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Hotels, Public Houses, Inns and Beer Houses

Hotels, Inns, Pubs, and Beer houses, they all feature frequently in British newspapers. You'll find from the references below, that they functioned not merely as places to drink, eat, and sleep, but offered quite diversified services. Typical of these are: providing as meeting places for hosting Clubs and Societies (such as Friendly Societies); meetings for coroners inquests; as Coaching Stops (for passengers, goods, and mail); and as Adhoc Notice boards and advertising distributors (hand bills for goods, animals, and properties). And while you might not find your ancestor (the Landlord or Landlady is not always mentioned), you will get an understanding of the activities they'd been involved with.

You only need shut your eyes to join the noise and bustle, smells of beer, people, and tobacco smoke, the hustlers, sharpers, thieves, and regulars at the bar. And its easy to add the well thumbed copies of Provincial and London newspapers arriving by stage-coach, and made available to the more literate (and possibly sober !) customers to browse.

Below in alphabetical order is an index of all such vital establishments Iíve included in my transcripts (as usual click on the name for the link to the page). References appear as "Sun Inn", "Bull Inn", rather than "The Sun Inn" or "The Bull Inn" for (hopefully) obvious reasons:

Best of luck.

Name of Establishment
Date of Issue Name of Inn, Pub, etc. Town/Village County/Country
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Inn,Pub,etc. name
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July 7th, 1788Abingdon ArmsWestburyWilts
November 4th 1782Abingdon ArmsWestburyWilts
May 8, 1826Albion House TavernAldersgateLondon
June 7, 1821Albion TavernAldersgate streetLondon
May 16th, 1825Albion TavernAldersgate-streetLondon
April 18, 1814AnchorBrightonSussex
April 24th, 1756AnchorIpswichSuffolk
15th March, 1806AnchorNewport-PagnellBuckinghamshire
October 10, 1825AnchorRedbridgeHampshire
April 24th, 1756AnchorWiggenhall Saint German's
September 24, 1827Anchor and HopeSalisburyWilts
May 30th, 1825Anchor and Hope InnLymingtonHampshire
1st June, 1812Anchor InnElingHampshire
December 27, 1819Anchor InnElingHampshire
24th August, 1812Anchor InnHorshamSussex
28th September, 1812Anchor InnRedbridgeHampshire
April 2, 1827Anchor InnRedbridgeHampshire
December 27, 1819Anchor InnRedbridge
December 27th, 1819Anchor InnRedbridge
March 2, 1818Anchor InnRopeley DeanHampshire
June 11, 1827Anchor InnSwanwichDorset
July 6th, 1812Anchor InnWarminsterWilts
Jun 29th, 1812Anchor InnWestbury LeighWilts
November 13th, 1707Anderton's Coffee HouseFleet-streetLondon
28th June 1764AngelBewdleyWorcestershire
October 4th, 1806AngelBury
July 22nd 1782AngelLymington
March 28, 1825AngelLymingtonHampshire
June 20, 1833AngelMalmesburyWilts
15th March, 1806AngelNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
August 5th 1782AngelOxfordOxfordshire
March 30, 1812AngelPurtonWilts
22nd June, 1812AngelWarminsterWiltshire
July 7th, 1788AngelWoolhamptonBerkshire
April 1, 1756AngelWorcesterWorcestershire
August 9, 1813Angel [?]GosportHampshire
May 23rd, 1825Angel and Crown InnFromeSomerset
May 16th, 1825Angel HotelLymingtonHampshire
May 8, 1826Angel HotelLymingtonHampshire
2nd March, 1805Angel InnCarltonBedfordshire
24th August, 1812Angel InnChardSomerset
Feb.14, 1833Angel InnChippenhamWilts
Feb.21, 1833Angel InnChippenhamWilts
July 7th, 1788Angel InnChippenhamWilts
June 21, 1827Angel InnChippenhamWilts
June 21, 1827Angel InnChippenhamWilts
Nov 30th, 1813Angel InnChippenhamWilts
Nov 7, 1833Angel InnChippenhamWilts
October 17, 1825Angel InnChippenhamWilts
March 23, 1826Angel InnChippenham ?Wilts
14th October, 1782Angel InnColefordGloucestershire
February 28th, 1785Angel InnFishertonWilts
June13th, 1825Angel InnFishertonWilts
Aug 26th 1782Angel InnFisherton AngerWilts
June 25, 1827Angel InnFisherton AngerWilts
September 10, 1827Angel InnFisherton AngerWilts
August 14th, 1707Angel InnHalifaxYorkshire
August 5th 1782Angel InnIsle of WightHampshire
14th July, 1791Angel InnKidderminsterWorcestershire
24th August, 1812Angel InnLymingtonHampshire
26th August, 1782Angel InnLymingtonHampshire
Aug 26th 1782Angel InnLymington
July 7th, 1788Angel InnLymingtonHampshire
15th March, 1806Angel InnMarket-HarboroughNorthamptonshire
20th November, 1802Angel InnMarket-HarboroughLeicestershire
May 14th, 1796Angel InnMarket-HarboroughLeicestershire
June 11, 1827Angel InnMarlboroughWilts
20th November, 1802Angel InnNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
3rd December, 1803Angel InnNorwichNorfolk
Dec. 30th, 1790Angel InnOxfordOxfordshire
Feb.21, 1833Angel InnPurtonWilts
March 3, 1831Angel InnPurtonWilts
June 18, 1827Angel InnRomseyHampshire
20th November, 1802Angel InnStiltonHuntingdonshire
May 7, 1798Angel InnTadcasterYorkshire
March 30, 1812Angel InnTetburyGloucestershire
8th June, 1812Angel InnWarminsterWiltshire
August 8, 1825Angel InnWarminsterWilts
December 20, 1813Angel InnWarminsterWilts
December 27, 1819Angel InnWarminsterWilts
March 23, 1818Angel InnWarminsterWilts
November 3, 1817Angel InnWarminsterWilts
20th November, 1802Angel InnWellingboroughNorthamptonshire
8th March, 1813AntelopeDorchesterDorset
Nov 30th, 1813AntelopePooleDorset
June 23, 1823AntelopeSalisburyWilts
Sep 2nd 1782AntelopeUphaven
October 22, 1827AntelopeWeymouthDorset
December 27th, 1819Antelope HotelPooleDorset
21st September, 1812Antelope InnDorchesterDorset
Nov 16th, 1812Antelope InnDorchesterDorset
Nov 30th, 1813Antelope InnDorchesterDorset
18th January, 1813Antelope InnPooleDorset
August 27, 1827Antelope InnPooleDorset
Jan 11th, 1813Antelope InnPooleDorset
June 7, 1819Antelope InnPooleDorset
February 19, 1827Antelope InnRingwoodHampshire
August 1, 1825Antelope InnRingwood Hampshire
15th June, 1812Antelope InnSalisburyWiltshire
21st December, 1812Antelope InnSalisburyWilts
July 26, 1813Antelope InnSalisburyWilts
March 9, 1812Antelope InnSalisburyWilts
18th January, 1813Antelope InnSherborneDorset
28th September, 1812Antelope InnSherborneDorset
July 22nd 1782Antelope InnSherborne
27th August, 1870Antrim Arms HotelPortrushIreland
Sep 2nd 1782Arabian HorseRowdeWilts
October, 15, 1796Artichoke InnMoultonNorthamptonshire
March 3, 1831Arundel ArmsDonhead St.AndrewWilts
August 6, 1827Arundell Arms InnDonheadWilts
September 24, 1827Arundell Arms InnDonhead St.AndrewWilts
August 9, 1813Audacious and RevolutionaireGosportHampshire
February 28th, 1785Bald Faced StagWimbledon
September 19th, 1730Barley MowCovent GardenLondon
November 14, 1825Barley Mow InnSalisburyWilts
December 13, 1813Barley Mow InnWinchesterHampshire
2nd March, 1805Barley-MowPaulerspuryNorthamptonshire
May 30th, 1825Barrington ArmsShrivenhamBerkshire
October 10, 1825Barrington ArmsShrivenhamBerkshire
March 23rd, 1818Bath ArmsCrockertonWilts
April 4, 1833Bath ArmsWarminsterWilts
Jan 31, 1833Bath ArmsWarminsterWilts
June 23, 1823Bath ArmsWarminsterWilts
June 25, 1827Bath ArmsWarminsterWilts
October 14, 1826Bath ArmsWarminsterWilts
March 3, 1831Bath Arms InnWarminsterWilts
August 26th, 1811Beach HotelLittlehamptonSussex
16th May, 1765BearBroadwater
June 20, 1833BearDevizesWilts
30th May, 1813BearReadingBerkshire
July 7th, 1788BearReadingBerkshire
March 21, 1833Bear DevizesWilts
March 21, 1833Bear HungerfordBerks
October 25, 1813.Bear and CrownReadingBerks
March 21, 1833Bear InnCalneWilts
June 6, 1833Bear InnChippenhamWilts
May 23, 1833Bear InnChippenhamWilts
May 23, 1833Bear InnChippenhamWilts
Aug 24th, 1812Bear InnCirencesterGloucestershire
14th October, 1782Bear InnCold HarbourGloucestershire
15th March, 1806Bear InnDaventryNorthamptonshire
18th January, 1813Bear InnDevizesWiltshire
8th March, 1813Bear InnDevizesWiltshire
April 13, 1818Bear InnDevizesWilts
April 4, 1833Bear InnDevizesWilts
August 1, 1825Bear InnDevizesWilts
August 20, 1827Bear InnDevizesWilts
August 29, 1825Bear InnDevizesWilts
December 24, 1827Bear InnDevizesWilts
Feb.7, 1833Bear InnDevizesWilts
Jan 31, 1833Bear InnDevizesWilts
January 29, 1827Bear InnDevizesWilts
July 23, 1827Bear InnDevizesWilts
July 4, 1833Bear InnDevizesWilts
Jun 29th, 1812Bear InnDevizesWilts
June 11, 1827Bear InnDevizesWilts
June 20, 1833Bear InnDevizesWilts
June 28, 1813Bear InnDevizesWilts
March 3, 1831Bear InnDevizesWilts
November 3, 1817Bear InnDevizesWilts
October 10, 1825Bear InnDevizesWilts
October 22, 1827Bear InnDevizesWilts
October 4, 1813Bear InnDevizesWilts
April 2, 1827Bear InnHungerfordBerks
May 23, 1833Bear InnHungerfordBerks
18th January, 1813Bear InnMelkshamWiltshire
Feb.21, 1833Bear InnMelkshamWilts
February 7th, 1825Bear InnMelkshamWilts
July 4, 1833Bear InnMelkshamWilts
June 20, 1833Bear InnMelkshamWilts
June 27, 1833Bear InnMelkshamWilts
June 6, 1833Bear InnMelkshamWilts
May 23, 1833Bear InnMelkshamWilts
Nov 7, 1833Bear InnMelkshamWilts
September 27, 1813Bear InnMelkshamWilts
May 23, 1833Bear InnWantageBerks
November 17, 1817Bear InnWantageBerkshire
3rd December, 1803Bear InnYarmouthNorfolk
14th October, 1782Beaufort's-ArmsMonmouthMonmouthshire
June 23, 1823Beckford ArmsFonthillWilts
Nov 6th, 1731BellArundel-streetLondon
August 26th, 1811BellBromleyKent
3rd December, 1803BellCastle Hedingham
October 25, 1813.BellHenleyOxfordshire
February 28th, 1785BellIsle of WightHampshire
2nd March, 1805BellLittle-AddingtonNorthamptonshire
June 20, 1833BellMarlboroughWilts
August 8, 1825BellRamsburyWilts
January 29, 1827BellRomseyHampshire
21st September, 1805BellStiltonHuntingdonshire
August 2, 1819BellStokeWilts
March 23, 1826BellSwindonWilts
March 30, 1818Bell [?]RomseyHampshire
July 11th, 1826Bell and CrownHolbornLondon
May 23rd, 1825Bell and CrownPooleHampshire
April 6, 1812Bell and CrownWinchesterHampshire
Nov 30th, 1813Bell and Crown InnTaplow
May 3, 1813Bell and Crown InnWinchesterHampshire
21st December, 1812Bell and Ship InnHorndean
July 7th, 1788Bell and Shoulder of MuttonMarlboroughWilts
December 5, 1825Bell HotelShaftesburyDorset
August 2, 1819Bell InnAlresford
July 18th, 1825Bell InnAlresfordHampshire
June 7, 1819Bell InnAppleshawHampshire
August 26th, 1811Bell InnBexhill
June 25, 1827Bell InnBlandfordDorset
September 12th, 1767Bell InnBristolGloucestershire
Aug 26th 1782Bell InnBrutonSomerset
April 4, 1833Bell InnCherhillWilts
June 6, 1833Bell InnCherhillWilts
14th October, 1782Bell InnChipping SodburyGloucestershire
Feb.7, 1833Bell InnDevizesWilts
August 5th 1782Bell InnDursleyGloucestershire
June 27th, 1825Bell InnFromeSomerset
14th October, 1782Bell InnGloucesterGloucestershire
February 28th, 1785Bell InnGloucesterGloucestershire
June 6th, 1825Bell InnHatherdenHampshire
2nd March, 1805Bell InnHusbands-BosworthNorthamptonshire
Feb.14, 1833Bell InnMelkshamWilts
July 15, 1826Bell InnNew AlresfordHampshire
Jun 29th, 1812Bell InnNew AlresfordHampshire
June 27th, 1825Bell InnNewtonWilts
18th January, 1813Bell InnRomseyHampshire
March 23, 1812Bell InnRomseyHampshire
May 3, 1813Bell InnRomseyHampshire
May 8, 1826Bell InnRomseyHampshire
November 4th 1782Bell InnRomseyHampshire
December 27, 1813Bell InnSalisburyWilts
3rd December, 1803Bell InnSaxmundhamSuffolk
May 23, 1833Bell InnSeendWilts
October 22, 1827Bell InnSeendWilts
18th January, 1813Bell InnShaftesburyDorset
December 27, 1819Bell InnShaston
August 30, 1813Bell InnSwindonWilts
14th July, 1791Bell InnTewkesburyGloucestershire
October 4th, 1806Bell InnToddingtonBedfordshire
February 7th, 1825Bell InnWileyWilts
February 17, 1812Bell InnWiltonWilts
July 12, 1813.Bell InnWiltonWilts
July 9, 1827Bell InnWiltonWilts
February 16, 1818Bell InnWilyWilts
November 2nd, 1805Bell InnWinslowBuckinghamshire
11th December, 1783Bell InnWorcesterWorcestershire
16th May, 1765Bell InnWorcesterWorcestershire
28th June 1764Bell InnWorcesterWorcestershire
August 20, 1827Bishop BlazeAndoverHampshire
Jan 11th, 1813Black BearDevizesWilts
July 7th, 1788Black BearHungerfordBerkshire
October 10, 1825Black Bear InnDevizesWilts
