegitimate child at Biddulph

Thomas BOWDEN the father of Ann FORDS illegitimate child

In consequence of the bad quality of the bread furnished by SAMUEL TWIST it was ordered that no more be purchased from him. 

Mellor    John SWINDELLS of Quick, living at Saddleworth

Mellor    Thomas McMERRICK hurt in a coal pit

Beard    William LOMAS

Mellor    Ann STAFFORD

Mellor    Robert BOWDEN

Mellor    Benjamin BOWDEN    been troublesome

Hayfield Mary ROBINSON

Disley    Mary STAFFORD second illegitimate child by John SIDEBOTTOM, the first dead

Hayfield  Sarah HALL single, pregnant

Beard  Maintainance costs for Grace PARKINSON at East Stonehouse,Devon

Beard  Benjamin BOWDEN

Beard   William LOMAS' s son John has been earning 14/11 for the last 16 weeks. John to pay.

Disley  Mary STAFFORD and bastard

Mellor Thomas WARDLE

Beard      Sarah TAYLOR 45

               Sarah HAMBLETON

               Abraham ARNFIELD

Beard      Edward POTTS

Disley      Rachel SWINDELLS and son William.

Beard       Mary BENNETT

Disley       Thomas ANDREWS, Medical Officer to attend to his sick dau. and to ask Mr Robert STRINES if employment can't  be found.for applicant.

Mellor    Anthony POTT

             Hannah WILSON belongs Wigan

Beard     Benjamin BOWDEN severe illness

Beard     Margaret MASON

Hayfield  Mary HADFIELD dead

Hayfield   Thomas WATERHOUSE two shirts for his sons

              Maria GODDARD and family Ashton under Lyne removal

              William OLDHAM alias WAGSTAFF . Hattersley in Ashton under Lyne Union, found perishing in a coal pit. Typhus.

Beard       Joshua BOWDEN

Beard Overseers order James GARSIDE to support the bastard of Maria GODDARD

Beard      Sarah JOULE left Ardwick in a state of destitution

                Bridgett EDGE remove to Bollington

Beard       Joseph LEES

Hayfield     Sally CASH

Margaret MASON`s son to find out earnings

Hayfield  Ann BENNET`s son to support her

Hayfield   Martha GEE 2/6 weekly

                 Azariah SHAW 7/- weekly

Beard Hannah GARRAT delivered of a bastard, Mary GARRAT her mother applied for her relief

Beard      Martha WARRAND 2/6 temporary relief

                Thomas ARDERN

Beard       John PENNY - overseer to find lodgings for

Hayfield William HADFIELD

                Joseph PEARSON summoned for his rates

Mellor    Jane RATCLIFF - Jane RATCLIFF's son Joseph to support mother

Mellor Hannah GORMAN been in fever ward and her bedding burnt, asks for new bedding

Hayfield  William HADFIELD's wife has given a false statement

                Margaret MASON 2/-

Disley  Sarah LEAH allowed 10/- in consequence of mill stoppage (Mr James ASHTON's)

 Stockport  Lucy SHAW to take Settlement Examination

                Mille GEE pay rise, club pay reduced

                Esther TOMMINS  funeral expenses for child

William HIGGINBOTTOM's wife and children allowed relief, legal steps to compel father to support family

Wigan       Hannah WILSON of Standish, to write to Wigan to attend to her case

Mellor        Hesketh SHUFFLEBOTTOM flannel shirts

Beard        Sarah JOULE  clogs and peticoat for her and her two little children

                 John GREGORY 7/- more by way of loan

                Mary GARRATT 7/6 weekly, clogs for Hannah

                Joseph BATE 8/- loan

                John OPENSHAW relief one week longer

                James BEAUMONT  allowed one shirt, and clogs for wife

Hayfield    William HADFIELD to show Overseers why he does not allow his wife and children 4/- according to his agreement.

