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Me and my cousin, Whitney, summer of 2004

Hi! My name is Alysha...I am fourteen years old. I have a lot of animals, and I LOVE Ladybugs! I have a big sister and two older brothers.

As you can tell, I like the music from the movie Grease. My big sister was stage manager for her highschool's production of Grease. I went two times!

The picture on the left is of me giving my cousin, Whitney, a piggy-back ride...

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I made a Calling Card to go with my Ladybug Pages. If you want to use my card you may do so by right-clicking on the picture, and then saving it onto your computer. I made it using Paint Shop Pro 6, and Tubes obtained from: Always Unique's Tubes...

Graphics for this Web Site were obtained from: Fantasyland Graphics

You are listening to: SUMMER NIGHTS, courtesy of The Swiss Beagle

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