3rd December, 1772Black Bear InnReadingBerkshire
25th May, 1812Black Bear InnWarehamDorset
Nov 6th, 1731Black Boy and CombLudgate-HillLondon
September 24, 1827Black DogChilmarkWilts
15th June, 1812Black DogHavantHampshire
January 20, 1812Black Dog InnLudwellWilts
June 7, 1821Black Dog InnSlanderwick CommonWilts
April 25th, 1825Black Dog InnWeymouthDorset
June 20, 1833Black HorseDevizesWilts
August 6, 1827Black HorseEast KnoyleWilts
April 24th, 1756Black HorseIpswichSuffolk
14th May, 1798Black HorseOtleyYorkshire
January 17th, 1825Black HorseSalisburyWilts
June 23, 1823Black HorseSalisburyWilts
September 19, 1825Black HorseSalisburyWilts
April 24th, 1756Black HorseStratfordSuffolk
May 25, 1818Black Horse DevizesWilts
December 27, 1813Black Horse InnDevizesWilts
Nov 7, 1833Black Horse InnDevizesWilts
22nd June, 1812Black Horse InnEast Knoyle
1st December, 1800Black Horse InnOtleyYorkshire
25th May, 1812Black Horse InnSalisburyWiltshire
April 2, 1827Black Horse InnSalisburyWilts
August 6, 1827Black Horse InnSalisburyWilts
January 20, 1812Black Horse InnSalisburyWilts
March 9, 1812Black Horse InnSalisburyWilts
Nov 30th, 1813Black Horse InnSalisburyWilts
September 10, 1827Black Horse InnSalisburyWilts
September 10, 1827Black Horse InnSalisburyWilts
September 24, 1827Black Horse InnSalisburyWilts
8th October, 1798Black Horse InnSkiptonYorkshire
Jan 11th, 1813Black LionDeptfordWilts
August 26th, 1811Black LionFarninghamKent
August 5th 1782Black SwanAndoverHampshire
December 27, 1819Black SwanSwanageDorset
9th September, 1782Black SwanWinchesterHampshire
Aug 24th, 1812Black SwanWinchesterHampshire
July 20, 1818Black SwanWinchesterHampshire
January 29, 1827Black Swan InnAndoverHampshire
June 11, 1827Black Swan InnAndoverHampshire
April 5, 1813Black Swan InnDevizesWilts
June 7, 1819Black Swan InnDevizesWilts
March 3, 1831Black Swan InnDevizesWilts
28th September, 1812Black Swan InnWinchesterHampshire
July 11th, 1826Black Swan InnWinchesterHampshire
May 7, 1798Black Swan InnYorkYorkshire
21st September, 1805Blackbirds Public-HouseTilsworthBedfordshire
October 4th, 1806Black-BullCambridgeCambridgeshire
September 19th, 1730Black-horseWestminsterMiddlesex
December 4, 1725Black-Moor's HeadStrandMiddlesex
August 26th, 1811Black's HeadNottinghamNottinghamshire
Jan 11th, 1813Blacksmiths ArmsAmportHampshire
Nov 16th, 1812Blacksmith's ArmsAmportHampshire
March 23, 1812Blake's HotelExburyHampshire
October 19th, 1812Blue AnchorGosportHampshire
November 7th, 1833Blue BallGreenham
Nov 16th, 1812Blue Ball InnBrutonSomerset
19th November, 1798Blue Bell InnScarboroughYorkshire
November 7, 1825Blue BoarSalisburyWilts
July 22nd 1782Blue Boar InnBlandfordDorset
July 22nd 1782Blue Boar InnSherborne
September 6, 1813Blue Boar InnSouthamptonHampshire
December 4, 1725Blue Boar's HeadLondon
1st December, 1800BoatswainSalfordLancashire
March 21, 1833Bolingbrook's Arms InnLydiard TregoozeWilts
28th August, 1810Bolt-in-Tun InnFleet StreetLondon
15th March, 1806BootRiselyBedfordshire
January 20, 1812Boot InnTisburyWilts
November 8, 1813.Boot InnTisburyWilts
June 7, 1821Brass Knocker ?Coomb HillWilts
February 22nd, 1812Brown Bear InnDaventryNorthamptonshire
8th October, 1798Brown CowHolmfirthYorkshire
February 28th 1795BuckOlneyBuckinghamshire
26th August, 1782Buck's HeadMeon StokeHampshire
March 16, 1818BugleBolteyHampshire
15th June, 1812Bugle TitchfieldHampshire
18th January, 1813Bugle InnIsle of WightHampshire
8th June, 1812Bugle InnIsle of WightHampshire
8th March, 1813Bugle InnIsle of WightHampshire
Nov 30th, 1813Bugle InnIsle of WightHampshire
October 10, 1825Bugle InnIsle of WightHampshire
May 25, 1818Bugle InnLymingtonHampshire
Nov 9th, 1812Bugle InnLymingtonDorset
18th January, 1813Bugle InnTitchfieldHampshire
November 15, 1813Bugle InnTitchfieldHampshire
3rd December, 1803BullBactonSuffolk
March 30, 1812BullFairfordGloucestershire
21st September, 1805BullHockliffe
2nd March, 1805BullLilburnNorthamptonshire
15th March, 1806BullOlneyBuckinghamshire
August 26th, 1811BullWrothamKent
3rd December, 1804Bull and MouthLeedsYorkshire
1st December, 1800Bull and MouthLondon
28th September, 1812Bull and MouthLondon
October 19th, 1812Bull and Mouth InnBull and Mouth-street InnLondon
14th May, 1798Bull and Mouth InnLeedsYorkshire
24th August, 1812Bull InnBridportDorset
Aug 26th 1782Bull InnBridportDorset
3rd December, 1803Bull InnCorringhamEssex
Jun 29th, 1812Bull InnDowntonWilts
June13th, 1825Bull InnDowntonWilts
March 16, 1812Bull InnDowntonWilts
25th May, 1812Bull InnFairfordGloucestershire
May 14th, 1796Bull InnFenny-StratfordBuckinghamshire
July 13, 1818Bull InnFishertonWilts
Jun 29th, 1812Bull InnFishertonWilts
June13th, 1825Bull InnFishertonWilts
September 10, 1827Bull InnFishertonWilts
September 5, 1825Bull InnFishertonWilts
August 2, 1819Bull InnFisherton AngerWilts
May 10, 1813Bull InnFisherton-AngerWilts
April 30, 1796Bull InnStoney-StratfordBuckinghamshire
20th November, 1802Bull InnStony-StratfordBuckinghamshire
21st September, 1805Bull InnTilsworthBedfordshire
February 22nd, 1812Bull-and-ButcherNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
Jan 11th, 1813Buller's ArmsExeterDevon
October 3, 1825Bulls HeadSohoMiddlesex
23rd July, 1772Bull's HeadBroadwatersWorcestershire
15th March, 1806Bull's HeadGreat ClaybrookLeicestershire
August 26th, 1811Bull's HeadHincklyWarwickshire
16th May, 1765Bull's HeadWorcesterWorcestershire
14th May, 1798Bulls Head InnManchesterLancashire
October 4th, 1806Bull's-HeadHinckley
September 12th, 1767Bull's-Head InnManchesterLancashire
October 25, 1813.BushBristolGloucestershire
25th May, 1812BushFarnham
28th September, 1812BushFarnham
September 27, 1813BushFarnham
25th May, 1812BushStainesMiddlesex
30th May, 1813BushStaines
July 7th, 1788BushStainesMiddlesex
September 27, 1813BushStainesMiddlesex
18th January, 1813Bush InnAndoverHampshire
25th May, 1812Bush InnAndoverHampshire
8th March, 1813Bush InnLiphookHampshire
September 12th, 1767Bush TavernBristolGloucestershire
April 7th, 1829Campbell's InnBelfastIreland
28th September, 1812Cannon Coffee HouseCharing-CrossLondon
October 19th, 1812Cannon Coffee HouseCharing-CrossLondon
Feb.7, 1833Carpenter's Arms InnBlunsdenWilts
8th June, 1812Cashmoor InnCashmoor ?Dorset
January 29, 1827Cashmore InnDorset
July 22nd 1782Cashmore Inn ?SalisburyWilts
August 26th, 1811CastleBrightonSussex
8th March, 1813CastleKingstonSurrey
June 21, 1827CastleMarlboroughWilts
October 25, 1813.CastleSalisburyWilts
25th May, 1812CastleWindsorBerkshire
June 20, 1833CastleWilts
Aug 26th 1782Castle and BallDevizesWilts
December 27, 1819Castle and BallMarlboroughWilts
January 3, 1820Castle and BallMarlboroughWilts
Feb.7, 1833Castle and Ball InnMarlboroughWilts
1st December, 1800Castle and FalconNewark
May 7, 1798Castle and FalconNewark
11th December, 1783Castle InnBirminghamWarwickshire
14th July, 1791Castle InnBirminghamWarwickshire
April 25th, 1825Castle InnDevizesWilts
December 27, 1813Castle InnDevizesWilts
Feb.14, 1833Castle InnDevizesWilts
July 12, 1813.Castle InnDevizesWilts
June 21, 1827Castle InnDevizesWilts
March 3, 1831Castle InnDevizesWilts
Nov 2nd, 1812Castle InnDevizesWilts
September 24, 1827Castle InnDevizesWilts
8th June, 1812Castle InnMarlboroughWiltshire
December 8, 1817Castle InnMarlboroughWilts
June 7, 1821Castle InnMarlboroughWilts
March 21, 1833Castle InnMarlboroughWilts
March 30, 1812Castle InnMarlboroughWilts
May 23, 1833Castle InnMarlboroughWilts
May 31, 1819Castle InnMarlboroughWilts
Nov 2nd, 1812Castle InnMarlboroughWilts
October 10, 1825Castle InnMarlboroughWilts
September 13, 1813Castle InnMarlboroughWilts
30th May, 1813Castle InnSalt HillBuckinghamshire
December 19, 1825Castle InnSouthamptonHampshire
June 21, 1827Castle InnSouthamptonHampshire
June 25, 1827Castle InnSouthamptonHampshire
January 29, 1827Castle InnTauntonSomerset
October 31, 1825Castle InnTauntonSomersetshire
September 5, 1825Castle InnTauntonSomerset
June 18, 1827Castle InnWilts
April 18, 1814Castle TavernBrightonSussex
August 19, 1811Castle TavernBrightonSussex
January 10th, 1825Castle TavernLondon
June 15, 1818Catherine WheelCalneWilts
May 14th, 1796Catherine WheelNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
25th May, 1812Catherine WheelSalisburyWiltshire
Nov 16th, 1812Catherine WheelShrewtonWilts
September 24, 1827Catherine Wheel InnAndoverHampshire
October 3, 1825Catherine Wheel InnEgham
July 4, 1833Catherine Wheel InnMarshfieldWilts
April 25th, 1825Catherine Wheel InnShrewtonWilts
29th June, 1816Cat's HeadWorcesterWorcestershire
3rd December, 1803ChapelCoggeshall
May 14th, 1796ChequerHolcotNorthamptonshire
May 14th, 1796Chequer InnRowellNorthamptonshire
August 26th, 1811ChequersLamberhurstKent
July 7th, 1788ChequersWinchesterHampshire
October 4th, 1806Chequer'sPrestwood CommonBuckinghamshire
March 21, 1814Chequers InnBattleSussex
18th September, 1809Chequers InnMaresfieldSussex
February 28th, 1785Chequers InnWinchesterHampshire
April 6, 1812Chough InnSalisburyHampshire
January 15, 1827Chough InnSalisburyWilts
January 20, 1812Chough InnSalisburyWilts
May 16th, 1825Christopher InnBathSomerset
Aug 26th 1782City ArmsSalisburyWilts
August 5th 1782City ArmsSalisburyWilts
December 27, 1819City ArmsWinchesterHampshire
January 3, 1820City ArmsWinchesterHampshire
8th March, 1813City Arms InnSalisburyWiltshire
October 19th, 1812City Arms InnSalisburyWilts
Jan 11th, 1813City of London TavernLondon
Feb.21, 1833Cleaver InnCollingbourn-KingstoneWilts
December 5, 1825Cleaver InnWilts
October 22, 1827Coach and Horse InnSouthamptonHampshire
Sep 2nd 1782Coach and HorsesCadnamHampshire
Dec. 30th, 1790Coach and HorsesPershoreWorcestershire
April 13, 1818Coach and HorsesSalisburyWilts
21st September, 1812Coach and HorsesSouthamptonHampshire
April 20, 1818Coach and HorsesSouthamptonHampshire
January 29, 1827Coach and HorsesSouthamptonHampshire
Jun 29th, 1812Coach and HorsesSouthamptonHampshire
November 1, 1813Coach and Horses InnNutshalingHampshire
August 27, 1827Coach and Horses InnSouthamptonHampshire
December 20, 1813Coach and Horses InnSouthamptonHampshire
21st September, 1805Cobham-ArmsBuckinghamBuckinghamshire
October 4th, 1806CockMildenhall
February 22nd, 1812CockMonk's-KirbyWarwickshire
August 26th, 1811CockSouthwaterSussex
October 4th, 1806CockStony-StratfordBuckinghamshire
April 30, 1796CockWingBuckinghamshire
January 24, 1807Cock InnEatonBedfordshire
15th March, 1806Cock InnStony-StratfordBuckinghamshire
June 6, 1833Codrington ArmsMarshfieldWilts
October 31, 1807Coffee-PotYardley-GobionNorthamptonshire
13th March, 1797Cold Harbour InnWilts
3rd December, 1804Commercial Coffee HouseDewsburyYorkshire
8th March, 1813Compass InnChicksgroveWiltshire
21st September, 1812Cooper HotelFleet StreetLondon
October 22, 1827Cooper's ArmsWeymouthDorset
June 7, 1813Cowherds public houseSouthamptonHampshire
14th May, 1798Cranes InnBarnsleyYorkshire
Jan 31, 1833Craven Arms InnHungerfordBerks
3rd December, 1772Crompton's Coffee HouseManchesterLancashire
November 14, 1825Cross KeysCorshamWilts
March 21, 1833Cross KeysNewburyBerks
July 13, 1818Cross KeysRomseyHampshire
March 2, 1812Cross KeysTrowbridgeWilts
July 7th, 1788Cross Keys InnFovantWilts
May 7, 1798Cross Keys InnHullYorkshire
April 12, 1813Cross Keys InnSalisburyWilts
December 8, 1817Cross Keys InnSalisburyWilts
June 1, 1818Cross Keys InnSalisburyWilts
February 22nd, 1812Cross Keys InnSt.John-StreetLondon
18th January, 1813Cross Keys InnTrowbridgeWiltshire
19th November, 1798Cross PipesHalifaxYorkshire
November 4th 1782Cross-InnOxfordOxfordshire
January 17th, 1825CrownBasingstokeHampshire
June 29, 1818CrownBasingstokeHampshire
September 27, 1813CrownBasingstokeHampshire
May 14th, 1796CrownBiggleswadeBedfordshire
October 27, 1817CrownBishop's Waltham
June 23, 1823CrownBlandfordDorset
October 4th, 1806CrownBourne-Bridge
3rd December, 1803CrownClaydon
15th March, 1806CrownDunstableBedfordshire
25th May, 1812CrownFarringdon
April 24th, 1756CrownFramlinghamSuffolk
