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On 9th May 1951 Beatrice Maud Mason nee Hopkins wife of Thomas George Mason died. She left a small legacy, which in part funded solicitiors fees, expended in the search to track down long all her lost relatives and resulted in a mass of Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates. In 1983 while visiting my great aunt Edna (Crossman) nee Southwood, who then lived near Chcichester, I discovered the certificates packed in an envelope forgotten in the attic . These and a large family tree drawn up by my great aunt, gave me a head start in putting together this branch of my ancestry.

It soon became clear that Beatrice was the daughter of Ellen Florence Dutillieul and Silvester Jacob Hopkins who had married at St Pancras Church in 1854.

This was not the first time I had heard of a "Dutillieul" connection. My great grandfather James Southwood had named his house "Dutillieul" and a "portrait" in an Oval Frame of a gentleman called William Dutillieul (see photograph further down the page)in Regency attire had been passed down the family and hung over the fireplace, in my Great Aunts bungalow.

Sabina Mertens nee Dutillieul My own Dutillieul links start the 7th April 1850 when Sabina Dutillieul (see photograph left) sister of Ellen Florence Dutillieul and William John Mertens were married in the Parish Church of St. Marylebone, Middlesex, London (for further details of William and Sabina's descendents see the Mertens Webpages).

In the 1851 Census Sabina (newly married) and her two brothers have been traced to St Andrew Marylebone Ref HO107 1486 798/2, albeit spelt as Deutilleaul.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionMaleFemRank, Profession,Where Born
of FamilyAgeAgeor Occupation
William MertensHeadMar20PorterLambeth
Sabina MertensWifeMar22Middlesex
Edward DeutillieulVisitorU20PrinterMiddlesex
William Do.Do.U15EngraverMiddlesex

Sabina Dutillieul had at least five other brothers and sisters :

(1)Annette Dutillieul married William Woodard a Gas Fitter at the Parish Church of St George Hanover Square 19th May 1860. They are known to have had at least seven children:(i)William Edward Benjamin Woodard, born 5th March 1861 at 1 Shepherds Place, Lees Place Hanover Square;(ii) Charles James Woodard born 12th January 1866, 1 Shepherds Place, Upper Brook St.Geo.Hanover Sq , who married Elizabeth Webb ; (iii)Thomas Benjamin Backhouse Woodard; (iv) Florence Annette Woodard who married Henry Arthur Coggan 11th August 1890 at St.Marylebone Parish Church; (v)William Woodard;(vi)Eliza Woodard; (vii)Ellen Jeanette Woodard born 27th May 1870, at 1 Shepherds Court, St. Geo. Hanover Sq and married Samuel Arthur Barber 22nd December 1893 at St Marylebone Parish Church.

Ellen Hopkins nee Dutillieul with daughter Beatrice (2)Ellen Florence Dutillieul who was born c.1830 (see photograph on the left with daughter Beatrice Hopkin's), married 25th June 1854 to Silvester Jacob Hopkins at St Pancras Church.
They had three daughters: (i) Florence Hopkins (1856-1932) who married Charles Darke Day [?] a Glass Merchant;(ii) Beatrice Maud Hopkins (c.1873-1951) who's legacy resulted in so much research in the 1950's and who married Thomas George Mason at Holy Trinity Haverstock Hill, Pancras, on 17th July 1897; and (iii) Ellen Susannah Hopkins ( ? - 1943) who married a Mr. Holloway. None of three Hopkins children is known to have had any decendants.

