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The Salisbury And Winchester Journal
and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset.

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Some Selected Reports from the Salisbury and Winchester Journal

Monday, June 8th, 1812


The RIOTERS.- The business of the special Commission has ended by the Judges passing sentence of Death on fourteen prisoners at Lancaster, and sixteen at Chester; besides which, a great many have been sentenced to be transported, and others to be imprisoned for different terms. - On the whole, upwards of 100 families are deprived of their natural protectors, and nearly 1000 individuals reduced to the most abject state of poverty, by the measures of severity which Government was compelled to resort to, after every lenient method had been tried in vain, in order to restore the peace of the country and bring back the deluded followers of these ring leaders in mischief to a sense of their duty. - May the awful lessen have its due effect on the labourers in every manufacturing district ! may they ever recollect that the mild Government of Britain delighteth not in Vengence; that of the Legislature of their country, when properly addressed, will ever attend to their complaints, and redress, as far as possible, all their real grievances; but if they resort to acts of violence, whatever expectation they may have of impunity from the number of their adherents, the strong arm of the Law must inevitably fall on them, - their own destruction and the ruin of their families must ensue:- however it may be lamented, the security of property, - and the peace of Society at large require the sacrifice, and therefore it cannot be averted.

On Monday last one of the most terrible accidents on record, in the history of collieries, took place at Felling, near Gateshead, Durham, in the mine belonging to C.J. Brandling, Esq. the Member for Newcastle, which was the admiration of the district for the excellence of its ventilation and arrangements. Nearly the whole of the workmen were below, the second set having gone down before the first came up, when a double blast of hydrogen gas took place, and set the mine on fire, forcing up such a volume of smoke as darkened the air to a considerable distance, and scattered an immense quantity of small coal from the upper shaft. In the calamity, 93 men and boys perished, the remains of 86 of whom remained in the mine on Tuesday, which then continued unapproachable. Meetings are to be called at Newcastle, and the neighbourhood, to raise subscriptions for the widows and orphans of the sufferers.

On Friday last a Lady's maid in a family on Ham Common had some friends from London to call on her, with whom she went to Ham Fair. A footman in the family had previously declared that if she took the arm of any man he would shoot her. The girl disregarded this threat, and walked some time resting on the arm of one of the company. On her return home, the moment she entered the footman discharged a pistol at her, loaded with slugs; she received the charge chiefly in her arm, but her head and side are also injured; it is however expected that she will recover. The footman was seized, and lodged in Kingston Gaol.

On Saturday morning Mr. Burrowes, a hay salesman, residing in the village of Appleton, near Harrow, was suddenly attacked in his chaise, near his own house, by one Bowler, a neighbouring farmer, who discharged a blunderbuss at him, loaded with slugs, and lodged the contents in Mr. Burrowes's neck and body. Bowler then rode off. The parties had lately quarrelled, but appeared to be reconciled. When Mr. Burrowes perceived Bowler's intent, he begged that he would not shoot him, but the villain was inexorable, on which Mr. Burrowes stooped down in his chaise, which prevented his being killed on the spot. Bowler was formerly a smuggler, and has taken with him a large sum of money. He was irritated by Mr. Burrowes observing, that "he was not fit to live in the parish." The wounded man is yet alive, and there are hopes of his recovery.

Wednesday's and Thursday's Posts.

A singular instance of overstrained power of imagination occurred at Torpoint, a small village opposite Plymouth, on Tuesday last. For three weeks before, Robert Harries, a Calvinist, residing there, had disturbed the place frequently with loud rantings and declarations, that he should die between twelve and one o'clock in the night of Tuesday last, and so thoroughly were the lower classes of the people assured of the truth of his presentiments, that at the appointed time, a crowd collected round his door, in awful expectation of his anticipated decease. So much was the wretched victim of credulity overcome by a conviction of death, that he lay for several hours after his time of warning, as he termed it, in an insensible state; but life, it seems, would not depart to please him, and by surviving the appointed hour, he was convinced of the fallacy of his foolish prophesy. During his preparations for death, he covered several sheets of paper with farrago of the most ridiculous absurdities, the most prominent feature of which was the certainty of his own salvation.

Master John F. Hope, son of John Hope, Esq. of Harley-street, was drowned on Wednesday in the River Thames, near Eaton. He was amusing himself in a skiff near the bridge, with some other Eton Scholars, when he fell out of the boat into the water, and so much time elapsed ere the body could be recovered, that the vital spark was wholly extinct.


FALMOUTH, June 4. The Princess Elizabeth packet, from Cadiz, in 14 days, arrived on Sunday. The French had recommenced the bombardment of Cadiz, but with little effect.
The Lady Arabella packet arrived on Monday from Lisbon, in six days. General Hill had succeeded in destroying the bridge at Almarez, with very little loss on his part: the enemy is said to have lost 300 men. Lord Wellington continued at Fuente Grunaldo, but two divisions has moved into Spain; and it was greatly believed an attempt would be made to expel the enemy from the South of Spain.
The Echo cutter, of Guernsey, from Gibraltar, reports that a packet, supposed to be the Dispatch, was lost near Cagliari.
The Sandwich packet, from New York, arrived on Monday, in 23 days. The elections were not closed, but ran favourably towards the federalists. Troops were marching towards Canada, but there was but LITTLE PROSPECT of WAR with England. Party disputes were unusually high.
' The Nymph packet, from Cadiz, arrived this morning, in ten days. Marshal Soult was reported to be in a state of consternation at Cadiz, on account of the expected approach of Lord Wellington. The bombardment' continued, with no effect but to produce amusement.

