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The Salisbury And Winchester Journal
and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset.

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Some Selected Reports from the Salisbury and Winchester Journal

Monday, October 31st, 1825

Two Guineas Reward.

Ran Away, leaving his Wife and Family chargeable to the parish of Milton Abbas, WILLIAM DOMONEY, Labourer, aged about 28, 5 feet 7 inches high, dark hair, fresh complexion, rather good looking, and walks a little stooping. - Whoever shall apprehend the above person, and lodge him in any of his Majesty's gaols, shall receive TWO GUINEAS reward on application to the Parish Officers of Milton Abbas.
N.B. -- By the authority of the last Vagrant Act, any person whatsoever may apprehend such characters without a warrant.
Oct.22, 1825.


ADAM WRAGG begs leave to return thanks to his Friends and the Public for the many favors conferred on him since his commencement of the COAL TRADE, and embraces the opportunity of informing them that he has taken MATTHEW HAZELAND as a PARTNER in the said Business at Devizes Wharf, which will in future be carried on there under the name of "WRAGG and HAZELAND,"' who respectively solicit a continuance of the favors already conferred on A.WRAGG, which it will be their utmost endeavour to merit, by a punctual attendance to all orders.
DEVIZES, October 27, 1825

RICHARD UPJOHN, Builder and Cabinet Manufacturer, begs leave to inform the Inhabitants of SHAFTESBURY and its neigbbourhood, that he has commenced business in the above branches, on the Premises so many years occupied by the late Mr.Robert West; and in soliciting a share of the favours of a liberal and discerning public, trusts that moderation in charges, together with expedition and neatness in workmanship, will ensure him that encourgement which it will be his constant study to deserve.
Modern FURNITURE of every description made to order - Shaftesbury, Oct.25, 1825.

Dublin, Oct. 22.- Exportation of Subjects.-Yesterday, a curious and rather disgusting fact was discovered in College-street Police Office, Dublin. It seems, that for the last twelve months, a regular trade has been carried on between this city and London, in dead bodies, which are sent there for the surgeons to dissect. .An order was procured yesterday from the Magistrates for the burial of two or three bodies which were found packed up in one box, addressed to an inn in London, with directions " to be left until called for." The stench which proceeded from the box in question, was the first intimation the Captain of one of the packets received of what luggage he was about conveying to London.

Weymouth, Oct.19. --- The works of the outer pier, are in such a state of repair as to remove all fears of damage ever happening to our Esplande from boisterous gales.

Positive orders have now been received from his Majesty's Honourable Board of Ordnance, and issued to Mr.Henry Woodward, builder, and Mr.T.C.Hawkins, ironfounder, contractors for the repair of our barracks, that they may be immediately completed for the reception of troops.

Miss Wykeham, of Tham Park, arrived here last week in her elegant yacht, and after passing a few days with Mr.and Mrs.Johnson, again sailed for the purpose of visiting the islands of Guernsey and Jersey.

On Tuesday last the Methodist Chapel recently erected at Burton Bradstock, in this county, was opened for divine worship by the Rev.Elijah Morgan. The Rev.W.T. Smith preached in the evemng, and in the course of his session he eulogized in the strongest language the litany, Iiturgy, and prayers of the Established Church, expressing an earnest wish that harmony and generous feeling might prevail amongst the inhabitants of this populous village. The chapel was crowded to excess on the occasion.

Yesterday died, aged 42 years, after a long iIIness, Mr.Samuel Weston, landing waiter in his Majesty's Customs at this port.

Arrived this morning, the Dorset, schooner, Captain Tewkesbury, laden with groceries from London.

The next ball at RusselI's public rooms is announced to take place on Monday next, which no doubt will be highly patronised.

POOLE, Oct. 28. - BIRTH.- On Tuesday last, the lady of S.Linthorne, Esq. of this town, of a daughter.

Saturday, October 29.

At the late quarter sessions, A.R.Dottin, Esq. of Southampton, qualified to act as a County Magistrate.

It is reported that when the Duke of Wellington's eIdest son, the Marquis of Douro, (born Feb.1807) is of age, he will become a candidate for the representation of this county in Parliament.