28th June 1764CrownGreat MalvernWorcestershire
3rd December, 1803CrownIngatestone
June 14, 1813CrownKing's SomborneHampshire
March 28, 1825CrownLyndhurstHampshire
30th May, 1813CrownMarlowBuckinghamshire
3rd December, 1803CrownOngar
21st September, 1812CrownPortsmouthHampshire
28th September, 1812CrownPortsmouthHampshire
8th March, 1813CrownPortsmouthHampshire
Nov 2nd, 1812CrownPortsmouthHampshire
30th May, 1813CrownReadingBerkshire
8th June, 1812CrownShaftesburyDorset
24th August, 1812CrownWeymouthDorset
July 22nd 1782CrownWimborneDorset
2nd March, 1805CrownWoottonNorthamptonshire
November 2nd, 1805CrownWoottonNorthamptonshire
May 8, 1826Crown and AnchorFour-PostsHampshire
January 10th, 1825Crown and Anchor InnSalisburyWilts
August 13, 1827Crown and Anchor InnSpring PlaceHampshire
25th May, 1812Crown and Bear InnReadingBerkshire
Dec. 30th, 1790Crown and DecanterWorcesterWorcestershire
August 22, 1825Crown HotelBlandfordDorset
August 22, 1825Crown HotelBlandfordDorset
October 3, 1825Crown HotelBlandfordDorset
August 22, 1825Crown HotelWeymouthDorset
March 7, 1825Crown HotelWeymouthDorset
October 21, 1826Crown HotelWeymouthDorset
April 18, 1814Crown InnArundelSussex
Jan 11th, 1813Crown InnBasingstokeHampshire
September 19, 1825Crown InnBasingstokeHampshire
May 16th, 1825Crown InnBishop's CanningsWilts
Nov 16th, 1812Crown InnBishop's WalthamHampshire
1st June, 1812Crown InnBlandfordDorset
21st December, 1812Crown InnBlandfordDorset
22nd June, 1812Crown InnBlandfordDorset
8th March, 1813Crown InnBlandfordDorset
August 16, 1813Crown InnBlandfordDorset
February 17, 1812Crown InnBlandfordDorset
July 7th, 1788Crown InnBlandfordDorset
May 23rd, 1825Crown InnBlandfordDorset
Nov 30th, 1813Crown InnBlandfordDorset
October 25, 1813.Crown InnBlandfordDorset
November 7, 1825Crown InnBlandford ForumDorset
14th July, 1791Crown InnBromsgroveWorcestershire
23rd July, 1772Crown InnBromsgroveWorcestershire
October 4th, 1806Crown InnByfieldNorthamptonshire
April 25th, 1825Crown InnDevizesWilts
June 21, 1827Crown InnDevizesWilts
June 6th, 1825Crown InnDevizesWilts
March 3, 1831Crown InnDevizesWilts
Nov 14, 1833Crown InnDevizesWilts
March 23, 1826Crown InnEverleyWilts
Sep 2nd 1782Crown InnEverlyWilts
March 16, 1812Crown InnFordingbridgeHampshire
15th March, 1806Crown InnFoster's-BoothNorthamptonshire
22nd June, 1812Crown InnFromeSomerset
April 6, 1818Crown InnFromeSomerset
25th May, 1812Crown InnGosportHampshire
April 5, 1813Crown InnGosportHampshire
Jul 27th, 1812Crown InnGosportHampshire
Nov 30th, 1813Crown InnGosportHampshire
August 19, 1811Crown InnHailshamSussex
August 26th, 1811Crown InnHailsham
18th September, 1809Crown InnHorshamSussex
15th March, 1806Crown InnHuntingdonHuntingdonshire
11th December, 1783Crown InnLedburyHerefordshire
April 18, 1814Crown InnLewesSussex
May 7, 1798Crown InnLiverpoolLancashire
June 25, 1827Crown InnLudgershallWilts
June 27th, 1825Crown InnLudgershallWilts
May 10, 1813Crown InnLymingtonHampshire
1st June, 1812Crown InnLyndhurstHampshire
22nd June, 1812Crown InnLyndhurst
April 5, 1813Crown InnLyndhurstHampshire
July 7th, 1788Crown InnLyndhurstHampshire
14th October, 1782Crown InnMinchinhamptonGloucestershire
February 28th, 1785Crown InnPortsmouthHampshire
January 20, 1812Crown InnPortsmouthHampshire
Jul 27th, 1812Crown InnPortsmouthHampshire
18th January, 1813Crown InnRingwoodHampshire
August 27, 1827Crown InnRingwoodHampshire
March 14, 1825Crown InnRingwoodHampshire
October 10, 1825Crown InnRingwoodHampshire
14th May, 1798Crown InnRotherhamYorkshire
October 4th, 1806Crown InnSohamCambridgeshire
January 29, 1827Crown InnSouthamptonHampshire
October 10, 1825Crown InnSouthamptonHampshire
October 21, 1826Crown InnSouthamptonHampshire
October 24, 1825Crown InnSouthamptonHampshire
23rd July, 1772Crown InnStourbridgeWorcestershire
August 15, 1825Crown InnWellsSomerset
21st September, 1812Crown InnWeymouthDorset
22nd June, 1812Crown InnWimborneDorset
December 27, 1813Crown InnWimborneDorset
Jul 27th, 1812Crown InnWimborneDorset
July 22nd 1782Crown InnWimborneDorset
Jun 29th, 1812Crown InnWimborneDorset
June 1, 1818Crown InnWimborneDorset
June 7, 1813Crown InnWimborneDorset
October 3, 1825Crown InnWimborneDorset
October 14, 1826Crown InnWimborne MinsterDorset
July 7th, 1788Crown InnWinburnDorset
June 18, 1827Crown InnWinfrithDorset
11th December, 1783Crown InnWorcesterWorcestershire
14th July, 1791Crown InnWorcesterWorcestershire
April 1, 1756Crown InnWorcesterWorcestershire
Dec. 30th, 1790Crown InnWorcesterWorcestershire
May 4, 1818Crown TavernWeymouthDorset
August 5th 1782Crown-InnNewportGloucestershire
August 26th, 1811CrownsLeicesterLeicestershire
July 7th, 1788CrownsPortsmouthHampshire
May 4, 1805Cullen ArmsRushtonNorthamptonshire
20th November, 1802Cullen-Arms InnRushtonNorthamptonshire
1st December, 1800Dam InnSandallYorkshire
28th September, 1812Demezey'sHartford Bridge
October 4th, 1806Denbigh-ArmsLutterworth
20th November, 1802Denbigh-Arms InnLutterworthNorthamptonshire
June 28, 1813Deptford InnDeptfordWilts
21st September, 1812Deptford InnWiltshire
August 8, 1825Deptford InnWilts
June 6, 1833Deptford InnWilts
March 3, 1831Deptford InnWilts
November 8, 1813.Deptford InnWilts
March 28, 1833Devizes GreenDevizesWilts
December 12, 1825Dog and DuckWinchesterHampshire
November 4th 1782Dog InnBroughton
June 11, 1827Dog TavernWeymouthDorset
15th June, 1812DolphinBishop's WalthamHampshire
April 18, 1814DolphinBrightonSussex
August 26th, 1811DolphinChichesterSussex
21st September, 1812DolphinGosportHampshire
8th March, 1813DolphinSouthamptonHampshire
April 13, 1818DolphinSouthamptonHampshire
Aug 26th 1782DolphinSouthamptonHampshire
March 30, 1818DolphinSouthamptonHampshire
November 17, 1817DolphinTwerton
October 21, 1826Dolphin HotelSouthamptonHampshire
September 12th, 1767Dolphin InnBirminghamWarwickshire
18th January, 1813Dolphin InnBotleyHampshire
28th September, 1812Dolphin InnBotleyHampshire
August 5th 1782Dolphin InnBotleyHampshire
April 18, 1814Dolphin InnChichesterSussex
April 5, 1813Dolphin InnGosportHampshire
March 9, 1818Dolphin InnIsle of WightHampshire
February 22nd, 1812Dolphin InnMiddleton-CheneyNorthamptonshire
21st September, 1812Dolphin InnRomseyHampshire
January 15, 1827Dolphin InnRomseyHampshire
May 31, 1813Dolphin InnRomseyHampshire
February 3, 1812Dolphin InnSouthamptonHampshire
Jul 27th, 1812Dolphin InnSouthamptonHampshire
July 22nd 1782Dolphin InnSouthamptonHampshire
July 7th, 1788Dolphin InnSouthamptonHampshire
June 29, 1818Dolphin InnSouthamptonHampshire
March 12, 1827Dolphin InnSouthamptonHampshire
November 7, 1825Dolphin InnSouthamptonHampshire
July 11th, 1826Dolphin InnTwyfordHampshire
July 2, 1827Dolphin InnTwyfordHampshire
28th September, 1812DolphinsSouthamptonHampshire
April 20, 1818DolphinsSouthamptonHampshire
April 25th, 1825DolphinsSouthamptonHampshire
March 16, 1818Dolphins InnSouthamptonHampshire
August 26th, 1811Dorset ArmsSeven OaksKent
August 9, 1813Dover CastleGosportHampshire
3rd December, 1803Dover PacketGorleston
1st June, 1812Drax's Arms InnBere RegisDorset
June 6th, 1825Duke of CumberlandChippenhamWilts
22nd June, 1812Duke of Cumberland's ArmsCorsley HeathWiltshire
July 12, 1813.Duke of Marlborough's ArmsMarlboroughWilts
January 17th, 1825Duke of WellingtonSouthamptonHampshire
Feb.21, 1833Duke's ArmsMarlboroughWilts
March 21, 1833Duke's ArmsMarlboroughWilts
May 25, 1818Duke's Arms MarlboroughWilts
8th March, 1813Duke's Arms InnMarlboroughWiltshire
June 21, 1827Duke's Arms InnMarlboroughWilts
May 30th, 1825Dukes HeadRomseyHampshire
June 1, 1818Duke's Head InnGreatbridgeHampshire
January 24, 1807Dun Cow InnDaventryNorthamptonshire
October 4th, 1806Dun-Cow InnWest HaddonNorthamptonshire
July 11th, 1812Eagle & ChildLeighton-BuzzardBedfordshire
23rd July, 1772Eagle and Serpent InnCleobury MortimerShropshire
September 12th, 1767Earl of Halifax's ArmsHalifax-streetLondon
14th July, 1791Eight BellsTewkesburyGloucestershire
April 30, 1796Eight BellsUppingham
8th October, 1798ElephantPontefractYorkshire
May 8, 1826Elm-Tree InnDevizesWilts
July 18th, 1825Error FromWestburyWilts
July 18th, 1825Error The WestburyWilts
Dec. 30th, 1790FalconBromyard
15th March, 1806FalconCastle-AshbyNorthamptonshire
15th March, 1806FalconSt.Neots
2nd March, 1805FalconSt.NeotsHuntingdonshire
14th October, 1782Falcon InnPainswickGloucestershire
July 15, 1826Falcon InnRomseyHampshire
July 31, 1751Faulcon InnSouthwarkSurrey
Dec. 30th, 1790FeathersLedbury
2nd September, 1782Feathers InnBasingstokeHampshire
February 22nd, 1812Fighting CocksPeterborough
14th July, 1791Fighting Cock's InnBromsgroveWorcestershire
23rd July, 1772FishRipple
June 27, 1833Five Alls InnChippenhamWilts
June 22, 1818Five Bells InnSalisburyWilts
14th October, 1782FleeceGloucesterGloucestershire
June13th, 1825Fleece InnChichesterSussex
1st December, 1800Fleece InnHuddersfieldYorkshire
Nov 6th, 1731Fleece TavernCornhillLondon
November 3, 1731Fleece TavernCornhillLondon
June 28, 1813Fleur de Lys InnWinchesterHampshire
June 29, 1818Fleur de Lys InnWinchesterHampshire
September 27, 1813Fleur-de-LisWinchesterHampshire
April 2, 1827Fleur-de-lis InnCranborneDorset
April 6, 1812Fleur-De-Lis InnWinchesterHampshire
3rd December, 1772Foster's Coffee HouseBristolGloucestershire
August 26th, 1811FountainCanterburyKent
October 4th, 1806FountainHuntingdonHuntingdonshire
8th March, 1813Fountain Isle of WightHampshire
15th March, 1806Fountain InnHuntingdonHuntingdonshire
21st September, 1805Fountain InnWellingboroughNorthamptonshire
1st December, 1800FoxWoodhouse CarrYorkshire
September 19, 1825Fox and HoundsCattistockDorset
2nd March, 1805Fox and HoundsHarlestonNorthamptonshire
March 29, 1813Fox and Hounds InnLyndhurstHampshire
November 4th 1782Fox InnAmesburyWilts
October 17, 1825Fox InnRomseyHampshire
25th May, 1812GarrawaysGolden-squareLondon
October 1th, 1728GeorgeAldermanburyLondon
15th June, 1812GeorgeAlresfordHampshire
21st September, 1805GeorgeAylesburyBuckinghamshire
14th July, 1791GeorgeDroitwich
May 14th, 1796GeorgeHuntingdonHuntingdonshire
8th March, 1813GeorgePortsmouthHampshire
March 21, 1833GeorgeReadingBerks
August 26th, 1811GeorgeRobertsbridgeKent
August 26th, 1811GeorgeRyeSussex
April 20, 1818GeorgeSouthamptonHampshire
15th March, 1806GeorgeStoke-GoldingtonBuckinghamshire
22nd June, 1812GeorgeTrowbridgeWiltshire
July 7th, 1788GeorgeTrowbridgeWilts
January 29, 1827GeorgeWhitchurchHampshire
14th October, 1782GeorgeWinchcomb
21st September, 1812GeorgeWinchesterHampshire
January 29, 1827GeorgeWinchesterHampshire
July 7th, 1788GeorgeWinchesterHampshire
October 4th, 1806GeorgeWoburnBedfordshire
Dec. 30th, 1790George and Blue BoarLondon
June 6th, 1825George and Dragon InnCodfordWilts
February 28th, 1785George and PelicanSpeenhamlandBerkshire
March 28, 1825George InnAlresfordHampshire
Jul 27th, 1812George InnAmesburyWilts
July 30, 1827George InnAmesburyWilts
March 28, 1833George InnAmesburyWilts
March 3, 1831George InnAmesburyWilts
May 30th, 1825George InnAmesbury
October 25, 1813.George InnAmesburyWilts
October 31, 1825George InnAmesburyWilts
January 29, 1827George InnAndoverHampshire
May 31, 1819George InnAndoverHampshire
Nov 30th, 1813George InnAndoverHampshire
September 5, 1825George InnAndoverHampshire
October, 15, 1796George InnAylesburyBuckinghamshire
2nd March, 1805George InnBedfordBedfordshire
May 4, 1805George InnBedfordBedfordshire
April 5, 1813George InnBridportDorset
April 1, 1756George InnCampden
October 27, 1817George InnCastle Cary
21st December, 1812George InnChristchurchHampshire
8th June, 1812George InnChristchurchHampshire
Nov 16th, 1812George InnChristchurchHampshire
Nov 2nd, 1812George InnChristchurchHampshire
November 15, 1813George InnChristchurchHampshire
November 28, 1825George InnChristchurchHampshire
November 3, 1817George InnChristchurchHampshire
October 25, 1813.George InnChristchurchHampshire
Jul 27th, 1812George InnCodfordWilts
July 7th, 1788George InnCodfordWilts
May 16th, 1825George InnCorshamWilts
March 21, 1833George InnDonyatt