PLYMOUTH, June 25. A fleet passed by on Tuesday to the westward.
On Wednesday arrived here the American schooner Purse, of New York, Capt. Turner, from Bourdeaux, bound to New York, with a valuable cargo of brandy, wine, and silks, detained by the Armide, of 36 guns, after a long chace, during which her fore-topmast was shot away, or she might have escaped. The Purse was captured about four months since by the Niemen, of 36 guns, Capt. Sir Michael Seymour, then on her voyage from New York, to France, but the Master and crew having rose on the people put on board from the Nieman, after having shot Mr. Sanders, Midshipman, who was also the Prize Master, repossessed themselves of the vessel and carried her to Bourdeaux. The Master and crew are said to be in irons on board the Armide, and will no doubt take their trial for the murder. Mr. Sanders was an Officer highly respected, and descended from a family of considerable importance in Ireland, who have to lament his untimely fate.
Sailed the Venerable, of 74 guns, to the westward.
Yesterday came in a fleet of transports from Lisbon, under convoy of the Goshawk, of 18 guns, which vessel is gone up Channel, with several merchantmen with her.
Sailed the Circe frigate on a cruize.

PORTSMOUTH, June 6. This morning the battalion of marines under the command of Major R. Williams, embarked on board the Diadem, supposed for North America.
The outward bound East-India fleet, consisting of the Carmarthen, Apollo, Fairlie, Alexander, Earl Howe, and Marchioness of Ely, dropped down to St.Helen's on Wednesday, and sailed on Thursday, under convoy of the Junon, of 38 guns. Major-General Nightingale, appointed to a command in Bengal, is a passenger on board the Marchioness of Ely; Sir S. Toler[?], appointed to succeed as Advocate-General at Madras, is a passenger on board the Apollo.
The Acasta takes out Vice-Admiral Martin to Lisbon, instead of the Pique.
Lieuts.Banks and Weeks, of the Northumberland, and Growler gun-vessel, are promoted to the rank of Commanders, for their exertions in the recent destruction of the French frigates off L'Orient.

The law having been put in execution against several of the men found in arms against their country, at the Isle of France, those on board the Royal William, at Spithead, from among whom the worst cases were selected, have been pardoned, and released from confinement; previously receiving an impressive admonition from Sir R. Bickerton.
Monday- Arrived the Vengeur, of 74 guns, Capt. Dundas; Asia of 74 guns, Capt.Mills, and Wanderer sloop from off Cherbourg; and Porpoise store-ship, from the West Indies.
Wednesday - Sailed the Bacchante, of 38 guns, Capt. Hoste, with his Excellency the Duke del Infantado, for Cadiz. - Arrived the Orestes sloop, Captain Smith. - Came into harbour, the Buzzard sloop, and Porpoise store-ship. - Dropped down to St.Helen's the Junon frigate, with the outward bound East India ships.
Thursday - Sailed the Junon, of 38 guns, Capt. Sanders, with the outward bound East India Convoy, and Actaeon sloop, for the Downs. - Arrived the Hotspur, of 38 guns, Capt. Price, from the Western Islands; Diadem troop ship and Hope sloop, for the Downs.
Friday - Sailed the Alonzo sloop, for Guernsey, - Arrived the Pompee, of 74 guns, Capt. Sir James Wood, from the Downs.
Saturday- Sailed the Fawn sloop, for Jersey. - Arrived the Porcupine, of 28 guns, Capt. Elliott, from the Downs.


The King's Birth-day was celebrated here by the ringing of bells, and the Volunteers paraded, and fired three vollies. - At Southampton also the bells were rung, and the Volunteers were drawn up fronting the market-place, and at twelve fired three vollies, the Yeomanry Cavalry being on their right, with their band playing "God save the King." The rooms were opened as usual.

The Board of Agriculture has adjudged a premium of thirty guineas, in a piece of plate, with an appropriate inscription, to the Rev. James Willis, of Sopley, near Ringwood, Hants, for his Memoir, on the best and surest means of enabling this kingdom so as to supply itself with Bread Corn, as to cut off all necessity or expediency of importing foreign grain. At an awful crisis like the present, a publication urging the landlords of every description to employ every foot of waste land to the increase of our national food is entitled to the thanks of every considerate Englishman.

The Annual Sheep-shearing for the Prizes given by the Christchurch Agricultural Society took place on Thursday the 29th ult. when eight Merino Tegs were sheared by each of the following respectable shepherds, and the three prizes were awarded by respectable umpires to the Shepherds numbered 1, 5, and 7. The time allowed for each shearing the eight Merinos was three hours, but they all performed the task within time, as stated in the annexed table, the oldest man having seven minutes to spare.

1. John Ball, of Cranborn, aged 39, the first prize 2. 2s.231
2. Rich Ford, of Christchurch, aged 39236
3. Joseph Miller, of Christchurch, aged 40238
4. Joseph Gatteral, of Milton, aged 37237
5. Wm. Riggs, of Christchurch, aged 80, the second prize - 1 11s. 6d.235
6. Henry Fowkes, Christchurch, aged 23236
7. Henry Stone, of Holdenhurst, aged 22, the third prize - 1. 1s.236

His Excellency the Earl of Chatham, Governor of the Island of Jersey, has been pleased to present the Rev. George Dubeaume, A.B. Rector of St.Ouens, to the Rectory of St.Laurens, in that Island, vacant by the death of the Rev. Amiee Bisson; and the Rev. George Balleine, Curate of St.Johns, to the Rectory of St.Ouens, vacant by the resignation of the Rev. George Dubeaume.

Stockbridge Races are fixed for the last week in the present month, and great sport is expected, many horses being already there.