On Friday the 21st instant, being the anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar, the members of the Hampshire Pitt Club celebrated that event by a grand dinner at the White Hart Inn, in this city. A.R.Dottin, Esq. presided ; and there were present, the Rev.Sir Henry Rivers, Bart. V.P.; the Hon.and Rev. Chancellor Legge, T.A.Smith, Esq.. (the oldest member of this Club, and one of the members of the London Pitt Club from its commencement), Colonel Iremonger, Henry Eyre, George HoIlis, Barnard Winter, and Thos.Deane, Esqrs. the Rev.C.Richards. jun. (Chaplain to the Club), Revds, T Westcombe, and C.S.Bonnett. Several members were prevented attending from prior engagements on the same day, here and at Southampton. Wadham Wyndham, Esq. M.P. was unanimously elected a member, andI other gentlemen were proposed. The usual patriotic and loyal toasts were given. and the same unanimity and cordiality prevailed that have always distinguished this highly respectable club.

. The ball on Monday Iast at the White Hart Inn, in this city, under the patronage of the Right Hon.Lord Rodney and Officers of the North Hants Militia, was fashionably and numerously attended. and dancing was kept up till a late hour.
The period for training and exercising the North Hants Milita. having expired on Tuesday last, the men proceeded to their respective homes -- The most unremitting attention was paid by Col.Lord Rodney
and the other officers to the discipline of the men, and a rapid improvement in their manoeuvres was the consequence.

On Tuesday evening last a meeting took place in the Wesleyan Chapel, Winchester-street, Andover, for the formation of:a Branch Missionary Society in that town, Joseph Butterworth, Esq. M.P. in the chair, by whom the meeting was opened with a most interesting speech relative to the nature and object of the Missionary Society; after which several resolutions were moved and seconded by the following gentlemen (with very animating speeches): the Rev.John Mason, (one of the general Secretaries) of London; Rev.Mr.Futcher, of Long- parish, Hants; Rev.John Anderson, of London; Rev.Wm.Buckly Fox, late Missionary in the island of Ceylon.; Rev. J.Bradnack, late Missionary in the West Indies; Rev.W.Toase, of Portsmouth ; and several other ministers and gentlemen. The meeting was most interesting-, and the crowded congregation manifested their uniiversal approbation by their very liberal contributions, the collections amounting to �31 18s 2 1/4d.

Sphinx Atropos.- One of the characteristics of this fine season has been the unusual abundance of the Sphinx Atropos, or Death's Head Hawk Moth. One larva, and six pupae, were found in the potatoe fields in , the neighbourhood of Heron Court. The larva died prematurely. Three of the pupae reached the imago state, a great proportion, considering with what difficulty this insect is reared. The food of the larvre is the blossom of the potatoe or the leaves of the jessamine, and lettuce. In confinement it should be placed upon earth frequently moistened. in which it wilI bury itself, and become a chrysalis. The imago is a singular and beautiful creature, richly coloured with orange and brown, striped with black. Its length, with the proboscis extended, is two inches and a half; its breadth, including the extremities of the wings, is almost five. Its proboscis, bifid, and of a horney substance, together with its serrated antenae, tipped with white, are worthy of observation ; still more its thorax, on which is a perfect outline of the human scuIl; whence one of its specific names. The term Sphinx is given to it from its often assuming, when irritated, the posture of that fabulous animaI; that of Atropos, from its association with the last of the Fates; and that of Hawk Moth, from its hovering over flowers in the manner of the bird of prey. Its cry is plaintive, and resembles that of a bat or mouse. It is said, that during a former year, in which these moths attracted attention, as now, by their numbers, the inhabitants of Bretague were afflicted by an epidemic disease, and. terrified at the appearance of thc Death's Head, considered it to be the cause of their sufferings. The Sphinx Atropos is an apt emblem of the resurrection. It is not true, however, that it remains for nine months a pupa, or chrysalis. for it has been watched in all the three stage., in the space of the last three months. Nine months perhaps may be reckoned from the time when the egg was first deposited.

Birth.- On the 19th inst. at St.Austin's, in this county, the lady of Ralph Allen Daniell, Esq. of a daughter.
On Tuesday last died after a few days' illness, at the house of the Rev.John Nelson Goulty, Brighton, the Rev.Dr.Bogue, of Gosport, in his 77th year. He had been about 50 years Pastor of the Church of Protestant Dissenters at Gosport, was Tutor of the Missionary Seminary, and one of the first Promoters of the London Missionary Society. His loss will be as deeply and as extensively felt amongst dissenters as that perhaps of any man of his day. He was one of those men who contributed greatly to influence the character of the public mind.
On Monday Iast died, at Westmeon, in this county, in the twenty-fourth year of his age, Henry John, the eldest son of Mr.Hicks, of New Commercial Road, London.