December 24, 1827George InnDownton
8th October, 1798George InnFerrybridgeYorkshire
May 31, 1819George InnFordingbridgeHampshire
August 29, 1825George InnFromeSomerset
December 27, 1819George InnFromeSomerset
February 7th, 1825George InnFromeSomerset
January 24, 1820George InnFrome
January 29, 1827George InnFromeSomerset
June 20, 1833George InnFromeSomerset
March 9, 1818George InnFromeSomerset
21st September, 1812George InnFrome SelwoodSomerset
24th August, 1812George InnFrome SelwoodSomerset
July 7th, 1788George InnFrome SelwoodSomerset
February 22nd, 1812George InnGuilsboroughNorthamptonshire
18th September, 1809George InnHenfieldSussex
February 28th, 1785George InnHindonWilts
August 26th, 1811George InnHurst Green
July 26, 1813George InnItchen FerryHampshire
May 14th, 1796George InnKetteringNorthamptonshire
June 15, 1818George InnMalmesburyWilts
February 16, 1818George InnMartockSomerset
June 27, 1833George InnMelkshamWilts
September 10, 1827George InnMereWilts
September 5, 1825George InnMereWilts
March 23, 1812George InnNewburyBerks
15th March, 1806George InnNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
20th November, 1802George InnNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
21st September, 1805George InnNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
2nd March, 1805George InnNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
July 11th, 1812George InnNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
May 14th, 1796George InnNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
October 4th, 1806George InnNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
15th June, 1812George InnPortsmouthHampshire
18th January, 1813George InnPortsmouthHampshire
August 5th 1782George InnPortsmouthHampshire
Nov 16th, 1812George InnPortsmouthHampshire
November 22, 1813George InnPortsmouthHampshire
Feb.7, 1833George InnPotterneWilts
January 10th, 1825George InnReadingBerkshire
June 8, 1818George InnRingwoodHampshire
15th March, 1806George InnRugby
October 31, 1807George InnRugby
August 29, 1825George InnShepton Mallet
21st December, 1812George InnSopleyHampshire
18th January, 1813George InnSouthamptonHampshire
25th May, 1812George InnSouthamptonHampshire
Aug 24th, 1812George InnSouthamptonHampshire
Aug 26th 1782George InnSouthamptonHampshire
July 13, 1818George InnSouthamptonHampshire
March 30, 1812George InnSouthamptonHampshire
May 16th, 1825George InnSouthamptonHampshire
November 3, 1817George InnSouthamptonHampshire
July 18th, 1825George InnSt.CrossHampshire
August 26th, 1811George InnStamford
2nd March, 1805George InnStony-StratfordBuckinghamshire
August 5th 1782George InnStroudGloucestershire
August 5th 1782George InnStroudGloucestershire
January 24, 1807George InnThrapstonNorthamptonshire
8th June, 1812George InnTrowbridgeWiltshire
April 19, 1813George InnTrowbridgeWilts
August 29, 1825George InnTrowbridgeWilts
Jan 31, 1833George InnTrowbridgeWilts
March 23, 1812George InnTrowbridgeWilts
November 14, 1825George InnTrowbridgeWilts
October 21, 1826George InnTrowbridgeWilts
October 25, 1819George InnTrowbridgeWilts
August 1, 1825George InnUp-hurstbournHampshire
8th October, 1798George InnWakefieldYorkshire
Nov 9th, 1812George InnWandsworthMiddlesex
Aug 26th 1782George InnWarminsterWilts
July 22nd 1782George InnWarminsterHampshire
February 22nd, 1812George InnWest SmithfieldLondon
22nd June, 1812George InnWinchesterHampshire
26th August, 1782George InnWinchesterHampshire
April 25th, 1825George InnWinchesterHampshire
August 13, 1827George InnWinchesterHampshire
August 30, 1813George InnWinchesterHampshire
December 20, 1813George InnWinchesterHampshire
January 17, 1820George InnWinchesterHampshire
July 11th, 1826George InnWinchesterHampshire
July 20, 1818George InnWinchesterHampshire
July 25, 1825George InnWinchesterHampshire
June 18, 1827George InnWinchesterHampshire
June 22, 1818George InnWinchesterHampshire
June 8, 1818George InnWinchesterHampshire
March 23, 1818George InnWinchesterHampshire
March 23rd, 1818George InnWinchesterHampshire
November 3, 1817George InnWinchesterHampshire
November 4th 1782George InnWinchesterHampshire
October 22, 1827George InnWinchesterHampshire
October 24, 1825George InnWinchesterHampshire
October 25, 1813.George InnWinchesterHampshire
September 17, 1827George InnWinchesterHampshire
September 19, 1825George InnWinchesterHampshire
September 24, 1827George InnWinchesterHampshire
September 27, 1813George InnWinchesterHampshire
May 14th, 1796George InnWoburnBedfordshire
October 31, 1807George InnWoburnBedfordshire
October 21, 1826George TavernWeymouthDorset
December 4, 1725GlobePoultreyLondon
August 15, 1825Globe InnAlresfordHampshire
January 24, 1807Globe InnEctonNorthamptonshire
May 18, 1818Globe InnOld AlresfordHampshire
August 1, 1825Globe InnWinchesterHampshire
August 20, 1827Globe InnWinchesterHampshire
June 22, 1818Globe InnWinchesterHampshire
June 25, 1827Globe InnWinchesterHampshire
March 28, 1825Globe InnWinchesterHampshire
March 30, 1818Globe InnWinchesterHampshire
May 4, 1818Globe InnWinchesterHampshire
September 3, 1827Globe InnWinchesterHampshire
February 17, 1812Globe TavernFleet-streetLondon
3rd December, 1803Gloucester Coffee HousePiccadillyMiddlesex
January 17th, 1825Glove InnDonhead St.AndrewWilts
March 12, 1827Glove InnPittonWilts
Nov 30th, 1813Glove InnWhitesheet-hillDorset
15th June, 1812GoatSalisburyWiltshire
25th May, 1812GoatSalisburyWiltshire
October 4th, 1806Goat InnMaidwellNorthamptonshire
20th November, 1802Goat InnNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
May 14th, 1796Goat InnNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
8th March, 1813Goat InnSalisburyWiltshire
July 2, 1827Goat InnSalisburyWilts
June 22, 1818Goat InnSalisburyWilts
June 23, 1823Goat InnSalisburyWilts
June 27th, 1825Goat InnSalisburyWilts
June 28, 1827Goat InnSalisburyWilts
Nov 16th, 1812Goat InnSalisburyWilts
August 15, 1825Goat InnWellsSomerset
May 14th, 1796Goat InnWoburnBedfordshire
March 23, 1826Goddard ArmsSwindonWilts
January 10, 1820Goddard ArmsWanboroughWilts
October 10, 1825Goddard Arms InnCliffe PypardWilts
August 30, 1813Goddard Arms InnSwindonWilts
Feb.7, 1833Goddard Arms InnSwindonWilts
Jan 31, 1833Goddard Arms InnSwindonWilts
March 21, 1833Goddard Arms InnSwindonWilts
March 28, 1833Goddard Arms InnSwindonWilts
October 14, 1826Goddard Arms InnSwindonWilts
March 30, 1812Goddard's ArmsSwindonWilts
8th March, 1813Goddard's Arms InnSwindonWiltshire
Nov 6th, 1731Golden AcornLondon
April 1, 1756Golden CrossBromsgroveWorcestershire
3rd December, 1772Golden Cross InnBromsgroveWorcestershire
August 5th 1782Golden LionBreconBreconshire
December 19, 1825Golden LionHonitonDevon
1st December, 1800Golden LionLeedsYorkshire
3rd December, 1804Golden LionLeedsYorkshire
May 7, 1798Golden LionLeedsYorkshire
8th October, 1798Golden LionNorth AllertonYorkshire
21st September, 1805Golden LionPeterborough
15th March, 1806Golden Lion InnSt.John-StreetLondon
August 15, 1825Golden Lion InnWeymouthDorset
October 22, 1827Golden Lion InnWeymouthDorset
28th June 1764Golden LyonKidderminsterWorcestershire
July 24th, 1731Golden LyonSt.John-streetLondon
20th November, 1802Grafton-Arms InnBlisworth WharfNorthamptonshire
Jul 27th, 1812Green DragonBrook
September 17, 1827Green DragonDorchesterDorset
August 5th 1782Green DragonGloucesterGloucestershire
15th June, 1812Green DragonMarket LavingtonWiltshire
October 10, 1825Green DragonMarket LavingtonWilts
December 27, 1813Green Dragon InnAlderburyWilts
April 1, 1756Green Dragon InnCampden
20th November, 1802Green Dragon InnHigham FerrersNorthamptonshire
21st September, 1805Green Dragon InnHigham FerrersNorthamptonshire
15th June, 1812Green Dragon InnIsle of WightHampshire
21st September, 1812Green Dragon InnIsle of WightHampshire
22nd June, 1812Green Dragon InnIsle of WightHampshire
December 6, 1813Green Dragon InnIsle of WightHampshire
October 17, 1825Green Dragon InnIsle of WightHampshire
Nov 2nd, 1812Green Dragon InnMarkert LavingtonWilts
February 14, 1825Green Dragon InnMarket LavingtonWilts
February 7th, 1825Green Dragon InnMarket LavingtonWilts
Jan 31, 1833Green Dragon InnMarket LavingtonWilts
June 21, 1813Green Dragon InnMarket LavingtonWilts
June 7, 1821Green Dragon InnMarket LavingtonWilts
June 29, 1818Green Dragon InnNewportHampshire
August 26th, 1811Green ManAshborne
15th March, 1806Green ManDunchurch
15th March, 1806Green ManWoburnBedfordshire
2nd March, 1805Green-Dragon InnHigham FerrersNorthamptonshire
October 4th, 1806Green-ManHarlowEssex
March 14, 1825Green's HotelLincoln's Inn FieldLondon
August 20, 1827GreyhoundBlandfordDorset
February 28th, 1785GreyhoundBlandfordDorset
April 5, 1813GreyhoundBridportDorset
1st December, 1800GreyhoundFerrybridge
May 7, 1798GreyhoundFerrybridge
October 21, 1826GreyhoundSalisburyWilts
21st December, 1812Greyhound InnBathSomerset
18th January, 1813Greyhound InnBlandfordDorset
1st June, 1812Greyhound InnBlandfordDorset
1st June, 1812Greyhound InnBlandfordDorset
Aug 26th 1782Greyhound InnBlandfordDorset
Jan 11th, 1813Greyhound InnBlandfordDorset
October 19th, 1812Greyhound InnBlandfordDorset
25th May, 1812Greyhound InnBlandford ForumDorset
22nd June, 1812Greyhound InnCorfe Castle
March 2, 1818Greyhound InnPooleDorset
October 18, 1813Greyhound InnWiltonWilts
25th May, 1812Greyhound InnWincantonSomerset
8th March, 1813Greyhound InnWincantonSomerset
June13th, 1825Greyhound InnWincantonSomerset
Nov 2nd, 1812Greyhound InnWincantonSomerset
Feb.7, 1833Greyhound InnYeovilSomerset
January 10, 1820Greyhound Public HouseQuidhamptonWilts
23rd July, 1772GriffinWorcesterWorcestershire
December 5, 1825Grosvenor ArmsShaftesburyDorset
February 19, 1827Grosvenor ArmsShaftesburyDorset
July 11th, 1826Grosvenor ArmsShaftesburyDorset
November 21, 1825Grosvenor ArmsShaftesburyDorset
October 14, 1826Grosvenor ArmsShaftesburyDorset
June 18, 1827Grosvenor ArmsStockbridgeHampshire
February 19, 1827Grosvenor ArmsWinchesterHampshire
December 24, 1827Grosvenor Arms HotelStockbridge
October 21, 1826Grosvenor Arms HotelStockbridgeHampshire
February 14, 1825Grosvenor Arms InnShaftesburyDorset
March 7, 1825Grosvenor Arms InnShaftesburyDorset
August 26th, 1811GunHorsemonden HeathKent
March 21, 1814Gun InnFindonSussex
April 4, 1825Guy Earl of WarwickWarwick-laneLondon
2nd March, 1805Half MoonKimboltonHuntingdonshire
14th May, 1798Half MoonOtleyYorkshire
January 31st, 1825Half MoonSherborneDorset
June 27th, 1825Half Moon innAnsford
26th August, 1782Half Moon TavernSouthamptonHampshire
November 13th, 1707Half-Moon and Wheat SheafCornhillLondon
1st December, 1800Half-Moon InnOtleyYorkshire
December 27th, 1819Hare and HoundsSpeenWilts
February 28th 1795Hare and HoundsWoodfordNorthamptonshire
January 10, 1820HarrowWanboroughWilts
March 21, 1814Hastings ArmsHastingsSussex
3rd December, 1804Haunch of VenisonLeedsYorkshire
January 17th, 1825Haunch of VenisonWhaddonBuckinghamshire
3rd December, 1803HawkHalesworthSuffolk
3rd December, 1803Hawk InnHalesworthSuffolk
August 26th, 1811Hen and ChickensBirminghamWarwickshire
October 25, 1813.Hen and ChickensBirminghamWarwickshire
October 4th, 1806HindLutterworth
15th March, 1806Hind InnWellingboroughNorthamptonshire
20th November, 1802Hind InnWellingboroughNorthamptonshire
11th December, 1783Hop PoleWorcesterWorcestershire
14th July, 1791Hop PoleWorcesterWorcestershire
16th May, 1765Hop PoleWorcesterWorcestershire
23rd July, 1772Hop PoleWorcesterWorcestershire
February 28th, 1785Hop PoleWorcesterWorcestershire
April 1, 1756Hop-PoleWorcesterWorcestershire
3rd December, 1803HornBraintree
February 7th, 1825Horse and GroomSouthamptonHampshire
May 18, 1818Horse and GroomSouthamptonHampshire
July 11th, 1812Horse and GroomWellingboroughNorthamptonshire
January 24, 1807Horse-Shoe InnDaventryNorthamptonshire
8th March, 1813HotelChristchurchHampshire
3rd December, 1804HotelLeedsYorkshire
22nd June, 1812HotelStockbridgeHampshire
May 3, 1813Hoy Public HousePortsmouthHampshire
8th March, 1813Hunters InnHoundsdown