(3)Edward Edwin Dutillieul (born c.1830 ), a Lithographer , who married Catherine Birchmore 1st November 1854 at St Pancras Church. They are known to have had nine children: Edwin James Dutillieul (1856-c1910) ; Madeline Sabina Dutillieul (1857-1944) who married 1st in 1879 at the Sardinian Chapel, St Giles, Middlesex, to Charles MacDermott, and 2nd to George Thomas Cressy c.1882; Arthur William Dutillieul born 26th January 1860 st 30, Hunter Street, St Pancras and who married Minnie Brown on 14th May 1899 at St Leonards Shoreditch , he is believed to have emigrated the Caspar California USA c.1906 possibly under the name of Arthur William Rutland; William Thomas Dutillieul born (1861-1941) at 33, Sandwich St, Pancras, and who married Clara Jane Griffiths on the 18th January 1883 at St Andrews Holborn (decendants of William Thomas Dutillieul live in California, USA); Frederick George Dutillieul (c1863-c1949); Henry Charles Dutillieul (1864-1908); Thomas Herbert Dutillieul (1869-1910) who married Louisa Agnes Strong c.1873 ; Kate Priscilla Dutillieul who married at St John's Waterloo Rd, Lambeth Michael John Nuding 12th August 1896 and emigrated to the USA (possibly Brooklyn New York); and Alfred John Dutillieul (1874-c.1953) who is believed to also have been known as Fred Lloyd.

(4)William Dutillieul born c.1821-1825 , a Music Engraver, married 18th February 1844 at St. Andrews Holborn to Elizabeth Reeves. Only one child , Elizabeth Dutillieul who died aged only 4 months in 1844 has been traced.

William and Elizabeth Dutillieul, 1851 Census
Marylebone, All Souls, Charles Street (H0107 1486/469 Page 42)

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionMaleFemRank, Profession,Where Born
of FamilyAgeAgeor Occupation
William DutillieulHeadMar29Music EngraverMiddlesex Chelsea
ElizabethWifeMar34NeedlewomanDitto St Pancras

Elizabeth Dutillieul appears once more,in the 1861 Census
Westminster, St. James, Middlesex 373 (Oxford Street, H07 1483/5 Page 3)

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionMaleFemRank, Profession,Where Born
of FamilyAgeAgeor Occupation
Charles HowleHeadMar50Tailor (Master)Shropshire, Edgmond
Mary HowleWifeMar44Shropshire, Wellington
Letitia HowleDauUn22Shropshire, Wellington
Charles H HowleSonUn21Tailor (Journeyman)Shropshire, Wellington
Charlotte HowleDau13ScholarMiddlesex, St.James Westminster
Louisa HowleDau4Middlesex, St.James Westminster
William Lyndymor [?]LodgerUn23Tailor (Journeyman)Germany
John BrewerLodgerUn21Tailor (Do)Wiltshire, Chippenham
Elizabeth DutillieulLodgerMar32DressmakerMiddlesex St.James Westminster

(5)Finally Charlotte Henrietta Dutillieul who married James Leahy at St Pancras Church September 7th 1868 with William and Eliza Woodard (Charlotte's sister and brother in law acting as the witness). There is as unproven tradition that one of Sabina's sisters emigrated to Australia, possibly this was Charlotte.

William Dutillieul

The parents of Sabina and her five brothers and sisters were William (Joseph) Dutillieul (c.1799-1845), a music engraver, (who's picture appears on the left) and Henrietta Brooksbank (c.1799-1867). They were married the 11th December 1820 at St Anne Soho, Westminster.

But despite searching for many years, so far I've been unable to discover a baptismal record for any of the six children, or for William Dutillieul or Henrietta Brooksbank. There are no additional clues in the 1841 Census (below) where the family surname appears as Dutillieue.

Dutillieul family in the 1841 Census
Marylebone St.Pancras, Queen St. (HO 107/681/2 13)

NameMaleFemale ProfessionBorn in
AgeAgesame County
Wm. Dutillieue40Music EngraverN
Wm. 15Y

I had started with somewhat contradictory family "legends". One story claims that William's father had fled the French Revolution settling in London. While another states that William and Henrietta met at boarding school in France.
Henrietta was apparently Irish, certainly Catholic, she had red hair, and was incidentally a good singer.
In addition, during a discussion between Mr. Mason (a couple of years after the death of his wife Beatrice) and my great aunt Edna Crossman nee Southwood, a "romantic" story of a Count Dutillieul* was mentioned and Florence "Florrie" Day nee Hopkins was said to have gone to Paris to try and trace a Dutillieul estate.

Could any of the above be true ?
I've not traced Henrietta in the 1851 Census, but believe I have located her in the 1861.

