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A One Name Study is rarely the sole product of one individuals research and my study is no exception. For patient correction of my "miss" transcriptions of many early Wills and other Documents and for transcribing those in Latin I owe special thanks to Ron Smith of Bolton Lancs(BFHS).
I also owe many thanks to David White for his extractions of the Baptisms, Marriages and Burials of Spanswick's from Burbage, Easton Royal, Pewsey and Savernake, in Wiltshire and his help in looking up references at Wiltshire Record Office. To Brian Spanswick for his support in researching the Welsh branches of the Spanswick's. And special thanks to the staff at Berkshire Record Office, Wiltshire Record Office, the London Metropolitan Archive, Westminster Archive, Hampshire Record Office, National Archive Kew, Thompson Gale for the Index to the Times, British Library Newpaper Digitalisation Projects, the Scotsman Newspaper, Wiltshire Record Society, and to many kind individuals who have highlighted errors and ommissions in my research and forwarded on corrections and much valued supplementary information.

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