18th January, 1813India ArmsGosportHampshire
8th March, 1813India ArmsGosportDorset
August 9, 1813India ArmsWinchesterHampshire
25th May, 1812India Arms InnGosportHampshire
April 20, 1818Isle of Wight HoyWinchesterHampshire
14th October, 1782Ivy BushCarmarthenCarmarthenshire
January 17th, 1825JackNewburyBerkshire
19th November, 1798Joiners ArmsKirkthorpeYorkshire
November 17, 1817Jolly ButcherMarlboroughWilts
4th November, 1731Jonathan's Coffee HouseCornhillLondon
3rd September, 1870Jury's HotelDublinIreland
August 26th, 1811Kentish TavernTunbridge WellsKent
April 7th, 1829Kern's HotelBelfastIreland
March 30, 1812King and QueenHighworthWilts
December 4, 1725King and Queen's HeadRatcliff
August 27, 1827King' HeadSouthamptonHampshire
August 23, 1813King's Arm InnDevizesWilts
3rd December, 1803King's ArmsAldhamEssex
September 27, 1813King's ArmsBagshotWilts
21st September, 1805King's ArmsBicesterOxfordshire
June 11, 1827King's ArmsDorchesterDorset
June 23, 1823King's ArmsDorchesterDorset
25th May, 1812King's ArmsGodalming
8th March, 1813King's ArmsGodlambing
October, 15, 1796King's ArmsIrthlingboroughNorthamptonshire
March 30, 1812King's ArmsMalmesburyWilts
August 29, 1825King's ArmsMelkshamWilts
Dec. 30th, 1790King's ArmsRoss
July 7th, 1788King's ArmsSalisburyWilts
24th August, 1812King's ArmsSherborneDorset
October 14, 1826King's ArmsStockbridgeHampshire
September 27, 1813King's ArmsWhitechurchDorset
April 13, 1818King's ArmsWimborneDorset
October 25, 1819King's ArmsWimborneDorset
21st December, 1812King's Arms HotelChristchurchHampshire
February 3, 1812King's Arms HotelChristchurchHampshire
24th August, 1812Kings Arms InnBrutonSomerset
July 13, 1818Kings Arms InnMelkshamWilts
March 9, 1812Kings Arms InnMelkshamWilts
Aug 24th, 1812King's Arms InnDevizesWilts
August 16, 1813King's Arms InnDorchesterDorset
August 2, 1819King's Arms InnDorchesterDorset
July 11th, 1826King's Arms InnDorchesterDorset
July 9, 1827King's Arms InnDorchesterDorset
June13th, 1825King's Arms InnDorchesterDorset
March 2, 1818King's Arms InnDorchesterDorset
Nov 2nd, 1812King's Arms InnDorchesterDorset
October 21, 1826King's Arms InnDorchesterDorset
October 25, 1819King's Arms InnDorchesterDorset
June13th, 1825King's Arms InnDowntonWilts
June 11, 1827King's Arms InnFordingbridgeHampshire
March 3, 1831King's Arms InnMalmesburyWilts
August 1, 1825King's Arms InnMelkshamWilts
March 23, 1826King's Arms InnMelkshamWilts
Aug 26th 1782King's Arms InnSalisburyWilts
August 6, 1827King's Arms InnStockbridgeHampshire
December 24, 1827King's Arms InnStockbridge
October 21, 1826King's Arms Posting-HouseLongstockHampshire
Aug 24th, 1812King's Arms TavernWimborneDorset
October 4th, 1806King's HeadAylesburyBuckinghamshire
Jul 27th, 1812King's HeadBlandfordDorset
18th January, 1813King's HeadBridgewaterSomerset
Jan 11th, 1813King's HeadBridgewaterSomerset
April 24th, 1756King's HeadColchesterEssex
August 26th, 1811King's HeadDerby
December 13, 1813King's HeadGloucesterGloucestershire
18th September, 1809King's HeadHorshamSussex
August 26th, 1811King's HeadHorsham
3rd December, 1803King's HeadIpswichSuffolk
August 29th, 1812King's HeadLower CaldecoteBedfordshire
3rd December, 1803King's HeadMaldon
14th October, 1782King's HeadNewportMonmouthshire
14th October, 1782King's HeadNorthleachGloucestershire
8th October, 1798King's HeadRichmondYorkshire
Nov 2nd, 1812King's HeadRomseyHampshire
August 8, 1825King's HeadSalisburyWilts
April 13, 1818King's HeadSouthamptonHampshire
November 4th 1782King's HeadStock-bridgeHampshire
January 17th, 1825King's HeadWalworthSurrey
June 18, 1827King's HeadWeymouthDorset
March 30, 1812King's HeadWootten BassettWilts
September 10, 1827King's Head HotelChristchurchHampshire
November 8, 1813.King's Head HotelWeymouthDorset
September 24, 1827Kings Head InnWimborne MinsterDorset
18th September, 1809King's Head InnBillingshurstSussex
May 30th, 1825King's Head InnFishertonWilts
March 2, 1818King's Head InnSouthamptonHampshire
8th March, 1813King's Head InnWeymouthDorset
June 18, 1827King's Head InnWhiteparishWilts
May 25, 1818King's Head InnWhiteparishWilts
May 30th, 1825King's Head InnWhiteparish
April 27, 1818King's Head InnWimborne MinsterDorset
October 14, 1826King's Head InnWimborne MinsterDorset
September 3, 1827King's Head Navy TavernWeymouthDorset
21st September, 1805King's-ArmsAmpthillBedfordshire
July 22nd 1782King's-ArmsDorchesterDorset
October 4th, 1806King's-ArmsFakenham
1st November, 1810King's-Arms HotelPlymouthDevon
May 14th, 1796King's-Arms InnNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
October 4th, 1806King's-HeadSheringtonBuckinghamshire
Nov 9th, 1812King's-HeadSouthamptonHampshire
2nd March, 1805King's-Head InnLutterworthNorthamptonshire
October 4th, 1806LambElyCambridgeshire
June 20, 1833LambHindonWilts
June 23, 1823LambSalisburyWilts
14th October, 1782Lamb InnCheltenamGloucestershire
August 19, 1811Lamb InnEastbourneSussex
April 4, 1833Lamb InnHindonWilts
Aug 24th, 1812Lamb InnHindonWilts
August 8, 1825Lamb InnHindonWilts
December 5, 1825Lamb InnHindonWilts
February 28th, 1785Lamb InnHindonWilts
January 24, 1820Lamb InnHindonWilts
January 29, 1827Lamb InnHindonWilts
June 21, 1827Lamb InnHindonWilts
June 23, 1823Lamb InnHindonWilts
June 25, 1827Lamb InnHindonWilts
May 16th, 1825Lamb InnHindonWilts
October 10, 1825Lamb InnHindonWilts
October 14, 1826Lamb InnHindonWilts
April 30, 1796Lamb InnMarket-HarboroughLeicestershire
May 14th, 1796Lamb InnMarket-HarboroughLeicestershire
August 2, 1819Lamb InnSalisburyWilts
February 23, 1818Lamb InnSalisburyWilts
January 10th, 1825Lamb InnSalisburyWilts
October 21, 1826Lamb InnSalisburyWilts
October 25, 1813.Lamb InnWallingfordBerks
25th May, 1812Lamb InnWarminsterWiltshire
December 27, 1813Lamb InnWarminsterWilts
Mar 14th, 1757Lamb InnWarminsterWilts
July 31, 1751Lamb InnLondon
June 8, 1818Lamb-InnSalisburyWilts
June 21, 1827Lansdown ArmsCalneWilts
June 6, 1833Lansdowne Arms InnCalneWilts
March 23, 1826Lansdowne Arms InnCalneWilts
November 28, 1825Lansdowne Arms InnCalneWilts
20th November, 1802Lathbury InnLathburyBuckinghamshire
1st December, 1800Leeds ArmsLeedsYorkshire
30th May, 1813LionHounslowMiddlesex
October 4th, 1806LionWycombeBuckinghamshire
June 27, 1833Lion and FiddleHilpertonWilts
June 28, 1827Lion and FiddleHilpertonWilts
25th May, 1812Lion and Lamb InnPooleDorset
January 27, 1812Lion InnWarminsterWilts
4th November, 1731London Coffee HouseLudgate HillLondon
June 20, 1833London TavernBishopsgateLondon
June 29, 1818London TavernPooleDorset
September 24, 1827London TavernPooleDorset
October 10, 1825London TavernWinchesterHampshire
March 7, 1825London Tavern InnPooleDorset
February 7th, 1825Lopez ArmsWestburyWilts
July 4, 1833Lopez ArmsWestburyWilts
March 30, 1812Lopez ArmsWestburyWilts
September 10, 1827Lopez ArmsWestburyWilts
March 28, 1833Lopez Arms InnWestburyWilts
November 14, 1825Lopez InnWestburyWilts
December 17th, 1827Lord Malmesbury Arms InnFisherton AngerWilts
July 2, 1827Lord Nelson InnSouthamptonHampshire
June 27th, 1825Lord Nelson InnSouthamptonHampshire
3rd December, 1803Lord Petrie's Arms InnIngatestoneEssex
July 7th, 1788Lords ArmsWarminsterWilts
July 4th, 1825Lord's ArmsWiltonWilts
May 7, 1798Lower Swan InnManchesterLancashire
July 9, 1827Luce's HotelWeymouthDorset
June13th, 1825Luce's HotelWeymouthDorset
October 22, 1827Luce's HotelWeymouthDorset
August 22, 1825Maidenhead InnBulfordWilts
25th May, 1812Maidenhead InnSalisburyWiltshire
April 13, 1818Maidenhead InnSalisburyWilts
April 5, 1813Maidenhead InnSalisburyWilts
Jul 27th, 1812Maidenhead InnSalisburyWilts
April 24th, 1756Maid's HeadNorwichNorfolk
March 30, 1818Malmesbury ArmsFishertonWilts
November 7, 1825Malmesbury ArmsFisherton AngerWilts
August 6, 1827Manor House HotelSwanwichDorset
October 21, 1826Manor House HotelSwanwich
September 13, 1813Marlborough ArmsMarlboroughWilts
16th May, 1765Masons ArmsWorcesterWorcestershire
21st September, 1812Mason's ArmsAndoverHampshire
8th June, 1812Mason's ArmsAndoverHampshire
June 11, 1827Mason's ArmsAndoverHampshire
18th January, 1813Masons Arms InnAndoverHampshire
25th May, 1812Mason's Arms InnAndoverHampshire
March 30, 1812Mason's Arms InnAndoverHampshire
May 31, 1819Mason's Arms InnAndoverHampshire
April 7th, 1829Mercer's HotelNewtownlimavadyIreland
February 7th, 1825Mermaid InnSherborneDorset
25th May, 1812Mermaid InnYeovilSomerset
January 10, 1820Mermaid InnYeovilSomerset
Feb.21, 1833Methuen Arm's InnCorshamWilts
20th November, 1802Miner's-Arms InnStoke-Bruern WharfNorthamptonshire
July 7th, 1713Mitre and CrownTauntonSomerset
January 29, 1827Mitre InnShaftesburyDorset
21st September, 1812Nag's HeadLymingtonHampshire
22nd June, 1812Nag's HeadLymingtonHampshire
21st September, 1805Navigation InnFenny-Stratford
18th January, 1813Navy TavernPortseaHampshire
July 30, 1827Navy TavernBermuda
February 17, 1812Nelson InnMilbrookHampshire
November 17, 1817Nelson InnMillbrookHampshire
February 21, 1825Nelson InnSouthamptonHampshire
August 26th, 1811Nelson InnWorthingSussex
November 4th 1782New AntelopePooleDorset
Aug 26th 1782New Antelope InnPooleDorset
August 5th 1782New Antelope InnPooleHampshire
Nov 16th, 1812New Antelope InnPooleDorset
June 21, 1827New Bear InnBradfordWilts
June 7, 1821New Bear InnBradfordWilts
18th September, 1809New HotelWorthingSussex
May 16th, 1825New InnBattramsley
14th October, 1782New InnBisleyGloucestershire
March 30, 1812New InnBuckler's Hard
24th August, 1812New InnCerneDorset
July 7th, 1788New InnChristchurchHampshire
May 9th, 1825New InnCollingbourneWilts
January 31st, 1825New InnDowntonWilts
August 26th, 1811New InnEastbourneSussex
15th June, 1812New InnGosportDorset
January 24, 1807New InnGuy's CliffWarwickshire
26th August, 1782New InnHambledonHampshire
8th March, 1813New InnHambledonHampshire
Dec. 30th, 1790New InnHerefordHerefordshire
11th December, 1783New InnLedburyHerefordshire
February 28th, 1785New InnLyndhurstHampshire
8th March, 1813New InnMaiden BradleyWiltshire
July 18th, 1825New InnMilfordWilts
Jun 29th, 1812New InnMonkton DeverillDorset
February 22nd, 1812New InnNapton-upon-the-HillWarwickshire
21st December, 1812New InnOvertonHampshire
Jul 27th, 1812New InnOvertonHampshire
September 27, 1813New InnOvertonWilts
21st September, 1805New InnSalfordWarwickshire
July 15, 1826New InnSalisburyWilts
July 30, 1827New InnSalisburyWilts
June 20, 1833New InnSeendWilts
1st June, 1812New InnWarminsterWiltshire
April 13, 1818New InnWimborneDorset
Jul 27th, 1812New InnWimborneDorset
July 2, 1827New InnWimborneDorset
November 8, 1813.New InnWimborne-MinsterDorset
August 26th, 1811New InnWinchelseaSussex
30th May, 1813New InnWindsorBerkshire
August 26th, 1811New Inn HotelBrightonSussex
18th September, 1809New Ship TavernBrightonSussex
April 18, 1814New Steyne HotelBrightonSussex
October 18, 1813New White HorseSalisburyWilts
25th May, 1812New White Horse CellarPiccadillyMiddlesex
Nov 16th, 1812New White Horse CellarPiccadillyMiddlesex
September 19th, 1730Newcastle Coffee HouseBillingsgateLondon
28th September, 1812New-InnWest-End
20th November, 1802New-White-Horse InnTowcesterNorthamptonshire
August 26th, 1811Norfolk ArmsArundelSussex
March 7, 1825North BradleyWilts
March 23, 1826OakWootton BassettWilts
20th November, 1802Oakley-ArmsLambethSurrey
22nd June, 1812Old AntelopePooleDorset
28th September, 1812Old AntelopePooleDorset
April 13, 1818Old AntelopePooleDorset
April 13, 1818Old AntelopePooleDorset
December 27, 1819Old AntelopePooleDorset
July 22nd 1782Old AntelopePooleDorset
May 31, 1819Old AntelopePooleDorset
15th June, 1812Old Antelope InnPooleDorset
February 14, 1825Old Antelope InnPooleDorset
Nov 9th, 1812Old Antelope InnPooleDorset
October 22, 1827Old Antelope InnPooleDorset
January 10, 1820Old Ash InnFarnhamWilts
October 4th, 1806Old BearWalgraveNorthamptonshire
15th June, 1812Old BellEastmeonHampshire
October 22, 1827Old BoomsWeymouthDorset
June 1, 1818Old Cart WheelRomseyHampshire
14th May, 1798Old CockHalifaxYorkshire