Henrietta Dutillieul 1861 Census
Municipal Ward St.Pancras No.8 , 48 Hastings Street (RG9/104 Page 60)

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionMaleFemRank of ProfessionWhere Born
of FamilyAgeAge
Ann DutillientHeadWidow59Mantle MakerSpain B Subject

I've tried the usual sources, of Regimental registers, and Consular registers without success, and so any suggestions on how to find a Birth in Spain c.1799 to 1800 would be welcome !

Returning to the Dutillieul family, in 2003 I was contacted by Alex Wood who's son in law is another Dutilliuel descendant and who has inherited William Joseph Dutillieul's apprenticeship bond of 1819, which is between Charles Maund of Stephen Street (St Pancras) and William's father, a Thomas Dutillieul of Ebury St (St Georges) ‘ To learn the mystery and art of music engraving’. Alex was also able to tell me that the Dutillieul family also used the surname Dutillion

And then in 2005, thanks to the brilliant indexing of the Times Newspaper (by Thomson Gale) the following property advertisement (previous unindexed) which confirmed the use of "Dutillion" :

10th July 1819 - From the Times (Thomson Gale Index)

A genteel Cottage and Estates, Chelsea, within 1 mile of Buckingham-house.- By HARWOOD and SON, at Garraway's, on Thursday, July 15, at 12, in 2 lots,
A Genteel detached Cottage-residence, held for 90 years, at no ground-rent, and contains 2 good sleeping-rooms, parlour, drawing-room, 2 kitchens, good domestic offices, brew-house, stable, and large gardens planted with fruit-trees and shrubs, most desirably situate No.19, a short distance from Ebury-street, Chelsea; combining the comforts of a retired situation with the advantages of a neighbourhood, now in the occupation of the proprietor, who will give early possession: four Dwelling-houses and Shops adjoining, being Nos.20, 21, 22, and 23, Ebury-street, and a Cottage behind, in the occupation of Messrs. Edmonds, Dutillion, Smith, Cutler, and Wilmot : held for 60 years. May be viewed 6 days preceding the sale by leave of the tenants, when particulars may be had; at the the place of sale; and of the auctioneers, Chelsea.

So why no records of baptism ? Well I've only theory to go on at the moment, if the Dutillieul's fled France as a result of the Revolution they were almost certainly of the Catholic faith.

From the publication London Recusant (Vol 3 Published 1973) came the following
The Assignment of Priests in the London District 1814
Status of London District
Chelsea Priest Voyaux de Franous aged 52 [?] French
No of Catholics 500
Taken from the Files of the Propaganda - Rome

There appear to have been two centres for French Emigrees in London :- Somers Town (the registers of which have been transcribed and are available at the Society of Geneologists, in which no Dutillieul's or variants found); the second centre is precisely where the Dutillieul family were located in 1819, Chelsea. The registers of births of this French community in have not been transcribed and are deposited at the French Diplomatic Archive in Nantes. These records have now been searched, they cover several London Chapels (King Street, Chelsea, St.George's Fields, Paddington Street, Fitzroy Square, as well as Southampton, Jersey, Bath, Romsey etc. Only one Du Tillieul was found - a re-registration of the marriage of Marie Jacqueline du Tillieul - containing a lot more details than we would expect in an English marriage record - see below.
From 1815 onwards, with the restoration of the monarchy, many emigrees returned to France, and their records, consequently, moved with them.
However, while any record of a Birth might be out of reach, records of Marriage and Burial would most likely to be in the established Church.

A search of St.Lukes Chelsea records turned up the following additional information

Damas Dutellieu of this Parish Bachelor & Mary Costriff, Widow, of the same Parish were Married in this Church by Banns this Tenth Day of October in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Six By me E. Middleton Curate.
This Marriage was solemnized between us Damas Dutillieu The Mark + of Mary Costriff
in the Presence of John Henry [?], Geo Goodyer .

Burial (checked March 1790 to 24th June 1821)
19 Dec 1798 Sophia Dutilieu
24 Nov 1814 John Duttelleau of George Street aged 12

Could Thomas and Damas be related ? Or even be the same person ?

I've been advised Damase Dutillieul and was born in France (North) May 13 1774 and died at Douai, in France, June 24 1833.