Committed to the County Gaol :-- Michael Cotter, charged with having on the 10th inst. at Amport, stolen from the person of Thos.Macknell 4 half crowns and 11 shillings. John Grainger, with having assaulted and beaten Benjamin Spicer, of Baugherst, on the king's highway�

Christchurch, Oct.29.- An interesting phenomenon will take place in the heavens to-morrow (Sunday) evening, being an occultation of the planet Saturn by the Moon; this event wlll take place at ten minutes past eight apparent time, and the planet will be hid 55 minntes- due allowance must be made for the equation of time; in consequence, it will occur 16 minutes earlier by a well regulated clock.

Saturday, October 29.

It is intended to apply to Parliament, to make new road between Alresford and Southampton.

On the 19th inst. died at Kingsland-place, AIexander Peter Ferand, Esq. aged 46.
On the 22d inst. died, of a lingering illness, Mrs.Tarver, widow of the late Mr.George Tarver.
On Thursday last died in this town, Alexander Richard Mackenzie, Esq. Captain R.N. aged 54.
On Tuesday last died, at the residence of her son, the Rev.Mr.Beadon, at North Stoneham, Mrs Mary Beadon, aged 86 years.
On Saturday the 22d inst. died at Beach Cottage, Southampton, Margarette Crooke, aged 43 years

. A mad dog has this week bitten several pigs in a wood near Upham. The same animal had previously bitten a man dreadfully in his hand, and he has been dipped in our waters this week, with the hope of preventing bad consequences. The dog was shot. The pigs have also been immersed in the sea water.

NEWPORT,Oct.21.- The "Annual Hunting Club Ball" was held at the Guildhall on Thursday evening, which was most beautifully iIIuminated for the occasion, and decorated with laurels, &c. Most of the nobility and gentry of the island were present, and the scene presented a grand display of beauty and fashion. Captain Crosier, of Freshwater, presided as Master of the Ceremonies, and the Hon.Miss Wood as Lady Patroness.

Monday, October 31, 1825

At the late general quarter sessions of the peace held at Marlborough in and for this county, Edward William Leyborne Popham, Esq. of Littlecot House, George Montague, Esq. of Wilcot, James Blackman, Esq. of Ramsbury, Thos.Goodlake, Esq. of Bonhams, Berks, and the Rev.Dr.Starky, of Spye Park, qualified as Magistrates of this county.

A splendid vase, weighing 345 ounces, two feet in height, and holding 10 quarts, has been presented by the Clergy and Laity of Carmarthen to Dr.Burgess, their late Diocesan, now Bishop of Salisbury. It bears the following inscription:
"To the Right Rev.Thomas Burgess, D.D. F.R.S. F.A S. and P.R.S.L. late Bishop of St.David's, and now Lord Bishop of Salisbury. This piece of Plate is presented by the Clergy and Laity of the Archdeaconry of Carmarthen, and others, in testimony of their admiration and gratitude for his Lordship's important services and strenuous exertions, in improving the state and condition of the Diocese of St.David's during the Iong period of 22 years that his Lordship presided over the See.- August, 1825."

On Monday the 17th inst. the Churchwardens, Parishioners of St. Mary's parish, and other principal inhabitants of the town of Thetford. presented the Rev.T.D. Atkinson, their officiating minister, with an elegant and massive embossed silver salver, value upwards of eighty pounds, with the following inscription :
"Presented to the Rev.Thomas Dinham Atkinson, officiating Minister of St.Mary's Parish, in the borough of Thetford, by Edward Palmer and James Fife, church-wardens, the parishioners, and other inhabitants of the town, as a mark of their regard, and of their high opinion of the unwearied zeal with which he discharged all the public and private duties of a most exemplary Parish Priest."

Mr.Sadler, of Devizes, has obtained a patent for improvement of collars for horses, &c.
The members of the Amesbury Association (instituted for the protection of property situated in this part of the county) held their annual meeting on Friday last, at the George Inn, and partook of an excellent dinner and good wines. They had to lament the absence of their worthy President and County Representative, Sir.J. D. Astley, Bart. who was prevented favoring the meeting with his company: the chair, however, was most ably filled by the Rev.Edward Duke, one of the Vice-Presidents, to whom a gratifying report was made of the improved state of the funds and increased number of the members, which irresistibly proved the high opinion entertained by the public of this most useful and respectable society.

Dorset and Somerset Canal and Rail-Way Company - A meeting of the proprietors of this company was held at Wincanton, on Monday last, when it was resolved to raise a sufficient sum of money for completing this undertaking, from its commencernrnt at Gainscross, near Blandford, so as to form a junction with the Kennet and Avon Canal, and particularly to finish the Branch from the Mendip Collieries to the town of Frome. It was also resolved to open new subscriptions for this purpose .

Western Railway.- A general meeting of the land owners and others interested in the projected measure of a railway from the Bristol Cannel to Poole, &c. is appointed to he held at Ansford Inn, Somerset, on Monday the 31st inst. to take the same into consideration.

