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My Leighton Links

My Leighton links begin with Elizabeth or Elisabeth Leighton, my Great Great Grandmother, who was born in Ireland c.1834 and married my Great Great Grandfather Charles Gemmell a Cattle dealer and later Ship's Steward, at Largs, in Ayrshire. (More details of my Gemmell links are available here

"Charles Gemmill of this parish and Elisabeth Leighton of the Parish of Largs gave in their names on Saturday 31st December 1853 and after proclamation on two days were married." .

A torn photograph of Elizabeth Gemmell nee Leighton can be seen below, (kindly identifed by Allan Campbell) possibly taken c.1901 after the death of her husband Charles in Mexico.

Elisabeth Leighton

And Elizabeth aged 36, with husband Charles and family appears in the 1871 Census for Largs, Ayrshire Vol.602. Address - Main Street

NameRelation toAge OccupationPlace of Birth in
Head of House
Charles GemmellHead married35DealerIreland
Elizabeth GemmellWife - married36Dealers WifeIreland
William GemmellSon12UnemployedWest Kilbride, Ayrshire
Agnes GemmellDaughter10ScholarIreland
Margaret A GemmellDaughter8ScholarIreland
Elizabeth GemmellDaughter3Largs

Elizabeth Gemmell nee Leighton died 16th October, 1921, at 54 Scott Street, Glasgow of "Extreme Old Age Artirio Sclerosis", widow of Charles Gemmell cattle dealer. Details were supplied by her son Wm. Gemmell of 46 Raeberry Street, but who provided an age of 80, rather than at least 86 years of age. Her death certificate also provides her parents names, Samuel Leighton Labourer (deceased) and Letitia Leighton nee Findlay (deceased).

Samuel Leighton (my Great Great Great Grandfather), his son (also Samuel) and Jane Mathews (his then wife) can be found on the 1861 Census for Largs, Ayrshire Vol.602. Address - 47 Main Street

NameRelation toAge OccupationPlace of Birth in
Head of House
Samuel LeightonHead Mar71Day LabourerIreland Co Antrim
Jane MathewsWife - Mar72Day Labourer WifeIreland Co. Antrim
Samuel LeightonSon Un25Tailor JourneymanIreland Co Antrim

The Statutory Records add :
The younger Samuel Leighton died 8th February 1862, aged 26 at Main Street Largs, of Pthisis. The informant was his father Samuel - his mother being Letitia Leighton nee Finlay.

The Elder Samuel Leighton died 9.45 pm at 22 Main Street, Largs of heart disease and dropsy, aged 77 years. He is described as a "Pauper (formerly a Flesher)" or formerly a Butcher. The informant, his daughter Elizabeth Gemmell (my Great Great Grandmother above) provided details of his parents, James Leighton, a Farmer (deceased) and Marggret Leighton nee Hendry (deceased).

Allan Campbell is confident that Samuel was a butcher at Largs, and operated out of premises on the Main Street (possibly keeping cattle in a field prior to slaughter).

This then is currently all the information I have for my Leighton ancestry.