19th November, 1798Old CockHalifaxYorkshire
October 4th, 1806Old CockWhitchurchBuckinghamshire
3rd December, 1804Old Cock InnHalifaxYorkshire
October 14, 1826Old Crown InnMelkshamWilts
November 14, 1825Old Down InnSomersetshire
January 24, 1807Old George InnCranfieldBedfordshire
October 21, 1826Old George InnSalisburyWilts
May 24, 1813Old InnPooleDorset
1st December, 1800Old King's ArmsLeedsYorkshire
8th October, 1798Old King's ArmsLeedsYorkshire
8th October, 1798Old King's ArmsWindhillYorkshire
May 31, 1813Old RainbowSalisburyWilts
February 21, 1825Old Roe Buck InnSalisburyWilts
18th September, 1809Old Ship TavernBrightonSussex
August 19, 1811Old Ship TavernBrightonSussex
16th May, 1765Old UnicornWorcesterWorcestershire
Feb.21, 1833Old Wheat Sheaf InnLittleton ?Wilts
April 25th, 1825Old Wheat SheavesShrewtonWilts
30th May, 1813Old WheatsheafOxfordOxfordshire
3rd December, 1803Old White HartHalsteadEssex
19th November, 1798Old White SwanLeedsYorkshire
2nd March, 1805Old-CrownWinslowBuckinghamshire
September 10, 1827Ox InnShastonWilts
September 5, 1825Ox InnShaston
1st June, 1812Oxford ArmWarwick-laneLondon
Dec. 30th, 1790Oxford ArmsKington
25th May, 1812Oxford Arms InnWarwick LaneLondon
Nov 16th, 1812Oxford Arms InnWarwick-laneLondon
18th January, 1813Pack HorseBathSomerset
14th May, 1798Pack Horse InnBirstallYorkshire
18th January, 1813Pack Horse InnCorshamWiltshire
3rd December, 1803PacketManningtree
14th May, 1798Pack-Horse InnHuddersfieldYorkshire
1st December, 1800Pack-Horse InnHuddersfieldYorkshire
February 28th, 1785Parade Coffee HouseSalisburyWilts
August 29, 1825Park House InnWilts
July 23, 1827Park House InnWilts
May 16th, 1825Park House InnWilts
May 14th, 1796PeacockNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
April 30, 1796Peacock InnDaventryNorthamptonshire
15th March, 1806Peacock InnNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
3rd December, 1803Peele's Coffee HouseLondon
Jan 11th, 1813PelicanSalisburyWilts
October 10, 1825Pelican InnNewburyBerkshire
June 7, 1819Pelican InnSalisburyWilts
May 30th, 1825Pelican InnSalisburyWilts
May 31, 1819Pelican InnSalisburyWilts
October 27, 1817Pelican InnSalisburyWilts
15th June, 1812Pelican InnStaplefordWiltshire
January 17th, 1825Pelican InnStaplefordWilts
January 31st, 1825Pelican public-houseAndoverHampshire
March 23, 1826Pembroke Arms InnFovantWilts
4th November, 1731Pensilvania Coffee HouseCornhillLondon
July 2, 1827Pheasant InnSalisburyWilts
June 28, 1827Pheasant InnSalisburyWilts
July 6, 1818PheonixTwyfordHampshire
October 21, 1826PhoenixTwyfordHampshire
December 6, 1813Phoenix InnPewseyWilts
June 7, 1819Phoenix InnTwyfordHampshire
May 30th, 1825PloughFishertonWilts
January 31st, 1825PloughIsle of WightHampshire
February 28th 1795PloughTowcesterNorthamptonshire
25th May, 1812Plough HotelCheltenhamGloucestershire
February 7th, 1825Plough InnBroughtonHampshire
Jul 27th, 1812Plume of FeathersSalisburyWilts
May 17, 1813Plume of FeathersSalisburyWilts
Jan 31, 1833Poore's Arms InnCharltonWilts
May 8, 1826Poore's Arms InnCharltonWilts
August 22, 1825Portland ArmsPortlandDorset
July 18th, 1825Portland ArmsWeymouthDorset
November 17, 1817Portman's ArmsBlandford
3rd December, 1803Pot of FlowersStowmarketSuffolk
October 3, 1825Poyntz ArmsOvertonHampshire
September 19, 1825Poyntz's ArmsOvertonHampshire
January 24, 1820Prince Regent HotelSalisburyWilts
May 9th, 1825Prince Regent HotelSalisburyWilts
August 6, 1827Prince Regent's HotelSalisburyWilts
July 6, 1818Prince Regent's HotelSalisburyWilts
June 22, 1818Prince Regent's HotelSalisburyWilts
May 25, 1818Prince Regent's HotelSalisburyWilts
15th March, 1806Quart-PotNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
2nd March, 1805Quart-PotNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
July 11th, 1826Queen CharlotteAndoverHampshire
June 18, 1827Queen CharlotteAndoverHampshire
May 30th, 1825Queen CharlotteSouthamptonHampshire
October 10, 1825Queen CharlotteSouthamptonHampshire
April 19, 1813Queen's Arms TavernNewgate-streetLondon
Jun 29th, 1812Queen's Arms TavernNewgate-streetLondon
3rd December, 1803Queen's HeadBramfieldSuffolk
August 22, 1825Queen's HeadDunkirk
November 4th 1782Queen's HeadLudgershall
August 26th, 1811Queen's HeadSedlescombeSussex
8th June, 1812Queens Head InnRomseyHampshire
January 20, 1812Queen's Head InnBoxWilts
November 21, 1825Queen's Head InnTitchfieldHampshire
November 7th, 1833Radley's HotelBlackfriarsLondon
November 13th, 1707Rainbow Coffee HouseTemple BarLondon
21st September, 1805Rainbow Coffee-HouseCornhillLondon
Nov 6th, 1731Rainbow Coffee-houseCornhillLondon
October 4th, 1806RamNewmarket
October, 15, 1796RamNewport-PagnellBuckinghamshire
25th May, 1812Ram InnCirencesterGloucestershire
May 23, 1833Ram InnCirencesterGloucestershire
14th October, 1782Ram InnGloucesterGloucestershire
20th November, 1802Ram InnNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
19th November, 1798Ramsden's ArmsHuddersfieldYorkshire
14th July, 1791Raven and BellShrewsbury
28th June 1764Raven InnKidderminsterWorcestershire
August 26th, 1811Red LionAtherstone[?]
25th May, 1812Red LionBagshot
March 9, 1812Red LionBentley GreenHampshire
August 5th 1782Red LionBisleyGloucestershire
February 28th 1795Red LionBrackleyNorthamptonshire
July 11th, 1812Red LionBrackleyNorthamptonshire
April 30, 1796Red LionDunstableBedfordshire
May 14th, 1796Red LionDunstableBedfordshire
18th January, 1813Red LionFarehamHampshire
25th May, 1812Red LionFarehamHampshire
Jul 27th, 1812Red LionFarehamHampshire
30th May, 1813Red LionHenleyOxfordshire
August 5th 1782Red LionHenleyOxfordshire
22nd June, 1812Red LionHeytesburyWiltshire
30th May, 1813Red LionHigh WycombeBuckinghamshire
21st September, 1805Red LionHockliffe
August 9, 1813Red LionIsle of WightHampshire
Aug 24th, 1812Red LionMilfordDorset
January 29, 1827Red LionOvertonWilts
June 29, 1818Red LionOvertonHampshire
8th March, 1813Red LionPetersfieldHampshire
3rd December, 1804Red LionPontefractYorkshire
8th October, 1798Red LionPontefractYorkshire
18th January, 1813Red LionRingwoodHampshire
June 7, 1819Red LionRomseyHampshire
21st December, 1812Red LionSalisburyWilts
28th September, 1812Red LionSalisburyWiltshire
Aug 24th, 1812Red LionSalisburyWilts
April 13, 1818Red LionSouthamptonHampshire
July 7th, 1788Red LionSouthamptonHampshire
28th June 1764Red LionUpper SnodsburyWorcestershire
22nd June, 1812Red LionWareham
December 5, 1825Red LionWarehamDorset
November 21, 1825Red LionWarehamDorset
20th November, 1802Red Lion InnBanburyOxfordshire
8th March, 1813Red Lion InnBourtonDorset
Jun 29th, 1812Red Lion InnBourtonDorset
October, 15, 1796Red Lion InnBrackleyNorthamptonshire
June 7, 1821Red Lion InnCharltonWilts
8th March, 1813Red Lion InnFarehamHampshire
May 10, 1813Red Lion InnFarehamHampshire
Nov 16th, 1812Red Lion InnGillinghamDorset
1st December, 1800Red Lion InnGreat WoodhouseYorkshire
15th June, 1812Red Lion InnIsle of WightHampshire
March 21, 1833Red Lion InnLambournBerks
March 14, 1825Red Lion InnLymingtonHampshire
May 23, 1833Red Lion InnNewburyBerks
Jan 11th, 1813Red Lion InnRingwoodHampshire
May 31, 1813Red Lion InnRomseyHampshire
August 9, 1813Red Lion InnSalisburyWilts
February 14, 1825Red Lion InnSalisburyWilts
January 27, 1812Red Lion InnSalisburyWilts
June 21, 1827Red Lion InnSalisburyWilts
March 2, 1812Red Lion InnSalisburyWilts
March 9, 1818Red Lion InnSalisburyWilts
Nov 2nd, 1812Red Lion InnSalisburyWilts
25th May, 1812Red Lion InnShaftesburyDorset
December 27th, 1819Red Lion InnShaftesburyDorset
June 22, 1818Red Lion InnShaftesburyDorset
May 9th, 1825Red Lion InnShaftesburyDorset
18th January, 1813Red Lion InnShastonDorset
8th June, 1812Red Lion InnSturminster NewtonDorset
21st September, 1805Red Lion InnTilsworthBedfordshire
8th March, 1813Red Lion InnWarehamDorset
19th November, 1798Red Lion InnWetherbyYorkshire
8th March, 1813Red Lion InnWinfrithDorset
May 8, 1826Red Lion InnWoolvertonWilts
April 2, 1827Red Lion InnWilts
October 21, 1826Red Lion TavernWeymouthDorset
July 24th, 1731Red LyonSuffolk-streetLondon
15th March, 1806Red-LionBanburyOxfordshire
2nd March, 1805Red-LionMears-AshbyNorthamptonshire
15th March, 1806Red-LionWendoverBuckinghamshire
20th November, 1802Red-Lion InnBanburyOxfordshire
Dec. 30th, 1790Redstreak-Tree InnHerefordHerefordshire
July 11th, 1826Regent's ArmsVauxhall Bridge roadLondon
July 16, 1827Regent's HotelSalisburyWilts
16th May, 1765Rein DeerWorcesterWorcestershire
December 19, 1825Ring of BellsFromeSomersetshire
March 23rd, 1818Rising SunRomseyHampshire
August 29, 1825Robin HoodSouthamptonHampshire
January 17th, 1825Robin HoodWhaddon ChaceBuckinghamshire
March 30, 1818RobuckSalisburyWilts
Nov 2nd, 1812Rodney InnHytherHampshire
June 6, 1833Roe BuckCorshamWilts
8th March, 1813Roe BuckEast WellowHampshire
March 23, 1812Roebuck TavernGosportHampshire
30th May, 1813RoseOakingham
21st September, 1805RoseWatfordHertfordshire
December 27, 1819Rose and CrownAxminster
14th July, 1791Rose and CrownBewdleyWorcestershire
April 30, 1796Rose and CrownByfieldNorthamptonshire
1st December, 1800Rose and CrownDartonYorkshire
February 28th 1795Rose and CrownNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
October 31, 1807Rose and CrownNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
January 15, 1827Rose and CrownSouthamptonHampshire
Jun 29th, 1812Rose and CrownSouthamptonHampshire
May 18, 1818Rose and CrownSouthamptonHampshire
August 26th, 1811Rose and CrownTunbridge WellsKent
July 31, 1751Rose and CrownTwyfordWilts
Jan 31, 1833Rose and CrownWoodboroughWilts
December 12, 1825Rose and Crown InnSouthamptonHampshire
January 16th, 1826Rose and Crown InnSouthamptonHampshire
May 8, 1826Rose and Crown InnSouthamptonHampshire
March 21, 1814Rose and Crown InnTunbridgeKent
Feb.7, 1833Rose InnSalisburyWilts
October 4th, 1806Rose-and-CrownWisbech
20th November, 1802Rose-and-Crown InnNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
20th November, 1802Rose-and-Punch-BowlNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
June13th, 1825Row BuckSalisburyWilts
3rd September, 1870RoyalBangorIreland
June 6th, 1825Royal GeorgeSalisburyWilts
21st September, 1805Royal HotelBirminghamWarwickshire
January 27, 1812Royal HotelWeymouthDorset
July 9, 1827Royal HotelWeymouthDorset
June 7, 1821Royal OakBradfordWilts
October 3, 1825Royal OakEastertonWilts
1st December, 1800Royal OakGreetham
May 7, 1798Royal OakGreetham
15th March, 1806Royal OakHanslopBuckinghamshire
December 27th, 1819Royal OakMilborne St.Andrew
October 10, 1825Royal OakPewseyWilts
July 4th, 1825Royal OakPiddletown
Nov 30th, 1813Royal OakWootton BassetWilts
June 7, 1821Royal OakWootton BassettWilts
August 26th, 1811Royal Oak InnBrightonSussex
February 19, 1827Royal Oak InnDevizesWilts
June 23, 1823Royal Oak InnDevizesWilts
February 10, 1812Royal Oak InnDorchesterDorset
October 21, 1826Royal Oak InnDorchesterDorset
June 21, 1827Royal Oak InnMelkshamWilts
20th October 1810Rudd's InnEnniscorthyIreland
July 7th, 1788Rummer TavenBristolGloucestershire
30th May, 1813Running HorseDatchet
January 13, 1812Running Horse InnLittletonHampshire
Jul 27th, 1812Russell's Royal HotelWeymouthDorset
19th November, 1798SaddleLeedsYorkshire
October 4th, 1806Salutation InnCoventry
25th May, 1812Sandrock Spring HotelIsle of WightHampshire
February 28th 1795Saracen's HeadDaventry
August 5th 1782Saracen's HeadHerefordHerefordshire
21st September, 1805Saracen's HeadNewport-PagnellBuckinghamshire
February 7th, 1825Saracen's HeadSalisburyWilts
Nov 14, 1833Saracen's HeadSnow Hill?
January 17th, 1825Saracen's HeadSnowhillLondon
October 4th, 1806Saracen's HeadWare
20th November, 1802Saracen's Head InnDunstableBedfordshire
20th November, 1802Saracen's Head InnNewport-PagnellBuckinghamshire
1st December, 1800Saracen's Head InnSnow-HillLondon
May 4, 1805Saracen's-HeadNewport-PagnellBuckinghamshire
2nd March, 1805Saracen's-Head InnDaventryNorthamptonshire
1st December, 1800Savile's ArmsHalifaxYorkshire
April 24th, 1756Scole Inn???