Births. On Sunday, the 31st ult at Hinton, the Lady of the Rev. Robert Lowth of a daughter. - On Thursday, at Winchester House, Chelsea, the Lady of the Rev. Mr. Garnier, of her sixth son, and twelfth child.
Last week was married, in Hertfordshire, Chevalier Perroquet, to Miss Elizabeth Lintott[?], with a fortune of 20,000.
On Thursday was married Mr. Currell, hairdresser, to Mrs. Crabb, both of this city.
A few days since died, in her 33d year, much lamented, Mrs. Holmes, wife of Mr. William Holmes, of Chilbolton.

Early on Sunday morning last a young woman, servant to Mrs.Crouch, of Andover, was discovered in the garden, suspended to the bough of a tree, and quite dead. She was a fine young woman, about twenty years old, of an obliging cheerful disposition, greatly respected in the family she served, and by the inhabitants of the town, to whom she was very generally known. No cause can be assigned for her having committed this dreadful act, her character and prior conduct having been irreproachable. - The Coroner's Jury returned a verdict of Lunacy.

MONDAY, JUNE 8, 1812.

The third battalion of Wilts Local Militia, commanded by Col. Penruddocke, assembled here for training and exercise, completed its term of service on Wednesday last, and on Thursday the men returned to their several homes. During the time they were on duty, they were inspected by Major-General O.T. Jones, who bestowed on them the praise of good soldiers; and it is proper to add, that in quarters their conduct has been truly exemplary.
The fourth battalion, assembled at Chippenham, and the fifth at Warminster, have completed their term of service with the same high character. The first and second battalions are to be assembled in the autumn.

Latey, the Rev. Herbert Hawes, D.D. was collated to the Prebend of Netherbury in Terra, in the Cathedral Church of Salisbury, which had become vacant by the cession of the Rev. Mr. Morres.
The Prince Regent has presented the Rev. W. Ward, B.D., a Prebendary of Sarum, and Rector of Myland, near Colchester, to the Rectory of Alphamstone, in Essex, void by the death of the Rev.Mr. Gamble, late Chaplain-General to the Army.

The Society of Arts, &c. has been pleased to adjudge to Messrs. Robert and Giles Cayme, (late Brett and Cayme, of Yeovil, Somersetshire,) their gold medal, for the manufacture of sail cloth, proper for the Royal Navy, and superior to the best Dutch.

The performances at our Theatre closed on Monday, and the Company removed to Blandford, where they are liberally patronised by the Dorset Yeomanry Cavalry, assembled on permanent duty.

On Monday was married, at Boston, Lincolnshire, Mr. T.B. Coward, of Poole, Dorsetshire, to Miss Jane Wells, of Boston.
On Monday Iast was married, Mr. Thomas Meatyard, of the Manor Farm, Fontmell, Dorset, to Miss Bishop, of the same place.
On Tuesday was married, Mr. Guley to Miss Bird, both of Trowbridge.
On Wednesday was married, by special licence, at St.George's Church, Hanover-square, London, the Hon. Henry St.John, of Lydiard Tregooze, in this county, eldest son of Lord Viscount Bollingbroke, to Miss Mildmay, second daughter of the late Sir Henry St.John Mildmay, Bart.
On Wednesday last, about one o'clock in the afternoon, Mrs. Messiter, wide of Richard Messiter, Esq. of Shaftesbury, was seized with an apoplectic fit, and expired in a few minutes, to the inconsolable grief and lamentation of all her friends. By her death the poor have lost a most valuable benefactress; and the sudden and awful catastrophe has cast a melancholy gloom throughout the neighbourhood.

Lately died, at Devizes, John Neate, Esq. many years a respectable inhabitant of that borough: his remains were taken to Aldbourne, and interred in the family vault, attended by a numerous circle of friends, who deeply lamented his loss.
Lately died, at Shaftesbury, Mr. Tucker, aged 84 years, universally respected and regretted.
A few days since died, at Piddletown, after a lingering illness, Mr. William Ayres.
On the 28th ult. died, in London, George Best, Esq. of Little Dean's Yard, Westminster.
On Friday the 29th ult. died Elizabeth Walrond, second daughter of John Edye, Esq. of Pinney, near Lyme, Dorset.
On Friday night, the 29th ult. died Mrs. Harcourt, wife of Mr. Wm. Harcourt, of this city.
On Saturday the 30th ult. died, aged 42 years, Miss Dredge, of Stoford.
On Monday morning died, of a rapid decline, in Sloan-street, St.George's, Hanover-square, London, the Rev. Charles Baker, A.M. late of Christchurch, Oxford, a Canon Residentiary and Sub-Dean of the Cathedral of Wells, Chaplain in Ordinary to the Prince Regent, and Rector of Semly, in this county, in the gift of the Fellows of Christ-Church.
On Monday last died, at Winterborne Dantsey, near this city, in the 80th year of his age, T. Barnes, Esq. This Gentleman, by great knowledge and attention in agriculture, acquired a large fortune, and retired may years since from business, with unsullied reputation.
On Tuesday last died Mrs. Blake, wife of Mr. Samuel Blake, poulterer, of this city.

Betty Serjeant and Jane Gardiner are committed to Fisherton Gaol, for trial, on suspicion of having on the 10th ult. broken into the house of George Hawkins, in the parish of Kingswood, and stolen thirteen guineas in gold.

Coopers and Chair Rushes, Flags, and Curriers Grease.

ANY Person having the above Articles for Sale may hear of a purchaser, by applying (if by letter, post-paid) to J.J. Hinxman, at his Corn and Oil Stores, Poole.
N.B. A quantity of Ship Bread and Bread Dust on Sale as above.