On Tuesday last the anniversary of the Taunton and Somerset Hospital, was held at Taunton, for the purpose of receiving the annual report. Among the company present were Sir T.B. Lethbridge, Bart. M.P.; E.B. Portman, Esq. M.P.; Col.Pinney; E.A. Sandford, Esq. &c. The report proved very favourable, and after the business had been gone through, the company adjourned to the Castle Inn, wbere about 60 gentlemen sat down to dinner, E.B. Portman, Esq. in the chair.

On Thursday evening last the Warminster Harmonic Society held their eighth monthly meeting, which was attended by nearly sixty members, besides a most respectable company of the town and neighbourhood, who expressed themselves highlv delighted with the whole of the performance, both vocal and instrumental, but more particularly with the celebrated hunting chorus in Der Freychutz.

Birth.- On the 22d inst. at Swindon, the lady of Ambrose Goddard, Esq. of a daughter.
Married on the 17th October, by the Rev.John Tory, at Glenericht Cottage, Perthshire, (the residence of Lieut.Colonel Chalmers,) the Rev.Allan Macpherson, A.M. (youngest son of the late Colonel Allan Macpherson, of Blairgourie, Perthshire,) Domestic Chaplain to the most Noble the Marquis of Tweeddale, and Rector of Berwick St.Leonard, in the county of Wilts, to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Wm.Chalmers, Esq. of Glenericht.
On the 17th inst was married at Boscombe, Mr. John Mortimore, of Chippenham, to Mary Anne, second daughter of the late ----- Gale Esq. of Grately, Hants.
Monday was married Mr.Philip Trevis, iron-monger, of Dorchester, to Miss Rolls, of Harput Lane.
On Tuesday last was married at the Chapelry of St. James's, Devizes, by the Rev.S.Littlewood, Mr.J.Tuckey, of Yatesbury, in this county, to Elizabeth, third daughter of the late Capt.George Stiles, of Wootton, Isle of Wight.
On Thursday last was married at Everleigh, by the Rev.F.B.Astley, M.A. Mr.Tanner, of Winterslow, to Anne, daughter of Mr.Simpkins, of the former place.
Monday was married at Frome, Mr.James Budgett, of Bradford, Wilts, to Mrs.Sibree, of Frome.
Thursday was married, Mr. Glyde, of Stalbridge. Dorset, to Miss Gerrard, of Frome.
Died on the 20th of August, at Tobago, Lieut.J.V.Eyre, R.E. second son of the late Rev.James Eyre, rector of Winterbourn Stoke, and Nettleton, Wilts.
Thursday se'nnight died, aged 28, greatly regretted by his familyand friends, James, only son of Mr.Tylee, of Steeple Ashton.

Mr.Courtenay, the American "flying phenomenon," who has lately performed some extraordinary facts in this country, announces a terrific flight from the heights of Old Castle, near this city, on Wednesday next, by a rope 400 feet in length.

Mr.Whitmarsh held an inquest at White-parish on Saturday the 29th inst. on the body of Hannah Harnett, a child about 2 years of age, who was accidentally drowned the preceding day. Verdict accordingly. The same coroner held an inquest at Ebbesborne, on the body of Jane Moxham, who was found dead in her bed. Verdict, "died by the visitation of God."
An inquest was held by Mr.Hannen, on the 26th inst. in the Church at Stepleton, on the body of John Warren, of Stourpaine, who was found dead the preceding evening, in the garden belonging to Stepleton House, where he had constantly worked for many years. Verdict, "Visitation of God."

Committed to Fisherton Gaol:- Henry Burpitt, labourer, of Mere, charged with stealing a quantity of linen yarn from the bleaching ground of Mr. John Tupe, at Mere.
John Foyle, of Tytherington. has been committed to the House of Correction, Devizes, for:3 months; and Charles Burgess, of Edington, for 6 months, for breaches of the game laws.

A bay gelding, 13 1/2 hands, with black legs, mane, and tail, was stolen on Tuesday night last, from a close adjoining the town of Chippenham.

INSOLVENT DEBTOR.- ( Erratum).- In the list of Petitions of Insolvent Debtors to be heard at the Court House at Salisbury, in and for the County of Wilts, on the 14th day of November, 1825, at ten o'clock in the morning, published in our last Journal,
instead of
JACOB WATTS, late of Swindon. Wiltshire, shoemaker. it should have been
JACOB WATTS, late of Trowbridge, Wiltshire, shoemaker.