                 Mille GEE  club pay was not reduced -relief to former amount

Beard William HIGGINBOTTOM summoned as to why he does not support his family and prior to summons to ascertain whether Mr FLETCHER a tailor, at Poynton Lane Ends has offered William HIGGINBOTTOM constant work provided he would remove his family to thay place

Disley        Hannah WILSON  suspended order be taken out

Hayfield      Edward BURGESS  Examination and report

A threatening letter or notice having been received by one of the Beard Overseers Mr GREGORY and one of similar import having been posted in New Mills both of which notices were this day produced to the Board. Ordered that the Clerk lay the same before the Magistrates that they may take such steps as to the circumstances may require, and that he further state to the Bench that it has been reported to the Board  that Air Guns are secretly manufactured on Mr John POTTS premises.

Hayfield     Ann BENNETT 1/6 till further orders

Beard         James HOOLEY  5/- loan

Hayfield     Elizabeth BENNETT  arrears of pay

Beard          John SWINDELL 3/- temporary relief

Disley        Mille BOTTOMS   1/6 till further orders

 Nov 1838 

Mellor       Betty ROBINSON fever

Mellor       Maria GODDARD allowedd 16/- to return to employ at Ashton

Mellor         Geo HARROP  jailed for neglect, liberated

Mellor       Sarah JOULE house and furniture procured by Relieving Officer 3 pr clogs, 14 yds calico, 4pair stockings.

Mellor       Graham HADFIELD  2/- relief allowed.

Disley       George WILLIAMSON allowed 3/6

Disley        Sarah LEAH 10/- temp. relief

Beard         Betty SUMNER allowed 6d for some straw for a mattress

Beard         John GREGORY  temporary relief 8/-

Beard        Hannah GARRATT   3/6 two weeks

Beard        John PENNY for lodging   

Disley        Thos ARDERN     3/-

Disley        Joseph ARNOLD belongs Rainow, 5/- temp relief

Beard         John OPENSHAW.  Mr. PRICE will find him work tomorrow morning  5/-  

Beard         Johanna THORNELEY 2 shirts, one pair of clogs for son, one for herself and one for dau

Beard          George HARROP     allowed 6/- temp relief

Wormhill      Ann EYRE, case must be reported to Wormhill Overseer if not attended to she must be removed

Beard         Ann HARROP    husband in jail for poaching allowed 8/- or until son finds work   

Hayfield      Martha GEE 2/-

Hayfield      Martha DANAND  2/-

Mellor       Randall RATCLIFF     3/-

 26 Nov 1838

Beard  Mary MORGAN 2 shifts, 2 peticiates,2 frocks, 2 pinafores, 2 pairs of stockings and one pair of clogs 

Mellor  Betty BROADBENT  4/- and Medical Officer to attend.

Beard  Joseph BATE  10/- as a loan

Mellor  Azariah SHAW 7/- a week for two weeks longer as a loan

Beard  Ellen SIMPSON clothing for her children, namely four shirts 1 frock 2 pairs of clogs repaired and 2/- towards the repair of her own shoes.

Beard  George HARROP  6/- temporary relief

John GREGORY  Bakewell Guardians  be written to regarding him.

Beard  Johanna THORNELEY  4/- temporary relief

Beard  Joseph STAFFORD 5/- temporary relief and that the Officers immediately take the necessary steps to obtain Magistrates Orders upon his son for his Maintenance.

3 Dec 1838

Disley  Thomas WHITEHEAD allowed 15/6 for burying his son.

Mellor  Teresa ALLEN  destitute.

Beard. Ann BATE received 4/-

Beard. Edward POTTS allowed 2/6 

Beard. Maria GODDARD 10/- temporary relief

Beard. Wm HIGGINBOTTOM and family to receive a visit by Relieving Officer who would then report.

Beard. Sarah LEAH temporary relief of 7/-

Disley. Thomas ALLEN mentioned.

Hayfield. Thomas BROWNHILL 6/- temorary relief.  Medical Officer to attend.

Beard. Peter WOOD weak intellect- the Rev Mr FREEMAN of Mellor strongly recommended his case.

Disley Henry COTTRIL supplied with clothing to the amount of 20/-

Beard. Betty SUMNER a new night cap,peticoat and shift value 5/-

Beard. John OPENSHAW allowed 10/- temporary relief

Relieving Officer to call upon Anthony POTT and inform him that unless he attends strictly to the instructions of the Medical Officer his pay will be discontinued.

(Mention is made earlier of Anthony POTT of Mellor, no further details.)