May 14th, 1796SeedsmanMarket-HarboroughLeicestershire
May 23rd, 1825Seven StarsFootscrayKent
8th March, 1813Seven ThornsLiphookHampshire
21st September, 1805Shakespear TavernBirminghamWarwickshire
August 26th, 1811ShipBrightonSussex
Jan 11th, 1813Ship and Bell InnHorndean
25th May, 1812Ship InnAbbotsburyDorset
2nd March, 1805Ship InnBedfordBedfordshire
April 19, 1813Ship InnBourtonDorset
July 23, 1827Ship InnChristchurchHampshire
March 21, 1825Ship InnChristchurchHampshire
August 2, 1819Ship InnCracknore HardHampshire
Jul 27th, 1812Ship InnEmsworthHampshire
July 4th, 1825Ship InnFromeSomerset
20th November, 1802Ship InnHounslowMiddlesex
September 6, 1813Ship InnLymingtonHampshire
June13th, 1825Ship InnMereWilts
February 21, 1825Ship InnMilbrookHampshire
25th May, 1812Ship InnRidgewayDorset
December 8, 1817Ship InnSalisburyWilts
February 21, 1825Ship InnSalisburyWilts
25th May, 1812Ship InnShastonDorset
October 25, 1819Ship InnStockbridgeHampshire
18th January, 1813Ship InnWest StowerDorset
March 23, 1818Shoe InnPlaitfordWilts
August 8, 1825Shoulder of MuttonMarlboroughWilts
3rd December, 1803Shoulder of MuttonOld Newton
February 28th, 1785Six BellsSalisburyWilts
May 23, 1833Six Bells InnColerneWilts
July 4th, 1825Six Bells InnLymingtonHampshire
January 31st, 1825Sloop InnWootton BridgeHampshire
July 15, 1826SomersetWidcombeSomerset
July 15, 1826SomersetWidcombeSomerset
December 27, 1819Southampton ArmsSouthamptonHampshire
July 2, 1827Southampton ArmsSouthamptonHampshire
July 4th, 1825Southampton ArmsWinchesterHampshire
11th December, 1783Sow and PigsDoldayWorcestershire
November 17, 1817Spead Eagle InnSouthamptonHampshire
8th March, 1813Spread EagleEpsomSurrey
September 12th, 1767Spread EagleGracechurch-streetLondon
21st September, 1805Spread EagleOundleNorthamptonshire
December 27, 1819Spread EagleSalisburyWilts
Sep 2nd 1782Spread EagleSalisburyWilts
September 27, 1813Spread EagleSalisburyWilts
April 18, 1814Spread EagleWandsworthSurrey
18th January, 1813Spread Eagle InnSalisburyWiltshire
April 2, 1827Spread Eagle InnSalisburyWilts
January 17, 1820Spread Eagle InnSalisburyWilts
Nov 2nd, 1812Spread Eagle InnSalisburyWilts
Nov 30th, 1813Spread Eagle InnSalisburyWilts
November 22, 1813Spread Eagle InnSalisburyWilts
September 5, 1825Spread Eagle InnSalisburyWilts
October 19th, 1812Spread Eagle InnWiltonWilts
Jun 29th, 1812Spring GardensGosportHampshire
November 2nd, 1805SquirrelGaytonNorthamptonshire
30th May, 1813SquirrelWinkfield
September 19th, 1730St.Alban's TavernSt.James'sLondon
September 12th, 1767St.James's Coffee HouseLondon
30th May, 1813Stag and HoundsMayfairMiddlesex
3rd December, 1803StarBury
18th September, 1809StarLewesSussex
August 26th, 1811StarLewesSussex
August 26th, 1811StarMaidstoneKent
October 25, 1813.StarOxfordOxfordshire
January 10, 1820StarSalisburyWilts
15th June, 1812StarSouthamptonHampshire
April 20, 1818StarSouthamptonHampshire
July 7th, 1788StarSouthamptonHampshire
October 27, 1817StarSouthamptonHampshire
February 28th 1795StarWatfordNorthamptonshire
16th May, 1765StarWorcesterWorcestershire
January 29, 1827Star AndoverHampshire
April 13, 1818Star and GarterAndoverHampshire
April 2, 1827Star and GarterAndoverHampshire
February 28th, 1785Star and GarterAndoverHampshire
June 21, 1827Star and GarterAndoverHampshire
June 29, 1818Star and GarterAndoverHampshire
October 14, 1826Star and GarterAndoverHampshire
September 27, 1813Star and GarterAndoverHampshire
April 30, 1796Star and GarterWatfordNorthamptonshire
30th May, 1813Star and GarterWindsorBerkshire
16th May, 1765Star and GarterWorcesterWorcestershire
January 29, 1827Star and Garter HotelAndoverHampshire
April 18, 1814Star and Garter HotelBrightonSussex
8th October, 1798Star and Garter InnKirkstall BridgeYorkshire
14th July, 1791Star and Garter InnWorcesterWorcestershire
Sep 2nd 1782Star and Hart InnAndoverHampshire
December 19, 1825Star Commercial InnFordingbridgeHampshire
July 30, 1827Star HotelSouthamptonHampshire
February 14, 1825Star InnAndoverHampshire
July 13, 1818Star InnExeterDevon
March 7, 1825Star InnFordingbridgeHampshire
November 28, 1825Star InnFordingbridgeHampshire
September 10, 1827Star InnFordingbridgeHampshire
April 19, 1813Star InnGosportHampshire
August 19, 1811Star InnLewesSussex
May 18, 1818Star InnLymingtonHampshire
March 21, 1814Star InnMayfieldSussex
14th July, 1791Star InnOxfordOxfordshire
20th November, 1802Star InnOxfordOxfordshire
August 29, 1825Star InnRomseyHampshire
May 30th, 1825Star InnRomseyHampshire
28th September, 1812Star InnShaftesburyDorset
March 9, 1812Star InnShaftesburyDorset
14th September, 1812Star InnSouthamptonHampshire
18th January, 1813Star InnSouthamptonHampshire
21st September, 1812Star InnSouthamptonHampshire
April 5, 1813Star InnSouthamptonHampshire
Aug 26th 1782Star InnSouthamptonHampshire
January 3, 1820Star InnSouthamptonHampshire
July 25, 1825Star InnSouthamptonHampshire
March 23rd, 1818Star InnSouthamptonHampshire
Nov 16th, 1812Star InnSouthamptonHampshire
November 3, 1817Star InnSouthamptonHampshire
October 24, 1825Star InnSouthamptonWilts
23rd July, 1772Star InnStourbridgeWorcestershire
September 24, 1827Star InnWeyhillHampshire
September 24, 1827Star InnWinchesterHampshire
August 26th, 1811Steyne HotelWorthingSussex
November 8, 1813.Stourhead InnWilts
19th November, 1798Strafford-Arms InnWakefieldYorkshire
8th October, 1798Strafford-Arms InnWakefieldYorkshire
21st September, 1805Sugar-LoafDunstableBedfordshire
October 4th, 1806SunCambridgeCambridgeshire
April 24th, 1756SunDedhamEssex
February 28th 1795SunHook-NortonOxfordshire
Dec. 30th, 1790SunKington
30th May, 1813SunMaidenheadBerkshire
August 5th 1782SunMaidenheadBerkshire
August 1, 1825Sun InnAlresfordHampshire
18th May, 1790Sun InnBradfordYorkshire
3rd December, 1804Sun InnBradfordYorkshire
Aug 26th 1782Sun InnFishertonWilts
August 30, 1813Sun InnFishertonWilts
June 7, 1819Sun InnFishertonWilts
October 14, 1826Sun InnFishertonWilts
December 8, 1817Sun InnFisherton Anger
June 7, 1819Sun InnIsle of WightHampshire
March 30, 1812Sun InnLiddiard MillicentWilts
28th September, 1812Sun InnSalisburyWiltshire
25th May, 1812Sun InnSouthamptonHampshire
October 10, 1825Sun InnSouthamptonHampshire
Aug 24th, 1812Sun InnWestbury LeighWilts
8th March, 1813Sun InnWinchesterHampshire
August 1, 1825Sun InnWinchesterHampshire
December 13, 1813Sun InnWinchesterHampshire
September 19th, 1730Sun TavernHolbornMiddlesex
October 27, 1817SwanAlresfordHampshire
September 24, 1827SwanAlresfordHampshire
15th June, 1812SwanAltonHampshire
July 7th, 1788SwanAltonHampshire
September 27, 1813SwanAltonHampshire
2nd March, 1805SwanBiggleswadeBedfordshire
22nd June, 1812SwanBradfordWiltshire
July 7th, 1788SwanBradfordWilts
15th June, 1812SwanChichesterSussex
14th October, 1782SwanEveshamGloucestershire
May 30th, 1825SwanFishertonWilts
2nd March, 1805SwanGreat-HorwoodBuckinghamshire
3rd December, 1803SwanKelvedon
April 24th, 1756SwanLavenham
21st September, 1805SwanLeighton
May 14th, 1796SwanLeighton
October 4th, 1806SwanLittle-BrickhillBuckinghamshire
April 24th, 1756SwanMarket HarlingNorfolk
16th May, 1765SwanNewlandy GreenWorcestershire
2nd March, 1805SwanOundle
February 10, 1812SwanSouthamptonHampshire
14th October, 1782SwanTewkesburyGloucestershire
21st September, 1805SwanThrapstonNorthamptonshire
14th July, 1791SwanUpton Brook
30th May, 1813SwanWindsorBerkshire
June 27, 1833SwanWilts
March 23, 1826SwanLondon
8th July, 1782Swan and DolphinRomseyHampshire
July 22nd 1782Swan and DolphinRomseyHampshire
16th May, 1765Swan and FalconHerefordHerefordshire
Dec. 30th, 1790Swan and FalconHerefordHerefordshire
8th June, 1812Swan InnAlresfordHampshire
February 28th, 1785Swan InnAlresfordHampshire
Jan 11th, 1813Swan InnAlresfordHampshire
15th March, 1806Swan InnBedfordBedfordshire
May 14th, 1796Swan InnBedfordBedfordshire
18th January, 1813Swan InnBradfordWiltshire
21st December, 1812Swan InnBradfordWilts
August 22, 1825Swan InnBradfordWilts
August 29, 1825Swan InnBradfordWilts
August 29, 1825Swan InnBradfordWilts
June 7, 1821Swan InnBradfordWilts
Nov 9th, 1812Swan InnBradfordWilts
October 14, 1826Swan InnBradfordWilts
September 6, 1813Swan InnBristolGloucestershire
August 5th 1782Swan InnCheltenham SpaGloucestershire
18th January, 1813Swan InnCosham
November 7, 1825Swan InnCross HouseHampshire
May 23rd, 1825Swan InnDevizesWilts
December 4, 1725Swan InnGloucesterGloucestershire
April 24th, 1756Swan InnHarlestonNorfolk
August 26th, 1811Swan InnHastingsSussex
September 10, 1827Swan InnHindonWilts
September 5, 1825Swan InnHindonWilts
June 29, 1818Swan InnKingsclereHampshire
20th November, 1802Swan InnLamportNorthamptonshire
July 11th, 1812Swan InnLeighton-BuzzardBedfordshire
May 30th, 1825Swan InnLongstreet
May 10, 1813Swan InnLong-streetWilts
October, 15, 1796Swan InnMarket-HarboroughNorthamptonshire
May 14th, 1796Swan InnNewport PagnellBuckinghamshire
15th March, 1806Swan InnNewport-PagnellBuckinghamshire
21st September, 1805Swan InnNewport-PagnellBuckinghamshire
April 30, 1796Swan InnNewport-PagnellBuckinghamshire
January 24, 1807Swan InnNewport-PagnellBuckinghamshire
October 4th, 1806Swan InnNewport-PagnellBuckinghamshire
November 2nd, 1805Swan InnOundleNorthamptonshire
December 24, 1827Swan InnRomseyHampshire
21st September, 1812Swan InnRossHerefordshire
October 4th, 1806Swan InnSandsBedfordshire
August 13, 1827Swan InnShaftesburyDorset
January 29, 1827Swan InnShaftesburyDorset
June 15, 1818Swan InnShepton-Mallet
Aug 24th, 1812Swan InnSherborneDorset
August 5th 1782Swan InnStaunton
Aug 26th 1782Swan InnStockbridge
November 4th 1782Swan InnStock-bridgeHampshire
15th June, 1812Swan InnStofordWiltshire
June 25, 1827Swan InnStofordWilts
January 15, 1827Swan InnStowfordWilts
18th January, 1813Swan InnSturminsterDorset
22nd June, 1812Swan InnSturminster NewtonDorset
April 19, 1813Swan InnSturminster NewtonDorset
January 13, 1812Swan InnSturminster NewtonDorset
Nov 30th, 1813Swan InnSturminster NewtonDorset
October 3, 1825Swan InnSturminster NewtonDorset
23rd July, 1772Swan InnTenburyWorcestershire
Dec. 30th, 1790Swan InnTenbury
3rd December, 1772Swan InnTewkesburyGloucestershire
14th October, 1782Swan InnThornburyGloucestershire
February 22nd, 1812Swan InnThrapstonNorthamptonshire
21st September, 1805Swan InnWellingboroughNorthamptonshire
August 5th 1782Swan InnWotton-Under-EdgeGloucestershire
November 7, 1825Swan InnHampshire
28th August, 1810Swan with Two NecksLad-landLondon
1st December, 1800Swan with Two NecksLad-laneLondon
February 28th 1795Swans InnHarboroughLeicestershire
February 22nd, 1812Swans InnMarket-HarboroughLeicestershire
Aug 26th 1782Swans InnShastonDorset
1st December, 1800TalbotBradfordYorkshire
23rd July, 1772TalbotWorcesterWorcestershire
March 21, 1814Talbot InnCuckfieldSussex
May 14th, 1796Talbot InnMarket-HarboroughLeicestershire
October 4th, 1806Talbot InnOundleNorthamptonshire
2nd March, 1805Talbot InnPeterboroughNorthamptonshire
14th July, 1791Talbot InnWorcesterWorcestershire
1st June, 1812Temple Coffee HouseStrandMiddlesex
June 15, 1818Thatched House TavernWest KennetWilts
July 11th, 1812The SwanNorthamptonNorthamptonshire
14th October, 1782Three CranesChepstowMonmouthshire
October 4th, 1806Three CrownsLeicesterLeicestershire
July 6th, 1812Three CrownsSalisburyWilts
July 13, 1818Three CrownsWest HarnhamWilts
Nov 7, 1833Three Crowns InnChippenhamWilts
March 3, 1831Three Cups InnBathSomerset
3rd December, 1803Three Cups InnColchesterEssex
3rd December, 1803Three Cups InnHarwichEssex
August 2, 1819Three Cups InnLymeDorset
May 23rd, 1825Three Cups InnMalmesburyWilts
22nd June, 1812Three Horse Shoes InnWarminsterWiltshire
August 15, 1825Three King's InnWellsSomerset
Mar 14th, 1757Three LionsSalisbury ?Wilts
July 22nd 1782Three Lions inn ?SalisburyWilts
30th May, 1813Three Nuns InnWhitechapelLondon
14th July, 1791Three QueensBristolGloucestershire
February 7th, 1825Three SwansSalisburyWilts
July 4th, 1825Three SwansSalisburyWilts
February 28th, 1785Three SwansShaftesburyDorset
February 21, 1825Three Swans InnHungerfordBerks
May 25, 1818Three Swans InnReadingBerkshire
25th May, 1812Three Swans InnSalisburyWiltshire
June 7, 1819Three Swans InnSalisburyWilts
June 8, 1818Three Swans InnSalisburyWilts
May 31, 1819Three Swans InnSalisburyWilts
July 7th, 1788Three Swans InnShaftesburyDorset
July 16, 1827Three TunsAndoverHampshire
February 28th 1795Three TunsDeddingtonOxfordshire
Aug 26th 1782Three TunsSouthamptonHampshire
January 24, 1820Three Tuns InnSouthamptonHampshire
June 28, 1827Three Tuns InnTrowbridgeWilts
August 26th, 1811Thurlow ArmsBrightonSussex
18th January, 1813Tipling PhilospherMilborne PortDorset
March 9, 1812Tontine InnIsle of Wight ?Hampshire
July 30, 1827Town Hall TavernManchesterLancashire
1st June, 1812Traveller's RestBridportDorset
8th October, 1798Triangle InnSowerbyYorkshire
March 14, 1825Trusty ServantMinsteedHampshire
3rd December, 1803TunsBungaySuffolk
December 27, 1819Turk's HeadSpring GardensHampshire
14th July, 1791UnicornDigbeth
Dec. 30th, 1790UnicornLeominster
14th July, 1791UnicornRedditch
November 13th, 1707UnicornSouthwarkSurrey
14th July, 1791UnicornWorcesterWorcestershire
Jul 27th, 1812Unicorn InnBayfordSomerset
June 21, 1827Unicorn InnMelkshamWilts
December 27, 1813Union Arms InnRadipoleDorset
14th May, 1798Union Cross InnHalifaxYorkshire
19th November, 1798Union Cross InnHalifaxYorkshire
14th July, 1791Union InnBirminghamWarwickshire
January 31st, 1825Upper Angel InnAndoverHampshire
Jul 27th, 1812Upper Angel InnAndoverHampshire
March 23rd, 1818Upper Angel InnAndoverHampshire
August 5th 1782Upper GeorgeGloucesterGloucestershire
August 5th 1782Upper George InnWallopHampshire
21st December, 1812Upper Organ InnPotternWilts
November 15, 1813Upper Organ InnPotternWilts
28th September, 1812Victory InnFair OakHampshire
21st September, 1812VineIsle of WightHampshire
April 1, 1756VineWorcesterWorcestershire
26th August, 1782Vine InnIsle of WightHampshire
April 12, 1813Vine InnIsle of WightHampshire
Aug 26th 1782Vine InnIsle of WightHampshire
June 29, 1818Vine InnRomseyHampshire
Sep 2nd 1782Vine InnSalisburyWilts
Sep 2nd 1782Vine InnSalisburyWilts
April 13, 1818Vine InnSouthamptonHampshire
December 19, 1825Vine InnSouthamptonHampshire
May 18, 1818Vine InnSouthamptonHampshire
May 31, 1819Virginia InnHenstridgeSomerset
Jan 11th, 1813Virginia InnHenstridge AshSomerset
3rd December, 1803Waggon and HorsesColchester
August 6, 1827Waggon and HorsesWootton BassettWilts
October 4th, 1806Waggon-And-HorsesDaventryNorthamptonshire
20th November, 1802Waggon-and-HorsesRushden
Nov 14, 1833Waggon-And-Horses InnSemingtonWilts
October 4th, 1806Warwick-ArmsWarwickWarwickshire
August 5th 1782Weymouth ArmsWarminsterWilts
June 20, 1833Weymouth ArmsWarminsterWilts
August 2, 1813Weymouth Arms InnWarminsterWilts
1st December, 1800Wharf InnSowerbyYorkshire
May 18, 1818Wheat SheafSouthamptonHampshire
15th June, 1812Wheat SheafTitchfieldHampshire
December 13, 1813Wheat SheafWinchesterHampshire
15th March, 1806Wheat Sheaf InnDaventryNorthamptonshire
January 24, 1807Wheat Sheaf InnDaventryNorthamptonshire
October 17, 1825Wheat Sheaf InnMarket LavingtonWilts
20th November, 1802Wheat Sheaf InnWeedon-BeckNorthamptonshire
July 11th, 1812Wheat Sheaf InnWoburnBedfordshire
April 30, 1796Wheat-SheafWoburnBedfordshire
May 14th, 1796Wheat-SheafWoburnBedfordshire
2nd March, 1805Wheat-Sheaf InnDaventryNorthamptonshire
April 13, 1818White BearBlandfordDorset
Jul 27th, 1812White BearBlandfordDorset
25th May, 1812White BearPiccadillyMiddlesex
Nov 16th, 1812White BearPiccadillyMiddlesex
Nov 30th, 1813White Bear InnBlandfordDorset
March 23, 1826White Bear InnDevizesWilts
3rd December, 1803White Bear InnHounslowMiddlesex
May 14th, 1796White HartAmpthillBedfordshire
July 7th, 1788White HartAndoverHampshire
June 29, 1818White HartAndoverHampshire
September 27, 1813White HartBagshotWilts
August 29, 1825White HartBath
December 20, 1813White HartBathSomerset
Jan 31, 1833White HartBathSomerset
October 5th, 1812White HartBathSomerset
October 25, 1813.White HartBensonOxfordshire ?