T.FINCH, SEEDSMAN, Southampton, begs leave to inform his friends and the public, that he has for sale a large quantity of new YELLOW SWEDISH TURNIP SEED, warranted true to its kind, and of the growth of 1811, price 1s. 3d. per pound - Good allowance to wholesale dealers.


JOHN HUNTER inform the Public, that he has just landed on his Wharf, adjoining the Shipwrights Yard. -- A Quantity of MEMEL, NORWAY, and AMERICAN TIMBER; also an Assortment of Christians Red and White DEALS and BATTENS, which he is selling a reduced prices.
N.B. Spars, Oars, Laths, &c. &c.

NEWPORT, May 16, 1812.

THOMAS HARVEY begs leave respectfully to inform the public, he has this day commenced business in the wholesale and retail WINE, SPIRIT, and PORTER TRADE, and assures them he has superior Old Port, Sherry, and other Wines, genuine Foreign and British Spirits, fine rich Cordials, Compounds, &c. &c. which he is determined to sell on equal terms with any man in the trade.

Double Brown Porter, Ales, and Cider, in casks or bottles.
An active Lad wanted, to board in the house; must write a middling hand.

E. BARRETT, WATCH and CLOCK MAKER, SILVERSMITH, &c. respectfully tenders his grateful acknowledgements to the Inhabitants and Visitants of Christchurch and its neighbourhood, for the very liberal support he has received from them since his commencement in business, and begs to inform them, he has just received a fashionable assortment of Silver, Plated Jewellery, and Japanned Goods; and ventures to assure his friends, that he will by every exertion endeavour to merit their future favors and commendation.
Umbrellas and Parasols sold and repaired.
CHRISTCHURCH, May 23, 1812.

Linen and Woollen Drapery, Haberdashery,
Hosiery, Laces, &c.

JOHN KING begs leave to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Blandford and its Vicinity, he has taken the SHOP lately occupied by Mr. PENNING, upholsterer, where he has now for inspection a choice and elegant assortment of various articles of BRITISH, IRISH, and SCOTCH MANUFACTORIES in the above line. Having been in London for some time solely for the purpose of purchasing, he has spared no pains in selecting such goods as will not only meet with present approbation but insure his future patronage.

TWO good MOULDERS may have immediate regular employ by application to Mr. J. Henning, attorney, Weymouth.
Good wages will be given.

WANTED, for constant employ, - Flour good Workmen. --- Enquire of J. Force, auctioneer, Wimborne, Dorset.

WANTED in a small family in the country, (where are only a master and mistress,) - A good COOK, who can have a respectable character from her last place; no kitchen maid is kept. - Likewise a FOOTMAN, who can wait at table, take care of a horse, and assist in working in the garden; none need apply who cannot be well recommended.
Enquire at Mr. Frampton's, Bookseller, Dorchester.

WANTED, - A MAN SERVANT, to look after a horse and gig, wait at table, and to make himself otherwise useful in the house: one above thirty will be preferred.
Apply at Moore's Printing-office, Poole.


JOSEPH WALLIS, of Shalbourn, in the county of Wilts, Butcher, having assigned over his Estate and Effects to Mr. John Barns, of the same place, Gentleman, in trust for the benefit of such and so many of his Creditors willing to execute the Assignment thereof, - Notice is hereby given, that such Assignment is now lying at the office of Mr. George Ryley, solicitor, in Hungerford, for the execution of the Creditors of the said Joseph Wallis; - and all persons having any claims on the said Estate, who shall neglect or refuse to execute the said Assignment on or before the 6th day of July next (when the Dividend will be made), will be excluded the benefit of such dividend.

WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against DAVID MAURICE, late of Marlborough, in the county of Wilts, Linen and Woollen Draper, dealer and chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on the 1st and 15th days of June instant, and on the 4th day of July next, at eleven of the clock in the forenoon on each day, at the Castle Inn, in Marlborough, in the county of Wilts, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting, choose Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his certificate.
All persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Messrs. Griffiths and Welford, of Marlborough aforesaid, solicitors.

WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against THOMAS ANDREWS, now or late of Brewham Lodge, otherwise Brookham Lodge, in the county of Somerset, Farmer, dealer and chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on the 25th and 26th days of May instant, and on the 23d day of June next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon on each day, at the Angel Inn, Warminster, Wilts, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting, choose Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his certificate.
All persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Messrs. Phelps and Thring, Warminster; of Messrs. Holmes and Lowden, Clement's Inn, London.

WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against JOHN GELY, of West Cowes, in the parish of Northwood, in the Isle of Wight, in the county of Southampton, Ship-builder, dealer and chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on Monday the 1st day of June inst. at two o'clock in the afternoon; on Tuesday the 2d day of the same month of June, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon; and on Saturday the 27th day of the same month of June, at two o'clock in the afternoon, at the Bugle Inn, in Newport, in the Isle of Wight aforesaid, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting, choose Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his certificate.
All persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. Worsley, of Newport aforesaid, Solicitor to the said Commission.

