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Probate of Benjamin Wentworth

New Hampshire Wills, Vol. 2
Page 273


NOTE: This is typed as it was written. The spelling errors are as it was found in the source...


Love's Shadow float[Administration on the estate of Benjamin Wentworth of Dover granted to his widow, Elizabeth Wentworth, May 10, 1726.]


Love's Shadow float[Administration on estate of Benjamin Wentworth of Dover granted to his widow, Sarah Wentworth, September 10, 1728.]

Love's Shadow float[Inventory of the estate of Benjamin Wentworth, Jr., gentleman, Jan. 12, 1729/30; amount £ 1953.12.6; signed by Nicholas Harford and John Wingate.]

Love's Shadow float[License to administratrix, Feb. 19, 1732/3, to sell real estate.]

Love's Shadow float[Guardianship of Elizabeth Wentworth, Abigail Wentworth, and Mary Wentworth, all of Dover, minors, aged more than fourteen years, children of Benjamin Wentwroth of Dover, yeoman granted to their brother, John Wentworth of Dover, yeoman, June 13, 1740.]

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