Vital Records of Braintree, Massachusetts
Edited by Samuel A. Bates

The names are in alphabetical order, and you can "Search" them using your online browser. Use the "Find" command under your Browser "Edit" Heading to find a name.
These VR's and "Genealogies of the Families of Braintree, Mass.", by Waldo. C. Sprague make an Excellent research tool.
The "Errata or Comments" column is where differences in spelling or dates are noted. The "* Sprague" refers to data taken from the Sprague Collection.
Double dating before 1752 as used in records is carried out here except where context is clear, in which case the later year is used Ex. (1773/4 or 1774).
Braintree is the place of all births, marriages, & deaths, unless another town is mentioned.
The earliest records of the town are given in figures instead of using the names of the months, e.g. 2-2-,1647 which is April 2, 1647 since the year began in March on the 5th day and March was called the first month, April the second month and so until February which was the twelfth month. Some historical searchers have failed to recognize this and confusion has resulted. In the ancient records the preceding year was usually written up until March 25th , though not invariably. For instance, a record of Feb.20,1647 usually should be written as Feb.20,1647/8, now written as 1648.

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