AT a numerous and respectable Meeting of the BROAD and NARROW CLOTH WEAVERS of the counties of Wilts, Somerset, and Gloucester, held at the Horse and Groom Inn, at Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts, the following Petition having been read and unanimously approved of, has since been presented to most of the Manufacturers of the different counties:-

The humble Petition of the Broad and Narrow Weavers of the counties of Wilts, Somerset, and Gloucester,

To their employers, most humbly sheweth that whereas for several years past every article of provisions, and of consumption therein, has advanced in price, and of late to an enormous degree, and still continues, without any hope at present of there being any alteration for the better, insomuch that, with full employment and a great curtailment of necessary food, your petitioners are scarce able to maintain their families.
Your petitioners presume it is not unknown to you, that, in consequence of the above unprecedented price of all provisions, that the labouring people in most branches of mechanics and husbandry have had an advance in their wages, to enable them, in some measure, to meet the pressure of the present times.
Your petitioners humbly represent to you, that, for the last twenty-five years, no alteration has been made in the price per yard of their labour; in fact, one class of the narrow branch (white cassimere) is less per yard than it was before that period, notwithstanding provisions have for the last ten years been gradually advancing, and within the last year most enormously so ; and certainly our employers knowing the wages per yard reasonable when provisions were not above half the present price, therefore our employers of the present day must allow the burthen to lay on us very heavily; and in addition to this, we are obliged to pay more for spooling, warping, and quill winding, without any extra allowance, which reduces our wages still more.
Your petitioners, with all humility, pray you to make such moderate advance (per yard) of wages, on the different assortments of the broad and narrow classes, that are usually made, so far as humanity, generosity, and the pressure of the times, may lead you to think fit.
Your petitioners, in the fullest sense of the word, deprecate every idea of dictating combination, riot, or tumultuously turning out from their labour; the truth of the above statement, and the justice of the cause, will, they trust, plead in their behalf.
Your petitioners hope, by their coming forward in this just and reasonable manner, in behalf of themselves and fellow-workmen, that they will not be marked by their employers as objects of their resentment, but that the prayer of their petition may be granted; and most humbly pray that you will take their petition into your most serious and early consideration, and your petitioners will, as in duty bound, ever pray for your prosperity.


TO be SOLD, --The MANOR and ESTATE of PISWELL, in the parish of Kentisbeare, in the county of Devon; consisting of nearly 500 Acres of Arable, Pasture, and Meadow Ground, in divers Tenements and Farms, of which about 122 Acres are held by tenants at will, at yearly rents amounting to 225: about 129 Acres on lease, at the yearly rent of 117 10 0, and the remainder by tenants under leases respectively determinable on the deaths of one, two, or three lives.
This Manor is of excellent soil, and particularly adapted for sheep; lies compact, is improvable, and near to a lime rock of the best quality, and situate within three miles of the market-town of Collumpton; upon the turnpike-road leading thence to Honiton, from which it is distant about eight miles.
For viewing the above Estate apply to Edmund Broom, residing thereon; and for particulars apply to Messrs. Graham, Kinderly, and Domville, solicitors, Lincoln's-Inn, London; Mr. Voysey, of Broadclist, near Exeter; to Mr. Brutton, solicitor, in Exeter; or to Mr.Wickham, solicitor, at Frome.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, (by order of the Assignee of Ebenezer Browne, a Bankrupt,) by Mr. GRAINGER, at the Commercial Sale Room, Bristol, (entrance to the room by the door in Small-street), unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given, on Monday the 15th of June inst. at one o'clock in the afternoon, -The LEASES of all that MESSUAGE or MANSION-HOUSE, called CHANTRY HOUSE, situate at Bradford, in the county of Wilts, with the stables, coach-houses, out-houses, shrubberies, gardens, pleasure ground, &c. &c. thereto adjoining and belonging; and also the extensive workshops and other buildings, sheds, courts, yards, &c. adjoining and belonging, with a steam-engine of 16-horse power, stocks, furnaces, and machinery, lately erected at a very considerable expence together with the Orchard and three Closes of Pasture Land adjoining; containing by estimation 12 acres, be the same more or less. - Independent of the steam-engine, a water-wheel may be erected, and a constant supply of water obtained, at a very trifling expense.
The said premises are held on a lease for 14 years certain, nearly 10 of which are unexpired, and on a further lease for the lives of Benjamin Hobhouse and John Cam Hobhouse, Esqs. subject to the yearly rent of 130 per annum.
Chantry-house commands a beautiful prospect of the surrounding country, and is fit for the reception of a genteel family, being completely detached from the manufactory: it has seven rooms on the first and nine on the attic stories. The lower part consists of a spacious hall, kitchen, back-kitchen, cellars, brew-house, and out-houses, butler's pantry, china-closet, &c. breakfast and dining-parlour, with a handsome drawing-room, 21 feet long by 15 wide - the whole in complete repair. On the entrance of the pleasure-garden from the house is a commodious cold-bath, supplied by a beautiful spring of water, also a large green-house, with an extensive kitchen-garden, &c. &c.
For a view of the premises apply to Mr. T.H. Saunders, solicitor, Bradford; and for further particulars to the Broker. No.3. Narrow Wine-street, Bristol.

The Grainge, near Alresford, Hants.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. MANT, at the Swan Inn, in Alresford, on Thursday the 18th of June, 1812, at three o'clock in the afternoon, - Upwards of 700 FIR TREES, lying at the Grainge; which will be put up in small lots for the accommodation of purchasers.

For particulars and a view of the above, apply to William Lovell, carpenter, at the Grainge.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by T. RAWLINS, at the Mason's Arms Inn, Andover, on Friday the 19th day of June, 1812, at two o'clock in the afternoon, - About 450 STICKS of Prime OAK TIMBER, numerically marked with red paint, lying in Dowle's and Ridge's coppices, which, for the convenience of purchasers, will be divided into small lots.

For a view of the same apply to Mr. Wm. Tredgold, Little London, near Andover.
Printed catalogues may be had in due time of T. Rawlins, Auctioneer, Andover.