And from Lille 20 March 1849 I have been sent a Dutillieul obituary with a Chelsea connection
Henriette died yesterday. She was born in Chelsea. Her father was Damase and her mother Marie. Her husband is Crispin Leutry.

They had married at St.Anne Soho on 28th October 1830 a Harriett Dutillieul married Crispin Leuty

Lastly I have one other possible "stray" Dutillieul reference, Jane Dutreuil who was buried aged 73, February 9th, 1839, at St.Mark Myddelton Square, London. She was living at 7, Upper Clerkenwell St., and was described as the widow of George Dutreuil. Finally her death was witnessed by her son in law, Benj. Draeger

While great fun to speculate, its highly unsatisfactory from a geneological perspective to have so many loose ends. The only certainty is that William Dutillieul died relatively young on 10th April 1845 at 17, Hanway Street, All Souls, Marylebone, aged 45. While Henrietta his widow, died in 1867 aged 67. A copy of her Memorial Card (also recovered from my great aunts attic in 1983) can be seen below:

Henrietta Dutillieul's (formerly Brooksbank)Memorial Card 1867

As a final note there is one further reference to the appearance of the Dutillieul surname in London. A marriage took place at St.Mary Marylebone on the 29th May 1798 between Mary Jacqueline Josephin Dutilieul and Ambrosie Masselin + which was also recorded in London, chapelle des Saints-Anges, London Street (Fitzroy Square), 31 July 1802 (source Christophe Bouyer- Archives diplomatiques francasies).

This day thirty first July thousand eight hundred and two, in front of us undersigned Guy Toussaint Julien Carron, priest, director of the Holy Angels chapel in London, went in Mr. Pierre Ambroise Masselin and Mrs. Marie Jacqueline du Tilleul his wife; who have asked us to write down into the registers their marriage celebrated the twenty-ninth of May thousand seven hundred ninety-eight, assuring to us that the reason why they did not do at that time is that they ignored that there was an open register for that matter. We have accepted their desire the more so as they were accompanied by Mr. Jean-Francois Hedin, parish priest of Ecaquelon, diocese of Rouen, by Mr. Joseph Barbe, by Mr. Richard Heaton Solly esquire, and by Mr. Jean Lecouflet, priest, undersigned; the first one as having given the nuptial benediction, and the three others as having been witnesses of the ceremony. Consequently we have written the following record of their marriage.
This day twenty-ninth of May thousand seven hundred ninety-eight, we undersigned Jean Francois Hedin, parish priest of Ecaquelon, dean of the deanery of Pont-Audemer, diocese of Rouen, duly authorized by Mr. the abbe de Goyon general vicar of His Eminence Lord Cardinal de La Rochefoucault, archbishop of Rouen, and of most illustrious and most reverend Mr. Jean Douglass bishop of Centurie and apostolic vicar of the district of London, after have deferred the ceremony of betrothal until the moment of the nuptial benediction, have received the promise of marriage of Mr. Pierre Ambroise Masselin, aged about thirty-one, born in the said parish of Ecaquelon, legitimate son of Ambroise Masselin and of Marie-Anne Grouard, both from the same said parish, on the one hand ; and of Miss Marie Jacqueline du Tilleul, aged about thirty, born in Ath in Hainaut, diocese of Cambray, legitimate daughter of Alexis du Tilleul, and of Marie-Francoise Dormal, from the parish St-Julien in Ath, on the other hand; and immediately after having received from the said Pierre Ambroise Masselin and Marie Jacqueline du Tilleul their mutual consent in word and presence, according to the rite of the Roman apostolic Catholic Church ; we have administered them the nuptial benediction in front of Mr. Richard Heaton Solly esquire, of Mr. Jean Lecouflet, priest, of Mr. Joseph Barbe, priest from the diocese of Paris, who have signed with us and the husband and the wife.

Maybe the stories of my ancestors fleeing from France during the French Revolution has a grain of truth after all. I would certainly like to think so!


* A copy of a letter sent by my great aunt Edna Crossman nee Southwood to her Aunt Maud (formerly Mertens) dated 20th February 1953.

+ High Court of Chancery 1851 "Harrison v. Masselin" refers to Pierre Jacques Ambroise Masselin who died in 1849