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Old Newspapers, Directories, Poll Books, etc. Wanted

Since the year 2000 I have collected a wide variety of original printed English language sources for family history. The collection includes newpapers, directories, poll books, and government reports. Coverage is mainly for England and Scotland, with some for Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Jamaica.

I would be interested to hear from anyone with original volumes of British, Irish, South African, Indian, and Jamaican newspapers up until 1880. Also any London Police Gazettes 1772 - 1863 and 1914 - 1939, and copies of the Irish Police Gazette, or Hue and Cry dated before 1922. South African newspapers and Gazette's pre 1890. New Zealand Police Gazette's pre 1920 (except for 1911).

Volumes of the Dublin Gazette 1830's - 1880's (excluding 1848 and part of 1849); Royal Jamaica Gazette (any volume); Edinburgh Gazette's; Cape of Good Hope Gazette; and volumes of the Era Newspaper (theatre coverage) would be of particular interest.

Other Newspaper titles I collect include : Atlas, Bell's Weekly Messenger; Bell's Life in London; County Herald; Courier; Daily Courant; The Era; Evening Chronicle; Evening Mail; London Chronicle; The Globe; Guardian (pre 1870); John Bull (after 1830); Morning Chronicle; Morning Post; Morning Advertiser; New Times; Nautical Standard; Nonconformist; Northern Star; Observer; Patriot; Satirist; St James Chronicle; The Sun; Bedford Mercury; Berkshire Chronicle; Reading Mercury; Windsor and Eton Express; Bucks Advertiser; Chester Chronicle; Macclesfield Chronicle; Cornwall Royal Gazette, Falmouth Packet; Exeter Flying Post; The Alfred; Dorset County Chronicle; Chelmsford Chronicle; Essex Herald; Bristol Mercury; Cheltenham Chronicle; Hampshire Chronicle; Hereford Journal; Herts County Press; Kentish Gazette; Maidstone Gazette; Maidstone Mercury; Lancaster Gazette / Gazetteer; Liverpool Mercury; Manchester Advertiser; Preston Chronicle; Leicester Journal; Stamford Mercury; Norfolk Chronicle; Norwich Mercury; Northampton Mercury; Newcastle Courant; Nottingham Journal; Oxford Chronicle; Shrewsbury Chronicle; The Salopian; Bath Chronicle; Taunton Courier; Staffordshire Advertiser; Ipswich Journal; Bury and Norwich Post; Suffolk Chronicle; Birmingham Journal; Midland Counties Herald; Westmoreland Gazette; Salisbury and Winchester Journal; Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette; Berrow's Worcester Journal; Worcester Herald; Hull Packet; Leeds Intelligencer; York Courant; Yorkshire Gazette; Aberdeen Journal; Caledonian Mercury; Edinburgh Evening Courant; Edinburgh Advertiser; Glasgow Courier; etc !

Directories Ireland
Looking for a copy of Henderson's 1846 Belfast Directory (I have a damaged copy missing pages 1- 170 and 235 - 246) so another damaged copy that filled in the gaps would be of interest.
Also looking for a damaged copy of Pigot's City of Dublin and Hibernian Provincial Directory 1824 (I am missing pages 313 - 320)
Also wanted Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory Of Ireland for years 1870, 1881, 1894 (I have an original bound copy for Belfast only), and 1903.

Directories UK
Looking for Kelly's London 1841 and copies of the Universal British Directory inc list of Liverymen

Voters Lists
I have UK and Ireland Voters lists from the 1830's - always interested to hear of earlier and later examples.

And over recent years there have been a number of auction sales of historic newspapers. While I don't want to buy these newspapers - I would like to explore the possibility to digitalise them (I am digitalising my own collection).

In particular I'd be interested to hear from the collector(s) who purchased :

At Dominic Winter June 2009
A collection of over a hundred miscellaneous newspapers from the 17th, 18th & 19th c., including over fifty from the 18th c., including Evening Post, Northampton Mercury, London Chronicle, Daily Advertiser, Morning Post, Hull Packet, York Herald, York Chronicle, London Gazette, Whitehall Evening Post, etc., some twenty-eight issues of The Observator, 1681-1683, together with three issues of The Present State of Europe for 1691, also included are defective issues of The Police Gazette and the Mafeking Mail siege papers"

At Gorringes February 2009
Two copies of the 1888 Police News detailing the Jack the Ripper murders, together with eleven copies of the Police Gazette July to September 1828

At Dominic Winter 2004
The Cirencester Flying-Post, April 2, 1744-Dec. 15, 1746

At H&H Auction Rooms 2009
Various bound volumes of the Carlisle Patriot

At Lawrences of Bletchingly April 2010
Large quantity of late 18th and early 19th Century newspapers including The Review The Selector The Independent Whig Windsor and Eton Express The Englishman The New Times Sunday Morning Herald and various others

Bamford's - Lot 1096 - Derbyshire - Newspapers - Derby Postman, Vol. I nos. 26 (25/5/1721) & 32 (6/7/1721),British Spy, or Derby Postman Vol., I Nos. III (20/4/1727) & XXIV (28/9/1727); Vol. III Nos. CLXXV (8/10/1730), CLXXVIII (29/10/1730), CLXXXVII (31/12/1730) & CLXXXVIII (7/1/1730/1); The Derby Mercury, Vol. XLIII Nos. 2183 (11-18/2/1774) &2205 (15-22/7/1774); Vols. XLV Nos. 2283 (12-19/1/1776) & 2297 (19-26/4/1776) & Vol. XLIX No. 2514 (30/6-7/7/1780) (13) Sold for �520 [?] March 2011

Fonsie Mealy - Lot 201 - Dublin Chronicle in Auction 13th December 2016

Final note if any UK Library or Archive has a working Book Scanner, surplus to requirements, I would be very keen to hear from you.

Best Regards hope this attempt to "reach out" to other enthusiasts works
R.J. Heaton - 23rd December 2016