The McCormick Family Homepage

I have been researching my genealogy for many years. The surnames that I am researching are the MCCORMICKs of Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and Tennessee; the NEWCOMBs of Iowa, Wisconsin, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut; the WATKINs of Iowa, Indiana and Illinois; the THOMAS' of Indiana, Kentucky and Virginia.

The table below contains links to pages on my more notable ancestors along with links to pages found on other items.

This symbol shows that that person is of noble birth.

This symbol shows that that person is of royal birth.

Gilbert de Clare 2nd Earl of Clare
Edward I "Longshanks" King of England
Lady Godiva Lady of Mercia
Henry II King of England
Henry III King of England
Egbert King of Wessex
Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor
Eleanor of Aquitaine Queen of England
Alfred the Great Anglo Saxon King
John "Lackland" King of England
William I King of England

Like many of you, my ancestors first came to this country during the colonial days. Many of them were descended of European royalty and nobility.

Below is a table with other interesting facts that I found on the web:

Carolingian Frankish Empire
Magna Carta The Great Charter
Castles of My Ancestors Owned and/or built by
The Anglo Saxon Chronicle From the 1st to the 12th Century

Here is the link to my family tree as posted at World Connect:(to see my line, start with my maternal grandmother, Darlene Mae McIntosh).

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