THE Creditors of JOHN ELDERTON, late of the city of Salisbury, Auctioneer, deceased, whose Accounts have been delivered and admitted as correct by the Executors, may receive a first and final dividend of Three Shillings and Fourpence in the pound on the amount of their respective Debts, by applying at the Office of Mr.Cooper, solicitor, Salisbury,
By order of the Executors
Salisbury, October 26, 1825.

NOTICE is hereby given to the Creditors of THOMAS FRY CANDY, of Shroton, otherwise lwerne Courtenay, Dorset, miller, that the said Thomas Fry Candy has executed a Deed of Assignment of his personal Estate and Effects in trust for the benefit of his Creditors; which deed is now at the Office of Mr.Septimus Smith, BIandford. Such of the Creditors as shall be desirous of participating in the benefits of the said deed, are requested forthwith to execute the same; and those who shall not execute the said deed before the 5th day of December next, will be excluded from all benefit under the same.
Blandford, October 28, 1825.

ALL Persons having CIaims or Demands on the Estate of the late Mr.STEPHEN BURDEN, of the parish of Shaston St.James, Dorset, are desired to send the particulars thereof to Mr.Hannan, solicitor, Shaftesbury, in order that they may be discharged; and an persons indebted to the said Estate are requested to pay the amount of their respective debts immediately to Mr.Hannen, who is duly authorized by the Administratrix to receive the same.
Shaftesbury, Oct.29, 1825.

ALL Persons who have any Claim or Demand on WILLIAM DREW, Iate of West Orchard, in the County of Dorset, Yeoman, deceased, are requesled to send the particulars thereof to Mr.John Jeffery, of West Orchard aforesaid, sole Executor under his will, in order that the same may be immediately dIscharged; and all persons indebted to the Testator are requested to pay the amount of their respective debts to Mr.Jeffery, Dated October 29, 1825.
Bowles, Chitty, & Chitty

SQUARE, Wilton.

MISS BROWN respectfully informs her Friends and the Public, that it is her intention, at Christmas next, of resigning her SCHOOL to Misses COATSWITH and DUFF. -Miss B. takes this opportunity of thanking her friends for the favours they have conferred on her, and solicits a continuance of them to Miss C. and D.

SQUARE, Wilton.

MISSES COATSWlTH and DUFF beg to inform the lnhabitants of WILTON, and its Vicinity, that it is their intention at the ensuing quarter, to take the Establishment for YOUNG LADIES, conducted. for the last six years by Miss Brown; and hope, by strict attention to 'the improvement and comfort of the Pupils entrusted to their care, to merit their support and approbation.
Wilton, Oct.25, 1825.

ANN ASLAT, being about to leave Salisbury, begs to return her best thanks to her friends and the public in general, for the support she has received since she commenced business.- All persons who have any claims on her are requested to transmit the particulars thereof to Messrs.Wilmot and Son, soIicitors; Salisbury, in order that the same may be examined and discharged; and all persons indebted to her are requested to pay the amount of their respective debts to Messrs.Wilmot and Son, who are authorized to receive the same.
Endless-street, Salisbury, Oct.26, 1825.


N.R. lLES respectfully reminds his Friends, that he has now on hand a great variety of ARTICLES for the PRESENT SEASON: Consisting of every fashionable colour in Ladies' Habit and Pelisse Cloths, Braids, Muffs, Fur Flounces, and Trimmings; figured and plain Stuffs, striped and plaid Cashmeres, handsome Dark Prints, new Winter Ribbons; Cloaks of every colour and description; Black Lace Veils, Welch Flannels, Blankets; Umbrellas; &c. &c.
Likewise his usual extensive Assortment of General LINEN DRAPERY, the whole on terms equal to any house in the Kingdom.


H. AND M. JONES, Surgeon Dentists, of 21, High-street, Exeter, respectfully announce to the Inhabitants of SALISBURY and its vicinity, that Mr. M. Jones mIay be again consulted on any case.relative to his profession. Natural and artificial Teeth fixed without pain; to answer every purpose of mastication, articulation, and beauty. Carious teeth prevented from further decay, and that destructive substance, scorbutic tartar, effectually removed. Children's Teeth carefully regulated and extracted, at Mr.Nash's, Cutler, Catherine-street.- Oct.27, 1825.
Owing to the many engagements, Mr.J.'s stay must be but short, therefore early communications will be desirable.

TO be SOLD, --- A very desirable FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, situate in Castle-street, and now in the occupation of Mr.Buckland, whitesmith. It is particularly calculated for the business of a Currier or Dyer, from its immediate vicinity to a commanding stream of water. - For further particulars and to treat for the same apply to Mr.Peniston, Close, Salisbury.