Freehold Land, at Hubborn, near Christchurch.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the George Inn, Christchurch, on Monday the 15th day of June, 1812, at four o'clock in the afternoon, - All those Pieces of ARABLE LAND, containing by estimation 10 acres, situate at Hubborn, in the parish of Christchurch, now in the occupation of the proprietor, Mr. Nicholas Verge. - The premises are admirably adapted either for the purposes of husbandry or building; they command extensive views of the sea, Isle of Wight, Needles, and surrounding country; and a brook of fine water runs through the whole.
There are two Brick-Kilns on the Estate, in full work, and abundance of excellent clay. - Possession may be had on completion of the purchase.
For further particulars apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Mr. Rowden, solicitor, at Wimborne or Christchurch.

By desire of the Non-Commissioned Officers and
Privates of the Dorset Yeomanry Cavalry.
ON MONDAY, June 8, will be performed the Comedy of THE RIVALS, and the Farce of WAYS AND MEANS; with other Entertainments, as will be expressed in the bills.
On WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, Performances as will be expressed in the bills.

MRS. BAKER respectfully begs leave to inform her Friends in general, that she is just returned from London, with a great variety of Fashionable MILLINERY, and other Fancy Articles.
N.B. Two Apprentices wanted immediately.


MRS. HOWARD begs leave to apprize the Public, she has received from London a very fashionable selection of MILLINERY, Flowers, Straw Hats, Bonnets, Trimmings, &c. &c. which are now ready for inspection, and flatters herself it will meet the approbation she has before experienced.
N.B. An Apprentice wanted; a premium will be expected, as the young Lady will be treated as one of the family.

BRIDPORT, May 28, 1812.
E. WAGSTAFFE respectfully informs his friends of Bridport and its vicinity of the return of Mrs. WAGSTAFFE from London, with an elegant variety of MILLINERY of every description.
E.W. begs leave to offer his sincere thanks for the liberal encouragement of the public, and hopes, by continuing to sell on the very lowest terms, to ensure the continuance of the same.

A large assortment of Linen and Woollen Drapery, Haberdashery, and Hosiery.
Funerals furnished at the shortest notice.

NOW delivering at the Quay, - A very good cargo of MAIN TEAM COALS, at 40s. per Chaldron, for ready money, by
SOUTHAMPTON, June 6, 1812.
Will be five or six days delivering.


FOR SALE by AUCTION, by Mr. KNIGHT, on Wednesday the 17th of June inst. at the George Inn, Trowbridge, at four o'clock in the afternoon.- Two Freehold TENEMENTS, a large Yard, Blacksmith's Shop, Stable, Waggon Shed, and other Outbuilding, with good Garden enclosed, many years in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Clark, deceased, and now in the renting of Mr. Godby, carrier, to which trade it is particularly well adapted, having an entrance from Silver-street, will all convenient erections. These premises are about 42 feet in front, and 320 feet from front to back.

May be viewed previous to sale by permission of the tenants; and particulars known from the Auctioneer, Devizes.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. DANIELL, at the White Hart Inn, Warminster, on Tuesday the 16th day of June, 1812, between the hours of five and seven in the evening, (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which timely notice will be given), - Five neat and good FREEHOLD HOUSES adjoining each other, with Gardens, conveniently situated in Pound street, Warminster, now in the occupation of Mary Tabor, B. Price, L. Ruddick, Samuel --- ----, and M. Tabor, jun. as tenants at will. - One of the houses is lately built, the others new roofed and repaired.

For further particulars apply to Mr. Forster, White Hart Inn; or to the Auctioneer.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by T.B. HARDING, at the George Inn, in Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts, on Thursday the 18th day of June, 1812, at four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then produced. - The under-mentioned FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD PREMISES situate at Trowbridge aforesaid:-
Lot 1.- Two FREEHOLD TENEMENTS or DWELLING HOUSES, with garden thereto belonging, situate at a place called the Brick Plot, in Trowbridge, aforesaid, in the occupation of Roger Brown, weaver, and Betty Lindsey.
Lot 2. A Leasehold DWELLING HOUSE, with the offices, court, and outlet thereto belonging, situate at a place called the Conigre, in Trowbridge aforesaid, now in the occupation of Henry Tucker, baker.
The last lot is held for a term of 99 years, determinable with the life of a person aged about 33 years, under a reserved rent of four shillings.
For a view of the premises apply to the respective tenants; and for further particulars to Messrs.Gent and Tylees, Devizes, or Mr. Wickham, solicitor, Frome.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Red Lion Inn, on Wednesday the 17th day of June instant, between the hours of four and six o'clock in the afternoon .- The following PREMISES, in lots:
Lot 1. All that DWELLING HOUSE, yard, barn, stable, garden, and orchard adjoining, containing six acres (more or less).
Lot 2. An excellent Field of Pasture, planted to an orchard in high preservation and full bearing, called Hole House Orchard, containing six acres (more or less).
Lot 3. A Close of exceeding good Grazing Land, at North Field, called Hayne's, containing five acres and a half (more or less).
Lot 4. All that Close of Pasture Land, called Pindle, containing three acres and a half (more or less).
Lot 5. Two Acres of Meadow Land, in Steart Mead.
The above Lands are situated in Sturminster Newton aforesaid, are held by lease under Lord Rivers, and will be sold for the lives of the three persons, one to be chosen by the purchaser at the expense of the vendor.
For viewing the same apply to the tenants, Mr. Nathaniel Francis and Mr. John Belbin; and for other particulars to Mr. George Score, solicitor, Sturminster Newton aforesaid.

