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The Carothers Family

Source: Historical Sketches of the Campbell, Pilcher & Kindred Families; pp. 369-384

The Carothers family is an ancient family from Annandale, Scotland. One James Carothers and his wife went from Scotland to northern Ireland during unsettled times in the early part of the eighteenth century. After coming to America the family changed the spelling to Carothers through the influence of a school teacher who lived with the family and taught the children.

Four of their children emigrated to Carlysle County, Pennsylvania in 1765. They were:

  • John
  • Sarah
  • James, and
  • Andrew

It is thought that John and Robert Carruthers, who came to Pennsylvania at the same time, then moved to North Carolina, were uncles.

John Carruthers, brother to Sarah, James and Andrew, was in the French and Indian Wars and was severely wounded. His children were:

  1. Mary
  2. Isabella
  3. Sarah
  4. Eleanore
  5. James, born in 1739, and
  6. Andrew, born in 1739, identical twin to James. They were so much alike their mother could only distinguish one from another by looking at the forehead of one for a small mark just in the edge of his hair.

James Carruthers married Nancy Neely, and Andrew married Mary Neely. James was in the French Indian Wars and fought bravely in the Colonial Army. He was in General Armstrong's Command at the battle of Kiltaining Point.

He married Nancy Neely in 1767 in Adams County, Pennsylvania. They had five children and lived on the Juniatta River, near Mt. Union, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania on a farm called The Loop.

Among the children born to James and Nancy were:

  1. Sarah, who married Archibald Henderson
  2. James, who married Mary Fitzsimons of South Carolina in 1800. To them were born 7 children; among them were:
    1. Nancy, married Andrew Froman
    2. Patrick, born in 1802, married Betsey Barr
    3. Thomas
    4. Sarah, married James Carothers
Nancy died in 1776. He then married Abigail Henderson, of Baltimore, Maryland.

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