16th May, 1765White HartBromsgrove
24th August, 1812White HartCadnam
March 28, 1833White HartCalneWilts
18th January, 1813White HartChippenhamWiltshire
21st September, 1812White HartChippenhamWiltshire
July 7th, 1788White HartChristchurchHampshire
April 24th, 1756White HartColchesterEssex
August 2, 1819White HartCrickladeWilts
16th May, 1765White HartDroitwichWorcestershire
21st September, 1805White HartDunstableBedfordshire
21st September, 1805White HartDunstableBedfordshire
3rd December, 1803White HartEarl's Colne
15th June, 1812White HartFarehamHampshire
1st June, 1812White HartFareham
20th November, 1802White HartFlooreNorthamptonshire
December 19, 1825White HartFromeSomersetshire
December 4, 1725White HartGodstoneSurrey
October 4th, 1806White HartGreat-MissendenBuckinghamshire
8th March, 1813White HartGuildfordSurrey
November 15, 1813White HartHookHampshire
May 7, 1798White HartIdleYorkshire
November 28, 1825White HartIsle of WightHampshire
19th November, 1798White HartLeedsYorkshire
July 24th, 1731White HartMitchamSurrey
June 29, 1818White HartNewburyBerkshire
21st September, 1812White HartPortsmouthHampshire
July 11th, 1812White HartRidgemountBedfordshire
May 16th, 1825White HartRingwoodHampshire
Nov 30th, 1813White HartRingwoodHampshire
November 4th 1782White HartRingwoodHampshire
21st September, 1812White HartRomseyHampshire
28th September, 1812White HartSalisbury
August 20, 1827White HartSalisburyWilts
February 21, 1825White HartSalisburyWilts
July 6, 1818White HartSalisburyWilts
June 23, 1823White HartSalisburyWilts
August 29th, 1812White HartStoke-Albany
8th October, 1798White HartWakefieldYorkshire
8th June, 1812White HartWarminsterWiltshire
May 14th, 1796White HartWellingboroughNorthamptonshire
March 23, 1826White HartWest KennettWilts
March 28, 1833White HartWest KennettWilts
January 17th, 1825White HartWhiteparishWilts
Nov 2nd, 1812White HartWhiteparishWilts
8th March, 1813White HartWinchcombGloucestershire
15th June, 1812White HartWinchesterHampshire
26th August, 1782White HartWinchesterHampshire
April 25th, 1825White HartWinchesterHampshire
August 2, 1819White HartWinchesterHampshire
August 29, 1825White HartWinchesterHampshire
December 24, 1827White HartWinchesterHampshire
Jul 27th, 1812White HartWinchesterHampshire
June 29, 1818White HartWinchesterHampshire
March 30, 1818White HartWinchesterHampshire
October 19th, 1812White HartWinchesterHampshire
October 25, 1819White HartWinchesterHampshire
September 27, 1813White HartWinchesterHampshire
30th May, 1813White HartWindsorBerkshire
30th May, 1813White HartWinkfield
3rd December, 1803White HartWitham
21st September, 1805White Hart InnAmphillBedfordshire
18th January, 1813White Hart InnAndoverHampshire
February 14, 1825White Hart InnAndoverHampshire
January 31st, 1825White Hart InnAndoverHampshire
July 4th, 1825White Hart InnAndoverHampshire
March 12, 1827White Hart InnAndoverHampshire
March 7, 1825White Hart InnAndoverHampshire
September 10, 1827White Hart InnAndoverHampshire
July 13, 1818White Hart InnBathSomerset
December 27, 1813White Hart InnBishops WalthamHampshire
March 21, 1814White Hart InnBuxtedSussex
18th January, 1813White Hart InnChippenhamWiltshire
December 27, 1819White Hart InnChippenhamWilts
25th May, 1812White Hart InnCrickladeWiltshire
March 28, 1833White Hart InnCrickladeWilts
July 15, 1826White Hart InnDorchesterDorset
July 7th, 1788White Hart InnEverlyWilts
Jul 27th, 1812White Hart InnFarehamHampshire
May 18, 1818White Hart InnGlastonburySomerset
August 19, 1811White Hart InnLewesSussex
May 23, 1833White Hart InnNewburyBerks
Nov 9th, 1812White Hart InnRingwoodHampshire
June 29, 1818White Hart InnRomseyHampshire
8th June, 1812White Hart InnSalisburyWiltshire
August 8, 1825White Hart InnSalisburyWilts
July 11th, 1826White Hart InnSalisburyWilts
June 27, 1833White Hart InnSalisburyWilts
October 10, 1825White Hart InnSalisburyWilts
October 24, 1825White Hart InnSalisburyWilts
February 19, 1827White Hart InnSturminster Newton CastleDorset
15th March, 1806White Hart InnThrapstonNorthamptonshire
20th November, 1802White Hart InnWellingboroughNorthamptonshire
August 15, 1825White Hart InnWellsSomerset
December 5, 1825White Hart InnWellsSomersetshire
15th June, 1812White Hart InnWhitchurchHampshire
14th September, 1812White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
18th January, 1813White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
August 16, 1813White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
February 14, 1825White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
February 19, 1827White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
February 21, 1825White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
January 13, 1812White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
July 12, 1813.White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
July 6, 1818White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
July 6th, 1812White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
Jun 29th, 1812White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
June 1, 1818White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
March 16, 1818White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
March 7, 1825White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
October 21, 1826White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
October 27, 1817White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
October 31, 1825White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
September 24, 1827White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
September 3, 1827White Hart InnWinchesterHampshire
November 28, 1825White Hart InnWortingHampshire
23rd July, 1772White HorseBowLondon
14th October, 1782White HorseCains CrossGloucestershire
October 4th, 1806White HorseHockliffe
1st December, 1800White HorseLeedsYorkshire
March 9, 1805White HorseOakingtonCambridgeshire
1st December, 1800White HorseOtleyYorkshire
March 2, 1812White HorseOtterbournHampshire
September 12th, 1767White HorseRomfordEssex
8th March, 1813White HorseRomseyHampshire
March 28, 1825White HorseRomseyHampshire
November 4th 1782White HorseRomseyHampshire
October 27, 1817White HorseRomseyHampshire
28th September, 1812White HorseSalisburyWiltshire
18th September, 1809White HorseSteyningSussex
11th December, 1783White HorseWorcesterWorcestershire
July 18th, 1825White Horse CellarSalisburyWilts
August 22, 1825White Horse InnDowntonWilts
21st December, 1812White Horse InnDroxfordHampshire
November 28, 1825White Horse InnGreatlyHampshire
3rd December, 1804White Horse InnLeedsYorkshire
July 13, 1818White Horse InnMaiden Newton???
August 29, 1825White Horse InnRomseyHampshire
February 17, 1812White Horse InnRomseyHampshire
July 23, 1827White Horse InnRomseyHampshire
March 12, 1827White Horse InnRomseyHampshire
March 9, 1812White Horse InnRomseyHampshire
November 14, 1825White Horse InnRomseyHampshire
November 3, 1817White Horse InnRomseyHampshire
September 5, 1825White Horse InnRomseyHampshire
October 22, 1827White Horse InnSalisburyWilts
15th March, 1806White Horse InnTowcesterNorthamptonshire
21st September, 1805White Horse InnTowcesterNorthamptonshire
July 11th, 1812White Horse InnTowcesterNorthamptonshire
February 17, 1812White Horse InnWincantonSomerset
February 5, 1827White Horse InnWincantonSomerset
July 11th, 1826White Horse TapQuidhamptonWilts
October 24, 1825White Horse TapRomseyHampshire
May 14th, 1796White LionBanburyOxfordshire
October 25, 1813.White LionBathSomerset
August 26th, 1811White LionBrightonSussex
September 27, 1813White LionHartfordbridgeHampshire
3rd December, 1804White LionHolmfrithYorkshire
August 9, 1813White LionIsle of WightHampshire
21st September, 1805White LionLeicesterLeicestershire
25th May, 1812White LionMalmesburyWiltshire
July 7th, 1788White LionMalmesburyWilts
Nov 30th, 1813White LionMalmesburyWilts
15th June, 1812White LionSobertonHampshire
May 4, 1805White LionSt.NeotsHuntingdonshire
June 20, 1833White LionSwindonWilts
14th July, 1791White LionUpton -upon-SevernWorcestershire
11th December, 1783White LionUpton-upon-SevernWorcestershire
March 3, 1831White LionWestburyWilts
18th January, 1813White LionWherwellHampshire
June 23, 1823White Lion HotelBathSomerset
June 20, 1833White Lion InnBristolGloucestershire
October 14, 1826White Lion InnChippenhamWilts
Nov 14, 1833White Lion InnDevizesWilts
3rd December, 1804White Lion InnHalifaxYorkshire
November 17, 1817White Lion InnHartford Bridge
October 14, 1826White Lion InnMalmesburyWilts
Feb.14, 1833White Lion InnWestburyWilts
April 2, 1827White Lion InnWherwellHampshire
November 28, 1825White Lion InnWherwellHampshire
January 17th, 1825White Lion TavernBrickhillBuckinghamshire
15th June, 1812White SwanBishop's WalthamHampshire
March 2, 1812White SwanDevizesWilts
November 1, 1813White SwanLangportSomerset
July 24th, 1731White SwanNew-street SquareLondon
Jul 27th, 1812White SwanPortsmouthHampshire
April 13, 1818White SwanRomseyHampshire
April 6, 1812White SwanWinchesterHampshire
August 22, 1825White SwanWinchesterHampshire
July 30, 1827White SwanHampshire
3rd December, 1804White Swan InnLeedsYorkshire
May 16th, 1825White Swan InnWinchesterHampshire
2nd March, 1805White-HartGreat-Barford
October 4th, 1806White-HartHardingstoneNorthamptonshire
20th November, 1802White-Hart InnDunstableBedfordshire
January 20, 1812White-Hart InnWhitchurchHampshire
15th March, 1806White-HorseUxbridgeMiddlesex
21st September, 1805White-HorseUxbridgeMiddlesex
15th March, 1806White-LionBrinklowWarwickshire
15th March, 1806White-LionKimboltonNorthamptonshire
20th November, 1802White-LionKimboltonWarwickshire
2nd March, 1805White-LionKimbolton
3rd December, 1772Will's Coffee HouseSerle-streetLondon
July 30, 1827Windsor CastleManchesterLancashire
November 3, 1817Woodyates InnMartinWilts
8th March, 1813Woodyates InnWoodyatesDorset
February 21, 1825Woodyates InnDorset
May 31, 1819Woodyates Inn????
October 27, 1817Woodyate's InnMartinWilts
July 4th, 1825Wool PackSalisburyWilts
3rd December, 1804Wool Pack's InnHenburyYorkshire
July 6, 1818WoolpackSalisburyWilts
August 6, 1827Woolpack InnSalisburyWilts
Feb.14, 1833Woolpack InnSalisburyWilts
July 2, 1827Woolpack InnSalisburyWilts
June 15, 1818Woolpack InnSalisburyWilts
June 22, 1818Woolpack InnSalisburyWilts
3rd December, 1804WoolpacksLeedsYorkshire
24th August, 1812Wool-Packs InnBeckingtonSomerset
1st December, 1800Wool-Packs InnHorburyYorkshire
June 15, 1818Yeoman InnSouthamptonHampshire
October 24, 1825Yeoman InnSouthamptonHampshire
June 29, 1818Yeoman InnWinchesterHampshire
June 28, 1813Yeoman's InnSouthamptonHampshire
3rd December, 1804Yew Tree InnBirstallYorkshire
21st September, 1812York HotelBathSomerset
June 23, 1823York HotelBathSomerset