THE TOM PIPES, ARMED YACHT, about sixty tons nearly new, TO BE LETT for the Season or by the month.
The above Yacht is very commodious and elegantly fitted, with two cabins, a very superior galley, with one of Oliver's cooking stoves, and a forecastle.
For particulars apply to Mr. John Weeks, Sen. or Mr.James Weeks; if by letter, post-paid.
Several smaller vessels are kept for hire by the day, or for any other term.
The regular VESSELS, as established by J.W. sen. for upwards of forty years, continue to sail for Portsmouth every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, returning the following days, wind and weather permitting.

TO be SOLD,- The LIBERTY YACHT, well known as the fast sailer in Southampton Water, 42 tons admeasurement, cutter-built and rigged, iron and lead ballast, abundantly supplied with every kind of stores, and just completely fitted for sea, now lying in Southampton Water; where she maybe seen, by applying to Wm. Cardwell, Master.

TO be DISPOSED OF, -- Five Couple of fine strong, steady, and effective FOX-HOUNDS. Any person may have them by applying to Mr. White, Cashmoor lnn, Dorset, and paying the expence of advertisement.

TO be SOLD. --:A good narrow-wheel WAGGON.-- Apply to Mr. Rowden, Crown, Shaftesbury.

TO be SOLD,- An excellent DOUBLE GUN, nearly new, with patent elevation, case, and every thing complete.- Price 25 Guineas. Enquire of Mr. Rhoades, gun-maker, Canal, Sarum.


TO be SOLD, rising six years old, 15 hands and about an inch, colour brown, fir either for the hounds or road, warranted sound; she is the property of a gentleman, and has never been in a dealer's hands.

She may be seen by application at T. Marlow's livery stables, Endless-street, Salisbury.


STOLEN or STRAYED, from a Field at Cold-Harbour, near the Church, Warminster, on Wednesday night, or early Thursday the 4th of June, 1812,- A BLACK MARE, seven years old, about 14 hands 3 inches high, blaze on the forehead; one of her fore and both hind legs white, nearly to the fetlock joint; short tail, hair rubbed from the left hock and pin bone, several saddle marks, and also rubbed with the collar.
Whoever will give information of the above Mare to her owner, Mr: Nowell, at Warminster, shall; if strayed, receive a Reward of Two Guineas, and all reasonable expences; but if stolen, the sum of Ten Guineas, on conviction of the offender or offenders.

STOLEN, from the parish of Dibden,- Two FOREST MARES; one black, marked IC near the hip and shoulder, seven years old. and about 13 hands high; the other dark brown, marked IC near the hip and shoulder, five years old, and about 13 hands high.
Whoever will give information to Jane Curtis, Dibden, so that they may be had, shall receive ONE GUINEA; with conviction of the offender or offenders, so that they may be brought to justice, shall receive the reward of FIVE GUINEAS, by applying to Jane Curtis, at Dibden, near Southampton.


WHEREAS some person or persons did on Thursday evening the 28th of May, about eight o'clock, maliciously shoot at and wound A BLACK PUPPY GREYHOUND, belonging to L. Allee, of Rookley Farm, Hants; and whereas a yellow Puppy Greyhound has since that time been lost, and supposed to have been destroyed by the same person who shot at and wounded the before mentioned black Greyhound. If any person will give information upon oath against the offender or offenders to Mr. Allee, of Rookley aforesaid, so that he or they shall be brought to justice, shall receive the above reward.


June 1, 1812.
WANTED at Midsummer next, - A MATRON or Governess for the said House, A middle-aged single Woman, without any incumbrance, and of the Church of England, who can write and keep accounts, and come well recommended as qualified for such an office, by applying in person to the Directors and Acting Guardians of the Poor, within the Isle of Wight, at their General Annual Meeting, to be holden at the Sun Inn, in Newport, on Thursday the 25th day of June instant, will be treated with for the said office.


WANTED, at Midsummer next, --- A CURATE, to perform two duties every Sunday, in the parish of Westbury, Wilts; for which a liberal salary will be given.

Apply to Mr. Stump, Westbury; if by letter, post-paid.

NOTICE is hereby given, - That all Persons having a Demand on the Estate and Effects of the late Rev. WM HARVEST, of Millbrook, Hants, are requested, without delay, to send the same to his executors, Rev. John Poore, of South Stoneham, or H.W. Haynes, Esq. Southampton, preparatory to the same being discharged.


ALL Persons having any Claims on the Estates of the late THOMAS TUCKER, of Shaftesbury, in the county of Dorset, deceased, Woolstapler and Maltster, are requested to send an account of their demands to the Rev. Richard Blackmore, of Shaftesbury, or the Rev. John Tucker, of Sherborne, joint Executors; and all persons who stand indebted to the said estate are required forthwith to pay the amount of their respective debts.

Notice to Debtors and Creditors.

ALL Persons indebted to the Estate of Mr. JOHN TUCKER, late of Landford, in the county of Wilts, gentleman, deceased, are requested forthwith to pay the amount of their respective debts to Mr. John Hicks, of Landford aforesaid, yeoman; Thomas Wilmot, of the City or New Sarum, in the said county, gentleman; and Mr. John Saunders, the younger, of Broughton, in the county of Southampton, yeoman. Executors named and appointed in and by the Will of the said deceased: And all persons who have any demands on the Estate are desired to send an account thereof to the said Executors, or to the office of Messrs. Wilmot and Godwin, solicitors, Salisbury, in order that the same may be discharged.
SARUM, May 29, 1812.

THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing Date the 19th day of January, 1811, awarded and issued forth against ABRAHAM MUNDAY, of Shreton, in the county of Wilts, Victualler, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on Saturday the 20th day of June one of the clock in the afternoon, at the White Hart Inn, in the city of New Sarum, in the said county Wilts, in order to make a further Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors, who have not already proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend; and all Claims not then proved will be disallowed.

THE Creditors of SAMUEL MULLETT, late of Shaftesbury, in the county of Dorset, Tanner, who have executed the Assignment of his Effects, may receive a first and final Dividend, any day after Monday the 15th instant, by applying at the Banking House of Messrs.Swyer, Storey, and Co. in Shaftesbury. - The several persons who have not given in the particulars of their demands are requested to do so immediately, and execute the Trust Deed, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend.
Dated June 5th, 1812.

TO parade in Field-Day Order, on Lady Down, on Wednesday the 10th of June, at ten o'clock in the forenoon.
PYTHOUSE, June 5, 1812.

WIND-MILL, &c. at Winterslow, Wilts.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LEWIS, on the premises, on Thursday the 11th day of June next, at three o'clock in the afternoon.- A good WIND-MILL, with a Barn and Stable; also a good DWELLING-HOUSE, containing a Bake-house with a good oven; the whole standing on one acre and twelve perches of good Freehold Land.

For a view of the premises, and further particulars, apply to Mrs. Herne[?], on the premises.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by C. NORTON, on Friday the 12th of June, 1812, - All the HOUSEHOLD GOODS, FARMING STOCK, and CROPS on GROUND, of Mr. John Hurst, butcher; consisting of four-post and other bedsteads; goose feather beds, blankets, and counterpanes; mahogany and other tables, chairs, bureau, chests of drawers, kitchen requisites, &c.; beams, scales, and weights, chopping knives, saws, &c. in the shop; three horses, three sows in pig, fourteen small pigs, and six ducks and fowls; rick stadle and five stones; cart, plough, harrows, roller, van and tackle, cart harness, plough traces, &c.; two tons of hay, and quantity of dung.

The growing Crops consist of 3 1/2 acres of wheat, 3 1/2 ditto of barley and oats, 5 1/2 ditto of grass; one acre of meadow to be fed.
Sale to begin at eleven o'clock.

By order of the Assignees of JOHN DEAR, a Bankrupt.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by REUBEN GATEHOUSE, on the premises, on Friday the 12th day of June, at twelve o'clock, at noon, subject to such conditions of sale as shall then be produced. - All that neat and convenient DWELLING HOUSE, SHOP, and TIMBER YARD adjoining, situate at Hommington, now or late in the occupation of John Dear, carpenter and wheelwright. - Immediate possession will be delivered.

The premises are Leasehold, for three lives, under the Right.Hon.the Earl of Radnor.
The premises may be viewed, and for further particulars apply to Mr. Tinney, Salisbury.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. WHITMARSH and RILEY, on the premises, on Wednesday the 17th day of June instant, (and not on the 10th as mentioned in our last,) between the hours of five and seven in the evening, unless disposed of by private contract, of which notice will be given. - All that FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE and excellent GARDEN, situate in the pleasant village of Quidhampton, Wilts, (two miles from Salisbury and one from Wilton), being part of the premises of the late Mr. Batten, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Mowett. The Dwelling-House consists of a large parlour, and two rooms over it of the same size, kitchen, back kitchen, cellar, pantry, &c. with two bed-rooms over the same. The Garden, which is partly walled in, and containing 32 lugs, is well stocked, and lies open to the south.

Immediate possession may be had.
The premises may be viewed, by leave, on application at the house; and further particulars may be known by applying to the Auctioneers, at Wilton.


FOR SALE by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, on Tuesday the 9th of June, 1812. - The neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of Mrs. Poor, deceased : including four-post bedsteads, with dimity furniture; good seasoned feather beds, mattresses, and bedding; Brussels and Scotch carpets; mahogany chest of drawers, bureau, card and Pembroke tables, chairs, easy chair, night tables, oval tea trays; a dinner service of blue and white china, a ditto of Wedgewood ware, green and gold breakfast set, good culinary utensils, and numerous other articles.

To be viewed on the preceding Monday.
The sale, on account of the number of Lots, to begin precisely at eleven.
Catalogues may be had at the place of sale, and auctioneer, Devizes.


TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, - A complete TAN-YARD, containing fifty-eight pits, leather house, and cellar, drying shed, scouring and beam house, mill house and kiln, tan house, stable and barn, with a Cottage newly erected; together with a small Meadow adjoining the premises.

The buildings are substantial, and in good repair.
For particulars apply (if by letter, post paid) to Mr. John Hewett, currier, Fareham; or Mr. Jas. Elliott, currier, Southampton.


TO be SOLD by TENDER. - A COTTAGE, Garden, and Orchard, and Coppice adjoining, containing by admeasurement 4A. 2R 0P. statute measure, on which is a fine growth of Timber and Underwood.
The above Estate is copyhold, held under the Bishop of Winchester, subject to a small fine and quit-rent; is pleasantly situated on an eminence, by the side of the turnpike road leading from Botley, through Bishop's Waltham.

Tenders to be delivered to Mr. Levi Smith, Botley, (free of expense), on or before the 24th of June instant.


TO be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Queen's Head Inn, Romsey, between the hours of three and four in the afternoon, on Tuesday the 9th of June, 1812, by CLEMENT SHARP and SONS, in ONE LOT.- Three Brick and Tiled TENEMENTS, with Gardens adjoining, now in the occupation of Gwyn, Gun[?], and Andrews, situate in Middlebridge-street; capable of much improvement.

For further particulars apply to Messrs. Sharp and Sons, auctioneers and house agents, Romsey.